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This was extreme! Super duper #legends comments some time posts! 3, 2, 1 Yes! 81% said yes and 19% said no Hi Legends! Sabre, Sockie, Biggy, Naz! And together, we’re the Norris Nuts! This is going to be so fun! So how this game works is we are going to do polls on our Instagram, a whole bunch of surveys! I think Americans call them polls I wonder what UK Legends call surveys? Anyway, each of these polls will ask you legends a question about what would should or shouldn’t do and whatever you legends vote for That’s what we’re gonna do. You see that’s how you Legends are going to control our day. But we are gonna put a twist on the game. Each question we ask is going to get gnarlier, gnarlier, and gnarlier So stick around till the end. Cause it is going to get CRAZY! Let’s go downstairs to do the first poll *music* time for the first poll The first poll is you legends get to decide which breakfast we’re gonna eat for breakfast This one’s not so crazy. But the next couple questions, they’re gonna get even crazier And crazier and CRAZIER YAAAAAAY Okay legends, let’s see what the two choices are for breakfast. One’s going to healthy and one’s going to be unhealthy YAAAY COCO POPS or BRAN I Think All Bran is for grandmas that make them do poops Oh Might be for kids, for australian kids get diarrhea. Oh No one wants to see that vlog, so
I hope everyone votes for Coco Pops! I really hope we get Coco Pops! If you decide that we have to eat Bran then everyone is going to cry. We will be very sad. This is our breakfast, I don’t want to waste it Okay, so let’s do our instagram poll and ask the legends what we should have for breakfast If you think the legends a gonna vote brain Put your hands up if you think the legends are gonna vote for all bran Your hands up if you think the legenda are gonna vote coca pops It’s time to check the results!! I onky had coco pops Once in my life something like an offer made for my twine legends. I just want to say from the button of my heart. I Love you guys even more than Ounce man, um When is really good new trend and you should always have brands good. Mm-hmm, baby, this is not bringing hmm Come outside and we’ll tell you what So the second part is should we go surfing or skate I Don’t really mind what the legends aside in the boat the same man good. Yeah The results are in and you ladies reckon we should go Yes, I shall it’s not quiet you guys are gonna freak out about what next pub we’re going to ask you legs Is it on Instagram? Papa thing I really hope they do Who looks like you? Okay, we just through the picture now. It’s time to post on Instagram story Pig we’re gonna cook up his hair or not Oh my gosh, because It’s been 10 this let’s go check the result And ninety cents ignored how they break the news to Papa. I’ll tell him that he’s gonna go Daddy still Doing Instagram people control a lot and we ask them a question. Should we cut Papa’s hair? I need three percent said yes seventeen percent says None of your mouth looks like a doc You try to get Kim Kardashian ductless I had the next stage of my operation for my tooth you Blogged when público is tooth boy. Yeah. Yeah addict I came in here I’m facing this That’s a good name Doesn’t matter okay? No how gross that is No, Justin you got one long curls. Yes took me serious Biggie you just meant to grab the ends off. Oh Oh my god, absolutely I take his took Well, bury in the gut I can’t believe you did that to Papa Guys you meant to trim it evenly but you guys have just cut like all Clumps because we’ve been so like to pop up the next Foley’s we’re gonna be slacking on Or What but I know the letters were mean to Papa and they let us Kai’s hair, but they won’t be mean to us I reckon I’ll just pick a warm bath with a dark Dada Look, like it’s outsides raining. Don’t make us have a cold bar. Just a cold bath an ice-cold bar. Just let in so The results are in Let’s go to the servo and get the eyes Never bothered me anyway I Put the coins in sake insert coins here. Oh my goodness Guys Okay, let’s use the results I eat on did we cut too much hair of Papa and 27 percent say yes and 100% we cut way too much of published hair. He looks ridiculous By excited I Hate to say this, but it’s time to hope This would ya I love you. You guys make me really happy mom is really happy. I 100% cannot wait for your baby brother to be born And thank you so much 20000 for bein a legend legend. Did you see the clock on the church ever that came in the mail today? That’s for a nursery reveal will be filming that tomorrow Don’t miss that look but now it’s time to get in the ice bar Come on guys you guys do it Wow

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