Disgraced Olivia Jade Returns To Instagram To Flip Off The Media
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Disgraced Olivia Jade Returns To Instagram To Flip Off The Media

Olivia Jade has returned to social media for
the purpose of flipping the bird at all the tabloids and news outlets who are gossiping
about her and her college admissions scandal. This is the second time since march she has
posted anything on instagram and Imma serve this tea right now on IO
What is gravy, you’re watching IO, where we do the news and spil the tea and eat potatoes. I’m charlotte dobre and right, now, im about
to serve you an update on Olivia jade. Subscribe for the spiciest news updates on
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out to us if you have any ideas for stories you think would be great for IO. Youtuber Olivia Jade has been pretty quiet
on social media since news broke about the college admissions scandal in march. Olivia Jade is the daughter of Lori Loughlin’s
and fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli, who are set to go into trial in September after
being accused of paying 500 thousand dollars to well known scammer William Rick Singer,
in an effort to get their daughters on the University Of Southern California crew team. Neither Olivia or her sister Isabella had
ever been a rower in high school, but were photoshopped into photos to make it look like
they had. Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli both pleaded
not guilty to all charges, but were also hit with other court counts of conspiracy and
money laundering. They rejected a plea deal and wanted to fight
the charges against them, because lori loughlin supposedly said, by a source, that she didn’t
think the charges against her were a big deal and that she was doing what any other mother
would have done. If they are convicted, they could spend 40
years in prison. They join the ranks of several high profile
celebrities, actors and socialites who are being accused of bribing colleges and college
employees in order to get their children admitted. Among them, Felicity Huffman and several others
have plead guilty So naturally, this was one of the biggest
scandals of 2019 so tons of news outlets have been publishing articles about it for clicks,
alleging that they had spoken to ‘a source close to the family’. Honestly I never trust those quotes, if theres
no name attached to it then the news outlets cant be held accountable. Bottom line is, Olivia missed out on a lot
because of the college admissions accusations. She lost endorsement deals with Tresemme,
este lauder, and Sephora and both Olivia and her sister’s college statuses are being
put on hold while internal investigations are being carried out. And I guess Olivia jade is also tired of news
outlets creating fake stories about her for clicks. She posted this photo to instagram, pretty
self explanatory, and in the caption she tagged the daily mail, star magazine, people, perez
Hilton, everyothermediaoutlet hashtag close hashtag source hashtag says. Editors show photo one and 2. This was the only time Olivia jade has posted
to her instagram since february, other than a tribute post to her mom in late july. So why post this now? Was there any particular article that could
have set her off an forced her to respond in this way? Well there have been update articles circulating
about Olivia jade and her parents. That’s what news outlets do when theres
no news, they recycle old news stories and add a new source so that they can update the
story and draw more readers to their websites. Entertainment Tonight ran a comprehensive
update on Olivia Jade last week that many different news outlets jumped on. A source allegedly told entertainment tonight
that Olivia has no plans to return to USC. She never wanted to attend USC to begin with,
and she is sure USC isn’t the place for her. Although the college admissions scandal is
a pretty touchy subject for most people, I would encourage all of you to remember that
people are innocent until proven guilty, so you should only form opinions after they have
been convicted. Of course its pretty shady if the charges
turned out to be true, but I mean, people have done worse things. And parents do anything to secure a future
for their kids, but how far is too far? You know? Tell me your thoughts on this one down there
in the comments, for now I’m going to wrap up this video with some comment features. The Potato queen – is it bad I send all
IOs vids to my friends and they get super pissed. I mean…not really but wait, there can only
be one potato queen. Oooitskate – today I decided to spread kindness
so I logged on and wanted to say you’re beautiful and you mean so much int his world. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. The potato librarian – Damn! Lets drink potato juice and eat bacon. ALWAYS

75 thoughts on “Disgraced Olivia Jade Returns To Instagram To Flip Off The Media

  1. What kind of potato would you be, would you be a mashed potato ,baked potato, french fries or just a regular potato

  2. This still gets me mad what was she securing when her daughter had many endorsements her way and college opened her up for even more deals she should serve jail if the accustations are true

  3. They’re gonna get off with nothing more than a slap on the wrist & possibly a fine because they’re rich, white folks & they always get away with their fuckery.

  4. Spoiled, entitled, arrogant, ignorant, and embarrassing. All of the qualities my child doesn't have. Thank you Jesus.

  5. Honestly, as much as what they did isn't ethical… I don't exactly see how it is illegal… Bribing a college isn't like bribing a judge or police officer. This is just academic dishonesty and I think it's a slippery slope to prosecute these people just because they tried to skirt the policies of a university.

  6. When you said "there can be only one potato queen" you made me think of Highlander

    And of course the theme song Princes Of The Universe by Queen

  7. The only other thing ive seen about her is on her blog talking about actually not caring about classes. I say put your overprevledged fingers away and go home

  8. More tea rubbish, Charlotte have a cough lolly before you talk sounds like your having a cold, do you want my flu lol ?

  9. Me: who fu….
    Charlotte: hasn't posted succeed the college admission scandal
    Me: oooooohhhh
    Honestly I don't feel bad for anyone involved,if it's true,I'm sure this kind of thing has gone on for decades.While people that actually want to go to university can't afford it or end up having hindreds of thousands dollars of debt


    Now that I have your attention…
    IO is actually one of my favorite YT channels and I watch every single video!
    Here’s a potato for Charlotte! 🥔♥️

  11. Me on the southern east coast where celebrities only have vacation homes and none that actually live here are problematic

  12. 1:12 The irony is Lori Loughlin played a character that was mad at her husband for lying on a preschool application Funny or Die even did a "Very Special Episode" on it.

  13. Dunno if they are guilty, but if they are it sux bad because for every bribed acceptance for rich privileged people, the dreams of a poorer kid who worked their asses off get smashed. They get a denial letter and the entire course of their lives have changed. Heartbreaking. 💔

  14. This kind of stuff been going on forever money talks no big deal.. I wouldn't judge them too harshly for this just a big fine and maybe some community service..

  15. It’s not the media’s fault that your mom lied and committed a crime and took and opportunity for someone who could not afford to go to college. The only person you have to blame is your mom and dad and your self.

  16. Many of the parents involved in the college admission scandal work in upper management for huge corporations that hire college graduates . Seems strange the News Media doesn't follow those parents around exposing them to the world. Maybe the News Media prefers to only follow around people that live in the LA Bubble.

  17. Would it not be less hassle and a hell of a lot cheaper to make sure they had a good enough education?

    In the UK they just pack their kids off to Eton, Harrow and Mill Hill, get them expensive private tutors and they just waltz into Oxford and Cambridge, study history then get a job as Chancellor of The Exchequer before becoming editor of a big newspaper even though they have no experience in journalism … This seems to be a system that works.

  18. Not all parents would do this..MANY parents who teach their Kids RIGHT FROM WRONG..Believe in Doing RIGHTLY..
    ( money or not)..

  19. Honestly this story just engages me personally.
    I have friends who can’t go to college because of the cost and I just know they’re going to fantastic things in the future 🙁

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