Did Evelyn Lozada Cross The Line?
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Did Evelyn Lozada Cross The Line?

hey good evening star report on
Wednesday night okay okay the biggest urban story the biggest the Basketball
Wives reunion is it time to cancel Evelyn Lozada og Shaunie O’Neal all this
gossip auntie shit that’s the bigger story let’s get right to it I’m gonna be
a chatty patty tonight I’m sorry I have a few people calling in as well I have
not watched basketball wives in maybe four years how long’s that Chopin on so
I do need some people to help me out tonight I’m not really up to speed but
the the bloggers are going apeshit I’m gonna put a lot of respect on people’s
names tonight especially a king of reads who he went ten toes down he pulled out
the cannon on Jason Lee give me a minute I’ll break all that down for you hold on
a second get myself situated all right get my drink together here yeah hey hey
hey hey my beautiful troll babies how you doing yeah Jason Lee got read by a
king of reeds read him like a cereal box on Saturday morning yes he did we’re
gonna talk about it all right Bostick Ronnie is watching part of the
reunion show right now we’ll talk about that when she calls in Russia cheater
strober is coming up give me a second you guys know Rashida or most of you
should know her the world’s first dark-skinned activist she ain’t fucking
with half-breeds hi yellow people and she’ll talk about all that tonight all
right okay we should be good audio video pow everything’s set up okay let’s get
to us get to it also on the screen guys is Samuel little C cloud chasing they’re
calling him the worst us serial killer I’ve got his notes right here Samuel
little why don’t I believe him is anybody doubting him that he’s like
some you know seasoned killer he’s a former crackhead there caught up
in a crack stem one time he’s got all these pictures of women that he
supposedly killed I mean they’ve got some evidence on a couple of murders you
know did he kill those people over crack rock and now he’s old and cloud chasing
and trying something like really just you know in his Twilight get more credit
than creditors do let’s talk serial post tonight as well right
okay let me get my feet of strobing because she can’t be on the line the
line caught me too long tonight Rachid escoba are you there good evening
yes good evening I’m here good to hear your voice welcome back to the star
report thank you good to be owner thank you for having me yeah you’re one of the
first people I thought about because you will tell people who you are you the
world’s first dark-skinned activists and promote your platforms please alright
thank you very much I’m the world’s first dark-skinned activist and what
that means is before social media ever even thought about talking about dark
skin color ism I have been the dark skin activist instituting dark skin activism
since 1998 going in the community giving darker than talks which is basically the
discrimination against dark-skinned people so I created this whole entire
Lane you and I have had some great conversations I like for you to you know
standing your position stand your ground you’ve got a lot of smoke for
light-skinned high yellow people and half breeds and mutts yes well I got it
let me put it like this I got a lot of smoke for lights and privilege I don’t
have anything against lights and people per se what I dislike is the lights
can’t privilege and the thing about Evelyn Lozada
I don’t like Evelyn Lozada okay and it’s not necessarily because she’s
light-skinned what I don’t like is the privilege I don’t like the fact that
she’s a light-skinned woman that is able to come onto television and capitalize
off of being ratchet loud malicious yeah and nasty and if she was a dark-skinned
black woman she would be in somebody jail she would be you know calling every
name in the book but because she’s light-skinned she’s in the position that
she’s in because she’s like skinny she’s able to be a basketball wife because
black men who get to that level of wealth that’s what they like they like
life whether they be black whether they’re chinky eyes long hair it
doesn’t matter exactly she’s in her very position because of how lights in and
she’s able to get away with her evil dirty lowdown and six because she’s like
you know they’re saying it’s what a long is right you know hang on a second stay
with me and I appreciate you taking out time tonight so um you’re not really
really up to speed on what’s going on with Evelyn Lozada uh oh gee have you
watched any episodes this season or is it just 91 a time I might not be up to
speed necessarily on the exact current situation but the overall situation of
what I call dark ism that’s been a factor on basketball wives is dark ism
okay and OG coming on to the show this dark-skinned woman I know how oh gee
look at their chronic they already tried to cast her in a negative light talking
about how she you know how she dresses her makeup all that was darker than
shade in the beginning and it’s just now coming to a head so this is been going
on I’m not even surprised I’ve only seen snippets you know online today I’m gonna
put a lot of respect on different people’s names
jamika Andrews I watched some of her YouTube videos I watched giving you the
realty giving you the realty he called Shaunie O’Neal Nostradamus Nostradamus Nostradamus that I thought
that was really really cute other people’s what hold on a second that’s
when he get some these names in here Shirelles world did a great breakdown mary-jane TV creation and there’s a host
of others mister still standing and ladies who Kiki so this is a big topic
even if you haven’t necessarily seen the episodes but yeah as you’ve already said
you know um oh gee what I saw with regards to the reunion a Marc Lamont
Hill formerly of CNN he came in to speak to her and said that other people felt
that she should be in a different studio for the reunion and then I said well
holy shit you know years ago they were they were letting Evelyn Lozada run
around throwing shit and all sorts of just externship and now they’re making
my dark-skinned girl you know or trying to get her to back to another room as
you only said right it’s bad that’s the thing it’s that stereotypical
dark-skinned stereotypes versus the light-skinned privilege so when you see
a light-skinned woman do the things that bow on chairs like you said cursing
telling people she gonna be people ass is almost kind of stuff she is protected
okay she’s coddled and protected and rewarded monetarily as Paul Mooney used
to say the complexion for the protection yeah and she’s not even that right right
but she you know she has a light-skinned she has a so-called good hair you know
she has that look that black people feel is acceptable to get away with anything
