D’Souza reveals the solution to media bias & #FakeNews
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D’Souza reveals the solution to media bias & #FakeNews

Student: My question to you is
do you believe any news sources, mainstream or alternative, are bias-free? D’Souza: No, but let’s look to see
what we’re trying to achieve. I would agree that, in a certain abstract
sense, to be absolutely free of bias is impossible. Why? Because we’re human
beings, we don’t have the God’s eye view of the universe. Our view is necessarily
partial, angular, and perspectival. And so, we’re going to have a take on
the world, and that take is determined by our situation. Years ago, I had
a debate with Jesse Jackson. And it was really funny because
I realized that we were talking about the same thing, but we saw it
totally differently. And instead of arguing with him, I thought to myself,
“Why do he and I see the same fact so differently?” It’s like we’re sitting
in a cafe and we see an accident, and he thinks it’s a homocide
and I think it’s an accident, but how could two reasonable people who
saw the same thing disagree like that? And then it occured to me that the
reason we see it a little like that is because I’m an immigrant, and he is
the leader of an indigenous, American minority group that’s been here
for a very long time. The immigrant is always comparing
America to something else. I come from India, I come from Africa,
I come from South America. So people say, “America sucks!”
And I go, “America sucks? Compared to Bombay, compared to
Indonesia, compared to Thailand? What are you talking about?” But if
you live in America and you’ve never been anywhere else and you don’t
know anything else, you’re going to compare America to the Garden of Eden. So here’s what I’m saying: when I listen
to a reporter, I’m not expecting them to be free of bias. But what I’m expecting
them to do is, number one, to call it like they see it, number two,
to actually tell us what’s going on and not to omit facts which are
inconvenient from their point of view. And number three, to show a little big
of humility because most reporters, quite honestly, don’t know anything.
They don’t know any economics, they’ve never studied it. They don’t know
any history, they’ve never encountered it. They went to Colombia Journalism
School where they learned about the inverted pyramid and how to write
a paragraph. But the content is zero. And so, the most you can expect from those
people is a little epistemological modesty. Such as, “I have no idea what’s
going on in North Korea right now. I don’t even have a clue. It’s like asking
me what’s happening right now on Mars. You shouldn’t ask because I don’t know.
But I’m telling you what other people are telling me. I’m repeating that for
your benefit. Hopefully through my filter, you can try to figure things out for
yourself, because you can’t possibly expect anything out of me.” I don’t want them
to say that, but a little humility would help. [Audience applause] D’Souza: Lincoln was elected to
unite a country and stop slavery. Democrats smeared him, went to
war against him, assasinated him. Now, their target is Trump.
[Protestors chanting] D’Souza: They say he’s a racist, a fascist.
But who are the real racists and fascists? A nation dies when its
people are not free. It’s now up to us to save
America a second time.

100 thoughts on “D’Souza reveals the solution to media bias & #FakeNews

  1. But the human brain recognizes color ,how can that be stopped?
    I am not saying bias and prejudice, just you will always recognize the color of a person.
    That isn't racism. I am glad we are all different, none of us are supposed to be the same.
    That's why we learn different ways to cook foods from one another,(not steal them), different ways to wear our hair,different ways to dress.
    People vacation in other countries just to see the way people in other lands live and it makes them happy.
    We have people visit the Alamo from all over the world and they ask for tacos, caldo barbacoa,etc.
    The only people who get mad are jerks like CNN.
    Everyone else seems to enjoy sharing their stuff.

  2. sigh… I've been studying for my bachelor's degree in China for the past 5 years.. and let me tell you, although China has its merits, there really is no place like the US. I've been to Korea, Thailand, Haiti, Mexico, and Japan. I've traveled and haven't been to my precious country in a while. That's why it saddens me to see people stand for socialism and communism where freedom is abundant. Freedom is such a precious and rare commodity in this world because of oppressive tyrants, people just have no clue. You don't know how good America is until you've lived outside of it being limited by rulers and oppressors. God bless America.

  3. The only real fix for the State propaganda network is a swarm of asteroids. They are paid shills to create chaos and disorder.

  4. I lived in Liberia (born there), United States, Australia, and Thailand and have visited numerous other countries. So four continents and six languages later I still think America does not suck and frankly I believe it is the best country on Earth. I think Dinesh's main point here is that if you have little to no perspective, knowledge, and experience on matters then that makes it all the more dangerous to wielding the power of information, which the media is largely irresponsible with.

  5. There's not a place on earth where the liberals could live without constantly moaning and whining, it's in their DNA..

