Eight-Team Tag Team Turmoil Match: Raw, Aug. 26, 2019
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Eight-Team Tag Team Turmoil Match: Raw, Aug. 26, 2019

Here comes the tandem offense.>>Here’s the Viking experience! Here’s the cover!>>One, two, three.>>Viking raiders will
advance to the next match.>>The B Team has been eliminated!>>It’s about as even as
it’s been at this point, Ivar continuing to assault
Carl in the corner. But look out!>>Now look at the poor official, he has
lost absolute control of this match.>>This is mayhem.>>All four men beating
the hell out of each other.>>It is pure chaos inside the ring. [SOUND]
>>It is a [INAUDIBLE] fight.>>This is wrong,
call the disqualification!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Ladies and gentlemen I’ve just been informed that
both teams have been disqualified therefore both teams are eliminated!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>And now Ziggler from behind sending
Dorado into the barricade. A unique offense from Metalik.>>Shoulders are down,
is it enough to put Dolph away? Kick out at two! And a kick right to back of the neck. Cover by Ziggler. Dolph and Roode advance. Double team, uh-oh.>>Roode knocked down. Wilder sent flying.>>I don’t know what Dolph’s
still doing in the ring. Dolph needed to make a tag and
did just that but Robert Roode’s legal.>>Dawson is sending
Ziggler into the corner.>>Hey, come on!>>I thought we had a lot of
five count to make the tag.>>Brainbuster by Dawson.>>Ziggler’s done but Ziggler’s not legal.>>Bobby Roode now back into the matchup. And Roode will plant Dawson. Here’s the cover by Roode!>>One, two, three.>>Roode and Ziggler advance. [SOUND]
>>The Revival has been eliminated.>>Right off the post goes Hawkins.>>There goes Robert Roode to the outside,
Super Kick connect!>>Ziggler,
is it enough to put Ryder away?>>It is!
[SOUND] Curt Hawkins and Zach Ryder have been eliminated.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Zig zag!>>God, Otis on top of Tucker.>>Robert Roode now.>>There it is, the Glorious DDT. Roode into the cover on Tucker,
is it enough? It is!
>>[APPLAUSE] [SOUND] [MUSIC]>>Here are your winners,
the team of Dolph Ziggler and The Glorious, Robert Roode!>>Roode and Ziggler coming together as
a team for the first time ever tonight win four matches to advance to class
of champions with Tag Team titles. [MUSIC]

100 thoughts on “Eight-Team Tag Team Turmoil Match: Raw, Aug. 26, 2019

  1. Wait a second the revival had a match for the sd tag team champions at C.O.C. If they have a match why are they competing for a chance to go and face the raw tag team champions? :/

  2. Ziggler and Robert rood will make a good beer money tag team for sure.. Ziggler has the same cow boy look and super kick finisher as James Storm.

  3. So 2 guys trown together as a tag team will face 2 guys trown together as a tag team for the tag team championships. Vince logic at its finest.

  4. Mixed opinion about this: It's good to see both Dolph Ziggler & Robert "no longer Ravishing Rick Rude" Roode getting a push, especially Roode, but why give single wrestlers a push for the tag team belts?! Why not give that push to the actual tag team wrestlers such as Heavy Machinery or The Viking Raiders?! I would say also say Lucha House Party, but that will never happen because Vince doesn't respect lucha libre! Why are Lucha House Party on the main roster to begin with?! Being jobbers, I know, but they should have stayed on 205 Live! Man, people are right, the tag team division is a joke on WWE!

  5. Please… do something with Hanson and Rowe. You made them relinquish their NXT tag team championship, so do something with em

  6. You are strange Americans, those who do not live in America, you do not put a single Like in the comment ! Why, Do you hate other nations?
    P:S Know that half the world hates you too !!! There are no Americans as a nation; you are all immigrants from Europe, and Native Americans are Indians !!!

  7. At this point I have no idea what show Ziggler is supposed to be on. One week he’s challenging for the Smackdown title as a Smackdown guy and now he’s challenging for the Raw Tag Team Titles as a Raw guy.

  8. I live the king of the ring tournament. I have never seen it before and I love that superstars that dont get alot of TV time are getting spotlights. I am really enjoying the Braun Strowman vs Seth Rollins. I really hope Strowman wins. He deserves it more than Rollins.

  9. This was painfull to watch…boring match and dead crowd… Bobby Rhoode deserves so MUCH better….wait Robert Rhoode… 😑

  10. Dolph won during Survivor series in a 3 v 1 against seth kane and luke harper with interferences from triple H

  11. Yes, lets have a random team of two singles stars teaming for the first time defeat SEVEN ACTUAL tag teams so they can face the team of two random singles stars who won the titles when they teamed up for the first time…

  12. So, you have 7 actual tag teams, people that have tag togheter before and actually have lots of experiente, know about teamwork, should have chemistry and be friends and you have them loose to a random tag team generator? You just buried your tag team division. Let's not forget, The champs are another random pairing. And you just hot shot this team of Ziggler and Roode instead of building them over time and make them seem a real threat. What about long term story telling? Bad booking.

  13. Funny how only the two former iwgp heavy weight tag team championd get eliminated via disqualification , had this been the new or some other so called tag team this wouldve been a different story

  14. Good to see that "real" tag teams lost and NO TAG TEAM like Ziggler & Roode or Strowman and Rollins win over… good work wwe 🙄👏

  15. Fans: Tag team wrestling is dead
    WWE: Here’s a tournament.

    Now watch in horror as two solo acts beat every tag team we have…

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