Ek Baar Nahi Baar Baar…| एक बार नहीं बार बार… | New Hindi Movie 2019 | FWFOriginals
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Ek Baar Nahi Baar Baar…| एक बार नहीं बार बार… | New Hindi Movie 2019 | FWFOriginals

(song playing in mobile phone ) Chandni Why do you listen loud music daily? Listen I am going outside for important work. I will be late in the night. Boss is sleeping. Tell him to call me once he wakes up. Is it ok? Yes Madam. Hello Didi (elder sister) You come home now I will explain the work. Yes How much time will you take to come ? Ok Didi. Its Ok. Yes. Ok Didi (door bell rings) Didi. Your madam’s house is very nice. Where is your madam? She has gone outside and will be late tonight. I think your madam is having some affair as she goes outside whole day. May be. leave it. Where is your sir ? He is sleeping inside. What? He is sleeping under blankets. laughs Laugh afterwards. I will explain the work first. Shweta. You go in the kitchen. I will attend him. Where is madam? Sir , Madam has gone outside. She will be late in the night. She has asked you to call her. Ok. Bring one tea for me. Ok Sir. Hello. Shweta till yesterday you didn’t had any outing plans with friends. How suddenly you planned it today? Is it necessary to tell you. Have I previously told you that where am I going ? Ok. no problem. Please take you time sweetie. No problem. Bye. What happened? Nothing. Tea. Have you understood the work? You don’t worry I will manage. Give me . I will give it and come. Ok. Sir. Tea. You. Who are you? I am Chandni’s sister. Kalpana. Chandni is going to native place for few days so I will work in the home in her place. But Chandni hasn’t told anything. Chandni. Yes sir. You didn’t informed that you’re going home. Sir I have informed Madam.
You didn’t informed that you’re going home. Sir I have informed Madam. In my absence you should not face any problem so I called Didi here Ok. Explain her all the work properly. I should never get a chance to complain. Yes sir. You have the tea till then I will make your tiffin ready. and listen I am at home today so you do some other work. Ok? Ok Sir I will clean the kitchen. Tea. Listen What is your name? Kalpana. Kalpana. From next time knock the door before you are coming. Understood? Yes I understood. Sir do you want something? No. I was thinking something. Didi. I am going to market. I will be late. If there is any work then call me. After cleaning the food make lunch ready for sir. Ok. Sir should I prepare the food now or afterwards. I am not hungry now make it afterwards. Ok tell me aftewards. but till then what should I do ? floor cleaning is done Chandni has cleaned the kitchen also Tell me sir what should I do? Chit chat. Chit chat? Yes means you have come in place of chandni to work so we have to about each other. A servant should know what a boss wants. Right. You said it right. so tell me what do you like? I want tea every morning that should be hot and not cold at all. and I don’t like spicy things at all. not tadka also Degi mirch ka tadka to ang ang fadka. What? Its a proverb in hindi. Tadka will be ok. How weird name it is? Degi mirch ( means this chilly will give) then which chilly will not give. Laughs. (Pain sound) What happened sir? I get headache because of work most of the time. I will press it . No. Its ok. You sit here I will press it. Come here. Slowly. I think you will relieve my pain You just tell me I will relieve all your pains. it’s over. What? Head massage. Have you got some relief? Yes. You massage very nicely. I know that. Is Chandni your real sister? No she is my cousin sister from distant relationship. Ok. Who’s in your family? I mean are you married? I got married and divorced also. Divorce Yes My husband was impotent. He used to beat me to show anger of his weakness. After marriage did you had.. If I had anything then the divorce would not have happened. If a woman gets love then she even can tolerate beating . Someone should explain it to my wife. What did you say? No nothing. You prepare the food I will do some work. Ok. Sir you are here in the kitchen? I wanted to drink water I saw you were busy so I thought I will take it myself. Nice odour is coming. Can I see how its made? Ohhh.. Sir give it Sir More impatience sometimes burns the human. Actually the odour was good so couldn’t control myself Why are you lying sir ? You are controlling from before. Why are you looking? Think