  6. The problem is really not bias, all news channels are biased. What we need is the reporter to say these are the facts, this is my opinion on it. But some channels just outright fabricate stories.
    Latest would be the CNN journalist of the year award winner admitting to have written made up stories.

  7. EVERY Single time I hear Mr D'Souza speak, I can't help but imagine him taking his mic, raising it, releasing his clasp for the proverbial mic drop moment.

  8. Today's media, the Mainstream Media, has no filter left, that was destroyed and flushed down the toilet except now what the talking heads do, is give us the waste products of liberal propaganda as the nutrients to the unassuming naivete listener. Let me give you a true story without any political perspectives but about being bad, vile without remorse and importantly, care because that is so important: Many years ago, as a child, I was listening to the past stories told by a friend of my older brother, he was talking about his father and what he did for him and his brother as a little boys to what they thought was a gift, his father bought a rabbit and had a cage for it to live in, it was just great but the boys didn't understand when they saw the rabbit's droppings at the time, they were so joyful of the pet, they asked their Dad, "What is that?" The father asked them, "What do you think it is?" The boys thought it look like candy, the father replied, "You think they're M&Ms?" And the boys said "yes!!!" The father then replied, "Well, if you think they are M&M's go and get them for yourselves!" The boys did just that AND ATE them only to spit them out afterwards! To the father, he was amused at how easily he could fool them. To the boys, a bad memory. At the time, I thought the story was so funny but I was a boy when I heard it, but in reality, it was a story about abuse and the one's who suffered from it.

    This is what the Main Stream Media is today. The same thing.

  9. I'm genuinely interested as to how any video gets over a 500 to 0 like/dislike ratio. You would think at least 1 person would down vote it just to be dick

  10. Just ask Der Speigal about bias from reporters. Wager the down voter here is from CNN who gave Claas Retious their best reporter award

  11. Reporters remind me of technical customer service people.Many have no on hands experience with electronics and just read off a pre written computer program. "Is your unit plugged in"?

  12. Dinesh is 100% right as a Legal immigrant I compare US to where I came from and honestly 🇺🇸 is the best country in the world MSM Fakenews are a bunch of spoiled rotten A$$holes who are overpaid and their homes are surrounded by ten feet wall. They are just like the rich people in the third world country that only them are entitled to be rich and keep the poor the same and the poor tend to worship the rich people on TV instead of thinking for themselves. I'm so happy that I became a US citizen and enjoying my American dream that I've always dreamed when I was just a little girl 🇺🇸💖

  13. When people realize that like PROPAGANDA all news media, to an extent is based in money gain from advertising, AND MORE ON THIS AFTER THESE COMMERCIALS.

  14. It's never really about what the media says it's about. For example, The media says Dems are opposed to a Border Wall.(They are not.) But they pretend to be, because they don't want you to detect the REAL agenda. Their plan is to reluctantly agree to the wall when the republicans give Dems something they really want, whatever that might be, like higher taxes on business for example. Dems are using it as a trade-off. But the media will never report that.

  15. The problem with news medias is that they are bought and paid for !! Almost every news media that is trashing everything President Trump does and makes up lies by twisting the truth, are totally left controlled !!

  16. The question was in the beginning, who do you "believe." I think you start there. Don't "believe" anyone who requires belief or depends upon it. D'souza is absolutely correct, you cannot help but to see things from a certain perspective. It is a fundamental element of reasoning itself. It's unintelligible to say you have no bias because all must reason from a certain perspective. He is absolutely correct too when he calls for intellectual humility. In short, the solution to media bias, to ANY kind of bias, is critical thinking. You must understand the elements of reasoning, you must know what universal standards to apply, and you must accept the kind of philosophical foundation to support that criticality. You must understand that critical thinking is a process, that often what we're after is the best judgement, and people will differ. You must understand that sophistry and manipulation is the way of the world, and critical thinking is a discipline you must learn and apply on your own. The world is not kind to critical thinking or critical thinkers, but every advantage, every technological wonder you see all around you, is a result of a critical thinking process. Start here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSPGiZ4e8Lxfbpctn3XTjUw/playlists?disable_polymer=1

  17. All libtards should get a one way ticket to Venezuela, Iran, Cuba, or any other socialist/communist utopia. Get a real life education.

  18. The major problem I see, is that we have an entire generation of idiots. They will believe everything they want to believe in. And nothing that is fact based. The MSM has taken full advantage of this. At one time the news gave us information, with a little snip of opinion. Now it is all Screeeeching buzz words and one sided opinions with little to no facts. And these "Lefty LIBTARD hypocrites" Will echo every word they hear, without asking ot checking to see if its real. GOD HELP THE FUTURE OF THIS COUNTRY!

