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Exam Paper Distribution || Mahathalli || Tamada Media

Hello, busy people! Hit the bell icon and never miss any update
from me. Yours truly, Mahatalli. Did you enjoy your vacations? Well, I didn’t enjoy my vacations
as I had to evaluate your papers. Are you done
with your holiday homework? Did anyone of you even think
about studies during the vacations? We’ll talk about that later.
Let me distribute your answer papers first. ‘What crap!
Paper distribution already?’ ‘It’s just the first day
after vacations.’ ‘I’ll be now asked to get my dad’s sign
on the answer paper.’ ‘To make things worse,
she’ll read out everyone’s marks.’ ‘God, please see to it
that I clear the paper.’ ‘Now this would be fun.
Let’s see who cleared and who flunked.’ ‘There would be no lessons taught today.
Great!’ ‘Gauthami secures the top marks
every time.’ ‘This time, I should be the topper
of the class.’ ‘It’s been a month since the exam.
I wonder what the exam was on?’ Do you have the test paper with you?
– Don’t bother me. Ganesh! – Yes, ma’am.
– You’ve secured 37.5. Do you have any idea
how disgusting your answers were? Fit for nothing, idiot.
Out of my sight! Boon, you’ve scored 97. Here you go. Make sure you secure
the balance 3 marks too, the next time. Do better the next time.
– Sure, ma’am. Emmanuel! You’ve scored 13.5.
– ‘What!’ It’s a total waste of efforts and time
to teach you lessons. Your parents are wasting money
on your education. Shravya! – Yes, ma’am?
– You got 52. What ! Did you forget to wear civil dress? Usually you all will wait for this right You shouldn’t have forgotten
to write down the answers too. Gauthami.. You’ve topped this paper
with 98 marks. You’ve pipped Boon by 1 mark
to be the topper. Proud of you. All of you get inspired by Gauthami. Clap! Shashi, the writer of the class.
Are these answers even logical? Do these even remotely resemble
what I taught you in class? I don’t know, ma’am.
– You don’t even know what you wrote? Get out of my sight, you idiot!
You’ll flunk this year, no doubt. And last, but not the least.
Rahul. Yes, ma’am?
– Care to explain this? The only thing you’ve written
is your name and your roll number. I fail to understand why even write that?
Is it because it’d be cool? Get out! For the next 10 years,
you’ll be stuck in this same grade. What’s there to go through in it?
Give it to me. Have all of you
taken your answer papers? Come to me only if there are any
totalling errors in your answer papers. I’ve gone through
each of your papers thoroughly. So, don’t come up crap
and beg me for extra marks. I’m in no mood for that.
I’ll only entertain totalling errors. Stop it, all of you.
Get back to your places. I’ve asked you to maintain a queue!
This is a classroom, not a fish market. Don’t behave like beggars. Gauthami, can I have your answer paper?
– Let me check for totalling errors. Whatever. Give it to me!
– Hold on, let me check. Like I care. Give it to me.
– Alright. Take it, you jerk. Gauthami and Boon, come here.
– Yes, ma’am. What’s all this ruckus about?
– I’ve got 1 mark less than I deserve. You awarded 8 marks to Gauthami for an answer,
but you awarded me only 7. Show it to me. I’ve deducted 1 mark from your answer
for poor handwriting and presentation. Look how neat and elegant
Gauthami’s answers were. Look at these fine tables
and columns. She even used sketch pens.
– So did I. Yes, you did.
But what’s with your handwriting? Look how untidy
your answers appear. Note the difference
in the presentation. It’s all about presentation.
It matters the most during board exams. One won’t even clear the subject
if the presentation is this bad. I’ve deducted 1 mark so that you’d
improve your presentation skills. Go now
and don’t ask me anymore silly questions. Hey, Ganesh..
You are adding some marks, aren’t you? Ma’am, there is a totalling error.
– Is it? Plus two marks? Why are there so many ‘plus two’s? I’ve already awarded you
more marks than you deserve. I didn’t add plus two marks.
You added them, didn’t you? Ma’am, I didn’t add them!
– I’m sure it is you. What’s the point in us teachers
evaluating your papers? Ma’am, I didn’t add those marks.
– You think I’m a fool to believe you? Why don’t you evaluate your own papers
and award yourself full marks! Ma’am, do you need any help?
– Yes, please. Take these away. ‘Why does Gauthami
act so obidient?’ What’s the matter.
– There is a totalling error. What is the right total then? 68 according to Gautami
and 69 according to Boon. But according to me,
the right total is only 57. Alright.
What according to you is the right total? 69 would be perfect,
for that is the highest. Boon, are you sure about his total?
– Yes, ma’am, I am. Gautami, are you sure?
– Yes, ma’am. It’s 69. Alright.
I’ll award you a total of 68.5. Go now. I’m so tired.
– Thank you, ma’am. Next! You copied from me, didn’t you?
You got 1 mark while I got only half mark. Forget it! It’s afterall half a mark.
– This is unfair. I deserve an extra half mark.
Let’s to talk to her about this. Please, no!
– Ma’am.. But you copied from me, didn’t you?
Ma’am.. What!
What’s the matter? We both wrote the same answers.
But you awarded him more marks. Bro, please! Quite!
– Take a look, ma’am. Go through your own paper.
I say this to everyone in this class. If you start comparing your marks
with that of your friends I’ll deduct your marks
even further. But, ma’am, this is unfair.
– I’ve asked you stop it! Come to me
only if there are totalling errors. What’s the matter?
– There is a totalling error. You missed these 5 marks here. I didn’t miss it.
I’ve already counted it here. But you missed these 5 marks.
– You didn’t get it yet? These 5 marks aren’t extra marks.
That’s the total marks in that page. You aren’t at a free marks buffet. Hurry up, if you’ve got
any more doubts. Any doubt?
– Ma’am, I deserve an extra mark here. Don’t tell me what you deserve
and how much you deserve. There is also a totalling error. Ma’am, you missed these 3 marks. That isn’t 3. That is half.
– What! After going through the rubbish
you’ve written, my handwriting took a hit. Let me correct my mistake.
Are you now satisfied? Next! You are back again?
You’ve spotted another totalling error? No, ma’am.
You haven’t awarded me marks for this. You think I’m a fool?
I’ve struck this part because you left that space empty.
Now you’ve filled this space with answers. Haven’t you?
Answer me. No, ma’am, didn’t. I’m so tired
that I can’t even shout at you. Are you all done?
The time is up too. I’ll leave now. No more changes entertained. Get the signatures of your parents
on them and get them back tomorrow. Ask the absentees
to collect their papers from me. Don’t you try anything smart.
I need your dad’s sign at any cost. ‘Paper distribution
destroys my patience.’ Ma’am, I deserve
an extra half mark here.. These are few of the incidents
that happened with people around me back in the day,
when I was in school. I hope you guys could relate.
I you could, give us a thumbs up. Do leave a comment
if you feel we missed on something. Please subscribe if you like this video
and share this with all your friends. See you all next wednesday.
Bye! Do I reek of Alcohol?
– How’d I know? Even I’m drunk. Girls these days do this with their eyes
and then shoot straight at us. Alright. Here me out now.
Pawan Kalyan deserves to be the next CM.

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