they get away with murder okay literally some of them by og niggas
night star you know she does what a weave she you know she’s she does she
does the football thing they’re painting her as this masculine violent dark sky
so from the very beginning they try to dress it up they try to kind of play it
down but I saw it from the very beginning when she first I knew it was
gonna be some dark is emboss yeah using for cars because I knew it was gonna be
some dark isn’t bullshit I just felt like coming this does not surprise me
star this is not so this has been going on you tell you something I know I’m
talking about but this stick
in between light-skinned dark-skinned women have been planned out in the hood
for years and guess who come out on top the lights can want to always come out
on top they’re always able to rise up out the hood and they’re always able to
capitalize off of being ratchet when they’re done when they’d like to you
know hang on a second my sheet before we go any further what’s the name of your
YouTube channel for those who don’t know your channel
please my channel is darks in TV dark skin a TV rocky just over
dark-skinned TV okay okay so if we can you know shift gears for a second
because wine is gonna call him a detail of the the Basketball Wives reunion show
cardi B you’ve had some choice words for her as of late can you expand on that
because if you ask me you know has been a pioneer of sorts you know just acting
like a monkey let’s just call it what it is acting like a monkey now she’s
calling other people orangutangs via social media and also to slander oh wow
cardi B bitch cardi B is a piece of trash I do not like cardi B she’s not
talented number one okay number two cardi B again she is a baby
Evelyn Lozada she has been able to capitalize off of what black hood
dark-skinned black hood women well we wouldn’t normally get penalized for and
she’s been able to make a lot of money and she’s been able to become this
superstar off the backs of what dark-skinned women are sitting in prison
for right now dark-skinned women in the hood through no fault of their own by
virtue of being born dark-skinned and in the hood they can’t get out or they
gotta fight like hell to get out but this woman comes on the scene and people
start talking about I like uh first do you know how many dark-skinned women in
the hood I got those type of personalities do you know how many women
I personally met I personally know they’re not on Love & Hip Hop
they’re not famous rappers they’re not on reality TV so what she’s doing is not
anything unique or special she’s light-skinned that that’s the best a
special uniqueness okay and she doesn’t deserve it she
doesn’t I’m very angry and upset about it
because this is about economics at the end of the day now hang on a second
Russia treated for those who don’t know you were married for a decade to a black
man I forget it was it longer it was it was a decade you got it you got it right
a dark-skinned black man black man and did he leave you or how did you wind up
with the light-skinned man that you were dating the last time we spoke and I used
to you still with that light-skinned man I am I wound up divorcing my
dark-skinned husband because he wasn’t he wasn’t doing what he was supposed to
do I mean in a nutshell it wasn’t treating me to where I should be treated
he was to me he was treating me in a stereotypical fashion that a lot of
black men treat dark-skinned women in and I wasn’t gonna put up with it
anymore I wanted I want my respect I want to be
taken care of like the Evelyn Lozada you know they get all the money for
being light-skinned out there I want to say mother of creation you are let’s not
play that game my white mother taught me that the black woman is the mother of
creation go ahead what well we don’t get treated
like it though that’s true that’s very true but we are not able to capitalize
off of it and that’s the problem we people don’t even believe that we are
deserving of it it’s the opposite you’re supposed to be taking care of the man we
supposed to help the man come up and as soon as the man get money and get what
he needed what he got she runs off to a light-skinned white Hispanic woman is
that light-skinned man treating you treating you better or treat you right
the lights give me what now I have to say that he actually is unsatisfied I
mean I didn’t I didn’t go out looking for a light-skinned man I don’t go
looking for men they come for me so it’s not like I will see light brown or high
yellow I forget is he like well I mean it depends on how to spend out of Sun
flow you get yourself an albino gay girl no he’s a fully black light skinned so
rest you listen before I let you go uh what up tonight’s topics is it time to
cancel Evelyn Lozada now I’m not trying to stop nobody’s bag and I haven’t seen
that show in years but again she’s been doing that ratchet monkey shit you know
since I can remember so why all the fuss now so is it time to cancel her what say
you this is what I’ll say if elderly lazada
is willing to take 50% of the proceeds that she makes off that show and go back
into the hood or go to the jail and helps dark-skinned black women on their
series opener series if she’s willing to do help with some scholarship funds or
give some I might I might I don’t know cuz this woman is just she’s been
pitting me a wretchedness and she’s getting paid for it because you like it
I can’t bear that but if she’s willing to go and give some our money up put our
money where our mouth is and I might say let’s not care for her but I honestly
don’t think that that’s gonna happen okay
why should I thank you for being available tonight and can you promote
your YouTube channel one more time please
yeah thank you for having me I appreciate it always love it
dark-skinned TV Frosty the strober dark-skinned activist calm okay
good to talk to you haven’t have a great evening and we’ll chat soon you can
thank you good night bye now okay Rashi there strauber on the check
you guys remember huh yeah whoo she brings smoke she brings the smoke to uh
you know light-skinned and high yellow people yes she does and then she got
herself a light-skinned man and then she started talking a little different
hang on a sec I want to make sure that I acknowledge more of these uh YouTube
bloggers content creators that put in work because I’m not really really up to
speed on Basketball Wives but I spent a good portion of today maybe maybe three
hours watching YouTube videos salute to you can be great on YouTube and you
spell that the letter you the number 2 CA n the letter B gr
and then the letter 8th on YouTube she did a great breakdown and if I’m not
mistaken she called Jason Lea bitch Jason Lisa one of the most popular
content creators I think he’s also a radio personality I don’t know his whole
