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– That’s a unique idea,
to start putting your portfolio out on Instagram. – She doesn’t kind
of look fully human. – Actors beware. You can be replaced.
It’s coming soon. ♪ (ragtime intro) ♪ – (FBE) So today, we wanted
to have the elders react to something that is very reflective
of the current generation. – Okay, what is it? – (FBE) Instagram models.
– Instagram models? I don’t spend
a lot of time on Instagram. – I follow people on Instagram,
but I’ve never heard of an Instagram model. – (FBE) Here’s the first model.
– Hmmm. Very pretty. – Very nice. Very pretty. – She’s selling makeup with jeans? It’s definitely not the thigh.
I think it’s the jeans. – She’s trying to, you know,
sell sex in a different way. – She’s taking a picture of herself? It’s amazing the things they can do. I can barely do a selfie. – Oh, same woman. Food is always big in these things. – I like it. She’s cute. – I wonder is this her career?
Is this her profession? Is there an opportunity
for me doing this? – Anybody who wants
to take pictures of themselves eating or just take pictures
of themselves has got themselves an ego issue. – She seems to have
a very casual elegance about her. She seems more real. The supermodels of the past,
you couldn’t get near at all. It seems like she could be
your next-door neighbor. – That’s a unique idea,
to start putting your portfolio out on Instagram. It’s probably a way to get discovered. – I like the boots,
but I don’t like the rest of it because she’s trying
to be a little street and she doesn’t know
nothing about the street. ♪ (gangsta rap) ♪ – Oh, I love the sweater.
Very cute. – I think she’s trying to get work,
and so she’s showing herself in different kinds of–
she’s modeling in a different kind of way. – She looks like a drawing.
Pretty nice. I like it. – Not a really pretty, pretty face. She’s very ordinary,
that we can relate it to. – She’s quite
an attractive looking girl and it looks like she’s
got something going on. It’s like a girl
that you’d like to know. – Very good, little Miquela. – Nice. I love the colors. – Must be one of those
electronic games that she’s in. This is almost like
a day-to-day life type of shot. – It’s a little psychedelic.
I love the colors. It’s adorable. – (FBE) So that was Miquela Sousa,
known as Lil Miquela, an Instagram model,
where at the time we filmed this episode,
has over a million followers on Instagram.
– Wow. – (FBE) What do
you think it is about her that helped her gain
such a massive following? – I think there’s an honesty
and a purity. She seems very likable. – Guys are following her
because she’s cute. – She is ethnically ambiguous.
She’s every woman, which is kind of cool. – (FBE) There are also
many other Instagram models. We have another example
to show you now of someone else who is very popular.
– Okay. – Wow. Beautiful. – Oh, she’s smashing.
Beautiful colors she’s wearing. – Very nice. Another really unique look. – Fabulous. No wonder
she’s a model. – She looks very sophisticated. She’s showing with authority. – I’d say this came out of a magazine
or something like that. She’s modeling something. You know, she’s got a look. – Ooh. The contrast. She’s gorgeous. – Absolutely beautiful,
that long, gorgeous neck. – She’s looking right into the camera
and right into your eyes. You can feel the relationship. – There’s a look in her eyes
where you kinda go, okay, what are you thinking? There’s a mystery there
that’s very intriguing. – It looks like, you know,
she photoshopped it. She doesn’t kinda look fully human. ♪ (X-Files theme) ♪ – That is classic. Somebody can take that
and use that on a magazine right now. – That, you could see
in the Smithsonian. That one is just an eye stopper. – When she looks at the camera,
you know, it sends you a message. It draws you in. She’s almost talking to you. – Something about her eyes,
on a closer look, they’re almost like marbles. – Look at those eyes! Those eyes just draw you in. She’s relatable
to a whole group of people who’ve definitely
been underrepresented. – (FBE) So this is Shudu Gram,
another Instagram model who has a large presence on Instagram. In general, why do you think
just the idea of people posting photos of themselves
can become so popular? – I think they’re
like any other model. You know, models
have done this for years. This is just a different platform. – The social media is
really an extension of ourself and people are searching
for those people that can represent themselves. – (FBE) There is
actually a specific reason why we chose to highlight
these two models in particular versus any other Instagram models.
– Okay, versus others. – (FBE) Do you have
any idea why that might be? – They’re not boys, are they?
