Elizabeth Warren Trolls Facebook In New Ad
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Elizabeth Warren Trolls Facebook In New Ad

>>2020 hopeful Elizabeth Warren is taking
a big step in an effort to hold Facebook accountable for its role in spreading disinformation about
presidential candidates. So her campaign posted a fake advertisement
on Facebook, claiming that CEO Mark Zuckerberg endorsed Trump’s reelection but she didn’t
run the ad without a disclaimer. I wanna show you the ad. Take a look at the ad there and I know it’s
really small so I’m gonna read it to you. It says breaking news Mark Zuckerberg and
Facebook just endorsed Donald Trump for reelection. You’re probably shocked and you might be thinking
how could this possibly be true. Well, it’s not, sorry. But what Zuckerberg has done is given Donald
Trump free rein to lie on his platform. And then to pay Facebook gobs of money to
push out their lives to American voters. If Trump tries to lie in a TV ad most networks
will refuse to air it. But Facebook just cashes Trump’s checks. Facebook already helped elect Donald Trump
once, now they are deliberately allowing a candidate to intentionally lie to the American
people. It’s time to hold Mark Zuckerberg accountable. Add your name if you agree that was kind of
the end of it. So Facebook fired back and they posted the
FCC doesn’t want broadcast companies censoring candidates speech. We agree it’s better to let voters not companies
decide, which and then Warren hit back with you’re making my point here. It’s up to you whether you take money to promote
lies. And also some of this kind of confusing here. So almost 100 years ago, Congress mandated
radio and of course then later TV stations, they cannot pick and choose which political
candidates ads they can run. But I think there’s they don’t have to run
ads from non political candidates. So if it’s from an organization or group they
don’t have to run those ads.>>And the rules are much different with cable
networks versus public networks?>>There really aren’t any.>>Right.>>They don’t, they’re not
>>So, cable->>Federal mandate, yeah.>>Right, exactly.>>And then but so the Internet is definitely
not. But should it be? I don’t know, that’s my question to you all.>>I like Elizabeth Warren very much. She is one of two candidates in this Democratic
primary who is despised by the mega wealthy. And she is therefore someone who I’m intensely
interested in. With that said, I think there’s a horrible
move. First of all, I don’t think it has any real
logical construct that is governing it, in the sense that I don’t know exactly what she
wants from Facebook. I don’t know, if she wants Facebook to be
its own watchdog agency, if she wants Facebook to start a watchdog agency, or to fund one
that would be a third party agency. That’s probably the direction I would head. She’s using it as analogue with Cable news
which first of all is not for a variety of reasons but also, I don’t think that’s a great
example either. And Cable News as we’ve seen, Cable News allows
people to lie. They’ll take ads from people who lie which
is why Donald Trump is able to put fake news ads or groups that support Donald Trump are
able to put fake news I ads on Fox News. So I think she’s done something really muddled
here. And I think the reason why I’m bothered by
it irked by, is the week before, she was having a really interesting debate about Zuckerberg
and about the idea of breaking down monopolies. And now all of a sudden she’s gotten to this
muddled place where I don’t quite know what her thought process on this whole notion is,
and I don’t think it serves her really.>>So I’m curious about that though because
kind of the gist of your conversation with the rich baseball player was almost to whom
much is given much is required. So if one single baseball player, because
they make a lot of money has a responsibility to do what’s right.>>Sure.>>How come a billion dollar company that
arguably has the most influence that I’ve ever seen of any entity in my entire lifetime. More money that any one person could ever
think up in their dorm room and steal and then recreate and make big, why wouldn’t they
have even a similar responsibility to do what’s right? That one single baseball player does who just
wants to spend time with his baby’s bat?>>I don’t know, but I love that.>>It’s like irresponsible.>>And I do believe that Facebook has a massive
responsibility.>>This is not dropping it?>>Right, but all I’m saying is that I don’t
think Elizabeth Warren has a clear bead, right. In what I’ve seen and I’ve read a bunch of
