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[Captions by Jeffrey D. at Y Translator]
Did you guys know that if it’s on the internet it has to be true. Right? Wrong! Who said that?! If only the internet
had an approval process. That’s asking way too much. People got caught lying on the internet. Here we go part 7. I don’t know man. I’ve done a lot of these. They never get old. “I knew my girl was cheating on me
when she said she was at the mall with her friend Carrie, but Carrie was laying right next to me.” Shaking my damn head! This girl is out cheating on him, but he cheating on her with Carrie! “Oh, I’m out with Carrie.” “Carrie’s in my bed.” Man y’all both caught. “Look what my beautiful girlfriend sent me.” “She is so hot.” “We are going to red lobster tonight.” “Our favorite.” [Laughs] Posted a pic of Mia Khalifa! “That’s not your girlfriend!” “Yes, it is.” “We have been dating two weeks!” “Don’t be jelly.” “It’s Mia Khalifa for
anyone who don’t know.” “She famous, you are lying.” Hey man, what if Mia Khalifa
actually sent him that pic? Maybe they are going to ‘Red Lobster’! Maybe that’s their favorite and he posted, proof! “For all you sad people saying
she’s not my girlfriend,” “Look she just texted me a pic.” “Here’s PROOF.” Fake text combo. “Hey baby I love you.” “Love you too baby.” “Send me a pic.” “Ok.” Oh my God, it’s the same pic! “It’s me.” [Laughs] “Wow!” Totally 538% legit. If you don’t believe it,
you a hater. Haters will say it’s fake! So, this person on tumblr, posted this picture
and was like grocery store after midnight. 1979. You know you gotta add the date
and it has to be like vintage because you know, like Tumblr aesthetic! There is literally a stand of Powerade right there. They did not have Powerade in 1979! Why y’all always lying? Man I’m telling you: If you post anything for likes,
Like if they stupid! Little Jimmy over here photoshopped
his school photo into a suit and then into a party. Complete mad lad over here. Then he posted it on Facebook, and then Grandma Debora’s
gonna comment on the photo. “David, who are these girls?” “Were you at a party?” “Does your mother know about this?” “You are in big trouble young man!
If you don’t get your feet on my doormat,” “I can promise nothing good if I see you!” The fact that grandma actually
looks at this and is like: “It’s that my great-grandson?” “Up to no good?” “At a party, with women?” The only cookies you getting
are grandma’s bony arthritis backhand! “This is someone dying
while having an MRI scan.” “Before you die, your brain
releases tons and tons of endorphins” “that make you feel a range of emotion.” “Tragically beautiful.” “#1 post in Tumblr history.” “THIS IS A GIF OF SOMEONE” “TURNING INTO A ZOMBIE
make up a fancy story for it and post it. Get them “likes”! “I have very bad news for you guys.” “I am sick.” “The doctors say that I have” “less than one month left.” “What happened?” “Are you serious?” “Yes.” “Please call me.” “Sorry babe, I will.” And her boyfriend comments:
“Does this mean we are over?” Her dad is gonna comment:
“Don’t believe a word she says.” “Dad, stop I’m going to block you!” If their parents are gonna call you out on it, you know it’s not legit. Man who lies about that? [Coughs] I’m sick. I only have three minutes left to live! One like on this video
equals one more minute I get to live. “Fresh out the shower selfies.” Do you guys ever just come out of the shower with a full face of makeup? Did you wash your face? She gonna wash the rest
of her body but not wash her face. Man, just got naked
and threw a towel on! I bet you’re not even
naked under that, you just wrapped the towel
over your tube top. Nothing but lies in these photos. I mean she could have showered and not washed her face. I’ve done that before. When it’s 4 o’clock and you hella sweaty
but you got a party to go to at 5 o’clock. I’ve done that before. She lyin, her hairs is not even wet. We got this kid over here! Himaaamshu– Hima– Hima- aamshu Rao. This is him. This is also him. Totally legit! You know. angles are everything! Definitely not photoshopped! 100% natural hard work. If you work hard too, you can have a body like “Himaamshu”. The only hard work you’re doing
is on your fingers and Photoshop, and it wasn’t even that hard. “So, my ex put up a status
asking all his friends to delete me” “and then told them the reason
for our breakup was because” “I wanted too much attention.” “Hehe.” “So let’s get something straight
as far as this attention thing.” “I left him because
it was like dating a preteen girl” “lacking self-esteem
