58 thoughts on “EXPOSING FAKE INSTAGRAM GURUS AND INFLUENCERS (Follow/Unfollow, Buying Followers, and more!)

  1. How needy and insecure do you have to be to jump thru all these hoops and loops to pump up your followers 🤦‍♂️

  2. "Organic growth takes hard work" …. So true. And time. A lot of time. Great tips. I'll be going through my IG followers on the lookout for bots. Thanks!

  3. Is it still follow follow if you only unfollow people who aren't following you back? I'd guess yes right?

  4. Yes! 🙌 I have a small Instagram and brand new here on YouTube.. but I never worry about numbers and followers I just concentrate on good content 😊 I get people DM me all the asking me to buy followers… no thank you Hah a xx

  5. my follower and following ratio is 100 : 1000 but I have been active for 5hrs daily in instagram since 2016. But that doesn't mean my account fake. I use it for inspiration and creativity for this reason I use bunch of designers and artists. Also I generally don't like photos in IG, I just don't. And I didn't unfollow anyone till now instead I just follow those by analyzing their content and feed quality, even if someone fake or spam account follows me I just don't follow them or some accounts that doesn't matches my niches. By time the accounts disappear from my account.

  6. Great points! One thing I do is when someone follows me is to check their followers-following ratio. If, say, their followers are in the high thousands but their following only a few hundred or less, chances are they're doing follow-unfollow.

  7. I have a question about the follow to follow. If I have a business account, online store, is okay if I follow people that I think they will like my content or should I only follow accounts of the same niche? Or should I not follow anybody? Thank you for the video! I love your content!! Keep up the good work! 👍😁

  8. Hey Vanessa, what's your opinion on buying shoutouts? I'm just beginning my Insta journey, but I already have had a couple people DM me talking about a paid plan to get a shout-out from a large account. I didn't see the point of getting a generic shout out and I'm trying to understand the business value of this proposition.

  9. I almost never comment on IG pics or posts. Once per month, and that's a maybe, I'll "engage" with the people I follow in that way. I don't think that comments matter all that much, likes vs amount of followers though, totally.

  10. This a great video. Can you do a video on how people grow their Instagram account to thousands organically because I feel like it’s so hard to get noticed xx

  11. How do I gain genuine followers on Insta and create more engagement? I have close to 800 followers but, without hashtags, my posts can't get above 40 likes. I don't do follow/unfollow or anything like that.

  12. Well done….we have the same happening here in Indonesia….lots…lots…and lots…of these happening….

  13. I see the point. I actually agree. But, here is a dubject that no one seems to touch. Reality shows. Tons of "influencers" on these so called reality shows. Yet, ppl still watch them and no one does anything even though most know its scripted, fake, or paid actors.

    I just feel that we cannot call out one thing and be cool with something else that does similar. Or give it a pass just because it is the norm.

  14. I've been trying all morning to find a website that you can use to get free followersand just Gramzilla was legit so far.

  15. Gramzilla is working for Instagram followers, other websites do'nt. How does Gramzilla work? I have no idea.

  16. I do not know how GramZilla workedbut it did. I got 5000 followers for free and they're even commenting and liking my posts and watching my stories. Like how the fuck?

  17. Honestly, if if you don’t do anything sketchy on instagram, there are always somehow dead accounts following you making you look sketchy :/ even when I looked through your following I noticed some sketchy accounts with no profile photos following you, so its not always a sure way to tell.

  18. Ha, ha, you hit the nail on the head on this issue. People pay themselves off all the time like this, I know many, many authors who got on the 'Best Sellers List' because they paid a bunch of money to get on the list. And many even pay a bunch of money to make up a smart title like Dr.

  19. honestly i find follow/unfollow accounts extremely annoying . they feel so obligated to get followed back if they follow you 🙄

  20. It's so weird I have 11.7k followers and genuinely do follow a lot of people because I normally follow back. However, people make up rumors that I buy followers but I don't have that money to do that tf lmao. I even looked up my username on that site and it proves I don't

  21. I'm sooo glad you guys love this video! If you want to learn even more, check out my course!

  22. Detecting them is easy but it takes a lot of time to also check the quality of their followers. One faster way to do this is by using analytics such as influencer auditor to avoid falling victim to these fakes.

  23. This is why I am contemplating whether I should permanently quit my social media because of these “superficial” tactics of most people especially on IG. Whatever happens to “quality over quantity?” Nonetheless, I have made tons on friends as well so I still choose the good side of IG.

  24. Hi Vanessa, a good enlightened video, but according to your initial reasoning I have been buying followers on my instagram. I have been simply posting my artwork on instagram for about two three years. with steady growth. I rose in a few months from 4,000 to over 7,000. I still post, but have become disillusioned with Instagram because despite not changing a thing, and despite people still becoming followers I have decreased to just above 5,000 followers. The slide has not stopped in over a year, it continues and I have no idea why that is. I know nothing about buying anything on instagram, merely posting my work. I never bought followers, so why has this happened. I hope you don't mind me asking as you seem very clued into what is going on. Many thanks in advance Paul Apps

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  26. You sound like you're in a rush.
    Chill, your info is legit!👍🏼😊
    It is just interesting how many people speak as if they think they'll lose the attention of their audience if they as much as take a breath.

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