background he poked his nose in tokuma he’s the king of receipts yadda yadda
yadda and then he was giving out some misinformation talking about bo Derek in
the 80s Jason I’m as old as dust I’m 55 bo Derek popped off in 1979 the movie 10
with the corn rolls but um yeah you can be great she let him have it on YouTube
hold on a second Erica De Niro TV hey girl watch her
videos today on this topic okay and I said ladies who Kiki Armand Wiggins
that’s my guy huh something happened with Armand Wiggins and his audience and
then you know he had straightened some shit out but he always gives great
content and Paris mallanna is always okay okay so those are some of the
people’s whose videos I watch today with regards to this topic this is the
biggest trending topic so I have to address it all so let me just say thank
you to those of you who have been sending me the pictures why am i
laughing of Joshua Brown with the money phone this is America the man had had
the right to make some money come on so what he was selling fuck fucking ounces
of weed so what the white boys all across America they have a horse oh so
fucking you know cannabis farms and shit like that I’m sort of Joshua Brown you
know had the money phone and one of the owners pictures and if I’m not mistaken
they have now arrested two of the alleged shooters we look on the live
chat and get a confirmation guys can somebody confirm that
not the money phone picture Joshua Brown did they arrest two of the alleged
killers okay somebody says lies he wasn’t selling weed okay what do I know
but I saw one of the pictures he had like stacks and stacks $100 bills who
knows I mean he was a good guy from what they’re saying I don’t know
okay somebody said uh snow billion stars cousin yeah I don’t know snow bully but
can you please give me an update oh he’s home he’s back on the block he
got the Franks tan he got the turbines huh talking that boss talk gotta respect
it okay let’s go to area code three zero four three or four we’re talking about
Evelyn Lozada basketball wives should she be canceled
what say you three or four three or four you there yes no maybe oh three oh four
Hey good evenin hey what’s up there big day for a long time as well let you know
I love you brother so okay well I got no fans so have you ever made a donation
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well I’m stupid like that I’m stupid I’m from Jersey I’m stupid come on
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hang on a second uh Jonathan a greeting sir sends in a cash at he says 9:04 big
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in yeah right come closer to the boom big nigga I need to hear you come on man
pick up that fine go ahead all right I’m like I’m right here big nigga ok got
this lady calling and she’s mad about Evelyn Lozada Andy what with uh the
fucking basketball wives here ok yeah there was a half that fuckin panel of
women were dark-skinned women so what is he talking about that they’re trying to
not have a dark-skinned woman in the room are trying to have some type of
discriminatory thing is because ot zarkan know the reason why she was
nervous oh she was trying to fight all the hoes
are all the scenes even uh what’s her face you just said it was a scene he
couldn’t put in show no he caught jump on him home so and she’s posed to we
talking really TV these bitches guys get down for the
crown I’m not mad at LG especially if that that was Evelyn Lozada ‘s come up
you know throwing drinks and shit jumping over the conference tables years
ago trying to get Jennifer exactly but now but but you don’t understand
Oh G is new the rental homes and got anybody up didn’t got a there’s they’re
a little bit more class or fine thing got time for all that fight some years
old you working on it sometimes she did he bitches
yeah and in any hole of the light that the dark you ask you see there she said
that he left her dark and husband to get with a light image yeah her off the line
I don’t even know her whole house until the energy so much you want to get money
or just want to get treated like Evelyn Lozada other extracts you know what fuck
he’s talking about her platforming shut down by YouTube receipt buffoonery star but Motoring
imma go ahead and smoke this black no no stay with me before I let you go before
I let you go is Samuel little the worst us serial killer he’s getting a lot of
props right now and I just I don’t believe him he seems like he’s cloud
chasing these his mumbling and stumbling and fumbling when he’s talking about
where he killed women I don’t believe him
I’ve seen him coolly honestly I don’t believe in it either I feel like you see
now I feel like you know robbing the twilight zone and he tried while I tear
of his life he’s got you a little bit of clout we’re all about safety
even in our death berry cloudy nights are y’all ready
thanks for the donation men salute all right yes okay yeah you see you send in
this brother we cool it in cool we call up he told me I’m I’m a fan kill
yourself okay hang on a second people are sending
me the pictures of Joshua Brown come on stop it don’t do that so what is that
holding a money phone you know he was he was a young man he’s supposed to be
doing that type of shit you know Evans that’s a crazy name I’m just gonna say
Kenny Kenny sends in a cash yet the realest killers come from Ohio hashtag
the family okay if you say so okay thank you for your candor shchet is it Natasha
hey Natasha Oh G is not the aggressor Evelyn is and she’s not black you know
Natasha I’m not fully fully up to speed but I’m gonna agree with you because the
videos that I watched today and when I listened to a king of reeds let me write
his name down fluffy kitten he broke that shit down king of reeds
I don’t know I’ve seen his channel before I like to give props where props
who do I would have to say I agree even though you know he said that you know
mixed people cannot really really relate to the black struggle and I’m
paraphrasing I agree with 95% of what he said king of reeds broke it down but
Thank You Natasha for your cash yet yeah I don’t think that og was the aggressor
and that was some bullshit that they got together and didn’t want her to be at
the Reunion the fuck half-breed bitches doing too much and
what’s the other girl’s name hole or a second eye starts with the M give me a
second guys is it Malaysia she divorced her husband
and she gets half of his pension what is that is it Malaysia can somebody correct
me please hey the real Erica how do you say her name is it Oh
Malaysia you know she’s cute you know looks like a cute
semen receptacle you know nothing you’d want a wife but you know yeah she um
gets half of her ex-husband’s pension the fuck hey mo Nance you’re grieving
