Electronic Brainwashing: Cambridge Analytica’s Sinister Facebook Strategy | The Daily Show
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Electronic Brainwashing: Cambridge Analytica’s Sinister Facebook Strategy | The Daily Show

This is a story
involving Facebook and a company called
Cambridge Analytica. Which I know sounds like
a Harry Potter spell that does your homework, but… it’s actually
a data analytics company dedicated to one thing: figuring out how
to manipulate you at all costs. NEWSMAN: Beginning in 2014,
many Facebook users were paid to take a personality test
funded by Cambridge Analytica, agreeing to give up
some personal data. But what they didn’t know– at the same time,
the company was scooping up all of their friends’
private information, too. So a survey that started
with about 270,000 people ultimately collected
more than 50 million profiles. All right, I’m sorry,
but that’s some bullshit, right? Because your friend took this
dumbass quiz, this company you’ve never heard
of got access to your account? Yeah. It’s like your friend
boned someone, and then you get the STD. It’s like,
“What the (bleep) man.” “It was totally worth it.”
“Not for me.” (applause) Now… Now, you might be saying, “What do I care if Cambridge
Analytica got my Facebook data? “I don’t mind that people know “that I like Ben Affleck’s
back tattoo. I think it brings out his eyes.” But the truth is, the truth is,
in the wrong hands, our data can be used to do
some pretty sinister things. The level of what can be
predicted about you, based on what you like
on Facebook, is higher than that your wife
would say about you, what your parents or friends
can say about you. Cambridge Analytica will try
to pick whatever mental weakness or vulnerability
that we think you have, and try to warp your perception
of what’s real around you. Okay, now,
that should scare you. Because if you’ve seen movies,
you know that when the person with crazy hair
gets stressed out, something really bad
is going down. It’s like, “They hacked into
the main frame. I wouldn’t believe you but
you got purple dreadlocks.” And this was really bad,
because, sure, some people might say this is
just like advertising. It sounds just like advertising,
right? They try to get you
to buy something by tugging at your emotions. But this is ten levels
above that, because traditional advertisers don’t know who you are,
personally. Like, imagine if Samsung
knew from Facebook data that you lost your dad
last week, so they put a message on your
feed that their new phone could contact your dad
on the other side. You would be way more likely
to buy that phone. It would tug at your
heartstrings. You’d be like, (crying):
“Dad, is that you? “Oh, my God, Dad, is that you? “Can you tell me where you left
the keys for the Camaro, please? “I, um, yeah, I can’t find them. All right, bye. I love you.” Like, they could get to you. And we know, we know
that Cambridge Analytica got people’s data
from Facebook. We know that they figured out
how to use this data to manipulate people. What you may not know is who
they gave all that power to. TV REPORTER: The data firm hired
by Donald Trump’s presidential election campaign used secretly obtained
information from tens of millions of
unsuspecting Facebook users to directly target potential
American voters. The entire operation centered
around deception, false grassroots support,
and a strategy that seems to border
on electronic brainwashing. You see, using
Cambridge Analytica’s tools, Trump’s campaign figured out
a way to manipulate people, or as they called it,
“electronic brainwashing.” Which also happens to be
the name of my favorite Daft Punk album. Yeah. It’s the one with that song
that goes like, (electronic-like vocalizing) No, no. It’s the other one.
The one that goes, (electronic-like vocalizing) Is that the– No, no.
It’s the one where it’s like, (electronic-like vocalizing) Yeah, that one. That one. Here’s an example,
here’s an example of how the Trump campaign used
Cambridge Analytica’s tools. Cambridge Analytica figured out
that the phrase “drain the swamp”
made people angry at career politicians,
and this would make them want to vote for Donald Trump,
and I’m not making this up. Trump told us this himself. It was a term that was actually
given to me. Usually, I like to think
them up myself, but this was given to me. But they had this expression,
“drain the swamp.” And I hated it. I thought it was so hokey. I said that is the hokiest.
Give me a break. I’m embarrassed to say it. And I was in Florida, where 25,000 people going wild. And I said, “And we will drain
the swamp.” The place went crazy. I couldn’t believe it. Yeah, neither could we. You know, you always think
it’s unrealistic when Bond villains reveal
their entire scheme, and then you see this,
and you’re like, yeah. (mimics Trump): “And you see,
Mr. Bond, unless someone finds “the hidden switch
under my castle, “no one will be able
to stop the bomb. That’s why– Oh, he’s gone.
Oh, no.” (normal voice): So thanks
to Cambridge Analytica, Trump knew “drain the swamp” would drum up anti-establishment
votes. People who might have never
voted before. But here’s the thing,
don’t get it twisted. They might be able
to use these tools to push you
in a certain direction, but they couldn’t
completely trick you into voting for Donald Trump. And you know how we know this? Because of this: We haven’t spoken about the fact
that Ted Cruz, who was also
a presidential candidate, also used Cambridge Analytica. His campaign was a disaster. Yeah. All the electric brainwashing
in the world can’t make people like Ted Cruz. All of it. -All of it.
-(cheers and applause) Like, you could hypnotize
someone. You could you be like,
You’re a dog. (barks) You’re a chicken. (gobbles) You like Ted Cruz.
I’m not hypnotized. This is bull. Like, this… Hypnosis doesn’t even work, man. Basically, Trump didn’t create
new fears in people, right? He found a way to appeal
to fears and desires that already existed, you know? And they used Facebook, in the same way that Facebook
will be like, “Hey, remember your friend Steve
from high school?” Except this time it was like,
“Hey, remember how you’re scared of brown
people? Yeah.” And I’m gonna be honest
with you. The fact that Donald Trump used
Cambridge Analytica’s tools isn’t the worst thing
that happened here. Every politician
will use the tools at their disposal to get votes. Obama did a similar thing
himself. My problem is with Facebook. They need to be held
accountable, because not only did they turn
a blind eye to Cambridge Analytica
using this data, but they also didn’t tell their
users that this was happening. At the same time, though, it’s responsibility
to be vigilant. Like, in the year 2018, you just have to assume
everything you click online, everything you watch,
every website you visit, will be collecting data on you, and that data
will be used eventually to try and sell you something. Even the people
on the places you trust, they’re all just trying
to sell you something. Never forget that. And now,
a word from our sponsors.