– (FBE) They’re not boys. – Okay. – No. (chuckling)
I give up. – (FBE) So before
we tell you the story, another Instagram model
who goes by the name of Bermuda hacked the first model’s Instagram
and posted this. – “Hi, guys, Bermuda here. So you’re being lied
to by fake-ass person.” – “I don’t blame you.
My girl’s a great liar.” – “You brought
this on yourself, girl. Leave me a comment
if you care about the truth, kay?” – Okay, so what is the truth? – She looks more like a drawing
and almost like a cartoon. – That looks odd. It looks like her head’s separated
from the rest of her body. I don’t appear to be at ease
with that photograph. – (FBE) Bermuda has
actually gone one step further to claim that Lil Miquela
is actually fake and not even a real person.
– Oh, god. Are they fake? I’m gonna be so annoyed. – I think the models
that I saw are real people. – You mean they’re like statues? They looked real
and they look cute to me. – The asian looking one,
there was one picture where I looked at her
and I felt it doesn’t look like it’s a picture.
It looks like it’s a drawing. – (FBE) All three of the models
that you just saw are in fact computer generated
fictional characters and are not real people.
– Oh, my goodness! You mean I can look
at a picture and I can’t tell if it’s a real person?! – It wouldn’t even cross
my mind about that. I mean, you know, they look real. – If I don’t know if I’m dealing
with a real person or not, that’s scary. – Nothing surprises me anymore. Hardly anything’s real. I’m not sure if I’m real sometimes. – Actors beware.
You can replaced. It’s coming soon. – (FBE) Turns out that
Bermuda hacking the account was all done as a hoax
by the same people who created Lil Miquela. It was done as a publicity stunt
to confirm what many had already assumed,
that she is not a real girl. – So it’s not a real girl
and it’s got millions of followers. It’ll start to be
a turn-off for social media because, I mean,
you’re wasting your time following something
that’s not even real? – (FBE) So the models look so real
that initially most people cannot tell if they’re real or fake.
– I sure couldn’t. – Brands and modeling agencies
keep reaching to her for jobs until the creator
had to finally respond that she isn’t a human being. What do you think about the idea
that in this day and age that this might fool people? – Well, it’s not fair if
somebody’s trying to get them and they’re not available
because they aren’t real. It’s like guys dressing up as women
and not telling their dates that they’re really a guy. – I’ve heard of people being fooled
and sending money to people and they even show them
that they’re not who they really are. What’s in us that we want
to believe something so much that we’ll literally send
our life savings to them. – The content of your character
may not be as important in modern society
as what you look like, so for those of us who are real,
how are we to proceed to compete in modern society
or as a post-modern society with sheer perfection
that is digitally created? – (FBE) So even though many know
that they are not real, they are still a fan
and follow the models. What are your thoughts around
fake social media influencers being able to earn money
from endorsements and people being fans
of fictional creations in this way? – Well, I guess it’s
a whole new world out there. I couldn’t– I guess
it doesn’t bother them? They feel that
as long as it’s beautiful, who cares if it’s real or not. – I don’t see anything
wrong with it, you know. Legally, they could do it, obviously. They’re not hurting anybody. – I know that there
was definitely a feeling that when you were
looking at Vogue or Elle that a lot had been done,
that it was not an accurate depiction of a human being, that
there’d been retouching involved, but we knew it was a real person. – So now the mannequin
world has changed to the online mannequin world. People used to walk,
especially around the holiday season, and go by the windows
to see the mannequins and what they were wearing
and how artistically they were put up. – (FBE) So finally, when
we’re getting to the point now where we have a hard time discerning
whether or not a human being is real, where do you think
the world is headed? – In today’s world, you know,
it seems like a lot things are fake. People claim fake news. Now, you’re talking about fake people. – You know all the old
science fiction stories that the robots take over
and we’ll be their slaves. That could happen. – More digital and that
has some consequences. When you get so social
to where you don’t have to make human contact,
your human contact skills are lacking. – It’s scary (laughing)
because there’s cloning that will be happening. There’s robots.
We’re headed in that direction. I know Ruby’s gonna keep
a few human friends around. I don’t know about anybody else. – Thanks for watching Elders React
and shout-out to Mathew Slater and Ellie64_. – Let us know in the comments
what we should react to next. – Goodbye! I’m real. – Hi, guys, JC here,
a producer here at FBE. Thanks so much for watching
this episode of Elders React. Make sure to check out
all our other episodes across all generations. The links are down
in the descriptions below. Bye, guys.

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