Ego Ticker: Social Media “Scores” on a Scrolling LED Sign
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Ego Ticker: Social Media “Scores” on a Scrolling LED Sign

Hi everyone! So here’s another project that
I’ve been working on. I call it the “Ego Ticker.” And what it’s doing is it’s sharing my different
social media scores across this scrolling LED sign. This is a scrolling LED sign I found
on eBay, pretty cheap and it takes just serial data. And so these are my different scores–
like they’re my Klout score, my number of YouTube subscribers, how many foursquare points
I have and so on and so forth. And so I have an Arduino with an Ethernet Shield and it’s
checking a PHP server–a web server. The web server knows how to check all the different
kinds of API’s to get those scores and will just pass along the data to the Arduino, which
in turn, passes it along to this scrolling sign. The scrolling sign, as I mentioned, is a–takes
serial data in and actually it’s pretty easy to figure out. There’s just a phone jack on
the back that you can pass the data through. And what it–the way it works really is that
there’s a text file that you set inside that has all the static data. In other words, the
different names of all the social networks. And you put in place holders for where you
want the dynamic data to be. And then it’s easy to send one little thing of dynamic data
to update one of the scores. The reason you do it this way is because if
you update the whole text at once, it actually blacks out the whole display and then starts
the scrolling over again. So if you want the scrolling to keep going and going and going,
you just update little pieces of dynamic data in memory. And it actually works really well.
It was really easy to figure out. I found a PDF online that had the whole protocol for
how to work with these signs online and it was no problem just sending serial commands
with an Arduino. So, it’s where I am right now with this. I
wanted to add Facebook friends and maybe hits on my website, but figuring out the PHP to
do that has been a little bit slow. And I also wanted to maybe have other kind of alerts
come up on this as well. Maybe @ mentions on Twitter or something? I don’t know. Anyway,
I wanted to share with you my progress on this. I hope you like it. And maybe I’ll make
a full how-to out of it if people are interested in seeing how you can work with signs like
these. That’s it. Bye!

39 thoughts on “Ego Ticker: Social Media “Scores” on a Scrolling LED Sign

  1. Cool project, as are all of your projects. I myself am fairly adept at arduino programming however i would really love a tutorial on PhP servers i.e How to get one started and how to use it / how it works. Thanks !

  2. @xanokothe Yeah, I was hoping to be able to do it without OAuth. It'll just take some time for me to set that up.

  3. I would love a whole arduino school 😛 I know nothing about it. Can I program with a language liek C# or java on one? (I know the java part was stupid)

  4. add "$i = get_file_contents('hits.txt'); file_put_contents(strval(intval($i)+1),'hits.txt');" to your website, and then download "/hits.txt" with the arduino 🙂

  5. A full HOWTO would be great! Twitter trends would be fun. Also adding a real time clock would be useful. How about News headlines from a RSS feed? Really cool project.

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  7. hi this very good your video
    but I would like to know more about your LED board
    I am interested to know
    that measures have
    how it works
    its installation
    that type of voltage used
    and especially as I can acquire if
    what is the price???

  8. I'm look for the Pinouts for the Alpha 215R. Can you post a schematic or a diagram of the pins? Thanks! Awesome build…

  9. Hi I have 2 of these signs and if you could make a video of your journey on how you got to this point it would be great and it would save a lot of time of trial and error..
    I noticed the vid is at least a year old and no How to yet. Thanks and great job

  10. Im looking for LED scrolling sign , if you don't mind my asking, how much does sign like that start from on Ebay, after all you say it was inexpensive , how ever one persons inexpensive can be quite defrent from another 

  11. I would like the api's. Just want to make a media wall with a 50 inch tv that displays my stats using appspace or something like that.

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