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Every Xbox One X Ranked

– Today’s video is sponsored
by Rise of Kingdoms. (upbeat music) With the impending release of
the Gears of War 5 Xbox One X we have now five different
Xbox One X designs that you can regularly buy. So that means it’s time
for us to rank them. So kicking these off in fifth place is the regular black Xbox One X. Now, I know what some of you
are gonna be saying right away. What are you talking about? The black one is the best-looking design. We always wanted a black Xbox
One, and it’s finally here. And it’s true. I actually do think this
is a great looking system, and honestly, I like the look of all the One X’s on this list. But we have to start somewhere,
so black is the first one. Now, the reason for this
is primarily the fact that the Xbox One X in black
is just a very basic design, but at the same time
I feel like it’s still just a little too simple and plain for me. I want to see just a little bit more color or something else going on with it. That being said, I still think it’s a really good looking system. And something that works really well with the all-black aesthetic is that with the redesigned Xbox One body, it just has this really
cool monolithic look that works really well in tower mode as opposed to the traditional
kind of just set flat design. Something else it does
an amazing job of, too, is hiding the disc slot. On the One X designs the disc slot was put in the middle of the main
body and it breaks it up, and I think that worked well with some of the more
colorful or bright designs. Like, with the white One S, I think there’s a cool level of contrast. But with the One X, by moving it down to the little crevice area, it hides it and keeps
one whole body on the top which looks really nice
with a solid color. With this one being completely blacked out both top and bottom it
ends up causing it to be, honestly, almost hard to find. I’ve even had situations
where if I know someone that actually hasn’t used a One X before and they try to put a disc in it, they go where does it go? I don’t know what, there’s nothing here. And that’s honestly really cool. Before moving on, I want to take a second to thank Rise of Kingdoms
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time right on the world map, so whether you’re
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you’ll not only find other players’ kingdoms but all kinds of different hidden treasures to help you advance your civilization from the Bronze Age to the Feudal Age. Make sure to check out the link down below in the description to download and play Rise of Kingdoms today, and use this promo code to get yourself a bunch of different bonus resources, including 200 gems, two silver keys, and 100,000 food and wood. Coming in at fourth place is the Gold Rush Edition Xbox One X. Now, I’m gonna be honest with you guys, we actually don’t have that one on hand. We have the other ones
we’re talking about, but we picked that one
up when it first came out and ended up having to
return it for reasons. There was a lot going on at the time. We didn’t have time to do video on it. And point is it’s not here. So that one’s missing, but I still think it’s
a cool-looking design and at least ranks above
the traditional basic one. If you guys haven’t
seen this design before, the Gold Rush was actually a system that was bundled with Battlefield 5. And it wasn’t really themed
specifically for Battlefield, but it’s a color choice that I think still fit the game rather well. And it made use of a
sort of gradient effect that they’ve done with quite a few other special Xbox One X’s that we’ll be talking
about in a little bit. But it featured instead
of a solid color approach, like we’ve seen on a lot of the One S’s, instead featured having black on one side, or maybe more of a dark gray, that slowly shifted closer and closer to being more of a golden hue, almost a lot like sand, actually. I think it’s actually a
really cool design choice. It’s something that separates it from how they’ve handled multiple colors in past systems like the One S’s where I think solid
color works really well, but having this gradient, something that makes it
just a little more unique and also has it lined up really well with the Xbox One Shadow
Controller series, which feature that same kind of aesthetic of dark on one side going
to some other color. Something that’s been really interesting about the way that Microsoft
has been approaching special edition Xbox One
systems in the last few years is that they’ve really been downplaying having intricate special designs as regular store-bought versions, but also at the same time making lots more really crazy unique designs
in very limited run. For instance, they did a I
want to say it was Taco Bell with a special Platinum
Edition Xbox One X, which is kind of like the Gold Rush, but instead of that gold to black, it was a very light gray silver design that was really nice looking. At kind of a next level up to that they’ve done a lot of different
