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Eerojullo Ilanti Ammai || Satyabhama || Tamada Media

Here is the flat.
Looking for anything? I was just checking if the Vastu is good.
– Vastu of this place is so good. People who lived here went on to buy big properties. So will you.
– If this house is so lucky, I’ll buy this house. So, you liked this flat. Then I’ll get it
all cleaned, you can move in in a week’s time. A week? Tomorrow is an auspicious day. I’ll move in tomorrow.
– But, I can’t get this cleaned by tomorrow. Are you busy right now? – Well, no.
– Then if you could lend me a helping hand we can clean this place in a jiffy.
– Alright! So nice that you cleaned it all by yourself.
– There is nothing special about doing our chores. So, you’ll move in tomorrow?
– Yes! I will by 7AM. – Nice! See you then. Hi, bro! – Hi!
– What’s up? – I saw a girl at the temple. I wanted to marry her.
With no girl I ever felt that way. I tailed her and found out she stays in our neighbourhood.
Unlike other young people, she is very well mannered. You always were after posh girls.
It doesn’t sound like this girl is posh. What do you mean? I can mould her after marriage.
She is the girl I’m talking about. Hey, girl!
– Yes, ma’am? You seemed awake until late night. Yet, you are up so early?
– Well, today is Friday, an auspicious day to pray. So, I’m up. And I was awake until late because I can’t sleep
with pending works in hand. So, I finished them all. Hey! Hey, get up!
– Mom! Why do you wake me up so early in the morning? Early? It is 9AM.
– Exactly! It is very early. – Hell with you. Ma’am, I’m done with my rituals,
so bless me. What are you doing? – Nothing. Why?
– Refer the Telugu calender and tell me when Ekadasi is. Do it yourself.
– Do as I say. When is it?
– I couldn’t understand a word written on it. So, please, go and refer to it yourself.
– You can read many languages but not Telugu? Nonsense. Hey, Suma!
– What, mom? – Do you even realise I’m here? I just realised. I’m busy listening to songs.
Why don’t you watch TV? You are either on TV or on your phone.
Can’t you just talk with people around you? Greetings, ma’am.
– Greetings. Come in. Since it is a sunday,
I wanted to come over to your place. Actually, even I was getting bored at my place,
so I came by to say hello. It has been a while
since I had a good laugh. I feel so good. I don’t even find people nowadays
who believe in having conversations. Look at this dumbo! She is always on her phone.
One needs to be lucky to have a daughter like you. Is it? Then, Satya, can we swap places?
Move into my room and I will into yours. I’ll be at peace. Even I wouldn’t mind if you pay the rent.
– Alright, ma’am, I’ll get going now. Could you do me a little favor? – Sure.
– I asked my sister to get Suma a dress. Here are the photos of some dresses.
Tell me which one would suit her the best. I think this one will be perfect. By the way, could you ping me on Whatsapp? I’ll save it.
– I’m not on Whatsapp. You are not on Whatsapp?
– No. I’m not on any social media platform too. Oh my God! I can’t pass a day
without posting on all my social media handles. No wonder you never do any household chores.
– Do you use Whatsapp, ma’am? Yeah, she installed it on my phone.
I’m a part of quite a few family groups. Quite a few? Isn’t it just one family?
– Well, one group for my in-laws, one group with my siblings etc Instead of segregating ourselves into many groups,
it’d be so good if we can meet them all atleast once a month. That is why I don’t use any texting apps.
– On the other hand, this girl only uses those apps. Excuse me! I’ve been following you
for a few days now. I really like you. I don’t know you. Why do you even like me?
– I want to marry someone so well mannered like you. Yes, if needed, I can mould you after marriage.
It’ll be a win-win situation for both of us. If I marry you, it’ll be a win-win for us both?
Who told you I’d marry you? I understood what sort of a guy you are when you said
you’ll mould me. You think girls are clays to mould them? No girl in her right frame
of mind would fall for you. Where is this girl?
Try calling her. Satya, we are waiting for you.
– ‘I’ll be down there in two minutes.’ The saree is so pretty. You know how to drape a saree?
– Yes, I wear saree whenever I visit a temple. – So nice. I’m ready. Shall we leave?
– What is with your dress and hairdo? Go and change!
– I’m not even interested to visit temples and you expect I’ll change?
I won’t. If you insist, I’ll stay back. Whatever! Let’s go now. ‘How God fearing this girl is.
And then there is she.’ Ma’am, are you alright? Come in, Satya.
Be seated. How are you now feeling, ma’am?
– I’m feeling well thanks to you. – Thank God, ma’am. Had you not taken me to the doctor,
I don’t know if I’d have even been alive. Shall I tell you something? – Sure.
– I’ve only one child. I always wanted a boy too. Not just me, there are so many parents
who wish they had a son. But after seeing you I feel I won’t need a son
if my daughter is as responsible as you. Why? Am I not like your daughter too? Hi, all! I hope you all liked this video.
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  5. Hi..Divya Shree I felt obsessed with you and ur action, accent, everything in you. keep doing what you are doing now…do as many videos as you can…I am awaiting for your next video…

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    But idi koncham use avtundi ee generation ki.

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