how are you she says don’t let that jigaboo ever callin again Wow
who are you talking about Myrna and SIA well she destroyed I appreciate right
right she to being available I just you know I’m trying to get up to speed on
this hey Terrance how are you man he says I’m a fan okay he sent to the
donation he said to the donation fuck it alright hold a second let’s get some
phone lines poppin here area code 778 good evening uh is Samuel little cloud
chasing do you believe them seven seven eight hello yes hi sir is
Samuel little cloud chasing do you believe
him there’s no method to his killings what do you think until all 19 pounds
little muffled sir can you fix your headset do something please won’t hear
you yeah oh yeah my dad my dad let’s go okay yeah better yeah okay yeah are you
know it’s hard to say something about Joshua well I mean if you must but you
know the hot topic tonight is is is it time to cancel Evelyn Lozada that’s a
hot topic nobody gives a fuck I’m sorry to say that about Joshua Brown sadly you
know yeah I just know you know well compete for the dollar of course what
bloody crowd had some previous beef on the streets and vile understand told
them like you know why he was honest and told people he had beef with dark anyway
stays no I know it sounds crazy right it’s definitely possible and yeah yeah
were you calling from soon how old are you
yeah I’m 28 years old and I’m from Vancouver BC okay Canada okay yeah yeah
I mean sadly sadly people have already written off the Joshua Brown killing and
just you know SNS you know SNS is I know I don’t
standard nigga shit standard nigga shit yeah you know it’s insane how people are
just sort of just already past it you know even though it’s like you know it’s
very very hoping let’s not sit here and cry for the black guy oh you have to
speed on Evelyn Lozano sir is it time to cancel her do you care what I definitely
I think we should have canceled her a long time ago you know she’s been doing
messy stuff for going on time she just doesn’t seem that a you know the
generating good citizen so oh yeah I definitely think it’s time to cancel
okay when’s the last time you smoked a little crystal meth keep it real okay
have you done a little crank in the last year little crank get real no no come on
man listen listen you’re from Vancouver you said yes I’ll fucking lie to me yeah
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crank the first time when is the first time you did some crank you’re from
Vancouver come on man all right so I gotta go you’re bullshit
me thank you so much thank you my man let’s not play that game tonight right
Bush kid on the check-in via super jet he says black basketball players caping
for China while they hate us here in America shake in my head all right sir
I’m not really really up to speed I saw something a couple of days ago about the
NBA commissioner considering starting a some type of MBA in China is that what’s
going on I’m not to speak but thank you for your donation elastic soul hole sends it a donation
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your donation that was cute though it’s just hey Dad it’s Sonny Boy
please come back uh hold on a second guys
fix my drink let me check hey guys how we doing in live chat everything okay
okay no admins if if you get blocked or something in the live chat please know
that those people in there they can spam your account and I think you get sat
down for two weeks please don’t send me emails asking can you get unblocked I
have nothing to do with that nothing you know hopefully they’re in there making
death threats and taking screw and taking screenshots it’s chaotic
transcendent music good evening friends in a super chat why are we calling
scenarios we’ve seen dozens of times conspiracy theories question mark does
America not have a history of framing niggers okay okay what is he talking
about I’m not sure okay you’re talking about the Joshua Brown okay hey man you
know gotta get it while the getting is good you know what smile it’s my father
used to say you gotta get it while the getting is gettin is good boy you know
take everything you can from the white man including his woman you know let’s
go to our phone lines area code nine to nine good evening nine
to nine Samuel literally see the worst us serial killer Samuel little oh my
nigga Craig slew Craig who are you man great I’m good my nigga how you feel man
on a Wednesday night okay okay talking about this monkey bitch
Evelyn Lozada any thoughts on the monkey bitch fuck
that be here Craig go hard to pay pay attention yeah so what’s calls you Craig
let’s talk about it man come on No okay okay you know buck walls in the
program Craig did you know that he’s back in the program yeah good yeah hopefully he’ll get his mind right you
know I I think he is probably I’m not I’m not just saying this because he’s my
might my half-brother that’s probably the Crimea Strickland nigger that’s
still living today you know he just he doesn’t give a frock no fucks given you
know Rob’s and steals from everyone everybody he knows everybody me too yo
Craig Hey so what we’re we’re talking about Samuel little do you give a fuck
or not no no fucks given oh no all right Craig good to hear from you man salute
man little love and respect man why my nigga
salute okay Craig on the check-in yeah Craig’s at day one what my show going
back to how was it uh 2014 look at everybody no live chat they’re saying
salute to Craig yeah and Craig sends in donations don’t don’t get it fucked up
he gets SSI check yeah okay give me a second guys let me see if bullshit
Ronnie’s calling in she was watching the reunion yeah Basketball Wives that’s the big story never mind the
economy never mind the president it was he gonna be impeached
like is it fuck about that what’s going on with schoolboy q is he okay hmm
Tyler Perry folks I almost went to the Tyler Perry party out here this past
weekend I almost went I was invited in I said now you know just I don’t know man
I don’t want to be like you know rubbin elbows with certain people you know I
didn’t go but Tyler Perry his studio from what I can see looks crazy
okay Bostick Ronnie are you ready where are you let me see uh me texture are you
and Dana what the smoke Dana are you available tonight and talk about this
big story is it time to cancel Evelyn Lozada
and folks let me just say again let me put some respect on a a bunch of people
but especially King of reeds on YouTube oh he pulled out the cannon on Jason Lee
and other people that are just really really up to speed on the details of
vh1’s show Basketball Wives ok I’m just now trying to get the speed on this
let’s go to area code 4:09 good evening for an eye on you there I know going on
ok how are you sir talk about this family a little reversed us serial
killer let’s go the man is what 70 some years or 79
