Dominate Facebook Events With These 10 Tips
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Dominate Facebook Events With These 10 Tips

Creating a Facebook Event, and putting it
up and assuming people are going to show up, doesn’t generally work. But today I’m going to give you 10 tips to
make sure your Facebook Event reaches as many people as possible, and guess what? They’re all free to do. Thank you for watching Five Minute Social
Media. If you have watched our videos before, welcome
back. If not, I teach you how to do the best possible
social media in the least amount of time. I am a social media geek, and I am a productivity
geek, so this works well for me, and hopefully for you. I’m going to give you 10 easy tips for making
sure your Facebook Event actually reaches people, and by the end, you’re going to have
a much better time with Facebook events. I know some people get frustrated with them. I use these for my clients and it’s very effective. And if you’ve got a tip that you think people
would enjoy, please drop it in the comments. I would love to see it as well. Tip #1:Keep the name of your Facebook Event
short, because it will get cut off on a lot of devices. And if someone can’t event see the main part
of your event’s name, what are the odds they’re going to want to go to it? This is where you leave out the (mocking voice)
27th Annual Royal Gala blah, blah, blah, (normal voice) and you just go, “Beer Tasting.” Or whatever it might be. You can have “The”at the beginning if you
need it, but take out all unnecessary words, or move them later in the event title. Keep it short and sweet. Tip #2: Optimize your event’s image. The good news is this has gotten WAY easier
than it used to be. It used to be that your event images looked
one way on desktop computers, and differently on tablets, and differently on phones. Now Facebook has made them all the same size,
and they’re pretty much all going to show. So make your event image 1920 x 1080, and
you should be all set. And finally, avoid the temptation to put a
bunch of text on your image. First of all, Facebook doesn’t like text on
images because they think it clutters up the News Feed, so they won’t show it to as many
people just because you put a bunch of text on it. It’s okay to have one or two little things,
but don’t make it look like a nightclub flyer with 400 words on it. A nice beautiful picture is the best way to
go. Tip #3: Include sponsors and vendors as your
co-hosts. Facebook now has a tool where you can actually
have multiple brands co-host an event that makes it easier for them to help co-promote
it, and they can also post in the event and draw new people to it. Now be careful, only do that with sponsors
that you trust, but it’s a great tool to reach more people. Tip #4: If people are going to be working
at the event, employees, have them mark that they’re going to be there. Easy for them to do, and it makes it look
immediately like people are already going to the event. Nobody wants to be the first one to a party,
and nobody wants to be the first one to mark that they’re going to a Facebook event either. Tip #5: Have the staff that are going invite
their friends that might be interested. Now don’t have them invite everybody, all
of their Facebook friends, cause that’s just spammy and annoying. But have them invite the ones that you think
might actually want to go, another way to get early interest in the Facebook Event. Tip #6: Don’t invite everyone! Some people go through and invite everyone
on their friend’s list, and frankly that’s annoying and, again, spammy. Facebook actually has a limit. You can invite, each individual profile, like
my personal page, I can invite up to 500 friends to an event. But they have been known to cut that off early
if I go and try and invite a bunch of people and nobody responds to it, because then they
assume that you’re spamming people. But each person that is part of your event
can invite up to 500 friends that may be interested. So use your invites carefully. Tip #7: Ask people that are already going
to share the event. Sometimes people are afraid to ask for favors
like that. But you’ve got people who are already excited
about going to the event, and may they want to invite other friends or family to come. The other thing to do when you ask, ask in
a way that value is added for them, not for you the event planner. So, for example, if it’s a networking event,
“Hey, thinking about who else you’d like to run into at this event and get a chance to
talk to? Take a second and invite them or share it
with them. Tip #8: Post about the event. Creating your Facebook Event is only the first
step. After that, you’ll still want to do social
media posts, whatever you feel is frequently enough, about the event, to keep introducing
new people to it. Organically your event will stop reaching
people as soon as people stop engaging with the event. You can always spend some money to boost the
event to more people, but for free, you can always just post more about the event and
get more people engaged that way. Tip #9: Post IN the event. The event pages have their own News Feed and
you can actually post in there and get people excited. You can say, you know, if it’s a food affair,
“Hey what are you more excited to try, this picture or this picture?” Or, “What do you think our MC should wear
tonight, this red tuxedo or this clown costume?” Lots of different ways to get people excited
that way for the event by posting in the actual event. Tip #10: Don’t rely entirely on Facebook. Facebook Events are a great way to market
your event and reach a bunch of new people, but whatever you’ve been doing traditionally
in the past, do that as well. If you do flyers, you do email campaigns,
different things like that, don’t rely entirely on Facebook. Put it all together with the Facebook Event
and you will have huge success. So good luck on your next event! If you got something out of this video, I
would love it if you took a second to click like. Of course you can also comment below if you
have any questions. And please take a second to subscribe to Five
Minute Social Media, because I’m going to keep making these videos teaching you to do
the best possible social media, in the least amount of time. Thank you for watching.

49 thoughts on “Dominate Facebook Events With These 10 Tips

  1. I have a few friends that plan events for non-profits, and I hope that this helps you especially! Thank you for doing what you do for those in need.

