’Euphoria’ Star Barbie Ferreira Talks Body Image and Social Media | NowThis
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’Euphoria’ Star Barbie Ferreira Talks Body Image and Social Media | NowThis

(upbeat music) – Barbie Ferreira, I have a question. So everyone’s talking about Euphoria but when you read the
script for the first time did you ever kind of
imagine that so many people would be connecting to this story? – Well, when I read the script,
it was like very obvious that it was very different
than anything that’s out there and that excited me in a way
that you know was just so I was like I need to do it, I
was so attached to this role, even before I got it, and everyone’s like “um girl, that is not
your role yet.” (laughs) – How were you able to bring
in your own experiences as kind of like a teenager
to the role of Kat? – Well, I just have this
deep understanding of like escapism and the internet because that’s, I’ve been on the internet for like almost, since I was like 10 or 11 and like, I just know how
it feels to be invisible in school and have friends
around but just feel so lonely and like you don’t have like
a safe space to articulate like how you feel or, you
know show your talents, like fan fiction writing. So I have this deep understanding of that. – Is it strange that so
many people have connected to your character of Kat? When people come up to you do they treat you like your character? – You know that’s also
something I’ve been noticing is like a lot of my comments is like, why would you do that to Ethan, and I’m like you know
I’m a 22 year old woman who is not Katherine Hernandez, right? But it’s great because it like my first really, like big acting
experience, so I’m learning about how people like kind
of view you as your character but it’s, you know, I I don’t
mind if people think I’m Kat. (strong bass music) – I love that your Instagram
you are so transparent and honest, but is there ever
been a time when you posted something and you’re like shit,
I shouldn’t have done that. – Oh my god, like yeah.
– All the time. How do you deal with
that sort of pressure, to kind of talk to such a
big audience who are like hanging on every word you say? – I love social media,
I’ve been on it for so long and the way I communicated
with my followers was very much like an intimate kind of
thing before, and now it’s kind of like in the public,
so it’s a little bit different dynamic that I have. But I just try to keep
it myself but I also know that I can be a little crazy,
like you know I’m posting a little too much honesty,
you know, like I have always have something to say,
so I try to dial it back and really just get that
energy into my personal life. – A lot of people kind
of knew you from YouTube and you know your online
presence, and your modeling, so how did you manage to
make that jump into acting? – I had a goal at 21 that
I wanted to start acting, when I starting modeling, I
was like, this is going to be a thing that is going to
help me, so everything is strategic, it’s really
hard to be a bigger girl and go to auditions because
people are like uh like you look too like you look
too mature for this character which is like just like
you know coded language for you know, um, your hip’s big. – How do you deal with that
kind of criticism that’s like physical? – Since I was like 16 like
that’s been the thing in my life people like always like
the two cents on my body. Hi. – look at you still doing
the grapefruit diet. – Yep I literally want to die. – Yeah, it’s only bad
for the first two weeks then your stomach shrinks
and you adjust and you are reborn. (laughs) – Oh, wow, can’t wait. – And it just goes right
above me, but wasn’t like that the entire time, you
know, there was at first, there was very hard to kind
of unpack the fact that I’m never going to be a skinny
girl that I always wanted to be and that it doesn’t mean
that I can’t do what I want I just have to reframe
everything and not just be like if I ever lose 40 pounds
I can be an actress, like whatever it was. And it’s just very special
to me, I think that like having that whole thing and
feeling bad about myself but like really learning
and exploring what it is to be me and what I like in
people and what I want to do with myself, how my energy
is, and the kind of creativity that I can bring. But also – cause looks are just You know, I’m over thinking
about like what I look like. – You look different. – I changed. – A lot of women who have
sat there have told me about all the no, no, no’s that
they’ve heard in their careers so how was the sort of
rejection strengthened you? – Um, rejections my middle name sister. Um, yeah, I just, at
first it was really hard but then I realized like
everything rejection is just like, I mean in the beginning,
like with modeling people would just like
drop me the night before and would be really upset
and I’m like (mumbles) but I just realized it’s
just the nature of it, if I get caught up on it, and it’s always there’s always something
that you could be doing. That also, like you know, so
it was it was hard at first but now I’m kind of, I’m chiller about it. (upbeat music)

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  1. Here’s the liberals saying “fat people are beautiful” and then also saying “America eats too much”

  2. I think she's really attractive. That thing she's wearing looks like she climbed through a trash pile in search of a hobo's hand-me-down shower curtain. Seriously, it's hideous and it makes her look grossly obese when she is definitely not. Why would you wear that thing?

  3. The girl asking the questions, Sally Turner, has such a..Amy Schumer face and not liking her comedy makes me think I'm about to have a bunch of bad jokes told to me 😅

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