Digital Nomad Freelancing Option #5 – Social Media Manager – Dreams Around The World
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Digital Nomad Freelancing Option #5 – Social Media Manager – Dreams Around The World

So it seems these days just about everyone
is a social media expert of some sort and well I’m not going to encourage you
to be a social media expert here but one of the professions you can do as a
freelancer and can do quite successfully working anywhere around the world is
being a social media manager companies want to be on social media they want to
have a Facebook page set up they want to have Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn
depending on where their audience is but most companies don’t want to do it
themselves this is especially true of smaller business owners so there’s a
three or four person company or even a one-person company they usually don’t
have the time to manage all their social media accounts but they know they need
it done so if you’re someone who enjoys social media you enjoy posting you seem
to get a lot of likes on your stuff you just have a natural inclination for that
world this could be something you consider doing in my opinion the most
successful social media managers are able to tie in the basic stuff the stuff
that business owners feel they have to do with more advanced stuff that helps
business owners be more profitable so a lot of companies want to be on social
media because they feel like they have to and they’re not gonna pay that much
money when they have to do something it’s like if you have to go to the
dentist okay who’s kind of the cheapest guy who’s not gonna make me bleed a lot
and that’s what you go for right but if you want to do something you’re looking
for the best person and you’re willing to pay more so combining the basic stuff
like I’ll set you up a facebook page I’ll have a Twitter with minimum number
of posts that’s what companies have to have or they feel like they do but
combining that with things that will make them more profitable like I’ll also
manage your Facebook Ads I’ll use Twitter to connect with other businesses
and set up partnerships for you I’ll message people on LinkedIn to promote
your stuff things like that proactive things that will actually benefit their
bottom line if you do that you’ll be among the top 10% of social media
managers and you’ll be ridiculously popular and
with that no one will care if you’re sitting on a beach in Costa Rica while
you’re managing their account even though they’re paying you the same rate
they would pay someone back in New York so that is being a social media manager
hope you’ve enjoyed this video and see you in the next one

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