years old yeah he’s very supposed to 80 close to 80 he ain’t got no here take
that to go down in history hmm you think he’s on the truth you know
what he got to lose okay but have you ever been in the penitentiary sir you
yourself okay okay now here’s the thing in the penitentiary if you got a strong
rep you know if you got a strong reputation
for you and he’s an older guy I’m sure he’s gonna go authorities’ tendonitis I
know you get the lion may get the lion telling stories you know people you know
wait I’m different you know more respect more respect I’m clueless but why not think the
murderer could be the big dog in the penitentiary yeah he was already doing
three life sentences you know they’re like cloudy now sadly sadly I don’t
believe him now is it because he’s blonde it’s because he’s black yeah but
you know they want to put it on you yeah yeah you know he’s committed oliver’s
you know as you know niggas niggas is fingers dead you know I legit I got oh
yeah I think he’s cloud chasing I mean like yeah and I used to always talk
about coral Eugene Watts who was another black serial killer who they say killed
over 90 people but he had no method to his madness he was just like you know
stab a person and run just you know silly shit and and real like you know
serial killers not that I can remember everything tonight you know there was a
systematic approach whether it was religious some type of cleansing or some
type of some type of connection to Wicca you know I’m Sam but these guys are
killing and there’s no fucking a method to it no miss it at all no being out of
here but you know I in the payment is people love the myth right people love
the myth should we see on the regular I know oh I know a lot of motherfuckers
they do the crane shit the misery loves company
you know people rather see other people’s problems than the problems
that’s already around you know is entertainment yeah I guess I
don’t know too much about the show basketball wives I haven’t washed it in
a while but there’s a woman by the name of OG and I think she’s from I think
she’s from Africa I’m not sure and I know that she she was popping a couple
of years ago and I think she’s been on Basketball Wives for two years and and
and maybe she has exposed Evelyn Lozada and it’s fine it’s time that we all
realized that you know Evelyn has always been out of pocket you tell me she was
with the other dark-skinned cheek nobody wanted to believe that was talking about
I can’t even really man I watched in the wild myself but you know see being like
them you know she being aggressive she being a beautiful yeah you know when it
comes out the world I’m Alicia getting into it with
everybody got their you the kind of denominators everybody got some
aggression right yeah I think the comments a little yes thank you okay
Bostick Ronnie’s she said I’m on the line all shit let’s get to it half-breed Ronnie white girl Ronnie are
you there ather hey oh yeah people refuse to
believe that you’re black they’re calling you biracial Ronnie white girl
Ronnie it and it doesn’t matter that I put your banner up on the screen at the
end of the show they just they don’t believe anyway did you watch some of the
reunion that was on tonight Basketball Wives yes
so I had to get caught up to speed on you know what’s going on because it’s
really been a trending topic I know I don’t watch the show
I checked out probably I would say that season two so I wanted to get caught up
because it’s been a trending topic this whole thing with og and Evelyn and
colorism and the lawsuit and you know it’s become a big thing on the YouTube
circuits yeah so so did you see oh geez sitting
with Evelyn Zarah or did that not happen because
what I saw mark Lamont Hill for me of CNN he was trying to tell AG that they
didn’t want her to be around the other cast members what happened so now when I
caught it she had I guess already left the set and she got angry and walked off
so she was actually returning and he was telling the you know the cast okay she’s
coming back but she came back the video from another room they couldn’t bring
her out to the set she’s basically feuding with you know the entire set so
one of the central themes of the reunion is her assertion that the entire cast
doesn’t like her because of colorism and that they’re all colorist now like hang
on a second money if I can interject or me why did you say angry why didn’t you
say she felt disrespected I didn’t see an irate angry black woman
I saw someone again who with my little knowledge who was disrespected because
years ago Evelyn Lozada was the one throwing shit crawling up on the
motherfucking conference table to get at Jennifer if I’m saying her name right
why did you say angry okay well as far as I know
Oh G has only been on for two seasons and what you’re referring to is several
seasons ago so now let me just make up full disclaimer that I don’t care for
Evelyn Lozada so that’s why I said she is opposed to the entire cast the entire
cast is a verse a verse to her not just Evelyn everyone up in the cast and
they’re not all you know Leiter’s ten people some of the people that were that
she’s feuding with our darker skinned women and so you know but like I said I
don’t watch the show so I can’t speak to the different conflicts that are taking
place so in your opinion oh gee is the typical angry black woman
if I can just ask you that oh is that a loaded question then say is that it is a
little question but I can answer it what I can say is that you know the general
consensus of the people who seem to be viewers of the show and you know I’m
seeing the reactions like all over social media because this is fun this is
spawned a broader topic about colorism the majority of the people seem to
dislike OG for the way that she has conducted herself on the show so okay a
lot of people seem to say that you know this is a smokescreen and she’s
basically trying to deflect from the things that she’s done now these things
people don’t like Evelyn either so it’s not that they’re biased or you know that
they’re trying to tape for her because again it’s the entire cast that doesn’t
like her now Evelyn did post a picture with the monkey was that a monkey or an
orangutan I forget it won’t be as accurate as possible you know I I can’t
make a distinction between them chimpanzee gorilla okay all right okay
yeah yeah it could be whatever but you know obviously the a lot of people felt
that that’s a racist assertion to liken any black person to a monkey or you know
whatever the animal was now of course you know there’s a documented history of
the racial overtones tied to that comparison but Evelyn’s defenses is that
she is black she identified Evelyn says she’s afro Latino not black afro Latino
right afro latina well in her defense she’s basically saying it’s the same
