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Ellen Found Your Facebook Photos!

It’s Monday.
Did you remember to set your clocks ahead this weekend?>>Yes.>>People who didn’t are gonna
show up right when I’m saying, be kind to one another, bye.>>[LAUGH]
>>I actually lost two hours of sleep this weekend because one was
the Daylight Savings Time. And I also stayed up late going
through all of your Facebook profiles.>>[LAUGH]
>>You post some interesting photos, and I would like to share them
with the world really. I’d like to show them to the world. Where is Taylor Ladotay?>>[APPLAUSE].>>Hi.>>My God.>>Yeah.
>>[LAUGH]>>You’re very excited. You can stand up, yeah.>>[SOUND].>>[APPLAUSE]
>>I love you Ellen!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>This is exciting isn’t it?>>[LAUGH]
>>Where do you live?>>Dream come true. I live in Merced California.>>Yeah? It’s a dream come true to be here and
to stand up and->>Yeah, to see you.>>Well, you don’t know what
I’m gonna show yet, but okay.>>[SOUND].>>What do you do for a living?>>I’m a marketing director for
a solar company.>>Okay, great. A conservative company or
pretty liberal or?>>[LAUGH]
>>No, conservative, for sure.>>[LAUGH]
>>And you’re here with some friends?>>My family. This is my grandma and my mom. Three generations. We love you. [LAUGH] We all love you.>>Well thank you so much. Let’s see the picture
that I’m gonna share.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Okay. That was undie run when I
graduated Cal State Fullerton.>>Yeah.>>[LAUGH]
>>Still a dream come true?>>[LAUGH]
>>All right. How does your grandmother
feel about this right now? You don’t mind.>>I’m used to it.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Wow, why are you used to it? What’s your name, Grandma?>>[SOUND]
>>What’s your name?>>I’m Alice Brady.>>Alice, Alice Brady?>>Yeah.
>>[APPLAUSE]>>[LAUGH]>>[APPLAUSE]>>Three daughters.>>Wow, Alice Brady, so nice to meet you.>>You too.>>So, which one are you, In the middle?>>Yeah, in the pink. [LAUGH]. [APPLAUSE]
>>Well, yeah. [SOUND].>>[LAUGH]
>>Right, well here’s the thing. I like the shot, but if you are gonna do
that, and it sounds like you do it often,>>[LAUGH]>>I’d like you to wear my underwear. Andy, where is-
>>[APPLAUSE]>>Thank you Ellen!>>That’s for you and all your friends,
and for your grandma too.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Jennifer Reyes>>Yes, where are you? Is that, am I saying that right? Hi.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Hi Jennifer.>>Hi.>>And where do you live and
what do you do?>>Fontana, California.>>Okay.>>I am a coding clerk for a hospital in
>>Okay, wonderful. You’re a Twilight fan. That’s what I’m guessing.>>Yes.>>Yes.>>And you’re team Jacob. That’s what I’m guessing too? I, yes. Okay, here’s the picture that you posted.>>[APPLAUSE].>>Do you fantasize about
Taylor Lautner a lot?>>I do. Actually my husband made that for me.>>[APPLAUSE].>>It looks very, very fake. I don’t know exactly. [LAUGH]. It looks so, so fake. I feel like you should have a shot
at actually making a real one. So; Taylor come on out.>>[APPLAUSE]>>[INAUDIBLE]>>Thank you. Thank you.
>>[APPLAUSE]>>How are you?>>[APPLAUSE]
>>How’s it going?>>Good how are you?>>Good.>>My God. My god.>>Like the best day of your life?>>Yes.>>Yeah. It’s pretty exciting.>>I don’t know what
the husband’s gonna say, but.>>I know.>>So sorry.>>The husband did that for
you, so he knows.>>He did.>>Should we try and recreate it?>>You wanna recreate it?>>[APPLAUSE].>>You get the picture?>>[APPLAUSE]>>That’s the best thing ever.>>Let me pick you up.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>[APPLAUSE]. All right. Taylor, thank you so much.>>I want to do this one more time.>>[LAUGH]. Thank you Taylor. Thank you to [INAUDIBLE] iPad Mini.

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