and seeking compliments and validity.” “It took too much energy
and I’ve been trying to avoid immaturity.” “I hope you find yourself someday, love.” “And by the way,” “I’m pretty sure I make a lot
more money than you.” Okay? “#salted” “Love the ex posts.” “Every time I see one I think:
‘Yep…someone still isn’t over it.'” And her mom comments, “Where do you get money from?” “You don’t even have a job!” “God knows you don’t even call” “to ask how your son is since
you’ve been missing since Sunday.” “Have a good time where you are
because I don’t want you back!” What’s going on here? So, her boyfriend broke up with her and now she’s posting on Facebook
saying she broke up with him, and did this whole pathetic post
trying to accomplish I don’t know what. “I make more money than you!” And her mom is gonna be like: “You don’t even make any money!” “You don’t have a job!” “Bitch, how you making money?” “Your sugar daddy taking you” “to Red Lobster for dinner
does not count!” And she got a kid too? Man, I got no respect for people who don’t take care of their kid! “My photograph.” “I went to the park and saw
this little bunny hopping” “and then I went closer but not too close.” “Zoomed in and shot the pic.” “It’s so cute!” *Winky face*! Then it ran away into a bush. Look me square in the eye, and tell me you took this pic. Probably like everybody has seen this pic on the internet. Yeah, man you definitely took this pic! It’s just like every time I see these
it’s just so pathetic. Like posting somebody else’s picture,
which is just a Google search away, and you’re gonna be like: “I took this pic!” “Talented photographer right here!” “Boring person with nothing to post,” “so I’m gonna lie about it here!” Insert attention right here! Since you so damn thirsty for it. “Me without makeup!” [Laughs] Oh my God, guys! Look at her natural face
that she was born with! Like she just popped out
of her mom like this! Lipstick and fake lashes and everything. “You have enough makeup on don’t lie.” “No, fake tan.” I didn’t’t know fake tan makes your eyebrows darker
and your lips have lipstick on them! And bruh, what is the rest of this pic? I’m sure the main focus
is the make-up, right? Oh geez. Hey, we got Thanos when he was a kid! Before his chin turned into a ball sack. “My hard work finally started to pay off.” #Swaq with the q. #Lean #Bodybuilder #Hot. “Is that really you?” “It’s been like three weeks” “since you started working out.” “Yes, it’s me alright.” “Are you serious?” “That’s the dumbest shop I’ve ever seen.” “Do you really expect people
to fall for this?” “Stop making a fool out of yourself.” “Shut the hell up idiots!” “You’re just jealous of me.” Y’all better shut up before he snaps! Oh he don’t got the gauntlet yet. [Thanos speaking] Oh, that’s better! Not what’d you say? “He looked like he was a bit cold.” “So, I knit him a sweater.” So this dude just stole a pic, of someone’s snake
and lied about knitting him a sweater. The real person who made the sweater
for his snake and the real owner of the snake posted proof. “This is my snake her name is Nessie.” “How dare you call her a he?” “Did you just assume my snakes gender?” Man, people even lying about their pets. Do no nope ropes get cold? Feel like all of them
should be required to wear sweaters. So when you hold it,
it doesn’t just like slip right out of your hand. I feel like that would happen. But yeah, I’ve dealt with snakes before. I’ve been around a lot of snakes. Oh, y’all would know
what I’m talkin about soon! So this girl posted a picture on Facebook. “Yes, I’m naked.” “Definitely hundred percent me.” “And yes, naked: no clothes, nothing!” “God, you are so S X C.” “If you’re gonna use other people’s pics” “and claim them as your own,
at least make sure” “it’s not one of the most
famous women on the planet” “and you crop her face out.” Who that? I don’t even know who it is. Selena? Is that you? No? That’s embarrassing! At least crop her whole face out
so people can’t tell but I mean if she’s famous
it’s probably a famous picture and you have no business
saying it’s yours! I mean I understand catfishing as like
a YouTuber or famous internet person but y’all can’t catfish a celebrity. We got this dude over here who posted this picture of him
and his girlfriend kissing. I think there’s something wrong
with your girlfriend. She got a really long neck! Is that a giraffe under there? He pretended to kiss himself
Like: “Oh, oh! Alex! Oh, that cherry chapstick taste good.” What am I doing? He got a wedding ring on. He married to whoever under there– his hand. So we got this Russian athlete over here. She’s wearing a shirt
