ExoPlayer: Flexible Media Playback for Android (Google I/O ’17)
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ExoPlayer: Flexible Media Playback for Android (Google I/O ’17)

21 thoughts on “ExoPlayer: Flexible Media Playback for Android (Google I/O ’17)

  1. ExoPlayer is very well designed. Thank you for the very clear explanations. Possibly, one of the best talks of Google I/O.

  2. I attended this talk live at the conferernce and really enjoyed it. It really explained how to get started, and the different simple concepts about Exoplayer (sometimes these talks are too detailed and don't address the simple stuff).

    Kudos to presenters, this is a really well organized talk!

  3. Hi,
    i am using Exoplayer 2.4 , Video is working properly, but IMA pre-roll ads getting problem to find ImaAdsMediaSource(), which gradle dependency we use for this. Please guide me with fruitful solution.


  4. Hi Great player. Is it possible to play youtube videos in the exoplayer. i could not get the right videoUrl for the exoplayer to run . could you please let us know how to get the videoUri for youtube viedos for playing in the exoplayer

  5. Hi Oliver, How to play HD video in low network speed like Youtube app? Because not smooth streaming when playing HD video in low network speed. pls help me out. thanks.

  6. hello sir ,
    this is great player.
    but when i cancanate multiple media how to know this media url is corrupted ,If media url corrupted then how this media url skip from player of exoplayer in android studio.

  7. plz send me this file…actully i devloping one media player project. i want to developing my media player project using exo player..so sir plz send me the zip file in my mail id..this is very urgent for me….my mail id- [email protected]

  8. Anyone can help me in how to implement exoplayer in recycleview. I have implemented but when I scroll it create blank screen. Not understanding how to manage exoplayer object. Thank you

  9. great and usefull video! i wish we could override behaviour of the default actions used by the notificationmanager when using a foregroundservice instead of creating custom actions though

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