thing so that’s what she’s claiming okay okay stay with me riding able to bring
you some calls in also let me say salute to um gee no.100 thank you
for the cash at star this is for the fuck shit nigga let’s go okay thank you
sir or ma’am Terrence Terrence says I’m on four or nine big nigga let me get
some of the action okay hold on a second we’re all you 409 did I pick up already
I don’t see a 49 hey Ryan let’s go to area code six for six
gleaming 646 we’re talking about the h1 basketball why don’t you turn the TV
down the background on us YouTube is gonna give me some problems with the
algorithm Quan turn it down man turn it down can’t do it let me tell you shit
man you know everybody want you know Jack they’re trained man was so good you
know I mean you know when it come down to it she said what she said she says
she black half latina you know when when attack on the text message it was clear
as day he’s like black she was like finding
that somebody call my black but he has some fucking identities man that’s what
it calls her black but then now you want to like crop oh no I am black and like
I’m a fraud like come on get out of here girl we all know what that’s about and
then they they they fuck with the girl says the girl came on the show you can
go to say I’m your wife this shit but girl be sitting there watching that’s
nas it happened to spot looking at this shit man what the girl did that fuck
that hang on so you watch it with your girl keep it real you watch basketball
once you know I can’t help but look at you know what you turn it on you know
but I don’t follow through with it you know like that okay so right to the
point is it time to console Evelyn Lozada
that’s the question tonight careful she’s got
carefuiiy as she won’t plant getting this household tell you that much
yeah thank you man okay okay hi sedated girl years ago and
she was just stuck on the Kardashian show and it first came on and she’s she
used to watch the fuckin reruns and all that shit nice to say Jesus Mary and
Joseph bitches just out of control area code three two three good evening
is it time to cancel Evelyn Lozada three two three yeah hi hey bad news is it’s
not the Stars how are you hey what’s going with you okay I think um pretty
much you know Evelyn is still hurting I mean you guys have to remember of course
he’s been doing this righteous stuff for a long time she obviously has some sort
of like superiority complex with her but let’s not forget she just got dropped
like a hat by that call Crawford you and he traded her in for a whole new model
remember that no I don’t think yeah go back she’s got my who yeah it wasn’t the
guy playing for the Dodgers or something and hitting a Carl Crawford if you had a
baby by him didn’t she baby had a baby by him yet okay and then took her aids
and made embryos and now she can’t even access because you know his wars are
involved when he broke up with her they got another girl pregnant she’s younger
so I feel like you know when her even coming back to the show she’s definitely
angry because she did go off onto the own network and tried to you know clean
it up and do something more positive with her I saw one of those episodes
when she had her daughter and I and I said I don’t really want to watch this
you know and you’re right she came back to him a basketball was exactly and then
on top of that she tried to follow restraining order so she is doing og but
she also attempted to get a restraining order on her today and they got denied
wow I didn’t know that okay okay yeah they denied it which the rightfully so
her Mike and danger in any way shape or form so
she has a history of being like the Rutina George of the freakin basketball
wives you know she’s always a popular one she thinks everyone looks up to her
wants to be her and some form or fashion and people are really getting tired of
it and you know over the years they’ve come to realize she really doesn’t offer
anything to that show nothing substantial but the drama well hang hang
on hold on a second now you see and again I’m not the type of person who
wants to stop anybody’s back I’m just asking the question is it time to cancel
her I don’t wish bad she brings the ratchet element to reality TV that’s
what people want we’re talking about it here tonight you know and what’s the
other was named Stevie Jays ex-wife a girlfriend what is her name that
oh that ratchet slob joseline say what you want about it but you know people
watch her on television so I think Evelyn does bring something to the show
but the question is it time to cancel her because now it appears that she’s
out of control what say you well the problem isn’t
Evelyn in regards to the show let’s just be rows he’s on there doing what she’s
supposed to be doing the problem is you have Sammy O’Neal running behind Evelyn
like you know she’s freaking Beyonce what are you doing on here you’re trying
to be the moment next to Mona scott-young but you’re on the show like
how bad can you look right now so that’s the problem if you stop inserting
herself in the show she could start making unbiased decisions and now she’s
up here puts up with her friends on the show and they’re the Mean Girls and yeah
they’re gonna make that girl the outcast and I think that’s absolutely unfair so
they really more people really needs to start pointing the finger at Shaunie cuz
Shaunie’s clicked up there’s something there there something in her life that
just isn’t right you know I mean like you’re talking about Nostradamus and we
got that from giving you the T I’m sorry giving you the real T on YouTube
Nostradamus Ronnie do you want to jump in and talk to the caller about Evelyn
Lozada Basketball Wives was running
yeah I’m here can you hear me yeah yeah I’m here um I don’t watch the
show I I mean I checked out a long time ago like I said and from what I saw on a
reunion they played a clip of like Shawnee had Shaq on and it’s like I
guess like he said she’s that desperate for ratings that now she has him making
appearances and they’re obviously not together so I you know I don’t
understand what people continue to tune in to the show
if the biggest thing going is Evelyn Lozada and she is she’s a triathlete
she had Antoine she had Chad and then she had the baseball player so she’s had
you know three different major leagues you know under her belt I’m not gonna go
as far as say yeah I just if she’s the biggest thing going for that show they
need something else I mean it’s just a catalyst for something that’s been
edible the whole canceled Evelyn what they’re really wanting is for the show
to be Chancellor I don’t think anybody’s interested anymore it’s turned into
total crap oh I beg to differ I think the ratings are gonna be up I
think we’re all gonna be waiting for what is it season 9 is it 9 or 10 I
