Disconnect 2: Faster, more private, more secure browsing
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Disconnect 2: Faster, more private, more secure browsing

Disconnect: A little app that makes the web
a lot better Nowadays, the web is cluttered with advertising,
analytics, and social widgets. These widgets slow down the pages you go to,
send your personal info to tracking companies, and expose you to attackers. Disconnect puts you in control of your data
for faster, more private, more secure browsing. And unlike other filtering apps, Disconnect
is optimized for speed. Pages use 17 percent less bandwidth and load
27 percent faster as a result. Here’s how: Disconnect is a smart filter that stops over
2,000 third-party sites from tracking you, double any alternative privacy app. The companies that collect personal info are
shown in real time as pages load. Green means you’re being protected from these
companies. You can even visualize how each page you visit
is connected to an invisible web of tracking companies. Whenever possible, Disconnect encrypts the
data you do share with common sites so an eavesdropper can’t steal your data or break
into your accounts. The app also filters potential sources of
malware. Last but not least, Disconnect is open-source,
pay-what-you-want software.

47 thoughts on “Disconnect 2: Faster, more private, more secure browsing

  1. Ghostery doesn’t make webpages load 27% faster. Ghostery doesn’t filter more than 2,000 tracking sites. Ghostery doesn’t force popular sites to encrypt the data you share. Disconnect does.

    Ghostery is owned by an ad company that makes money by selling your data, though.

  2. Well, for 'encrypt data' I use (and contribute actively) H T T P (damn YouTube) Everywhere from EFF. They're good folks, and it's basically the same thing.

    I haven't made a research about the owners of Ghostery. But now I really need to.

    Thanks for answering and good luck on your great project.

  3. No argument there – we’re raising money for the developers of HT*PS Everywhere (the EFF and the Tor Project). 🙂

    And thank you.

  4. Umm, Ghostery makes your pages load as fast as Disconnect would, and in most instances, faster and with actually leaving a working web site. Ghostery blocks way more than 2000 tracking sites, certainly much more than Disconnect. Ghostery doesn't try to do what HT*PS Everywhere does, nor does it try to include other gimmicky visuals.

    And finally, Ghostery is not owned by an ad company but by an advertising compliance company. Ohh yeah, Ghostery requires an opt-in before any data is sent.

  5. It's troubling Ghostery's lead developer doesn't know what a "tracking site" is. Here's a lesson:

    "doubleclick[dot]net" is a tracking site. If you block two types of scripts from Doubleclick, you still blocked one tracking site.

    Disconnect has a bigger list of tracking sites than Ghostery, period. Disconnect is also implemented differently than Ghostery. Ghostery uses slow pattern matching, Disconnect doesn't. Finally, search "privacy abandonware" to see what "advertising compliance" means.

  6. Thanks, but I'm perfectly well aware of what tracking is and would like to point out if your lesson would be correct, you would happen to omit all of the first party tracking, or CNAMEd tracking, or various other means that Ghostery also prevents.

    Being implemented differently does not mean that it works faster (regardless of how ambiguous the definition of your faster may be), Ghostery "slow" pattern matching works better and performs just as well.

    I loled @ abandonware reference.

  7. Hey, look what was just named the best anti-tracking extension (spoiler: Disconnect): lifehacker[dot]com/the-best-browser-extensions-that-protect-your-privacy-479408034

  8. There's plenty about how Disconnect works at disconnect[dot]me and the code is open source (github[dot]com/disconnectme/disconnect). I'm not sure how this app could be any more transparent.

  9. I'm not sure what you're referring to, but the one-sentence summary of our privacy policy (which is written on our homepage) is: we don't collect your IP address or any other personal info, except your email address if you ask us to write to you.

  10. We only use MailChimp to manage our newsletter. Preventing messages from getting flagged as spam these days, without using a large mail provider, is very hard. And MailChimp doesn't share the email addresses of any newsletter subscribers: "We don’t, under any circumstances, sell your lists, contact people on your lists, market to people on your lists, steal your lists, or share your lists with any other party, unless it’s required by law."

