Earn $100 daily on INSTAGRAM? Not CLICK BAIT!
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Earn $100 daily on INSTAGRAM? Not CLICK BAIT!

Hello everyone! This is Aiza Mercado and we’re back again with another video where we can earn extra money online. In this video, i will be sharing you how we can earn with Instagram. But before that, lets roll our intro! Before we start, please like this video now and if this is your 1st time on my channel please consider subscribing coz i am posting new videos where we can earn extra money online. This video is 1 way how we can earn on Instagram. What we will do here is we will do an affiliate marketing. I will make short courses how to use Click Bank and how to become an affiliate marketer. 1 way is in Instagram coz there are so many ways how to earn with this site. What is Click Bank? One of the top affiliate marketing website in the industry and we will be selling their digital products. All in all, it is still extra money online because this is not any physical products. First step, go to www.clickbank.com or maybe check out my video description for the link and where to register. Now, we will create an account. Select your country, First name, Last name, Street address, Postal code, State, City, Phone number and Email address. Enter your payee name, Bank name (for example: BDO), and banking country (find Philippines) Then click terms and conditions… Scroll down then you can check it now. Enter your nickname (username) in password atleast 2 upper case, 2 lower case, 2 number and 2 special signs. And if you would ask if Click Bank is legit?? Yes, one of the legit sites and people are earning from it. Step step: click “Marketplace” Then select your categories you can select your niche type and which type you want to use on your instagram… You can select arts, business, education, games health and fitness, and many more Or you can go to products and click “search”. Now, you should pick up a digital products which you can sell easily. Here in “sort results by” select here “gravity”. Here are the list of digital products which can sell easily and with higher commission once sold. For example, this “Flat Belly Fix” You can open the link so you can see its content. Basically, this site is all about how to lose weight or how to lose a belly fat. Looks interesting and its category will be “Fitness and Health” Its selling price too is $28.12 lets calculate how much commission you will earn So $38.12 times 75% commission you will earn $28.59 every time you sold this product using your affiliate link. And if ever this is the product you want to market online this is the time where we will use Instagram to sell. You can download Instagram via Playstore & Appstore and you can also sign up in their website which is www.instagram.com And in this method, you are not required to post selfies or your own photos. I will be teaching you that later. If ever you want to market this product online just click this “promote” then “generate hop links” and this will be your promotional material. And when someone buys that product you will get 75% sales commission. If you would notice, the link was so long too shorten it, just go to www.bitly.com and we will shorten the long links so that it can be not much annoying in the description. Paste here the lonk link then click “shorten” and this will be the short link of your Click Bank affiliate. Copy that. I edited my Instagram profile and i have decided that this “flat belly fix” will be my product that is why your Instagram account should be all about Fitness and Health. i changed my name to “Fitness is life” Username: fitness_is_our_priority Bio: you can enter whatever you want In website, you can now paste here the shorten link you copied earlier. Then submit Now, we check my instagram account If someone visited your instagram account and attracts on your posts with motivation qoutes how to lose weight, just always be positive coz there will be users will click on your link. When they clicked your link they will be directed to the product you are selling and as ive mentioned earlier once they buy it you will earn 75% sales commission. And if you want to grow your Instagram account without breaking a sweat just go to www.growacc.com coz they will be helping you grow your followers, subscribers, with auto follow, auto like, auto view stories, auto DM, auto comments and auto repost. Their site is also friendly user, you can use multiple Instagram accounts too, automation like auto comment, auto post, auto like, auto direct message, auto follow, and auto unfollow. And just like with youtube, you can scheduled your post. Talking about the pictures you will be posting you can use photos from Instagram you want to repost. Search here “fitness” Many users uploaded fitness photos and we check them out For example, this user “fitness” with 1 million followers its a lot! Uploaded motivation quotes and gym photos, etc Fitness meals with 2.7 followers Uploaded diet foods, before and after body transformation Example, you want to re post this shrimp pasta you can enter any description or you can put the ingredients how to make that meal and with the end of the description you can insert your Clickbank affiliate link. Take note: not only 1 product you may able to sell Just select your desired category you can choose health and fitness then you can choose here the products you want to promote or sell. And i suggest you post atleast 5 times a week with inspirational and motivation quotes and be consistent so others will follow your account. The more followers, the more chances of affiliates clicks. Use keywords or tags too incase users we’re searching “fitness and health” post your account first will they noticed. This is only 1 way how to earn with Instagram using Clickbank too and will upload soon for another clickbank courses. But for now, this will be the first and i will market too so i can earn and will upload updated videos when i made my payout. Thank you again for watching, if this video helped you how to earn money online hit the like button! Don’t forget to subscribe on my Youtube and Telegram Channel. This is Aiza Mercado again and see you on my next video!

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