100 thoughts on “Electronic Brainwashing: Cambridge Analytica’s Sinister Facebook Strategy | The Daily Show

  1. I can hear the sighs from the writters…everytime this guy turns their jokes into mediocrity….gotta pay the mortgage I guess…but I have a lot of respect for talent in comedy…is this the son of comedy central's CEO?…

  2. what picture of some guys affair got this guy the job?…if there's a funny meter..made by scientists…and accurately calibrated…who is to blame for this guy happening?

  3. So, "Obama did it, so it is OK"?! Brainwashing and hitting the nerves of demented immature voters is OK? Go ahead do the next OK thing – give them all guns; makes it even easier to kill off reasoning literally? That there is that export-quality democratic system destroying the reasoning and rationality in world – for everybody. I find it so amazing that people still have problem accepting that it's the deplorable looking for cheap thrill by a dirty old creature are just what they are – maybe they made a mistake voting for the tired old hollow entertainer, but that was just what it was – deplorable. Once (and they still are, to some extent) there were all those losers promoting organized religion to make a living out of it, playing on people's psyche, now there are characterless politicians supported by "smart" lawyers to make (a lot of) people sick to the stomach with their power-grabbing games. BTW, the effing Book has settings to keep their personal friends private, The bragging MAGA guy outsourced America's democracy – that should be OK too in systems where playing on weak minds is OK for votes!

  4. Wil people stop blamin Facebook already! This itself is nothing more than brainwashing caused by some dumbass under the name of trump- he's pushing the blame on Facebook when HIS FUCKING COMPANY is the one who tricked people into revealing their data. Blame trump like you should, not a website people seriously post their everyday real life info like morons X/

  5. 1 day before this announcement I had deactivated my Facebook account. Now I never really used Facebook, and it had NO influence on who I voted for.

    Ut takes a really weak mind to be manipulated, so its NO Wonder that Trump won. His stupid ass followers are still on YouTube posting: "Drain The Swamp", fucktarded idiots.

  6. I remember when my friends (as in physical people, not a random on my screen) acted like I was being a snobby asshole for staying away from social media.
    While getting brainwashed is bad, having a company going through my actual phone is much worse. They should be required to do more than just give an empty "I'm sowwy" to the millions of people they sold out.

  7. Fuck INDIAN NATIONAL CONGRESS has been involved in data collecting with help of Cambridge analytica as confessed by whistle blower in front of UK Parliament

  8. This is why I don’t bother with politics. I just live my life and worry about those I love and keep it moving. There’s really nothing we can do for the whole, just focus on those close to us.