  19. the left implies that utopia on earth is possible, therefore they complain all the time, if only we had less freedom and more government, utopia can happen, the constant refrain, the road to ruin, and when utopia is not delivered, oh even less freedom and more government will fix it, on and on

  20. I was born and lived in a third world nation (my wider family still live there) till I moved to a western country 10 years ago. We had four 'coupes' in 25 years triggered by race relations. I find it amazing when some Americans put their own country down and claim that racism is their biggest problem. You just don't know how good you have it and what racism in other parts of the world looks like. Count your blessing America.

  21. Every time you read or listen to a journalist, just imagine they are a college student with no real world experiences, and decide for yourself what information to take from them.

  22. EXACTLY!! I am a white man bathed in privilege who was born in Jamaica and raised in Central America. I have been to every country in Central America and as far south as Columbia, I have lived in Jamaica and Panama and Puerto Rico and Colombia, I've been to a good portion of the Caribbean, in fact I just got back from Guatemala, and I can tell you this, America has a lot of problems oh, but it is one of the greatest countries on the planet to live in. I'm even willing to concede that it's not the greatest, but it's definitely in the top five! And I'm not saying this as a braggart American because I actually kind of consider myself an immigrant even though my parents were white people from the Boston area. This country has a ton of problems, but it's still number one! Or maybe two, or maybe three, four or five at the worst out of 200 LOL

  23. The solution is to shut down all media outlets run by Zionist(Bolshevik) Jews and their collaborators…….it is they and only them, responsible for it!

  24. Hi Dinesh, in your end preview you talked about Lincoln. May I respectfully disagree about Lincoln?

    Why did Lincoln go against what caused secession to begin with, and that was SCOTUS's 1857 Dred Scott case. They ruled that the federal gov had no authority over slavery (because it was not in the Constitution).

    Lincoln rejected SCOTUS and secession to commit unconstitutional acts. He suspended Haebus Corpus, which only Congress has the authority. He arrested a sitting Congressman, arrested members of the press.

    But seems secession was a result of the North's harassment of the South disregarding SCOTUS.

    As a constitutionalist, I have a different view of Lincoln. Where am I wrong?

  25. How could anyone dis-a-frikin-gree with this? Sadly that's business as usual in 90% of "news" and "information" about the most vital components of life.

  26. Humility? That’s journalists cryptonite lol i never understood why Americans worship journalists like Gods, i mean in the rest of the world everyone knows that some one pick journalism as a career so they dont have to do math lol

  27. Google… GoFundMe build the wall… and donate to building the wall. Join the millions who have already donated. Help make our nation sovereign and safe.

  28. As someone who works in the news industry, D'Souza speaks the truth! I've coached reporters to speak in a way as to give the illusion of authority even though they don't actually have much knowledge of a certain topic.

  29. Kids, and I say kids, cause, 20-25 year old people, are millennials, and they are all, retards. Can’t even change a lightbulb, or change the oil in their car. Millennials are retards. EDUCATE YOUR CHILDREN.

  30. There is an Iraqi war veteran who has a gofund me site to build the wall. He has raised over 14million in four days. He was on Fox News last night. I donated. He is legitimate as is the site. He is a wounded warrior who was also the recipient of a smart home built for him by the Gary Sinese foundation. Here is the link if you have any interest in securing our border: @t

  31. Ultimately, America will have to face ONE fact. The ideology invented by a warlord named muhammad. The ideology is totally the opposite of what America is built on. Don’t forget . I warned you.

  32. Wow very well put except that we are experiencing a time of extreme bias outside of the expected norm for a majority of all news sources. The "news" I read is incomprehensible as it is being twisted to fit a narrative. I have to read the same story from at least 5 different sources and then fit the facts together like a jigsaw puzzle. The media has discovered that it can make more money from being provocative and the anti establishment administration in the White House has whipped them into a frenzy.

  33. When people argue rather than honestly debate, sadly, they pass on the opportunity to gain insight from the other person's their view and settle for measly short-sighted satisfaction of racking up points. There is not a person on this earth who cannot enrich the rest of us. Dinesh put it well, no one on earth has a God's-eye view of life.

  34. How blessed are we to have this man on our side? A patriot of the highest order! God bless you Mr. D’Souza. Merry Christmas to you and yours. 🎄🇺🇸

  35. Indigenous American group? No. Jesse Jackson's ancestors were shipped over here. So were most modern-day Americans. Except those that flew or snuck in.

