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Evolution of the Porsche 911 | Donut Media

Porsche is a fact. Porsche is a fact of life a myth is something doesn’t really exist. Porsche’s were favorites for all the honors. But as the race opened up Porsche is just on this slow evolution path. Every year they just get a little
bit better, a little bit better. From ergonometrics, the way in which it was designed from the placement of the tachometer. The 911 is just such an iconic shape. You know, it’s the classic Porsche. When people think of Porsche, they think of 911.

100 thoughts on “Evolution of the Porsche 911 | Donut Media

  1. Some people criticize Porsche for not changing the design, they don’t understand this car is a 40 year plus project, getting perfect with every single update, it’s a legendary car your father, you, your sons and the son of your son will respect

  2. Your pre-1969 images depict a 1969-on long wheelbase 911. The rear torsion bar ends on these older short wheelbase 911s were visible inside the front of the rear fenders, not on the body (concealed by a round plug). Nicely done, tho-

  3. they seriously need to update it with the new GT2 RS and the GT3 RS, I find those some icons

  4. This is soo reminiscent of Porsche Unleashed. The format is fantastic and the music sounds as if its purely composed for Porsche's. Just beautiful.

  5. Hey Guys! Thanks for showing these. Would really love to see how a flat 6 air cooled engine works and how Singer made it advanced in our standard days. Many Thanks!

  6. Love this series. As a slow reader, more time is needed to absorb all the info. Those background sounds are awesome as well BTW. Thank you.

  7. If you listen closely….you can hear Mr regular commenting on the evolution of the 911…..IF IT AINT BROKE, DONT BARRARALRLARLGARLGATRLAA

  8. so good. you could actually do 911 all over again in a detailed way (& slower). not sure any other car is quite as iconic, but agree with others Corvette, Ferrari, and 2002ti-M3 may be worthwhile.

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