promotional designs too that celebrate different specific games that again they didn’t
make a large store push but still distributing
a few out into the wild. For instance, there was
this really awesome-looking yellow Cuphead design that
I saw a few people grab. And we were actually
lucky enough to receive a similar promotion when they
were releasing Crackdown 3 which was this awesome
white-black with blue trim design. And honestly, I could
go on forever listing all the many different
special edition Xbox One S and One X’s they’ve done in
these kind of limited fashions. But if there’s one specific one that really I think needs talking about, it’s the Tomb Raider design. This was a limited one that I want to say they made only two of, and one of which I know was
given away at a charity auction. And it is one of the most insane-looking special editions I’ve ever seen. Because it wasn’t just a matter of like, here’s an Xbox in a special
color with some little designs, maybe a little bit of etchings. It actually had stuff
kind of built on top of it to give it this ancient rune look that was truly just insane. I mean, it makes sense
that it’s not something that was made available
for regular purchase ’cause I’m sure making that
thing was a lot more expensive than the standard Xbox One design. But it really does stand out
as one of the more interesting, unique, and truly just gorgeous-looking special edition systems
that they have made. What’s cool about a lot of
these limited run systems too is that they illustrate a point that you don’t necessarily have to rely on getting a regular system. ‘Cause a lot of these
special edition systems, not all of them but a lot of them, including the Crackdown that we have, are actually just really
well-made skin designs. There’s a regular Xbox
One X underneath there but with a special skin applied
to give it that unique look. And it’s something that
you yourself can do if you really want to do, and that’s actually something
we did to create our own Red Dead Redemption 2
Special Edition system. It’s actually that one
hanging out right back there. And there’s a lot of companies that make not only different color skin designs, but also things that
you can actually order special customized things. Like we got this wood burnt-in
design with a cowboy on it that perfectly fit the style of Red Dead. Of course, it’s always great when there’s actual official
systems out of the market that celebrate games you
love that you can buy, and oftentimes they have beautiful designs that would be much
harder to do on your own. But never get discouraged if you don’t see a game you love being celebrated. There’s ways to make it your own. Getting back to our top three, at third place we have the
Project Scorpio Xbox One X. This was the first special
edition One X design, and in a way actually
the first One X at all, as these were special
launch exclusive designs you grabbed if you bought one as soon as they first came out. And I got to say when I
first saw it in pictures, I wasn’t that wowed. It kind of looked like it just said Project Scorpio on the
front and that’s it, but there’s actually a little
bit more going on than that. Along with having the
words Project Scorpio in green text in stylized
font on the front, the entire design also
features this stylized gradient that’s very similar to what they did with the Gold Rush later on, but instead of having two
obvious color changes, this is just a lighter gray
to a slightly darker gray, which is really subtle but
actually looks great in person, especially if it’s set up
in the flat set top mode. One really nice addition
to the system, though, is not only the limited edition
design to the system itself, but also to the controller. In the past when Microsoft has done special limited only launches, like with the Day One Edition Xbox One, that featured a regular system
with a special controller that just featured the words
Day One Edition on them, and that was it. The Scorpio one, on the other hand, comes with a controller
that does feature the words on it again but it’s in a
much more stylized fashion that I think just looks a lot better. It’s also a little smaller,
not quite as glaring, and is a complete blackout design. So one of the main
noticeable changes you’ll see is that the ABXY’s are also in black instead of having the usual color design which I think looks really slick on this. One last little cool bonus to
the Project Scorpio Edition, as well, is that with some of these more obvious design changes, it also features a small,
seemingly random list of numbers on the side of the system. That’s actually the final
two digits of each year that a new Xbox system came out, starting with the original Xbox in 2001. Again, this is a very
subtle special edition. It doesn’t shout a lot of its changes out, but I think a lot of the
little changes they made not only look good and stylish
but are just an awesome way of celebrating the Xbox’s history. Coming in at second place, the runner-up to the
