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Diversity inside Facebook

(upbeat music) – I will tell you this,
it is difficult to be a black woman in corporate America. – As a trans man, I’ve been living in fear for the last eight years. – When I first walked
in, I had some thoughts like there’s not a lot of
people who look like me. – How can we serve almost three billion people
if we don’t look like them. – Not only am I Latina but I’m also an active-duty veteran. People don’t always see the whole me. And I think that’s part of
how we have to educate people. – When I look around at
Facebook, I don’t necessarily see a ton of people who look like me. But I do see a lot of people
that make me feel welcome. – I think Facebook is
one of the safest places I’ve ever told my story,
it wasn’t until I started working here and joined the [email protected] Group and heard the stories of
other people that I felt comfortable enough to come
out very publicly (laughs). – Everyone actually has had some kind of a challenge in their life and they maybe don’t realize that they are not anywhere near as alone
as they think they are. You can find strength in
finding out that, wow, I’m actually not so
different as I feel I am. – People use that phrase,
diversity of thought a lot, and I do see that in
myself and other veterans in the community because
we do think differently about problems and challenges
that this company faces. – There’s a burden you feel sometimes when you’ve gotta represent
because not all black guys are like me and not all
gay guys are like me. – To be kind of like
the unicorn, the Latina, or the gay in the room,
I get to this place where I realize that I can actually have the power to speak
about it and that’s something that I never realized that I had before. – We’re doing a better job
than we have in the past. We’re more aware which I
think is the first step. (reflective upbeat music)
– [Anthony] What gives me hope is the breadth of the
programs that we’re doing. Whether it’s training
to help people recognize their inherit bias, managed
bias, the resource groups, the different tribes that come together. – We know that we have a long way to go but we’re willing to
talk about those things and we’re willing to
come together and say, “Okay, this is broken, what
are we gonna do to fix it? And do we have the
right people in the room and the right perspectives
in the room to fix it?” And if we don’t, “Let’s
go make sure that we bring those diverse perspectives
in, in order to make sure that we’re making the best decisions.” – We’re nowhere near where we need to be, but I feel like we are doing the right things from a recruiting perspective as well as growing and keeping our employees here at Facebook. – The responsibility of diversity really goes to every
individual, especially if you are a member of a well-represented group. It’s really important for you to lift other people up as well. – I was raised with this
inner pride about being unapologetic and being
authentic in being who I am. It’s kind of interesting
to get to this point in my life and my career where that’s really celebrated and appreciated. There’s not a work Anthony
and there’s a home Anthony. There’s just Anthony and
that feels really good.

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