Exposed: Media freakout over Trump transparency
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Exposed: Media freakout over Trump transparency

100 thoughts on “Exposed: Media freakout over Trump transparency

  1. Thank you for sharing this information here. The left wants secrecy. I don't understand why anybody thinks Government secrecy is a good thing. I wish AG would indict members of our government for dereliction of duty. The government i pay taxes to support, I think any agency that is funded by our taxes should have to publish quarterly reports like any public corporation.

  2. I just ignore them and not give Dem news veiews in tv and social media. There to obessed for me. Big turn off.

  3. No we don't want an additional foundation added to our country…It was built the way it is for a reason and the Democrat Platform no longer fits on it…Is time to tear it down and rebuild a party that supports Americans. (it will take them years to figure that out)

  4. President Donald John Trump is a NATIONAL TREASURE! Our House & Senate will not or cannot function properly.


  6. Is that a oxymoron acid shitf and intelligent? Please flush acid shitf down the roof top pool drain

  7. These democratic jokers have a lot of things to hide, this is why they don't want President Trump to release this information. I say release EVERYTHING, let us see what really happened and if anyone in high or low positions are involved…..then off with their heads.

  8. Laura Ingram is either incredibly stupid or (more likely) completely disingenuous. All you idiots here you think she's great — god help you all. Expand your news sources.

  9. Democrates are afraid of being exposed for the dirty corrupt devil's that they are. They have a lot to hide and they know they are going to be EXPOSED for the deceptive dirty POLITICIANS that they are. They are melting down and unhinged because they're afraid theirs material that will expose them for the worms they are. I suspect extremely TREASONOUS ploys and crimes against our President! Soooo they try to inject their own reversals on everything. They want to confuse and stray away absolutely everyone from the real issue which will most likely reveal that they all along have been and are CRIMMINALS to the highest degree.There is something their afraid of!!!! Schiff is a demonous lawless untruthful individual whom practices mental abuses etc. Not a man that can be trusted along with all of them. He's like a psychotic hannable cannable minus the genius part.

  10. Barr is a patriot and hero. He didn't need this but he's stepping up for his country. I hope many of the bad actors we already know about go to jail.

  11. So when the investigation shows that Biden is involved and perhaps committed some crimes while he was VP. Is that going to leave the Democrats charged up to vote for Biden or Bernie? Either way, we should all be paying close attention to what our government and politicians are doing.

  12. Dems and libs work only in illegal circumstances, therefore, when legal means are employed against them, for the good of America, they think its illegal…..LOL!!! They need to go to jail just for being that stupid.


  14. It should be made mandatory that anyone running for a government office position should have to take an IQ test and score at least 70+, and anyone voting should be required the same. That would fix a lot of these issues in the future that we are facing today, with the wacko liberals.

  15. So speaking in the dems language a cover up means to uncover information! What!!!!!!!! The Democratic party is continuing to lose any moral integrity!

  16. There's one H U G E fact that's missing in this "spin" of the whole ordeal; Federal Courts ORDERED the declassification of the Muller report, and the putting back pages 41-65 of the report that had been removed by the White House. WHY ANYONE BELIEVES THAT IT WAS/IS TRUMP'S CALL IS UNBELIEVABLE. And to date, Trump's financial records or the TOTAL report still, STILL, S T I L L hasn't been produced. Answers, anyone?

  17. Obstruction of justice: Illegally abusing government power to take down the legally appointed president of the United States, because your candidate lost and you don't like him.

  18. Yeah brainwash time. Feels soooo good living in a bubble. Let´s hope the stable genius can stay in charge forever. I love the dictator style. He has done so much for the people. Like… like… uhh he sacrifices himself everyday to watch the news for us so he can tell us what is right. What would we do without him. Imagine, who would you hate and blame for your miserable life? Scary stuff.

  19. America is being governed like a Democratic Republic, the way the constitution intended … and the Democrats hate it

  20. I'm a 75 year old black great grandfather,union man,small business owner and spent 40 years of my adult life as a Democrat ,Obama's 1st corrupt term cured my of ever siding with any Democrat again ,this unconstitutional coup de ta the Democrats & leftist media have colluded with leftist NGO's to pull off has brought most conservatives to the brink of civil war,I'd love nothing better than to use my Marine Corps combat experience training young fellow conservatives how to quickly exterminate the entire Democrat party who are the biggest mafia ever created .

  21. I think "we, the people" have made a bad rep for ourselves. The Dems and others like them obviously see us as a bunch of dummies. We didn't see the switch from Russia to Obstruction and now to Coverup. So dumb. Because no one has asked Adam Schiff to come forward and produce his eveidence of collusion, they think we forgot he said it. I realize there have been many matters where we have allowed ourselves to led like sheep this way and that, but they obviously are unaware of the mass awakening that is in progress, and we see them all clearly.

  22. The Dems say they are worried that Barr will not redact sensitive information in the forthcoming declassified documents and then they want him to not redact information in the Mueller Report that he has explained is sensitive information. This is incoherent nonsense on the Dems part.

  23. There really should be no confusion as to why we cannot seem to agree on anything between the parties. You have to understand the fundamental differences in priorities and agendas for each party. The Democrats want to "fundamentally change" our country and they have done much damage to that end. The Republicans want far less government, less taxes, and more independence for the people to do what a free market naturally provides: incentives to excel. The Dems want to force everyone to do as they want (after all, they know best what is proper and socially correct, and they certainly know better how to spend your money). The Republicans want people to be free to think or say whatever they want, short of the "fire in a crowded theater" argument. You cannot expect us to agree when one party has departed so far from our founding principles.

