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Echofon – Twitter for iPhone, iPad & Mac Desktop – Twit Tippin

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bringing you another episode of Twit Tippin Tuesday.
There are a lot of Twitter applications out
there for your phones, tablets and computers. Recently I discovered one that I really like
a LOT.
It’s called Echofon. I don’t even know if that’s how you say it, but it’s sweeeeet.
You can download it on your iPhone, iPad and your Mac computer. There’s also a Firefox
add-on for all you non-Apple folk out there.
So why do I like echofon over all the other twitter apps out there? Well first of all
it has a super simple and clean interface. It’s not cluttered like some of the other
apps out there and I can navigate around it easily.
It has all the full features of Twitter, including
mentions, search and twitter lists. And if you’re an Apple geek like me and have downloaded
the app on your iPhone, iPad and Mac, then echofon automatically keeps all your unread
tweets in sync between your devices.
Echofon also has notification options so you can be alerted of mentions and messages instantly.

So make sure to go and download Echofon on all your devices and easily stay connected
with the Twittersphere
That wraps up today’s Twit Tippin Tuesday. Be sure to follow me on Twitter @Twit Tippin.
I’m Haley, and I’m out. Tweace}

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