Double Champions: WWE Top 10, Aug. 26, 2019
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Double Champions: WWE Top 10, Aug. 26, 2019

100 thoughts on “Double Champions: WWE Top 10, Aug. 26, 2019

  1. So the first ever undisputed champion Chris Jericho didn't get recognized because he's in AEW? Wow. What a load of crock

  2. 1:7
    Jim Ross the greatest voice ever in wwe.. He made wwe more exciting and enjoyable through his wonderful voice

  3. Clearly WWE is starting To Stand For (Woman Wrestling Entertainment)🙅🏻‍♂️Because they main eventing at wrestlemania😤WWE is trash

  4. What about when HBK was both WWE and European champion at the same time?


    When Owen Hart and The British Bulldog had both the tag titles and the IC title(Owen)and the European title (Bulldog)?

    When Eddie Guerrero was tag and US champ?

    When Stone Cold won the tag titles with Undertaker while still WWE champion?

  5. Maybe when Kane and Undertaker were both WWE and WCW tag team champions?


    When either the Rock or Y2J were one half of the tag team champions and WCW champion?

    Maybe Booker T walking out of the last Nitro with both the WCW US and World titles?

    How about Lance Storm holding 3 titles at the same time?

  6. You know wwe be like OH WE HAVE A VIDEO IDEA when they get 10 of something. Like Seth and Braun just won this and they post it cause that’s the tenth one

  7. I disagree of Mr. Beck Lame being #1 besides nobody won Ronda just pin by herself at WM 35 the only biggest win was Rollins defeating Lesnar.

  8. WWE forgot The Longest Reigning World Heavyweight Champion in WWE history Batista as World Heavyweight Champion and WWE Tag Team Champion with fellow legend Rey Mysterio in 2005, Of course I'm not surprised this company is always trying to discount Batista.

  9. Seth has been s double champion on 3 occasions
    Us and wwe
    Intercontinental and tag team
    Tag team and universal

  10. The first triple crown women's champion bayley 1 time raw women's champion 1 time SmackDown women's champion 1time wwe women's tag team champion with Sasha Banks

  11. Let's no forget that Undertaker and Kane were double WWF/WWE and WCW Tag Team Champions until they merged the titles

  12. The comments section has really made it clear that there are too many DUMB wrestling fans out there who don't know the difference between a "double champion" and a "unified champion".

    Jericho and Orton don't count because they weren't holding two titles that were active at the same time

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