forget you know if they fire that girl nobody’s going to be waiting well this I
appreciate the cause any youtube channel that you want to mention that has some
really good insight on this whole t I mean I’ve been watching everybody
taschek a lovely Tina a bunch of other people I’ve been mentioning any channel
that we need to keep eye on I mean I like what you said about Tina breeze I’m
so glad he got all up in Jason Leigh’s eyes he’s another one who wants to be
black when it’s convenient for him but he’s a whole you know cauliflower
complected negro with baby hair all over his head it’s like how does that work
yes if you watch the upcoming episode of Hollywood I love what is there love in
hip-hop his own family some dark-skinned dudes
in his own family get out him because he tried to do that
you know uh LGBT thing with the mother the whole I didn’t think he loved me so
they’re about to get in his ass you so stay tuned for that but um no thank you
so much for having me on everything thank you have a great evening all right
all right take care okay hang on a second boss chick Ronnie let me always
put some respect on Empress on YouTube uh hold on a second
folks I’m sipping so if I if I forget to promote anybody’s channel pardon me I
like to give props where props to do I’m not one of those Fugazi people who
doesn’t like to mention other people’s channels apart me impressive
you see I’m slipping impressive on YouTube yeah I pay attention to the
babies yes I do I’m 55 years of age I see babies respectfully uh hang on a
second let me go to cash up gypsy housing says nigga did it he has a photo
photographic memory and describe and then it cuts off describe what sir thank
you for your donation give me sick and Ronnie hold on a second
okay and I picked up Terrance 409 Thank You Terrance for your donation Compton’s
serial killer number one hookers who are you where’s your donation folks please
don’t play with me with these emails during the show I’m the hip-hop creflo
dollar okay no shame in my game gorillas oh hey that’s the homie
greetings sir he says via super chat if white people can immortalize Ted Bundy
Ted Ginn and other white serial killers then I’m doing this same damn thing for
Samuel little hashtag r.i.p the victims though okay thank you a gorilla’s oh
thank you sir why don’t you want to jump in with regards to Samuel little do you
leave him do you think he’s cloud chasing or what I mean we spoke briefly
about this the thing he’s the biggest uh well you know when I looked into it it
looks like they’re able to confirm a lot of his actually they said more than half
of his alleged kills so he claimed sub strangled ninety three women how if
you’re wondering how he was able to get away with it
he was like a nomad so he would just go from place to place and he would target
sex workers and drug addicts so I think that might be what that person was
referring to a super chat when they said the hookers comp that mentioned Compton
does he lose any credit if he was strangling hookers for crack rock one of
the last times he was arrested he was arrested with a crack stem so I’m not
saying revolution they arrest him or the fucking uh you know a demo we should
call him demos back in the days demo crack smoker so maybe it was just a
side effect of the drugs like maybe he was under some sort of influence and his
attorney should have brought that up as a possible defense I don’t know hang on
a second Mac Mac sends in a donation via super chat niggas mad at light-skinned
people but praise people like Lil Kim and Michael Jackson for paving the way
niggas bleach their skin every day be fuck out of here
okay thank you sir black tea on the check can be a super jet hold on a
second guys Samuel littles status as a serial killer
is questionable for three hots and a cot no telling what a tired crackhead cop –
yeah exactly he probably just said listen I just I
need a place to live because he was homeless you know toward the end of his
run in the world he was living under a fucking a bridge you know yeah I’ll just
make up any other thing and and and this is where I’ll die you know I got fucking
recreation here I got medical air-conditioned with hot outside when
it’s cold outside I got heat you know okay hang on a second why let’s go to
area code two one six good evening two one six basketball wives you have to
speed to one six yeah I motor speed with it man with
castle all that shit no way at all good evening this is a bit a song okay okay Council well it’s poppin’ now the
reunion show is on tonight I’m gonna watch it probably tomorrow you know have
you once basketball wives and last obvious you know I thought so you did
watch it back when that monkey bitch Evelyn was running around doing all that
extra Karen oh yeah right right now the last time I did see the show with my she
uh she was she lock in with a Santoso Cinco you know and then you know your
first caller what was her name it would be uh but the YouTube rassee seedha
strober I see that she’s absolutely right absolutely right about that color
rhythm and how right you know satellites for girls to you know they I mean it is
what it is you know I don’t think we can blame like basketball wives or Evelyn
Lozada for this type of behavior you know how how that colorism shit act
because this the way country you know since this the United
States is the where disgusting so you know it’s gonna take a lot of D program
your dog skin man yourself sir I’m a browser get mad okay okay well can
we keep it real that you know light-skinned bitches be doing too much
from time to time we doing too much look how quick cardi B is to call somebody
among cry up on Instagram all out of pocket and use fucking monkeys and you
know what did you see so got popped my Instagram aren’t all these yellow
necklaces on their weight yeah so that’s what they might have all this
shit man you know you know I mean we don’t we’re so far you know their suit
I’ll help you fucking both before I get out of here you know what it is
there is no boundaries no more hmm ya know what’s so well write your
parameters no parameters will be mother man the kids is absolutely fucked crazy
there’s no fucking line whatsoever so I mean it’s just I mean you know when you
get to that point you know what the only thing that happens after that and
everything blows up and cleanse itself yeah okay so no we are we sure
absolutely anything for Cole yes sir okay he said everything cleanses itself
should he sound like that’s what he was going hang on a second uh is this Jason
is that my son Jason what’s going on alleged alleged don’t want to work Oh
Amen gaming gaming coach as well just doing here to listen to the show just uh
started listening what’s going on with ps5 is it coming
out soon I suppose thing somebody sent me an email