different articles on this, and I’ve seen everything that she’s put out about it. I don’t think she has a clear bead on what
she wants that responsibility to be. And the reason why it matters, the reason
why I’m interested in it is because Mark Zuckerberg, we can essentially assume and I think we know,
right? Has some degree of liberal leaning.>>I have no idea about that. I think they’ve
>>At the same time, like at the same time we know that he is biased against Elizabeth
Warren because she would break up monopolist. We know that-
>>We heard the audio.>>Yeah, he recognizes her as a enemy to big
business or to mass corporatism throughout America. So but what happens when the next social network
literally has like the Fox News team behind them.>>He’ll buy them.>>Okay yeah. But, but-
>>Which is literally exactly what will happen.>>I just don’t know that we want to leave
this responsibility in Zuckerberg’s hands at all. I think I mean-
>>Well why would it be in the baseball? Her objective here, it’s very clear. The president is recently running ads lying
about Joe and Hunter Biden, very clear, everybody says wow, what’s the deal here? And Facebook says well, we know it’s a lie,
you know it’s a lie but our policy is to stand back and not correct lies. She is saying that’s stupid, stop doing that,
you’re hurting people.>>Right.>>So her objective here it seems very clear.>>Okay.>>And I think that where this plugs into
a larger context is Facebook overall role in shaping democracies around the world. Facebook in their business pitches likes to
argue that we’re bigger than a lot of the world’s religions. Like you said they don’t want the responsibility
that comes with that. Never mind that in Bangladesh and countries
in South Asia, Facebook and Facebook’s properties like WhatsApp and Instagram have been used
to peddle misinformation that has gotten people killed and murdered. Killed and murdered, but horrible things have
happened to them as a result of misinformation campaign spread on Mark Zuckerberg platforms. So I think, I do think that Warren maybe could
be a little bit clearer here. I don’t think that argument about what’s happening
in other countries is going to be very plausible or like good for a lot of Americans. But what is going to work is to say, hey,
Facebook clearly does not handle or want the responsibility to have right now. Maybe it should be someone else like the government. Which is kind of Elizabeth Warren’s realize. Like the financial industry, the tech industry,
they have too much power over our economy, and they are not able to properly reconcile
with that power. So when we have these cases where there’s
some big company that has a lot of our power in the society but they can’t control themselves,
the government steps in to some extent. And so that plugs into Warren’s larger political
ethos.>>But I think before we even get to that
point just it seeing how they’re influenced in their lack of oversight. How it, what happened with that through the
last election cycle, the last presidential election. And how they spend a long time with those
cute little ads like apologizing, trust us, we still love you but also try portal.>>Put a camera into your living room, no.>>Right.>>But-
>>We care about your privacy.>>Speak slowly and clearly into the microphone.>>But so they had been doing little small
things like changing up the news feed, putting those stamps on misinformation. So it seems like all she’s asking is use those
same resources when the few presidential candidates that are left lie. Just don’t let them lie. I got just seems before we even get to how
the government can step in that’s, it’s a really simple thing that the company could
do.>>I’m not disagreeing with you. If Mark Zuckerberg and I were talking, as
we do on Wednesday nights->>This must not be what we’re talking about.>>If he and I were chatting, I would say,
I don’t think that it’s going to work for you to be this open, for them to essentially
say, we’re just the platform, right? That has failed, we know that that has failed.>>Right.>>All I’m saying is that her encouraging
him to self-moderate or self-watchdog, I don’t think is gonna work either. Because when we have people at the top who
have biases, those biases are gonna trickle down. Anyone watch a succession like that? Or if anyone follows Fox News, that’s what
we see. So all I’m saying is, I do think Facebook
needs, watch dogging. I just think it’s going to have to be an independent
third party group that is funded From Facebook, from taxation, from all these different things. Also, I love the little fake ad that she did
