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‘I hereby request all the netizens’ ‘to hit the bell icon
to get updates from Wirally.’ This man has been my friend for long.
– Here you go. Have some tea. Thank you.
– Have it. Satish, where are your sons?
– How many sons you’ve got, sir? He’s got two sons.
The elder one is cool as a cucumber. But the younger one,
he is a live wire. You’ve got it wrong.
– Got it wrong? The one who you’re thinking is older
is the younger one and vice versa. The older looking guy is the younger?
The younger looking guy is older? How is it possible?
– He was 8 when he grew a moustache. He was 11 when he grew a beard.
By the time he was 15 he became like the way he is now. He does look like an uncle..
– How dare you? Come here, son.
– Yes, dad? Greet the elders.
– ‘Elders? He looks older than us.’ Is that how you greet elders? Any problem, sirs?
– None at all. We’re good. Screw these exams.
A plus B whole square is.. You’re exam hall is room number 5.
– Okay, brother. You got your hall ticket on you?
Are you carrying a pen, a pencil, an eraser etc? Hey, kiddo.
– Yes, brother? Are you nervous?
– Of course, not, brother. You may look very old.
But you’re always a kid to me. If you’re nervous, you may screw up.
We can’t afford screw ups, can we? We can’t.
– So, don’t be nervous. Wish me luck, brother.
– Good luck. It’s exam time. Get in. Quick!
– Wait! What? The exam commences with that bell.
You may wait outside. It isn’t me who is to appear for the exam.
– Who else if not you, your uncle? How dare you call me an uncle!
Hell with this exam! I’m out. He ruined my mood.
– Screw you, idiot. This bike always breaks down.
– Excuse me. Anyone home? Who is she?
She looks cute. Hello. I’m from the election commission.
May I have your details. My name is Raja.
– What do you do? Engineering.
– You’re pursuing an engineering course? No. I’m working now,
in the engineering sector. You must have just started working.
– No. I’m a team leader. Is it? You look very young though.
– Mom is calling you. What a time for you to interrupt me.
– Who could he be? I’ll be right back.
– Sure. How may I help you?
– Who are you and what do you do? My name is Ravi Teja.
In CBIT, I.. Work as a lecturer? I’m a student in CBIT.
– You’re too funny, uncle. Don’t you dare call me that.
Get out of here. What a grumpy old man. Are you blind?
Chuck those goggles to see better. You look like a street hawker
who sells goggles. You know who I am?
I’m the Bike Star. You speak like you’re Superstar or Powerstar.
And what makes you the Bike Star? How dare you call me names?
– I’ll can call you many more. How dare you mess with Bike Star?
– Are these idiots you’re henchmen? You think these morons
can beat me up? Hold on, hold on.. Why are you arguing with these guys?
– They’re messing with me. Morons may mess with you,
but you shouldn’t stoop to their level. Let’s go.
– Screw you, Bike Star. Hadn’t your uncle intervened,
you’d have been dead by now. How dare you call me an uncle?
Do you got any sense, you scoundrel.. You said we shouldn’t stoop
to the level of morons. But we crossed all limits
by calling me an uncle! I apologize, uncle!
– How dare you.. Guys, run!
Uncle is pissed! What are you staring at?
– Forget about him, kiddo. Let’s go. This is for me.
This for you and this for you. And who’s beer is this.
– It is my kid brother’s beer. You got a brother, too?
– Not exactly. He’s my junior at college. He respects me a lot. A sweet guy he is.
– Where is he then? He must be here anytime.
– I’ll begin. – But, I’ll wait for him. Bro, is he your dad? Uncle, this isn’t beer.
This is Sprite. How dare you call him an uncle? He’s the one who taught me
to booze in a bottle of Sprite. He’s the one. He’s my junior.
– Yes. I’m the one. He’s your junior?
– Yes. Get in, kiddo. Don’t you dare call me uncle again.
– Where are you headed, kiddo? I can’t take
being called uncle by everyone. What’s the matter, Ravi? You’re looking so gloomy.
– Why wouldn’t I? Like all 19 year olds, I too wish
to be addressed as ‘Handsome’ or ‘Cutie’. But I’m being addressed as ‘Uncle’.
I can’t take it anymore. Puberty hit you hard, bro. Puberty just didn’t hit me.
It exploded within me like an atom bomb! You still are a student.
Focus on your studies. You’re right. I’ll forget about my looks
and I’ll stick to my books and I’ll succeed in my career and I’ll..
– Cut it. Pick up your beer. You’re still a kid.
Don’t get so upset. Did you tell your dad about our relation?
– I’m scared my dad would kill me. I’ll ask my parents to talk to your dad.
– My dad may kill your parents too. I’ll talk to your dad.
– He’ll kill you too. Irrespective of those stares,
the fact is that my dad is very harsh. Don’t worry.
I’ll deal with him. Like my senior Shobhan instructed,
I’ll focus on my studies here on. I’ve to finish this book in one sitting. ‘Where is Raja?’ ‘Raja’s dad is here.
I’ll talk to him right away.’ Hi, uncle. ‘Didn’t he hear me?’
Hello, uncle. I don’t think she’s talking to me.
– Hello, uncle. ‘Is he deaf?’
Uncle! Didn’t you hear me calling you? I wanted to talk to you, uncle. Upon hearing what I say, you’d
either be impressed or you’d lose it totally. Uncle..
Your son and I are in love. But, he’s scared
to tell you about this. He says you’re very harsh
and that you’d kill him and eat him alive. Is it wrong to be in love? You’re son said you’re dangerous.
But you look pretty funny. Though you look like a serial killer
on the outside you weep
watching soap operas, don’t you? Weren’t you in love
when you were young? You’re over 40
and you still look handsome. I’m sure you’d have had 19 girlfriends
when you were 19. You’re son, too, is a ladies man
like the way you’d have been. But, he fell only for me. You can’t find a better daughter-in-law than me.
Please, let Raja and me get married. Please, uncle!
Please.. Sir, please convince your son
to let me marry your grandson. I don’t think we ever met before.
I’m not sure if you’re pulling my leg. You’ve to note two points.
Yes, he’s my son. But, Raja isn’t is his son. And two, they both are my sons. He is my kid brother.
– Kid brother? But he looks so old. Kiddo, I’m sorry..
Please.. You hurt his feelings. All address me as uncle.
Including my sister-in-law. Uncle, could you help me with directions?
– Get out of my sight! Uncle, what’s the time?
– Screw you, idiot! Hello, uncle! Hey, kiddo.. In case you liked this video,
do like, share.. Say something, kiddo.
You won’t? He’s upset that people
are addressing him as uncle. Please, don’t call anyone an uncle,
just because he looks old. True. You can address me
as dude or bro or buddy or pal etc. But, please don’t address me as uncle.
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