Digital & Interactive Media Course Orientation
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Digital & Interactive Media Course Orientation

Oh, Hello, my name is skeet, and I will be your guide for introducing this course today. I Am happy that you have chosen to enroll in digital and interactive Media What is Dim? Digital and interactive Media is a course that develops advanced skills in designing importing and manipulating text graphics audio and video used in presentations Multimedia productions and desktop publishing for students in grades 10 through 12 that have an interest in technology What does that mean well if you like working with the latest technology equipment such as video cameras? scanners and Imac computers creating graphics making videos or mixing leads and audio Using industry grade software you will fit right in Throughout the year you will include imaging the video and audio effects into your projects through the use of scanners digital cameras digital video cameras digital drawing pads headphones microphones and other internal and external audio devices The classroom lab is equipped with the latest Imac computers loaded with DVD drives for burning project files on disk and current industry software In this course software used will include Microsoft Adobe and apple products These products consists of professional industry software such as adobe photoshop illustrator indesign fireworks flash after effects sound Booth Garageband, Imovie and Microsoft office, suite that will give you the skills to be more successful in your education and to be more qualified in the job market Can you believe it is already that time of year where parents are bombarded with letters from teachers and slips of papers that require signatures? Well it is For this course you and your parents will need to read and sign the Dimm Syllabus and the misd Acceptable use policy for computer and technology in the school district Before our journey begins there are some lab rules and procedures that we will need to discuss the course Rules and procedures revolve around three basic values be professional be prepared and be respectful To be professional you will need to be on time stay on task and follow the dress code To be prepared you need to bring all required materials and listen and Follow teacher directions To be respectful show respect by what you say and do Please respect property of the school teacher and other students Let’s talk about classroom procedures for a few minutes One throw away any food or drink before entering the computer lab please no eating or drinking in the lab There are posted signs to help remind you this will help keep our lab clean and equipment as good as new To be on time the Tardy policy will be enforced This relates to acting professional it is disrespectful to the instructor in the class when you are late Be sure to read the school tardy policy for consequences of being Tardy 3, when you arrive to class Logon to the class website to view objectives for the day on the calendar and begin reassigned warm-up activity No hanging out in the halls. or Put all binders books and equipment that neatly in order where they belong before leaving Leave your work area cleaner threw away all unneeded paper Five save work often especially for longer assignments You do not want your work Loss due to outside hazards such as power outages or software failure six Print only when instructed by the teacher paper and ink our expensive materials that do not need to be wasted Seven turned in assignments as instructed and on-time Save file names correctly and turn work into the dropbox as instructed Printouts need to be stapled and in order and placed in the bin that is labeled for your class period 8 follow the Misd computer acceptable use policy at all times 9 Keep assignment papers in your computer binder each lab computer has a notebook assigned to it These are class sets needed for all classes if you want your own copy print one off from the Cahsee learn cite Ten Always log off your computer before leaving class You do not want someone else messing with your files or changing your file preferences 11 remain in your seat until the bell rings to ensure a safe and productive learning environment It is distracting to others who are working on projects and affect the safety and security of the land Twelve Follower regular classroom rules use common sense and actions normally expected in all classrooms Let’s talk about the Absentee policy for a moment When absent you miss daily work it is your responsibility the day. You come back to school to ask the instructor what you have missed Handouts and/or worksheets will be available in the black assignment notebook for you to viewing course objectives are always available on the elearn calendar Coming before or after school and make up work during scheduled tutoring times Do not always expect to complete make up work during class time It is your responsibility to take care of make up work on time. So that you will not have zeros This is a demanding yet Enjoyable course which will provide you with a working knowledge skills that could be applied in a business environment, or technology career you as a learner are responsible for asking questions about things that you do not understand and the teacher will provide you with answers and resources for completing your assignments Be patient and don’t overstress yourself But do keep up with the activities And you will have a rewarding experience in this class In this fast paced course you will be given plenty of class time to complete your assignments Welcome and enjoy the course Goodbye you

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