Digital Media Engineering (MSc), DTU
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Digital Media Engineering (MSc), DTU

I started at DTU back in 2010 at Design and Innovation because I had a huge interest in how people interact with products. I was really into user centred design. I fell in love with the software part of it, so in the long run I ended up working with UX design. UX stands for User Experience, so we want to create the best experience for the user. Therefore, I think my most honourable thing to do is to be empathic. The most important part of my job is to be the voice of the user. When I started out, I was imagining I would do products, like hands-on things that you could feel and you could see. When you walked in the store, you could be like: “Ah I designed that one!” or something like that. Now it is basically not a physical store you walk into, it is an app-store, so I think my general approach is the same I like the feeling of seeing that some of the stuff, I have been working on, is actually being used by people and they are solving some kind of problem they are having in their daily routine. I am currently working with eye tracking. Specifically we are trying to see whether it is possible to make a guess about people’s mental state from how they are moving their eyes. It is highly interesting and I really like some of the psychological aspects that are incorporated in this.
I really think it is great looking at how all these different sciences actually can work together to create solutions for something we couldn’t imagine a couple of years ago, and I would love to be a part of this entire evolution of UX design and the digital market.

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  1. "Denne video er skjult. Vær hensynsfuld, og tænk dig godt om, inden du deler den."
    Hvorfor er videoen skjult? 🙂

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