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Exams || School Diaries Ep 4 || Dhethadi || Tamada Media

‘In the school prefect elections,
Jones won over Vikram by a 15 vote majority.’ Don’t look so happy. You’ve won the elections but not marks.
– I’ll make sure that I’ll pass my exams this time. If you don’t you’ll be debarred anyway.
– Yes, sir. It is a disgrace to have
a dull student as the prefect. Shall I ask you a question?
– Ask me two. – First answer this one. Which is bigger? Train or Helicopter?
– Train. – No, Helicopter. – How is that? Because train has 5 letters and Helicopter 10 letters.
– I’m really worried if you’d clear your exams. By exams I’m reminded, two Cello Butterflow please.
– No, I want.. – If you want good handwriting, take this. How much for this?
– Rs. 20. – All the best for your exam. Instead, say write it right.
With Cello Butterflow, we tend to write it right. You need anything else?
Then move it. Why did the principal call for you? To appreciate you?
– Appreciation? I wish. Then why did he call for you?
– To warn me I’ll be debarred if I don’t pass these exams. That’ll be the day!
– Shut up! – Are you well prepared then? I’m trying to prepare well.
– Study hard and clear the exams. Shall I ask you a question?
– Yes! Please! What is common between a fridge and filter coffee?
– What could it be? Letter F? – Letter R?
– How do you dumb girls manage to score good grades? You give up?
The answer is milk. No wonder you fail all the exams. Lord, if you ensure I clear all my exams
I’ll climb the stairs of your mountain on my knees. What for are you here?
– I want to propose today. – With that broken hand? What for are you here?
– To seek blessings for exams. – With such dumb brain? Do you know how to solve this one? Where did you hide your cheat sheet?
– In my socks and you? – In my shoes. Won’t it get crumbled?
– Don’t make us anymore nervous. – Where is Jones? He’ll be here, don’t worry.
– He must be here somewhere. – Are you well prepared? How dare you ask me? What is A plus B whole square?
– I can answer that be referring to my cheat sheet. Today is Tuesday,
so I’ll go with Lord Hanuman. Guys, we all must nail today’s exam.
– Yes, sure! – Jones isn’t here yet. Sit straight.
Throw away all the cheat sheets if you got any. I’m finding it risky.
I’ll dump all my cheat sheets. Where is Jones?
– He’ll be here, don’t worry. I’ll kick you out of the window if you try to cheat.
– We won’t fit through the window. – Who said that? Sir, additional please.
– Very good! Learn from Harika. Learn from Harika? Isn’t that cheating?
– Learn from Harika in general, you fool. Sir, please, don’t disturb while I’m writing the exam.
– Oh, is it? Tell me the names of your subjects. Sir, I don’t have time for all that.
– How pretentious! Jones, do you turn up this late for the exam?
You’ve become insolent after becoming the prefect. Sir, there is still some time left.
– You want to cheat by sitting in the last bench? Come to the front bench.
Sandra, switch places with him. All the best. You hardly wrote anything.
– How will I? It is time for my meal. Come what may, I need to have my meals on time, so I’m off.
– How health conscious. Why are you beaming?
You need to do well in not one, but all exams. If you don’t, you’ll be debarred.
– True. All the best for all the exams, Jones. I’ve told you to say,
write it right. How come you finished your exam so soon?
Did you even write anything? Since I was writing with Cello Butterflow,
I could write all answers real quick. Prepare well for the next exam.
I’ll meet you at the tuition. Bye! Everyone cleared the exams.
Keep it up, students. Why the hell is this man here? Jones? – Sir?
– How did it go? – I cleared all exams. I was asking about your percentage.
– 40%. – And you are happy with that? It means you just about cleared the exams.
Despite being the prefect you get such low scores. If the prefect scores such low scores,
how can you motivate the other students? Do you have any answer for that? Sir? – What?
– I’ve a doubt. – Go ahead. When did the French Revolution start? You must be knowing
as you are the principal. 1870?
– No, 1789. This always happens. You ask a guy who always flunks to get pass marks.
Then you ask him to get better marks. Then you compare him with other students.
What would motivate him to study further? You need marks to clear the exams
but is marks all you need to survive in this world? You take a whole year to teach us the syllabus.
You can’t assess us with a 3 hour exam. I’m not saying nobody does well,
but all those who don’t do well aren’t necessarily bad. After hussling through one academic year, we try to enjoy
the summer holidays, but you give us assignments to finish. Do you realise the pressure
you are putting us through? This is why 10 year olds are needing eye gear,
15 year olds are having their hair turn gray and 18 year olds want to end their lives. Expect us to perform upto our standards,
but if you expect us to do beyond our standards we’ll always come across as failures. And this isn’t a monologue,
this is a fact. Hey, people! Since the exam season is here,
write it right with Cello. Check the link in the description. And I hope you liked our video.
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