Doctor Mike On Anxiety & Social Media | Conversation w/ Jonathan Haidt
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Doctor Mike On Anxiety & Social Media | Conversation w/ Jonathan Haidt

100 thoughts on “Doctor Mike On Anxiety & Social Media | Conversation w/ Jonathan Haidt

  1. Great discussion. Food for thought for sure.

    I hope you'll eventually put Spanish subtitles in this one. I'd like to share it with my daughter who is a psychology's student.

  2. So in society we need to not coddle kids but on social media we need to coddle kids more. Not all that clear of a message.

  3. @doctormike I agree that social media can be harmful for young people who's brains are still developing but it's also important to recognize that they have become the most active places for socialization and connection's. Frankly, it is becoming a part of our new reality as Gen Z is slowly maturing. So if you were to limit social media as though it were an addictive substances by placing an age restriction, wouldn't that only shelter them from issues which take place exclusively on social media platforms? Wouldn't this make people more fragile once they join the platform?

  4. Dr.mike so you think that part of this problem could be that anxiety and depression has become part of a trend? People may be mistaking feelings of anxiety and depression for a disorder because the community has opened up about this so much it seems to be normalized?

  5. Heey @doctormike, I absolutely love this video as I have shared it with a bunch of my friends already during the time it took to watch this. I have done my final paper on this exact topic and it scared the living daylight out of me. I'm losing hope in the next generations and decades to come. Question: do you ever feel uterly useless for the shear amounts of youngh people who's lives are getting destroyed by all of this and if yes, how do you cope?

  6. So I can do anxiety meme & bipolar meme & trauma meme! (・∀・)ಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ (Jk,I think NOT!)(´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`)

  7. Omg I thought the video was about to end then I see this is a 47 minutes video and I am the happiest person ever.
    Best video I have ever seen and I am at the minute 8. Dr mike thanks for making content that is so entertaining and also make us learn and see life in a diferente perspective.
    You are the best.

  8. I would love to hear to talk more about cbd since everyone is calling it a wonder drug and its being sold on every street corner

  9. I was talking to my mom today about how important it is in today’s political environment to be able to have a conversation inside the aisle. I was surprised by how unwilling she was to listen to an opposing political view even for the sake of her own. So to anyone out there feeling afraid of walking across the aisle my advice to you is to cross an aisle somehow in your everyday life and push yourself to learn how to compromise with even the most unwilling of people, because although it may feel lonely at first. The more people you can bring in the aisle, the more we will be able to spark a growing conversation about how we can help our world.

  10. Great interview. I appreciate wanting the social media companies to step up and be better. But to be honest, I don’t think that is feasible. I feel that way for a few reasons. First, you are thinking that companies are going to put goodwill over profits, but lets assume that is the case. If Twitter, IG, FB, etc, try to put measures into place to hold people more accountable. They want you to prove you are a real person. They put more realistic monitoring into place. Besides the cost of these measures, if they inconvenience the user, the user will leave the platform and new platforms will pop up. I think it comes down to our governments needing to provide legislation to regulate these companies. I know that may seem impossible with the Internet and how far reaching that is, however I think that has been the biggest challenge since the Internet first emerged and social media first came onto the scene. Any monitoring of these companies has been little to non-existent. Look what happens when something large occurs. They get called in front of Congress and then nothing happens. So yes, it would be great if all of these companies stepped up and implemented more measures, overall became more responsible, but our governments also need to hold them accountable.

  11. This is why I deleted my Instagram account. As a teenage girl, being on Instagram wasted so much of my time and so many people on that platform are so fake.

  12. Dr Mike, absolutely loved this video. I wouldn't say I agree 100% with everything either of you said, but I loved that there are differences that make us think, and on such a prevalent issue as well! Would really like more content like this

  13. This was fabulous. Thank you so much! Loved the simple breakdown of a concept and an easy-to-understand explanation! Please do more! <3 <3

  14. Love the video!! I would love to see an episode similar but on brain injuries and brain surgery. I apparently had a huge right frontal lobe cavernoma that last year got found after a seizure. There were a ton of symptoms I ignored but seizures can't be ignored lol. Got it removed but the surgery itself has definitely impacted me. I think there needs to be more awareness about brain injuries and surgeries affect people. Invisible illness basically. Literally just had the VP of my college tell me "you don't strike me as a forgetful person"…compliment, I guess lol. I just wish there was an easy way to show my friends, family and everyone else that yeah things like this can affect your personality, your cognitive function, a lot of things…you know ur a Dr. 🙂 Anyway, awesome video. I love your videos!