  2. Hi .. this is Nilesh from India. I liked everything about your channel. Thumbnails, titles, description, pictures and most importantly content , music. Your tips are awesome. Keep pouring content.

    BTW..Any one noticed he looks like Lord Bealish 😀

  3. Hi Jerry these tips were awesome -thank you! I will be hosting a summit focusing on facebook tips and some of the new changes…and would love to have you as one of our featured experts. If you are opened to discussing the possibility… please connect with me [email protected] To find out more on me You Rock!

  4. Thanks for the tips, I will try them in future events. I would add that when you invite someone, send them an invitation. My last event, after inviting people to the event, I messaged them individually, and sent them an invitation I made with Google Docs. I got some good feedback on that, and no angry messages. For the next event, I think I'll send the invite first, and then invite them through the event.

  5. Good tips on events. Trying to squeeze the most value out of events and everything helps. Has anyone found that posting IN the event seems to not have as much reach? Maybe only people that put "interested" or "going" are the only people who see those post. Any tips there?

  6. Hi there, I seem to be having problems when I try to share an event from our charity page to other pages and groups. I seem to end up posting as myself rather than as the charity, even when I select 'post as' then choosing my charity page. Is this to do with liking pages/being a member of a group? Thanks for your videos, I'm finding them really useful.

  7. Wow! Light Bulbs going off all over the place. However, think I am guilty of one tip although not certain. Love the way you explain things your vocabulary is so visual. Thank you.

  8. Hi maybe you can answer this question that has been driving me crazy when I am trying to promote my bootcamp workout event on facebook. When I create a public event eveyone only sees "interested" and noone can find "going" to join the event. This is frustrating to have 10 people interested but not going when they want to but can't . Please help me! Thanks !

  9. hey the video was covered the ideas very well. would appreciate if you could also show how to do it as i am a green horn. it may seem simple to experts like you but i need to learn the basic nits and bolts first

  10. at 2:20 what do you mean only do this with sponsors I trust? Why would I partner with an organization i don't trust? And what would they potentially do with the event ad that makes them untrustworthy? thanks!

  11. Thanks for the great video! Facebook now has interested or going & I'm totally confused because it's only giving the option interested. Do you have any insight or advice?

  12. How do i post a gif in a facebook event which i created for an account (not my private timeline)? it doesnt show as nice as in my private page 🙁

  13. Thanks for the information Jerry! I got an issue,could you kindly help me? We run events online and post events in different countires but we are having issues with the time zone. People see our local time and they assume its their local time so they show up on the wrong date and wrong time. Do you know how to fix it Jerry?

  14. Can you add an item on the calendar with inviting? For example, I want to put trash day on the calendar but I dont want to put going interested on it, or just putting a holiday on the calendar.

  15. Thank you. Makes a lot of sense. I really could have used this information years ago, but hey……you are not ready to learn until you are ready to learn.

  16. Thank you for this. You’ve enlightened me on a couple of those tips. Thank you! One question though, is it ever too early to create a Facebook event?

  17. In my case I am thinking of creating an event where I'll be giving marketing tips to the hospitality sector via Facebook Live. I don't have anyone from that sector on my Facebook Business page to announce this event and if push comes to shove, I'll consider boosting the post. Are there any other ways I can promote this event?

  18. Thanks am watching your content early morning as part of my learning. The content is bite size and to the point. Much easier to consume and apply. Great job and thanks

  19. Hi
    My running group posts Events coming up of races, from their Android phone. Problem is a lot of the events don’t appear to the people with an Apple phone.
    Any suggestions please?

  20. All really valuable tips! I’ve never hosted a FB event for my business and was starting to get overwhelmed with where to even start. This really helped to simplify it. Great channel (so glad I found it) 🙂

  21. great video! do you happen to know if there is still a 1,500 cap on invites? I know co-hosts each can invite 500 people, but I remember them capping it at 1500 historically. Thanks much

  22. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with me. I am learning all about this social media world and you make it easy for me not to feel overwhelm

  23. Great tips! Do these tips still work in 2019? I ask because every marketer keeps talking ads. I’ve done the ads and while impressions were high, I’ve never sold a ticket via social media marketing

  24. Great info. I made an event where people could only reply bij pressing on the "interested" box! How do I reply back to thiese people, they are not friends. The event is from a page so if I ask them to be friends first before I can ask them to confirm if they are really coming, they wont know who I am to be friends with. Is there a way to contact these people? Thx

  25. Great tips, but it seems that in just 1 year FB has changed things…The event for has been shortened and I cannot choose to have the event re-occur, nor could I choose the venue it is at as a co-host… nor could I post a link for tickets…I MUST be doing something wrong 🙁

  26. Nice video. Quick question, We host weekly events every night of the week. Is it better to create ONE event with multiple dates, or DUPLICATE events each week of the same event?

  27. If the event is a paid event, does facebook take a cut too? I assume eventbrite takes their 3%…?!

  28. I'm gonna host a young entrepreneurs event . 300 capacity at $150 per ticket. Anyone wants to help me?

  29. Such Good Info!
    I'm literally wondering why youtube is full of amateur talking heads who ramble for 20 minutes without getting to the thing they advertised in the click-bait description. And then I found you–Professional, Concise. I love that you take the time to do what other you tubers do not–make the video fit in a watchable amount of time.
    Thank you.

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