of it. What you want to do? You wanna burn or put your hand in the fire. If such a beautiful girl is near me then why should I hold my hands. Just now I told you sir. More impatience sometimes burns the human. If fire crosses the line then When I go forward then I don’t care of anything. You keep me happy and I will keep you happy. Sir Sir Kitchen is for making food not mood. Sir please be patient. This is not kitchen. Yes but. I will call Chandni once if she comes in between then One minute . I will call her. Ok. Do it fast. Hello Chandni where are you ? Ok. in the temple. Oo.. Yes I have prepared the food Now its ready to serve sir. Yes slowly. What is she saying? Tell me what is she saying? She is saying… Sir you have not done this right. Why what happened? How someone can do like this with her servant? What is this a joke? You were ready yourself. How can I be ready even I don’t know you. I understood. I have seen such dramas many times . What do you want money? Shut up. Lower you voice. I will take the money not once but many times. Do you remember anything? Or should I remind you? Chandni. Show it. What do you want? Your phone. Open the lock. She has paid a lot for her video. Now its time to recover with interest. Every month she should get 25000 rupees. If she stops getting money video will be sent to your wife. 25000 rupees From where can I bring 25000 rupees its too much. Its not too much than a woman’ s respect. Understood? Now a days maids are making too much dramas maids are to be changed frequently Don’t know this new maid will come or not. Door bell I will see. (door opens) Thank god you came. come in. Satish this is Chandni our new maid. Hello sir. Listen your room is over there. You keep your luggage over there. Here is the kitchen You keep the luggage and make tea for both of us. But add less sugar. Ok. Yes madam. Finally a big tension is over. After some time. Listen Satish I am going to kitty You’ve the breakfast. Ok. Bye sweetheart Bye. See you. Chandni I am going outside I will be late. You make the tiffin ready for sir. Yes Madam. Nothing sir. I was heating the dal. Ok. Do you want something? Yes I was hungry so… Sir what should I prepare for tiffin? Clamber. What? I am not in a mood to go to office. so you don’t prepare the tiffin. Ok Ok sir I will clean the kitchen and then will take the bath. Sir Your tattoo is so nice. What is it sir? Chandni you look nice while bathing Specially that.. Don’t fear I will not show this video to anyone. Trust me. I know if I put this video on the internet you will get defamed. But I will not do that. Please sir delete this video please. Please sir. Otherwise I will be no where. Please sir delete this video. Instead of no where stay here with me. If you stay with me then this video will be safe. Ok. Only you have to pay for it. Sir. Please let me go . Sir I am a very poor woman. I don’t have anything to give you. You have so much to give. And you have to give me that. And not once but many times. Crying. Come Don’t worry come. Humming a song. Crying sound. Chandni. Chandni What happened? Why are you crying? Nothing. Tell me what happened. Nothing. Chandni I am like you elder sister then tell me what happened. That Sir. What did the sir do ? I had gone to bath. Now he is blackmailing me everyday. I dont want to do this didi. You don’t worry. Don’t cry. Hello Didi. You come home now I will explain the work. I will give and come. Who are you? I am Chandni’s sister. Sir do you want anything? No I was thinking something. Didi I am going to market. I will be late if you need anything then call me. Ok. I think you will relieve my pain. You just say I will relieve all the pains. Nice odour is coming. Can I see how its made? Sir Sir give here. This place is dirty. Kitchen is for making food not mood. Its getting ready to serve sir. Ok. You serve the food I am reaching. Satish. What is this so many cigarettes ? Nothing. Why are you sweating are you alright? Alright. Leave it What you were saying? Satish we have not done the maid’s verification. Don’t you think its necessary. Its necessary But what she will do the police will bother her without any reason right ? Right she is doing the work properly. but don’t know why the previous maid left? Leave it. How was the party?
but don’t know why the previous maid left? Leave it. How was the party? The party was too good.

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