  15. This has got to be my most favorite video you've ever made!! Relatable, informative, an EYE OPENER. I didn't want the discussion to end. Picking up Jon Haidt and Dale Carnegie's books this week. Looking forward to more contents like this Doc! 💯💯💯

  16. I wasn’t allowed on any social media only I was 17. It really hurt me being excluded from my peers for so long and i think really damaged me and kept me from seeing a lot.

  17. I appreciate these podcast style videos on occasion. I also enjoy your regular short videos . Maybe do a combination of both?

  18. I agree with a lot that was said on social media. However, I'm confused about the tone of the discussion. The beginning of the conversation explored anti-fragility and then turned into how we should shelter teens from social media. I wish I could've seen more of a blend of positive psychology on a matter that is as important as this one. Further explanation of the positive side of this situation or how a parent can practice anti-fragility in this new social media age may really help prevent future helicopter parents.

  19. I observed that I was having anxiety, and depression because I was spending so much time on social networking sites, Facebook and Instagram. And I was having this since 2015. So one day,I decided that I can't take it anymore. I took up the 30days no social network challenge. I deactivated my facebook and insta accounts for a month. Had withdrawal symptoms in the first week. Then gradually I became used to it. I don't have that FOMO anxieties anymore. My mom helped me lot with my depression.she always does.❤️ I took up this challenge 5/6 months back. N never activated my FB account again. Thanks for the video Dr. Mike.👍

  20. This is so interesting and came at the most perfect time for me. I’d so get along with this doctor because I think just as he does. I’d probably love his book!

  21. Exceptional, insightful, intelligent dialogue… but I think you underplay/don't mention Social Medias profound detrimental effect on certain 'at risk' members of the adult community as well. I lost a sibling who was in her 40's you lived on FB/SocMed. There were other issues to be certain… but her disproportionate focus on SocMed was a significant exacerbating factor to be certain. Excellent video…

  22. I like the gentle pushback you had about social media. We need to identify some of the negative outcomes that have been building over the last decade while also recognizing that these platforms and our relationships to them are ever-changing.

  23. Tik-Tok has become a hot topic in my family. My daughter and her mother and myself have been discussing this over the past few days. My little one is 10 years old and we have been concerned with of course predators as well as trolls and basic bullies as well. Personally I'm concerned for our daughters mental state and overall well-being since she is very young and impressionable. This is certainly a topic many families should be having or consider having within their own units.

    Currently my girl has a healthy amount of self confidence and she is very outgoing. Yet these issues do concern me and I'd like not to be the "helicopter dad" and all. But I do want to make sure that she is not overwhelming herself with some false sense of grandiosity because someone she knows post only their best days.

    This is a trying time for us parents. We have turmoil in our congress and in our social lives in the current state. It does cause concern for our children (at least with me). IDK, I'm just rambling/making a point to some degree. Though to sum it up…our children should not have to endure these challenges simply because technology dictates as much.

  24. could you talk with Jordan Peterson? i think he would have more interesting things to talk about especially about young people, social media and the rise of tribalism in western society.

    what is bad about social media is that usually they form bad self image.

    you feel bad when random people comments bad about you, you envious bad when people post happy moments or highlight of their life and you cant have that, you feel angry when your post doesn't get likes, you feel depressed when other people post get many likes.

    now younger generation is also exposed to this in very early age, all of their life is opened and documented to the world, its like truman show but everybody is watching each other. people can pull random dumb things you do in the past and rub it on you anytime and it is not good.

    i think the first and most easy thing social media companies can do to fix the condition is to make each member accountable for their own post, it would make the social aspect of the platform better, take LinkedIn for example it has one of the most civil social media interaction of all social media platform.

    your facebook or instagram account doesn't define you, your action and your values define you as a human being.

