Enable Offline Access for Google Drive
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Enable Offline Access for Google Drive

Hello everyone — this is Tricia Louis your
District Tech integrationist with a helper video about google drive and offline access. Offline access allows students with no internet
at home to create/edit google docs, sheets, and slides files and when when they turn on
their chromebook while on school property all of the changes automatically sync and
save to their google drive. The good thing is that this is a pretty simple
process, so let’s get started. Launch google drive on your chromebook or
desktop – you can find drive on your desktop by clicking on the apps in the upper left
corner of chrome OR if you are on your chromebook you will find the drive icon in the dock which
is located across the bottom. I’m on my computer – desktop computer – so
you will see I am going to goto my apps in the upper left hand corner. Once I click on apps, I am going to look for
the google drive icon – it looks like the triangle with green, blue, and yellow. Once you have launched drive, you are going
to go into the gear icon in the upper right corner and choose settings. Gear icon. Upper right hand corner and we are going to
choose settings. a pop up window will come up and then you
are going to tick the box that states “Sync Google Docs, Sheets, Slides & Drawings files
to this computer so that you can edit offline”. I’m going to go ahead and tick that box. If you are on the chromebook when you do this,
drive will automatically download an extension allows offline access. Click done and that is it! I hope that this video helped you and if you
need any assistance with chrome, google drive, or other tech implementation in your classroom,
please do not to hesitate to contact me!

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