  36. You are essentially choosing between a system where it is strong enough to be flexibility enough and more to change, there is a constant dynamic flux in America, and a system where criticism of the government is severely curtailed or twisted in such a way for the masses to swallow not matter how contorted and rusty it is, and compel to love the regime and tolerate every brutal mistake the dictatorship makes without resort to protest or demand of real reform (totalitarian regimes such as the Communist China, Socialist Singapore, Iran, DPRK, Venezuela, and the supranational state of EU).

  37. The media isn't about telling people the facts and getting to the cause about anything anymore. Its about pushing a narrative or ideology. That's called propaganda! It was the bread and butter of the USSR and now the left. Ask any immigrant from a communist or former communist country and they will tell you its true.

  38. Humility is a lot to expect from persons who believe it's their divinely appointed task to save the rest of us from our biases!

  39. Great points. I think that's a big problem; a large number of people learning how to write ('report') without learning about anything else first. If you don't know anything, what are you going to write about? Besides, what is the point of going to college to 'learn' how to write? Don't people these days graduate from high school already knowing how to write?

  40. Mr. D'Souza is Right: the MSM should Admit they don't actually Know everything going on everywhere always. God does, Not us. A truly Smart & Honest Person Knows & Confesses What They Know and DON'T Know. Really, in a calm, steady voice just 1) Report the Facts, the Who, What, Where, When and maybe…Why. Media should not be taking themselves Too Seriously.

  41. Completely agree with Dinesh about reporters needing to show humility b/c they haven't studied economics etc. That said, what's Dinesh's perspective on global warming? Clearly he's not a scientist. Does he defer to the scientific body and general consensus in the scientific community re: the impact of global warming?

  42. This is correct but if people will be truly fair and just like a judge is supposed to be then we should all come to generally the same conclusion. Just tell the truth not some twisted, fabricated, embellished, or omitted version to trick, fool, mislead your audience.

  43. What a brilliant man! He explains convoluted situations in simple terms.. so all can understand more clearly. So opposite of our own Government leaders. This man is awesome…

  44. ATTENTION ALL MALCONTENTS: Please move to a country where you will both feel comfortable in and take pride in. America is NOT for malcontents – quit your bitchin or move out; it's as easy as that. Dinesh hope you and family have an amazing Christmas and New 2019!

  45. The title is misleading. I didn't see here any solution to the bias of the media. There's nothing to do but to not consume these kinds of media outlets.

  46. Minorities like Dsouza and shapiro (shapiro is a jew so he is classed as a minority) can say things whites cant say with out getting fired and classed as racist so they resonate with alot of people as they are soeaking the truth

  47. So many leftists believe anything that supports their failed ideologies.. while others with a brain weigh all sides of information and form their own conclusions.

  48. Jackson is an opportunist. Even if he saw the same perspective he wouldn’t be up front about it – he’s a covert slimy user.

  49. There has to be a distinction made between reporting objective facts and subjective journalism.
    If our society demanded non-biased reporting, it would be a VERY different country.

  50. I agree with CatFishes.. I lived in Scotland for a time and even though we call Britain a “western” culture, it is very socialist. I hated it. I couldn’t wait to get home and kiss the ground. Now I see us going that way and I could scream. The way to save this wonderful country is to stop paying tax dollars to schools and universities until they get rid of the communist professors /teachers and those who push every nut brained doctrine there is. That is the next swamp that needs to be drained. Our children are being brainwashed and you don’t want to live here when that generation comes to power.

  51. Dinesh, I appreciate your fastidious attention to the facts, but you I haven't been seeing you cast your critical eye on Trump. People need clear and concise facts. Trump is constantly saying things and then days later saying something completely different. His use of hyperbolic language is unsettling as it's flaming hatred across the board. This ends in people closing their minds.

    A great example of this is inner city black ghettos. Trump mentioned it in his campaign as being a crisis, then he gets elected and it goes by the wayside. These communities need help, and I'm not talking about handouts (that's been a disaster) I'm talking about getting these communities back on their feet by building them an avenue toward stability etc in some way. I'd love to hear you speak extensively on this topic with proposed solutions.

  52. 0:05


    30 years ago I started the debunking of "8 glasses of water a day".

    I have debunked the ozone hole.

    I have debunked the scariest propaganda, that atmospheric gasses "trap" heat.

    I informed NASA how to solve the Saturn north polar hexagon.

    Stop. Trusting. Media.

    You're being lied to.

  53. MSM is Globalist Propaganda Sewage! Leftists move to Venezuela! If you can survive a year w/out Starving, then you may come back! !


  55. The dolts calling for socialism don’t really know what they’re asking for. The grass is always greener on the leftist’s side!

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