  25. Even though I suffer from chronic pain and have since I was 16 when I was hurt (car accident), and life has been difficult forever… I don’t think I’d change it. It’s made me a better person, I’m so much stronger than even I ever thought. Life was and still is extremely hard, I can’t even begin to explain how difficult, but I’m such a better person. Resilient, empathetic… I truly strive to be the best person I can and do my best to help others.

  26. I rarely encounter deep understanding and involvement in such important, complex and universal issues on "russian" part of american internet life. And I'm so thrilled to see Mike and dr. Haidt together. Well done, Миша.

  27. I will pay $10 a month for a bi weekly podcast with you 2….. just sayin…….

    Thank you for this. I really enjoyed it.

  28. I LOVE Jonathan Haidt!!!!!!

    I’m an audible person, too. I used to read like crazy and now I’m just on YouTube 24×7.

  29. This video was very well done! I am currently going to graduate school for counseling/clinical psychology and this video was engaging, and brought up some interesting ideas that I hadn't though much about before. Loved this content, thank you for an intellectual, peaceful, and productive video!

  30. I realize that the point of this interview was to talk about social media, but I feel like that's the only time that anxiety is talked about now. I personally have anxiety and it's because it runs in the family (thanks a lot great grandpa 😒). But I have also grown up in the social media age so I feel like my anxiety isn't taken as seriously. Just some thoughts, sorry if it doesn't make any sense.

  31. there are some flaws to tik tok which most adults don’t know about , everyone is trying to become famous and there’s a thing similar to algorithm on tik tok which is called “for you” and it shows the tik toks that are most veiwed and liked , so basically it’s a good looking contest and popularity contest, the more the person looks good the more likes they get. Some people are very desperate for likes and veiws on tik tok. People also make fun of by peers at school when they try to get tik tok famous duirng the summer and they don’t succeed. That can really put an impact on the creator. Yes of course it’s a great source to be creative but most people try to get likes and veiws and they have to be consistant with content and the stereotypes of a perfect body and face come in because of what we have learned on instagram. The adults don’t really know what is going on on tik tok and it hasn’t been seriously talked about since tik tok is mostly used by teens like me and others. The amount of likes on a video judges on weather the creator is making good content and i myself is guilty for thinking that so because of the impact instagram has done to us.

    i feel like we shouldn’t have to feel like we need to be famous to feel like we look good and are great. I feel like tik tok has lost its meaning. Tik tok was in my opinion to make cool and creative videos and show who u are but people and society have played a role in tik tok too.

  32. Can you do another morning routine, my friend watches this channel and does not have an account so I posted this for them.

  33. Doctor Mike just raised the bar! Please, please, more content like this! Don't ever lose your roots, and we love ALL your videos, but this displayed a depth and insight that was fresh and, frankly, nuanced. Excellent choice of guest and topic. Timely and topical. Keep up the good work! Thanks!

  34. His tacit response to the comments from his last video is an interview with someone who thinks millennials/gen z are too sensitive.

  35. Dr. Mike can you please have Annelise Jr and ugh it's joe on your channel they are friends of Carly and Erin Annelise has a condition she would like to learn more about please!!!

  36. I try not to make negative comments, and I'm a proponent of building anti-fragility, and as a teacher would rather help give kids skills to deal with social problems on their own, rather than "solving" the situation as an authority-figure. There were a lot of good things to take away from this, but a lot of it got into old people complaining that "words don't mean the same thing that they used to", "The nobility of suffering" territory, and an argument for prohibition. There's still a lot of good points and good research, it just feels like he's forgotten what it was like to be young.

  37. Around 30:00 Mr. Haidt starts advocating for a Twitter of verified / moderated users, and talks about how Twitter is like a place where people can throw tear gas on you and run away. What's starting to confuse me though is how this seems to conflict with his "anti-fragile" advocacy earlier. In what settings are we and our children supposed to buck up and learn to take it, and in what settings are we supposed to be protected, and what makes them different?

  38. Love this discussion! Thank you for making such a great thought provoking video, and for touching on these sensitive topics.

  39. This video was very interesting! I appreciated the fact that you went deep into the conversation. It brought me more to my reflexion about the impact of social media in our lives.

