EXPOSED: Model Poses That Deceive You On Instagram
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EXPOSED: Model Poses That Deceive You On Instagram

Hi, my love’s I’m super excited for the video today, I’ve been making it with ELLE Who are doing wonderful things to redefine what Beauty means? And I’m super excited today, because I kind of feel like we touched on it a bit but expectation versus reality With posing so especially online on Instagram when you see that perfect photo what really goes on behind the scenes Good Lighting’s good angles Good posing it can completely change what your body looks like so I just want to show you the real stuff And show you how that really does affect How we look and photos so you can understand when you’re looking at a photo that that’s not necessarily real I don’t want you to ever feel like you have to be perfect You’re already imperfectly perfect, and that’s good enough, so let’s do this one thing There’s a huge fascination about is thigh gaps I? Myself struggled for years because I didn’t have one and for some reason couldn’t get them because of my body type And there’s nothing wrong with that however You can so easily fake a Phi gap. I’m going to show you right now I’ve done it in photos, but I feel like in video in real time, okay This is all you have to do so right now. My legs are together my thighs is clearly touching no my thighs And all I’m gonna do is tilt my pelvis back and you can see straight away It’s only a small gap, but I have a gap and if you want to make it even more dramatic I go into my tippy-toes and now I have like a legit thigh gap. That’s how quickly I did it everything is an illusion So I’m going to show you all of the poses and ways that people are Moving their body using angles using lighting to look a certain way on social media the next one is interesting because it also Works for so many other parts the body, but I’m going to demonstrate it with my arms Anything that’s in the foreground of a photo is going to appear larger So if you take a photo to the side and your arm is against your body like that It’s gonna look double the size, then if you just leave move it back like that Next one is chins, so There is some we take selfies like this for a reason It’s so you Don’t see these double chins so when you’re taking a selfie either use that higher angle if that’s something that you’re concerned about or but also That’s one double chin if I’m just like this from the side. I know if you can see that all I have to do is put my tongue to the top of my mouth and immediately My double chin is slightly less, so I don’t know if he saw it. It’s really subtle, but that’s normal and that’s When I do that with my tongue there were so many little tricks that I just want to share with you as a model that I’ve kind of been taught or learned throughout my journey So the next one that I really want to show you is Just generally like the hip. Hop which is something that I do in photos. I don’t know what it is It makes me feel powerful and strong and confident I don’t feel like there’s anything wrong with posing to feel that way But just so you know like clearing my hips to look like this right now And you’ll see this on Instagram all the time those girls with crazy hips you basically put your weight on to so I’m gonna put my weight onto my right leg and basically push out my hip and as I do that I slightly twist And then you get like your bum coming around so basically you look like you while you saw That’s like normal, and that’s me like pushing out my hair And it makes me look like I’ve got a huge butt so a lot of girls are doing that online so just so you know And then another one actually is another bump. Oh, so if I just stand to the side like this that’s kind of like normal I’ve got my mic pack in there as well, but then if I move my left foot backwards Just a few Kind of like inches maybe hit with then I’m gonna put the weight again on my front legs and then pop my bum out Towards camera because like I said earlier if something’s in the format of the photo it’s gonna look bigger Can you see the difference so and if you can like hide your leg? Both your cheeks make you look like one cheat, so it makes it look bigger or something like that But so that’s another trip that sneeze a lot Another one is back fat and back rolls. There is nothing wrong with them We all have them, but in a photo you can easily get rid of them So if I pose like that you can clearly see wrong all you have to do is lift and extend and They’re gone So these are all like little my new tricks and tips that I’ve like naturally learnt through the mining industry But I feel like you guys deserve to know when you’re looking at photos What’s really going on and how there is nothing wrong with but but there’s nothing wrong with rolls? But people are just getting rid of them in photos And if they’re not they might even be photoshopping them so just be super aware when you’re looking at perfected images What actually goes on behind the scenes? For me this was a major thing as a laundry model I thought that I had to have a flat stomach at all times because I’ve only ever seen images of lingerie models with flat stomachs And I was really excited a few years back to do a campaign with Airy where I wasn’t posing I was just being and they captured me in a moment where my stomach You could see visibly see some rolls, and I was twisting and they chose that image because it was beautiful And they didn’t need to have a flat stomach to be beautiful that doesn’t define your beauty So I just want to show you how easily? Most models can go from having some rolls to posing in a way that makes them look like they have a flat stomach Both are beautiful. It’s your body and whatever it naturally does is good enough so for example here. I am this is how? everybody sits we have some rolls, but if I pose I now miraculously have a flat stomach and Also is lighting I can have Visible abs I can have a much smaller waist and that is all with Angles and posing and doing things that I know will lift myself up and flatten out my stomach It’s it’s really that simple So when you look at those images? Don’t think that these people don’t get little rolls when they sit down Don’t ever feel like your body is not worthy or not beautiful because you maybe haven’t seen it in images or in the media Your Worth and your beauty is so much more than that that’s really what this video is about it’s about showing you that Not everything is real, but you are and being you is good enough So thank you so much for watching this video Now you should head over to Elle’s YouTube page because I’ve also done another special video with them And I’ve put together a really personal letter about my own experiences So I really think you’d enjoy that video if you liked this like and subscribe and I cannot wait to see you on the next lot’s of luck