best looking Xbox One X is the Robot White Xbox One. Now, this was technically part
of a special edition bundle. This is something that
Xbox has done a little bit in that they bundle games with systems with limited-run colors, but it’s not necessarily something that’s actually themed
for that game in question. In this case, this was released as a part of a set with Fallout 76 and in fact came out quite
ahead of the game’s release giving people the chance to
play it earlier than most. The Fallout 76 bundle was the first way you can get the system, but since then, they have
released it standalone, and it’s part of some
upcoming bundles as well including NBA 2K20. As simple as it is, the
Robot White Xbox One does one very important thing
that all the systems beneath it on this list have not done
yet, introducing contrast. Yes, the Gold Rush had
a little bit of color, but outside of that all
the systems featured here are all very dark designs
and just don’t really have that much clashing going on which is something that I really loved about the standard Xbox One S
and other One S style systems. So with the One X line,
this is the first one that actually added that difference where you have the black
base with the white body, which I admit is a very,
very simple change. But I think it makes a world of difference of just making it look like
a clean, awesome system. This also serves as another great example of why it was a great
idea to move the disc slot from where it was on the One S to where it is now on the One X. ‘Cause when you put this side by side with a One S that’s in white, I think the One S does a good job of working with the disc slot. But just seeing it on here makes it look so much cleaner and nice. It’s not quite as hidden as
it is on the all-black design, but I still think it does
a great job of playing, again, to this idea of contrast where you have the black
base with the white body. And then we have, of course, our number one ranked Xbox One X, which should come as no surprise, is the upcoming Gears of War
5 Special Edition Xbox One. We were lucky enough to be
able to get one of these early, and it is truly an amazing-looking system. And it really speaks
volumes because this is the only Xbox One X that’s truly something you could center a special edition system. Yes, they had limited runs and colors, like we saw with the
Gold Rush and the White, but this is the first one
that actually celebrates the specific game that it’s tied to. Like with the White One X,
we’re getting that contrast between the base and body, but instead of just a plain flat white, you have this kind of
white with blue accents that has blotch moments to it that makes it look like actual ice with engravings that create cracks that look like cracked ice designs, and then a slightly submerged Gears logo which looks so awesome, like it’s actually peeking
from within the system. Bundled with it is, of course, also a special edition design controller that doesn’t perfectly
line up in the same theme. It’s more focused on the armor
design of the characters, kind of like we saw previously with the Gears 4 Limited
Edition controllers. One of the nicest little
changes to this one, though, is it actually features
a real metal emblem on the top middle which really shows when you see that a
little bit of reflection on the scratchy metal. Everything about this
system just screams premium. The attention to details, not
just in terms of the coloring and how the cracks are done, but all the light scratches in the body, the startup sound that it has, (machine crackles) and of course, again, that controller. There’s just so much
going on with this system that none of the other One X
designs really have going on. Again, all the One X designs,
I think, look really good, but when it comes to one that’s just truly something special, this easily takes the cake
as the number one system. And it doesn’t hurt
that it’s also probably one of the best bundle, as well. Because not only are you getting the system itself and a controller, but you’re getting
every single Gears game, except Gears judgment. So again, you’re getting
every single Gears game. Well, this is the latest
Xbox One X to come out and the first one to actually
have a special edition design. There’s also the thought
that it might actually be the last one, as well. Project Scarlett’s already been announced to come out sometime late next year, and while there are still
some games left coming out for the Xbox One you
should be excited for, it’s kind of a weird idea to think, hey, this new system is
coming out next year, there’s gonna be one more
special edition at the very end. Probably not. So this might not only
be the best Xbox One X, it might be the last one. Thanks again to Lilith Games
for sponsoring today’s video. Don’t forget to check
out that link down below in description to download and
play Rise of Kingdoms today, and use that promo code to
get your bonus resources. (air whooshes)

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