  11. Disconnect retrieves an up-to-date filter list on startup because tracking services change constantly (we update the list weekly or more): disconnect.me/help#syncing.

    Disconnect is open source and there are instructions on creating your own (offline, if you'd like) filter list: github.com/disconnectme/disconnect.

  12. Ghostery sold to a company called Better Advertising: mediapost[dot]com/publications/article/120927/. Can you name one other company in the world that has "advertising" in their name but isn't an advertising company? Do you know how Ghostery makes money?

    Unlike you, everything I've said is factual. E.g., I'm not a Google employee: techcrunch[dot]com/2010/12/13/former-googler-launches-disconnect-browser-extension-that-disables-third-party-data-tracking/.

  13. It looks like you'll need to start here: amazon[dot]com/Learn-Read-Kindergarten-Complete-Exclusive/dp/160499178X/.

    You can't find one thing I've said that isn't true. Name one other company in the entire world that puts "advertising" in their name but isn't an advertising company.

    And, lol, you posted a press release from the company.

  14. Talk about spin — the BBB is a "consumer protection agency"? I thought it was a well-known consumer scam? See, youtube[dot]com/watch?v=Yo8kfV9kONw , Rip Off Report, etc. So no, we don't work with them. We certainly have collaborated with the FTC though. It really sounds like you work for / with Evidon, do you? I work at Disconnect.

  15. Game over, spin doctor. You lose:


  16. I'm confident we have one of, if not the best privacy policy on the web. If somebody wants us to email them, yes, we collect their email address. Emailing people without knowing their email address would be quite difficult. 😉 We collect no personal info otherwise, not even IP addresses. Very few web services go to the lengths we do to prevent our servers from even logging IPs.

  17. The description here is pretty detailed (but perhaps less technical than you're looking for): chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/disconnect/jeoacafpbcihiomhlakheieifhpjdfeo

    Also, I'm no longer a single dev :-): gigaom.com/2013/06/17/anti-tracking-site-disconnect-gets-more-money-do-gooder-status/

    Note: YT started inserting soft hyphens (%C2%AD) into long strings, so you have to retype the URLs or paste them into a browser other than Chrome and remove these characters to make the links work.

  18. Huh? If that description isn't technical enough for you, you can go read the source – Disconnect is open source: github.com/disconnectme/disconnect. Otherwise, stop trolling.

  19. I've already pointed you to what Disconnect does, to Disconnect's privacy policy, to Disconnect's open-source code. Either your reading comprehension stinks or you're a troll with an axe to grind.

  20. You guys should make an android app so that people are using less bandwidth, that would help with people who are on data plans. plus, the connection is already quite slow when connecting to something like 3G

  21. Brian told you what Disconnect does and you can get lots of product info on the Disconnect site, or from watching our videos. Also, our privacy policy provides lots of information with plain, easy to read language that makes it very clear that we don't collect or share any personal info, unless you proactively contact us or email us, in which case we only use the info to correspond. So what's the risk you're avoiding?

  22. The only thing you've proven here is that you're intellectually lazy and dishonest and emotionally immature. Actually, no, you'd already proved that all over the web:

    * f.osdev.org/viewtopic.php?t=16141&p=117431
    * f.osdev.org/viewtopic.php?t=16093&p=116695
    * forum.osdev.org/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=16833&sid=e3368708573535a049f15422359c1c91

    Good luck with that!

  23. Disconnect (2) for Firefox is available at disconnect.me. That link is to the old version of Disconnect (1).

  24. Why is it not detecting anything on Ghostery's site
    Is it possible to some how avoid your script ?
    Ps. Loved your plugin
    And is there any chance of you guys putting a child lock for in app purchases in your Ios apps for kids
    Patiently waiting for an android app to do away with all those ads in my apps 🙂

  25. I have the feeling that it doesnt work on social websites anymore because it shows zero sites… can anybody confirm the opposite?

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