Elon Musk vs Mark Zuckerberg. Epic Rap Battles of History
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Elon Musk vs Mark Zuckerberg. Epic Rap Battles of History

*Intense intro music plays* Epic Rap Battles of History Elon Musk versus Mark Zuckerbeeeeeeeeeeeerg Begin! Call me Musk (Ehhh) I’m here to help (Yeah!) flush a zuckerturd for humanity’s health I’m making brilliant innovations in a race against the dark ages You provide a place to discover your aunt’s kinda racist got called to senate (data hack) acted so robotic Star Trek’s like we need Lieutenant Data back! I’m Tony Stark with a James bond sprinkle tossed in and I’ve been flossin’ since you double-crossed the Winklevoss twins Data was a Lieutenanat Commander to start, but I wouldn’t expect you to understand an org chart see See here’s mine I’m at the top BOSS and I’m spittin’ fire like I’m hot Sauce You can’t sneak up on Zuck I don’t even fucking blink I’m the CEO of KNOWING WHAT YOU THINK, INC. I’ve been looking up your family – it gets dark, my god! Couldn’t clean your daddy laundry with Apar-Tide-Pods Watch me Oculus, Instagram, Whatsapp (post) I’m cleaning up like a wet nap (boast) I drive around in a hatchback (beep beep) I’ll end your story like Snapchat (GHOST) Elon, you’re nothing but an attention-seeking outcast and your star is faded like you on a podcast Dope Smoking with Joe Rogan don’t slow motion on my pace, man when I’m conquering MySpace it’s actual space, man I got a loan from the white house Boom Sent that shit straight to the moon now I’m taking mankind to Mars but for your kind man I ain’t got room Your platform only launches depression Who put the elf with no friends in charge of human connection? *Hey!* you claim to be some kind of saint but you ain’t why don’t you Lean In and FaceMash my musky dutch taint *erghh* I’m destined to rep Earth you sold us out for some net worth your site got so many russian bots they should call it the social nyet-work ooo, bots! I know A.I gets you tweeting I read your feed while eating toast from robot Morgan Freeman you need to start sleeping we can all see you’re tired you’re about to be CE-Oh shit, he got fired! *woooo!* you got all these companies but they’re incomplete I got one and i fold money: income, pleat set your self-driving truck to haul your ass home cause this battle like PayPal: you got owned Who won? Who’s next! YOU DECIDE! EPIC RAP BATTLES OF HISTORYYYYYYYYYYYY!

100 thoughts on “Elon Musk vs Mark Zuckerberg. Epic Rap Battles of History

  1. On the lines “End your story like Snapchat” you can hear some auto tune in marks voice which I think is funny considering that’s he acts robotic.

  2. 1:10 to 1:14…and you…suckerberg WEREN'T? That wasn't why you were trying to created this exclusive..club at the beginning with Horatio Sanchez? Yeah..nice fail robot hypocrite lol.

    I enjoyed this video though.

  3. my internet dropped out, so it was stuck on the thumbnail, and it felt like mark zuckerberg was staring into my soul

  4. If y’all haven’t seen it on Twitter yet, Elon Musk himself said “I clearly defeated Suckerberg”


  5. This ERB is catchy… But as someone who knows tech and business, this ERB ending really annoys me… Having Zuckerberg rap "you got all these companies but they're incomplete. I got one and I fold money: income, pleat" then claiming "cause this battle's like PayPal: You got owned!" and then ending the battle is the absolute worst.
    I mean, the line about multiple companies by Zuckerberg was self-damaging in itself WHILE ALSO setting up Musk for an easy and obvious come back verse that you guys didn't take. Zuckerberg STOLE the idea of Facebook from 2 college "friends" and while it blew up into something huge, it's literally the only thing he's ever created that's made an impact in this world. Meanwhile, Musk has had so many innovative ideas (that he came up with himself) and has the technologic & engineering know-how to tackle those ideas, and also understand the financial risks of each project and separated them by forming companies for each (meaning if one goes bankrupt, he doesn't lose everything; while also being able to sell any one company if it's stalling but some other investor wants to buy it)…. while also managing the people (resource/project management) AND selling the product(salesperson) for each company….
    With everything being done with his companies have made leaps and bounds in hardware and software that will benefit everyone overall for lifetimes to come – space travel (hardware/software), self-driving (software) electric cars (hardware), AI (software), electric plants in Australia (hardware/environment), etc, etc. Meanwhile, Zuckerterd created a (single) software "social network" app that he stole the idea of, and has done nothing important or special in the hardware or software department… and has really just divided society, caused political tensions to rise, and has promoted election meddling scandals.
    Musk's worst scandal involved being a bit too cocky and a bit of a jerk, like Tony Stark. However, with all he's accomplished, it's not really surprising that he could become a bit too cocky at times too. I literally know people that have know less and have accomplished less, but still more than the average person, that are more cocky than Musk. The more surprising part is that I haven't read of him being cocky MORE OFTEN than he is.

  6. This One Was A Tie: Elon Musk Is An Alien; Mark Zuckerberg is a robot…EMINEM VS MGK (Currently The Biggest Rap-Beef In The World).

  7. "You can't,
    Sneak up on Zuck,
    I don't even fucking blink,
    I'm the CEO of:
    k n o w i n g w h a t y o u t h i n k
    That line is dark and underrated as fuck.

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