  24. I'm having a heyday with the demonrat drivel in this thread. They really are brainless dipships, and fascist too.

  25. Laura while discussing,
    Do Not Allow Obama Get Out Of The Spotlight – Obama is the SPEARHEAD and the rest his servants.

    He is a Traitor, Spy, LIAR. His Agenda is to remove/dislodge Christianity in America.

    STOP Him.

  26. They are using the threat of impeachment as a talking point, same as the Russian collusion hoax. They are doing what they Mueller investigation did, prevent Trump from effectuating his presidency- even if that means destroying the country.

  27. the democrates are trying to keep everyone away from what they did!!!!!!they will never stop until President Trump is out of office!!!!!

  28. The problem is… The whole world and enemies will see it. But I want all UFO things declassified, and ALL JFK records declassified.

  29. If and when Democrats Impeach and findings show he is exonerated from any impeachable crimes, they have NOTHING more to attack this President on.. nothing! That is why they don't Impeach!

  30. Only a couple weeks ago these unhinged liberal freaks were demanding the unredacted report, now they're bitching about Trump releasing it. Liberals are a bunch of mentally ill freaks, why anyone would listen to those ignorant bastards is beyond comprehension

  31. Transparancy , wasn't that what the Democrats boasted !! Obama promised???
    And who actually does it ? TRUMP 🇺🇸

  32. Wow – nice to know (not) that Fake Fox News is still twisting the truth to the American people. Trump only disclosed these documents to further discredit the devoted investigators who were working on the Mueller Report in hopes to muddy the waters. Hey Trumpsters – unplug from Fox News for an evening, and try some other networks dealing with this subject and see what they say before you believe everything spoonfed to you here. You might learn a few things.

  33. President Trump will easily win re-election in 2020! This time, he will win not only the electoral college vote, but the popular vote as well!

  34. Yes. i think that Mr Change has
    a tendency to explore over expressions in regard to his
    tweets ! I think that he makes
    calls the way he see’s them !
    Empire gets cussed many times
    if you ever go to a GD baseball
    game ! He calls them as he see’s
    them over screams from the
    bleachers !!!


  36. I like Fox…but for goodness sake Laura Ingraham..AND Sean Hannity…Will you PLEASE let people finish their sentences and stop talking so QUICKLY…

    If you haven't time to GET IT ALL IN what you want to say then chop some of your own questions out. You come across as rude.

  37. I fail to make the connection with transparency being a cover-up. Can we get a liberal in here to explain this?

  38. You are NOT going to get a fully unredacted Mueller report. It is completely wrong to put people in the spotlight who were not charged with a crime. The ONLY point of that is to publicly tarnish, shame and harass them, essentially labeling them guilty in the court of public opinion, for a crime they were never charged with.

  39. Muller went private because he wants OUT of the Dems BS even though Muller is a Democrat and KNOW this will go on forever!!!

  40. Having watched the huge crowds and Trump blimp at protest rally in London. Can I tell all Americans that Trump calls this fake news and he is either an out and out liar, deluded or a conman. Whichever way you call it, America has a dickhead in the White House.

  41. Even bigger story got unmasked here. Media is communist controlled and the actual enemy. Biased impossibly beyond the average. The 98%. Will they report their own revolution, their being exposed as complicit traitors acting with obvious malice? Shoot those bastards first and twice. I'm pro life, but these media elites are the exception. Their continual treason must be crushed and made an example of. Worse than Comey and Clinton even. Media elites betrayal is the biggest scandal since Rosenbergs gave Russia the bomb.

  42. I still don't understand why we are probing into the Trump White house while not addressing the issue of the Clinton probe….What is Obama and Clinton and the FBI not being looked into ???? Obviously this should have been done before the Republicans lost the house. I guess there are quite a few republicans that are part of the Washington swamp too…!!!

  43. The left still thinks Trump won because of 13 russians were on facebook sending out memes.
    These people are delusional to the point of psychosis .

  44. Dirty dems running scared!!! They will all be on front street shortly. I can't wait to sit and watch the show. It's been way to long.

  45. YouTube get it together man! Why are there two back-to-back non-skippable ads to watch this accompanied by 4 perpetual ads throughout the video?? Fix. It.

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  47. When is NASTY Laura going to say something bad about the loser President of yours? Could at be she is afraid that loser trump won't appear in her show anymore? Or is she just saying what some Americans want to hear to keep having ratings? I do know one thing and that is she does it for money. She's a NASTY, NASTY WOMAN

  48. Donald Trump is gonna save our from Democrats and make America better than great thank you president for make America better than great

  49. Maybe President Trump could give Canada pathetic loser prime minister some lessons and getting s*** done without all the scandals in corruption and maybe he should leave his pipe at his mother's house

  50. " Drain the swamp "
    Let American know how Obama administration and democrats were busy Destroying American roots !!
    (Obama is a foreign Spy working against America )

  51. Trump is all up in their heads. All they think about from morning until night is Trump. Trump has them. They eat, drink, sleep, work, lie, cheat and conjure, all to no avail.
    They are owned. Trump has them all.

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