100 thoughts on “EXPOSED: Model Poses That Deceive You On Instagram

  1. Thumbs down to the genius who designed the background set.. really had to strain my eyes to see her tutorial..

  2. This is the best and most helpful video that i've watched! I have always been annoyed by the fat in my lower belly but now I'm actually kind of liking it thanks to this video 💪 I subscribed instantly ❤️

  3. wow, you are such a beautiful woman. thank you for making me feel better about myself and more comfortable and confident in my body x

  4. Omg 😍 you are so beautifullllllll!! No Poses needed. Keep loving yourself the way you do, its inspirational

  5. It's disgusting that everyone thinks they need to have a big ass nowadays to the point were they fake it
    Big butts aren't all that even flat stomachs

  6. I’m skinny and I sHeT long legs and a thigh gap but I don’t want it lol I want thick thighs and short legs lol why does anyone want it

  7. Y’all here saying “Love your body, you need to appreciate what god gave you” and as someone who hears that a lot I will say “NO”
    I can’t love my body. Just cause you say it won’t help anyone love their body. It is just dumb and useless and I’m so over it. I’m not comfortable in my own body and no I’m not obese. I’m slightly overweight and I would feel more comfortable in a skinny body. Boosts your confidence to fit society’s beauty standards ya know?

  8. Great examples! I have actually tried some of these and they do work for pictures! It is about accepting our bodies the best we can!

  9. Pourquoi le titre est il en français ? Après c’est pas grave je suis fluent in english mais c’est bizarre

  10. I'm 20 lbs underweight and I have fat rolls, it is completely normal. You're absolutely beautiful, I'd die to look like you!!!!

  11. Thank you for this from all women lol 😍😍🤗 As a mother who is 100 pounds I can attest to the struggle I have had with this my entire life. This video REALLY means alot to me personally and it's so nice to see someones beauty shine the way yours truly does rather than some things I have seen in my news feed here lately that have literally all but caused me to starve myself before. At 100 pounds my stomache STILL isnt flat and there is something so freeing about seeing this. Really thank you 💜

  12. "It makes me look like I got a huge bum"

    Am I missing something? She HAS a huge bum. She doesn't even need these poses, she's already got a beautiful body.

  13. HEY CAN YOU HELP ME?? i feel cute when i look at myself on the mirror or snapchat camera, you know mirror affect. but when someone takes a pic of me (with the back camera) i feel terrible, it’s like i have all the assymmetry in the world on my face, and when i ask people around me if i look like this the answer is always “no your face is symmetrical your eyes are same” etc. how can i deal with this problem. i cant even take a photo without thinking that my face is crooked so that makes me stressed and i cant pose. have you ever felt like that or are you aware of that symmetry thing? And how do you deal with this?

  14. Omg she's so beautiful and she also makes me feel good about myself. You can find beauty in anyone, not just in thin bodies.

  15. I love this video, is something so important what are you doing, YOU are trying to change the thought for all the people that think that we should be thin for be happy. I LOVE U!

  16. Oh man Iskra you made me love myself and all my curves ever since I found out you existed last year. It’s strange but I’m like your double…we have all the same measurements and everything. I used to be so insecure but seeing you embrace your beauty made me embrace my own ❤️

  17. Love it <3 There is one book that I love, it's about body positivity and it's SO uplifting! It's called ''The art of accepting your flaws: Body positivity. Love Yourself: Your guide to loving your perfectly imperfect body'' by author Florence Mitchell. It's available on Kindle on Amazon. I highly recommend it to everyone who is struggling with body image

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