Do NOT Try This DANGEROUS Instagram Trend
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Do NOT Try This DANGEROUS Instagram Trend

Instagram food accounts as well as clean eating
inspiration accounts might be pretty nice to look at, and hey, they might even inspire
you to live a healthier lifestyle. But the health food trend is coming under
fire for unknowingly promoting consumption of toxic flowers and plants. Welcome back to IO, I’m Charlotte Dobre. Food and healthy eating bloggers love to decorate
their smoothies and chia seed pudding with flowers and plants. And hey, I’m not gonna lie, it sure looks
pretty. But apparently, according to a scientist,
many of these flowers and plants are actually d, and you absolutely don’t want to be putting
them anywhere near something you’re going to eat. James Wong, a botanist, called out a clean
eating instagramer on twitter. He shared a picture of a smoothie that has
a beautiful white flower sitting on top of it, with the caption. ‘another day, another clean eating instagramer
posting images of toxic flowers on food. The flower belongs to a flowering narcissus
plant. It may not contain dairy or gluten but it
does contain the toxic plant alkaloid lycorine. Symptoms of eating this plant include itching,
swelling, nausea, vomiting and some severe effects are liver failure and cardiac arythmia. According to James Wong, livestock frequently
die from eating these plants of acute liver failure. The blogger who shared the photo was Marie
Reginato. Marie lives in San fransico and she runs a
blog dedicated to healthy, alternative vegan eating. Many of her food posts are adorned with plants
and flowers. She does have a disclaimer at the bottom of
the posts that say the plants are purely for decoration. But there are plenty of bloggers that do this,
and people who will probably copy them, put random flowering plants they find in the backyard,
take photos of their pretty smoothie, post it on Instagram and then unknowingly consume
the food or beverage that was just touched by a toxic plant. Of course there is such a thing as an edible
plant. They are often used as food garnishes at really
nice restaurants and bars. But you shouldn’t put a random plant you
find on your food just because it looks nice and will get you more likes on Instagram. Wong says that around 1 in 20 of the edible
flower posts he comes across contains a dangerous and potentially deadly plant. He also said that the irony of this situation
is, lots of vegan bloggers like to label common, safe foods like dairy, gluten and sugar as
toxic, but then they post photos and likely consume toxic plants. He further said that he lets these bloggers
know that they are putting toxic plants on their posts, but none of them have taken the
photos down. Anyways guys, there’s some food for thought,
its that fun part of the video where I’m going to respond to some comments. Carpet mug – I don’t think I’ve ever
clicked on a video so fast in my life Sand blast – wheres Rebecca felgate. Rebecca only hosts on this channel when I’m
unavailable. If you wanna see more Rebecca, check out our
sister channel Most Amazing Top Ten. Daniel Blank – I’m early so I’m going
to steal someones jokes to get likes. Yeah people do that a lot don’t they. I’m watching you wazowsky always watching. Welcome to the end screen, sorry to disappoint
but this means the video is over. don’t worry, there’s another great IO
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100 thoughts on “Do NOT Try This DANGEROUS Instagram Trend

  1. "Oh hey! A random plant in my backyard! Let me put it in my smoothie!" Only the potatoes are safe. Unless they radioactive.

  2. It's good all that healthy eating and been a vegan or not eating meat but eating plants that can give you liver failure are people crazy

  3. I'm just gonna add this to my imaginary list of reasons to not be a vegan. I'd much rather eat just as many fruits and vegetables as vegetarians do and also consume meat. If you've ever seen me get a Subway sandwich, you'll know what I mean. My Subway sandwiches usually consist of black forest ham, American cheese [toasted], and literally every vegetable that the restaurant serves [except jalapeños]. The employees complain about how difficult it is to fold my sandwich. I love doing that.

  4. For god sake! Can’t people learn not to be stupid?! Wait… this is 2018, people have no brain cells…

  5. Meanwhile, I'm almost 39 weeks pregnant and I'm TIRED of this already! Can somebody jumpscare me please? Let's get this going 👶👶👶

  6. This is really disturbing I hate to think that someone may even accidentally eat them
    Great hosting Charlotte!

  7. What is with these dangerous tends? Seriously! It started with dangerous selfies followed by hot stove hand touch and then it was tie pod challenge. When will these dangerous tends end?

  8. Man I really gotta ketchup on these videos but I’ll mustard the strength to watch them all I just relish the people who get here first hahaha puns 😂

  9. Let me guess: it is activated charcoal???
    Oh, nevermind then. But guys: don't put activated charcoal in your food. It's not going to kill you, but it can seriously harm you.

  10. Toxic plants for decoration??! IDIOTS!!!!!
    There are a million edible plant varieties! Roses, lavender, nasturtium, Dandelions, lilac, violet, pansy, certain breeds of other popular garden flowers, etc. Why choose poisonous ones? I know we should all be discerning with the information we see online and I'm aware she left a disclaimer, but a disclaimer isn't enough. Her photo may circulate and be reposted without a caption. People might not even see the warning under her post, as I don't know how clear she made it and even when details are made crystal clear, information can still go unseen.

    Being food bloggers, they have a responsibility not only to endorse safe food practices in terms of prepping the flower so only the digestible parts are consumed (ex: leave out the pistils and stamens), but also in being careful not risk impressing fatal practices on their followers. How DARE they.

  11. You do realize that the point of comment highlights is to select those that are worthy of being seen, right? Or are most of your viewers just really stupid? Maybe that's a reflection of the quality of your videos?

  12. Some of these damn hippies think that natural is, by definition, healthy. Puffer fish venom is quite natural. Try that in your smoothies.

  13. I really dislike some stupid trends, I really dislike the fact that there are people who'll do the stupid trend as well. Still loving your videos Charlotte.

  14. What's toxic are those old lady pants u always wear. It's like putting a $100.00 paint job on $1,000,000 car. Charlotte is the million dollar car of course.

  15. Ahhhh 2018 you and your dangerous trends. Love your posts IO keep up the outstanding work, keep it up, follow your dreams, don't let anyone or anything change that or bring you down. Keep up the amazing work 🔥🔥🔥🤘🏻❤️️🙏🏻🙏🏻👍👍👏👏❤️❤️❤️❤️️😂🤘🏻🔥🔥🔥

  16. NO NO don't tell people not to do it let people do it all they want to purify the gene pool of idiots that need to die it is simply natural selection

  17. Why could they not just make chocolate flowers, gummy flowers but no, u have to pick something dangerous.

  18. Look at my VID called What in the world my yt is Rainbow cupcake love yt and in the part when you said to SUB I did XD

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