because that’s parity, it wasn’t actually a lie.>>I loved the ad honestly.>>It was messy, it’s just messy.>>President as parity.>>I know but it makes it too easy for people
to go, this is kind of nonsense.>>You think it’s hurting herself.>>Yeah, all I’m worried about is her as someone
who is attacking big business, and I’m saying she just dove the whole spear of her message.>>I don’t believe a Facebook ad a year before
the election is out, is going to cost her a single vote.>>Okay.>>But I think these are all just like media
moments that we can kind of talk about this worse.>>All right.>>When somebody does something cool and I
think we tend to identify smart, innovative people with liberalism. At what point, what can they before they say
anything to us personally about, hey, this is who I vote for, this is what I believe. At what point does signing on with 50 million
conservative viewpoints. At what point do we start at thinking that
no, no, no, at the base of it they have our, because I see it’s not what it was.>>That’s a great point.>>It’s really long list with and so I did
it I call it the Lena Dunham. I have this idea for a long time, let me explain.>>I think I know where you are going with
this.>>So much that she know she means well, should
know there’s no black people and girls. Now, okay.>>Right.>>Okay, now, she said this. Okay, no, she it finally hit me, wait, maybe
I don’t know this person.>>Right.>>Maybe she’s not what I think. And so we keep apologizing. No, we think he’s this. We have decided then and put that tag but
I mean she is doing all of this.>>Right.>>And we keep chopping it up to, it was a
mistake? That was a mistake. That was a mistake-
>>Well, that’s my point. That’s why I don’t trust him to self-moderate.>>Yeah.>>I don’t trust any billionaire to be their
own watchdog.>>Yeah.>>Every billionaire in America, I do not
trust you to be your own watchdog. So that’s all I was saying, really.>>I just feel like we don’t have to trust
him to be his wish for him to stop this.>>That’s what she’s encouraging him to do,
right? It’s like-
>>At least on this just>>Self moderate.>>At least the blatant stuff, right?>>The point you have where people are-
>>We have this idea that this is not purposeful. And I don’t think we’ve been given the facts
to make that decision.>>Yeah, we accept->>Yeah, I’m not giving him the benefit of
the doubt that it’s not purposeful.>>Yeah.>>He wants more money.>>Yeah. Do you not think it’s possible that his beliefs
lean there.>>I think they surely do when it comes to
certain economic policy issues, absolutely. And they certainly do when it comes to deregulation. The last thing he wants is to be regulated. So yeah, if Mark Zukerbag was sitting in bed
and had his most honest moment of the day and looked up at the ceiling. I think he would certainly say like the Trump
presidency is better for his social network.>>My God, I am so black I could never imagine
looking at the ceiling and for any reason being you know what. The toll presidency is better.>>No, I’m not.>>What is that like?>>There are.>>What would sing me Zuckerberg.>>Direct former.>>I know, I know, I was thinking about, I
was thinking about him.>>The former owners of BET who apparently
have that same thought. Donald Trump was good for them.>>Yeah.>>So like it’s not.>>Yeah.>>Totally out of the realm of our imagination.>>Yeah, people with a lot of money like getting
more money.>>Yeah.>>We’ve accepted the sort of world where
the right-wingers that Zuckerberg loves to keep himself around have said that Zuckerberg
is a leftist. And so now he’s trying to overcompensate and
say no, I’m not a leftist. I like hearing from both sides. Yeah, that snide remark, I don’t know if you
got to it.>>This is what you don’t do when the other
side is blatantly racist. You’re like, yeah I’m gonna have to take this
sale. Yes sir, I’m a leftist.>>Right both sides.>>The alternative.>>Yeah.>>Is that stuff, and I can’t do it.>>Right.>>It shows where, I think shows where his
politics truly lie, and it’s with his pocketbook, and it’s also with the pocketbook that he
shares with white nationalists.>>Yeah.

100 thoughts on “Elizabeth Warren Trolls Facebook In New Ad

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    is the same way, Zuckerberg is probably more sympathetic
    toward Trump than he is willing to admit!

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    This is about controlling information, not pointing out lies. If you want to point out a lie, Liz, do so yourself. Do not force your neoliberal nanny state on us.
    Bernie 2020

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