  40. I hate discussions of social media that a) don't think about technical feasibility and b) are done by people who didn't get social media until well into adulthood and therefore can't understand the nuanced ways in which teens can use the platforms to better their lives

  41. Honestly what has helped me the most is deleting social media apps off my phone for periods then adding them back and only adding people I know.

  42. I always considered anxiety to be an excuse to not do something as I was comfortable around people and have been an extrovert my entire life. Especially my early 20s…now that I turn 30 next year, even walking into a grocery store full of people on a sunday raises my BP and heart rate considerably as well as sweating a lot and finding myself wanting to gtf away from everyone. I asked my good friend who has really bad social anxiety and I asked her if that was what it felt like. She said it was dead on. Can someone unknowingly develop social anxiety like that??

  43. Did Jonathan's brain just turn off for a moment at 31:22? Or does he just really like validating people?
    Also I didn't realise how long this video was going to be

  44. 9:21 True though. Because that's how our university system is set up! It often IS a catastrophe if we don't pass a class with a certain grade, or if we don't get in a certain class to stay on schedule. Next thing you know you're in for another semester. And another. And another. And the debt racks up. And you have no basis on which to start your life once you graduate because you are in so much debt you have to go live with your parents again. College is truly a messed up system in America!

  45. I don’t agree with having to be a real person to be on social media. The internet is a place you can be anonymous. Like in China, you’d want to be anonymous to the govt

  46. Thing that I don’t understand: we should not villainies social media. It’s the algorithm.

    But who created these algorithms? Social media company ._.

  47. What he was saying about being fragile. That also applies to the fact, people get SO offended over literally nothing, or they don’t know the definition of certain things. People sum everything up to: Racism, Sexism, Transphobic, or homophobic. That’s purely not true. So many people get this mixed up and think if you ever disagree or dislike someone, that mean it’s one of those four.


  49. I really enjoyed this discussion! I grew up debating ideas around the dinner table and even arguing both sides of an issue effectively. My brothers and I do this naturally as a result. Thank you for addressing this so effectively and respectfully.

  50. Social media can be bad. Social media can also be good. Please stop calling all social media bad.

    Social media is where "outcasts" can find community. I grew up through online fandom community and it made me objectively a better person. It gave me my first leadership experience. It gave me a place to discuss that which excites me the most. It gave me access to people with similar interests rather than similar geography. It gave me a place to be happy when I was alone.

    Hearing you lump all social media together under the headings "bad" and "should be restricted like cigarettes" is painful because that's only one aspect of social online community. Please talk to the 20-something year olds who actually grew up and through social media. There are so many good aspects of it that it seems you're just unaware of not through malice but just because you weren't there then.

    Yes there are bad bits of social media. That doesn't mean social media is bad as a whole.

  51. I am not a fan of Jonathan Haidt's position on a number of things. Don't get me wrong, I agree that building mental and emotional resiliency is a fine and laudable objective. Logical and critical thinking skills are something that should be strongly and vigilantly cultivated from childhood.
    That being said, Haidt's opinions on the value of religious views on morality leave me cold. I suggest people read some rebuttals to Haidt's essay, “Moral Psychology and the Misunderstanding of Religion” to get a better understanding of his conception of the cultural and social value of religious morality. To quote Sam Harris's rebuttal, " Is science now in the business of nurturing useful delusions?".
    So, nah. Sorry Dr. Mike. In my opinion you bought five useful doorstops.

  52. My mom always compare her past diffecult experiences to me and my bro she gave us an easy life and kept wondering why were terrible at it haha, good intentions setting bad ideas

  53. I'm so happy to see a video that speaks on all of these issues rationally and without sugarcoating anything, definitely enjoyed the in depth conversation, great job👏👏👏

  54. Lol, I think that when my ex says I "coo" our 16 year old daughter and "let her do whatever she wants" (I don't) and apparently I tell her "Everything she does is right" (Also not true) that he really means to say that he thinks I coddle her. I think it's "normal" to react and feel some type of way when someone hurts your child. I feel bad and maybe angry at whoever and I talk to my daughter about how she is feeling but I don't always just take her side on everything nor do I go talk to the teacher/friend/boyfriend myself (even though I sometimes want to) because that would be coddling.

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