Drifting With Lunch Trays – How “Not” to w/ Ryan Tuerck | Donut Media
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Drifting With Lunch Trays – How “Not” to w/ Ryan Tuerck | Donut Media

So you just dropped your girl off to get her
nails done, you have about an hour to have fun in her Scion, here’s how “not” to front
wheel drive drift. Step 1: get rid of this girly s#*t in the mirror so you can see what
you’re doing. Step 2: procure some food trays from your local burger joint. Step 3: place
the trays in front of your rear wheels and drive onto them. Step 4: lock the e-brake.
Step 5: mash the gas. Now that your cars all set up and ready to slide, alls you have to
do is hit the gas and then counter steer. After you get used to the slide, practice
makes perfect. Mastering steering inputs and throttle modulation is gonna continue your
drift. When you’re done, always remember to return the trays.

39 thoughts on “Drifting With Lunch Trays – How “Not” to w/ Ryan Tuerck | Donut Media

  1. awesome……………..!!!!!!!!!!! all hail Donut Media and ryan tuerck too……………… plz keep making more videos like this

  2. If anyone has ever tried this, they know that it burns flat spots into the tires and ruins them. At least thats what happened when I did it haha

  3. I remember watching this bloke use planks of wood and fished it gutter to gutter, happy he knew what he was doing because i like my car not crashed being that i was parked on the side of the road haha

  4. I hate when people encourage kids to do this shit. For one, It's dumb, second your making them be ass holes for jacking trays, then your encouraging them to act like even bigger ass holes fake ass drifting on the street…

    Kids… It's dumb. Buy a real car if you wanna drift and don't do this lame shit.

  5. Gonna have to do this in my 03 vue sometime. Only question is… Where can I find a Sandy open place in the desert?

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