  9. There were also a lot of tumblr accounts the IRA made that got popular then promoted anti-Hillary propaganda

  10. So….now I'm not responsible for my own decisions? Forget that! I know what's crap and what's not – come one! Give us some credit!

  11. I mean that's also what the Obama campaign DID in 2012 (the friends part)… the main difference is that the one that did the test didn't know what they were subscribing to, while the one in Obama campaign did. However in both cases, the friends didn't give their permission in either cases.
    How and if Cambridge Analytica used that data, it's different… It's scary

  12. I'm more concerned about Equifax losing my personal and financial data. I can control my own actions, but I can't control the fools who can now steal my identity at any time.

  13. “Never forget that even the people you trust are trying to sell you something.Now...a word from our sponsors “🤣🤣🤣

  14. Remember “if you are not paying for it, you are not the customer; you are the product being sold” Andrew Lewis

  15. If they didn't get it from Facebook, they'd get it from Iphones, email or any other electronic means! Nothing is private anymore, touch a computer and you're being tracked (someone knows we all watched Trevor Noah's video). LOL

  16. facebook ceo shud be held accountable and shud be put behind bars to teach a lesson to all data collection companies in US

  17. YouTube uses the same algorithm to zero in on what you like and interested in buying and looking at and sell that info. What's the difference? In this A product being the president was sold.

  18. And this is exactly why my friends I don't share shit other than funny videos on Facebook!
    And don't think for a second Facebook is the only place that collects data on you! literally every single website, every app, every download, every phone company, your actual phone no matter what it is collects every bit of data they possibly can in every way shape or form!
    Go ahead and go into your settings click on apps then click on any app of your choosing and look at the permissions that that app has on your phone.
    For example: Google search engine has your permission to collect all data that you conduct on your phone including but not limited to GPS, contacts, text, phone calls, all internet browsing, SD card storage, phone storage Etc.
    You can turn off all permissions on any app on your phone and that's exactly what I do. I don't use GPS on my phone ever! If you do they literally keep it on constantly in every app that you give permission to and can track everywhere you went since the second you downloaded that app.
    It can tell if and track if you are riding on a bike, walking, driving, how long you spent in the store, what store you went to and how many times you went to that store in the past week, month or year, what route you took to get home, how long it took you to take that route home, how long you're at home until you left next and so on and so on.
    Now since every credit card or debit card has a chip in it they can tell what you actually spent at the store they tracked you at, how often you go to that store and what you actually buy and how much you actually spend.
    You are literally being watched and used as a data cow and you give them permission to do so. And even if you're as Vigilant as I am, turning off all settings in every app in every aspect of Technology possible they still manage to get data on me and you! there's literally no fucking escaping it!
    Their making billions off of your data so at least try to do yourself a favor and turn off all permissions to any app that you can!
    And check your Google account settings because they track what you search on YouTube, on the internet and store it and sell it as well.
    Time to be woke brainwashed America! LMFAO! Seriously welcome to 2018 where privacy is a thing of the past and has been for a long time now you just didn't know it but also gave permission for it to happen!

  19. I'm confused here. So was it Russia or Facebook that middled with your election?

    It seems like every now and then someone is blamed. Maybe blame your own people stupidity . Or as you call it " vulnerability"

  20. No… it just uses blocks and records statistic changes using combinations of the recordings, notes, happenings. It’s all real.

  21. Honestly i'm glad my social media has my data, my suggestions are lit. If you have half a brain you won't allow yourself to be manipulated and fooled

  22. Why was almost all of the media silent on this, when it's been known for over a year? Why were Lee Camp and Jimmy Dore just about the only ones sounding alarms on this?

  23. I still love the show.. but for the past week or two.. seems like the jokes have been either off mark, or just plan bad.


  25. There is a very privacy-focused social website sidenetcom. It does not collect any data, and could be used as a Facebook alternative by those, who want privacy

  26. Hold the fuck up one of those online advertisement asking people if they would like some extra cash just for sharing their opinion by completing a brief survey of as much personal data that they will give away as possible that will be used to exploit for profit …..
    Actually did pay the people like it said it would.
    That's gotta be the only one …..

  27. Yeah well Trevor Noah, John Oliver, and other shows like this are also brainwashing schemes. They try to influence your opinions with an opinion or "joke" followed by approval or "laughter" response psycho-social conditioning system. You all know I'm right.

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