that says: “I don’t do doping.” Russian athlete filmed
in “I don’t do doping” shirt fails Olympic drug test. “Heh, If I wear this shirt,” “maybe I’ll pass my drug test!” [Laughs] Well that’s embarrassing. “I hate when people offer me alcohol
when they know I don’t drink.” “Like, get that garbage out of my face.” “Ashlyn, we can clearly see you over here” “with some booze.” “They offered it to you” “but you still gonna take it.” “Who you trying to fool?” When you have your parents
added on Facebook. Meanwhile on Snapchat,
we got Ashlyn here partying with her friend,
got her booze in her hands and everything. Okay girl we see you, we get it. You trying to look like Grandma’s perfect angel. But we know the truth. “My whole neighborhood gossiping
about my “smoking habit.” “Hey sweetie, it’s Amy.” “Randy was out mowing
when he said he noticed you drive past” “smoking a cigar of some sort.” “A lot of children live on the street,” “so I will speak on their behalf
and request that you keep your habits” “private from the kids.” “Hey, it was just a taquito.” “No bad habits here.” She drivin’ eating a taquito. And they’re like: “Oh my God!” “What is she smoking?” “Smoking?” “Where?” I want to drive through
my neighborhood like: [Hits a dart] Maybe roll down my window if I see some kids, be like
blow my water out of my straw all over them. I’ll show you bad habits! Here we got two men and a truck. Two men and a truck. Who’s this dude in the middle over here? Y’all lying about your family business. It’s obviously three men and a truck. Maybe they upgraded and they just haven’t changed the sign yet. This is clickbait. I hired two men and one truck
and y’all show up with three people? Man, I ain’t ready for this. Top 10 Anime betrayals. Whoa! We got John over here
with his shiny ass face. He over here looking
like handsome Squidward. “Damn homie you got makeup on!” “What the hell you talkin about, Chris?” “Don’t hate on my good complexion.” “I’m in the woods
on ATV f*** you bitch.” “Your complexion does look flawless here.” “Thanks, must be sunlight.” That complexion a little too flawless
like you know that thing that you buff your car with
and did it all over his face. No but for real though Android
has like a filter thing. So when you take pictures,
it like smooths your skin like that. Haters will say it’s photoshopped
but really they dumb as hell. Ain’t nobody got time
to transfer photos on their computer, put it in Photoshop,
edit it, render it, send it back to the email
and then post it. So we got this girl called Brianna Wu. I don’t know she famous or whatever and she’s like, “After I came out to my parents,
they left me homeless.” “No child should have to go through that.” “As a congresswoman,” “I’ll fight for those kids.” So now she all famous and stuff but a couple years ago,
she tweeted this: “When I was 20 my parents handed me
$200,000 to start an animation business.” “I learned more from that experience
than anything in college.” This b**** lying about
her parents kicking her out! But now she’s saying
they give her 200 thousand dollars. Man I’d be like: “Hell yeah, bye b*****!
if y’all gonna give me 200K!” Man, what happened to that money? ‘Cause you know her business
obviously didn’t happen. Rich people be like “$200,000?” For a learning experience! Man, what’s with parents giving
their kids so much money? My parents didn’t have money for college! This girl posted this picture, “Doing some homework!” Where? Only if you get ready for stripper school, and they don’t even go to school, but if that’s her career path
I think she’d do a pretty good job. Anyways that’s all for today. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you did make sure to hit
that like button in the face! Comment below if you’ve caught
any of your friends lying before and subscribe, join the wolf pack. Awooo! I love you guys so much! Thanks for watching. Bye guys. [Music]


  1. once someone hacked my friends account on a game
    they kept saying that they only hacked them because my friend was mean to them and that she knew me and friend
    when i asked her to pm me what school we went to, they refused so i asked if they remembered amber, when they said yeah i immediately knew that this person just hacked her account for nothing and told them off right after because we never had an amber at our school because i had been there long enough to know

  2. Himaamshu Rao is an Indian name (to me only no offence) Itโ€™s pronounced Him-aa-m-sh-u Ra-o

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