absolutely even where I work I haven’t been able to see it I know some
higher-ups have currently December 2020 I think that bullshit they’re saying by
next December so next year is December it’ll be ready I think more like
February March of 2021 it won’t be ready in December 2020 yes or saying in a year
from now I call bullshit on that okay it’s gonna have ray tracing it’s gonna
have a new UI which is user interface it’s gonna have ps2 games as well you
know rewritable ps3 years gonna be able to play but that really respectfully
hater I’m not really gonna buy it just to play ps2 and ps3 when I can get an
emulator and do that so I don’t know what else they’ve just released those
facts well circle back to that so let me ask you a question you sent me an email
about Aaron Carter what’s going on with him talking about the snap with him god
oh god alone growing up as a kid to watch him and his brother yet he’s
losing it crazy tattoos recently two weeks ago he got a face tattoo
I saw the artist I saw that a fucking Thomson his white boy I tried to stop
and said no fuck I pretty much wanted to fuck his life up now he’s had enough yet
another mental breakdown yesterday and he said he’s officially moved into
Canada because they hope they won’t treat him like Americans do that was
sweet just erratic tweets he’s losing it snapping but it’s wonderful to watch
okay well look man any good ball any comments on Samuel little or
basketball-wise 4.8 more calls about respectfully if I don’t know anything on
the info I’m not gonna make a fool my showing a great show okay Jesus on the
check in white boy Jason to be exact hold on Ronny let me go check on super
chat and cash at the biggest story Basketball Wives running do you have any
information on oh gee from my basketball wives I don’t know too much about I know
she’s a former athlete I think she from Uganda Nigeria do you know can you
google her please yeah I’m trying to look her up I believe she is from
Nigeria but let me just okay I’ll come right back hold on a
second running full blast radio on their check and that’s the homie right there
DJ tiger he says f DS ratchet Oh monkey blank in
every shade also Eric Gardner’s killer Bob the cop and amber should go together
and play Russian roulette with three slugs Wow shit he’s going hard in the
paint tonight full blast radio calm check him out that’s two homey classic
hip-hop and the playlist is crazy again full blast radio calm make sure you
check them out okay let me go back to some phone lines here super cool three
or four hey good evening three or four we’re talking my Evelyn Lozada is it
time to get her out of here three or four hey yo what’s up hey hey hey
I sent you that Western Union bro yeah you don’t may kill myself that’s what I
think yeah hey my life again yeah I think you take that a doclet $600 how do
you say in the Western I don’t do Western Union eat oh c’mon
well I said it to your name that’s all I mean I told y’all to Conner I’m
permanent I try to tell you that I asked you how to send it and you got mad and
you hung up but I didn’t think your Western Union thought I knew how to do
well stay with me stay with me stay with me if you’re sensing part of it you’re
setting 600 you and I are now best friends for real for real oh wow yeah
after you 600 I really just want to let you know that yeah I’m uh I’m uh I you
don’t like the word saying obviously but I’m a big supporter of yours from way
back in the day now hang on send me an email so we can get the confirmation but
send me an email so we can get the confirmation going here all right the
hater 196 for you yeah man you know what it’s okay good man you know I just want I just
want to do that for you let you know I’m uh thank you don’t take
personal I’m just I’m just a spoiled fuck nut from New Jersey from the judges
I’m ruling it out the hater email the hater one nine six four at yahoo.com one
nine six four one nine six four hey I can remember the hater I work I can
remember that yahoo not Gmail yeah okay are you yeah you’ll see – are you
stunned were you doing coke what are you doing
we don’t kind of like a little bit excited just to be talking to you up a
little bit but shit IIIi would cry could you maybe you made me laughter that shit
was funny as hell when you know that that’s actually
Quinta’s into you that’s why fuck with you Thank You me I could ask you a
question why did you let’s make sure that goddamn hey let’s make sure that
goddamn Western Union came through and then we can have another conversation
all right okay thank you man see if he’s talking that real shit man
bullshit when are you there Ronnie was running cooler me yeah did you find out
where okay photoshoot yes she’s a native of Nigeria okay
motherland coochie let’s go come on and she’s dating a guy who plays basketball
overseas but you know the thing about this show is like who is even married on
there it’s called basketball wives but how many of them are married besides
Jackie Christie is Tami Roman still in that show I spoke to her years boom I
think was like 2012 she’s still in that show you don’t know you don’t want I did
not see her on the reunion but she might be making like she’s to do some content
I think one Instagram where she wore that with the she was a shower bonnet oh
yeah she’s used to break it down you know and I know yeah
I interviewed her daughter I think her daughter’s name is jazz she’s an
up-and-coming rapper we had a great conversation and then she called in to
the radio shows that 100.3 the beat and she thanked me for uh you know giving
her daughter some time to talk about her music so I spoke to her I’ve never
spoken to Evelyn Lozada or Jennifer is Jennifer still in that show yes
and she was there on the reunion but Tammy like I’ve like Tammy ever since
the real world days and I just thought the the Basketball Wives show was
beneath Tammy because she’s too real for that show it’s all fake and smoke and
mirrors and contrived BS you know Ronnie if you if you remember Tammy from MTV’s
real world you’ve got to be at 40 how do you know I just turned 35 at the end of
June yeah I can go all the way back to the real world and Road world days and
she was being dudes up back then so Tammy is too real for this show see
Evelyn likes to do all of that stuff you know throw something and wait for
security to you know get in between the other person Tammy is not that kind of
person she’s not gonna play it up to the cameras and I think that’s why I didn’t
work when she was on the show because yeah I think she she had a mild heart
attack also Tammy I mean like you know I I hate I catch a lot of scraps of
information and I think they hang on a second Ronnie I got a super chat from
Corey Corey says Jason shut the fuck up bitch boy Sony themselves said
PlayStation 5 holiday 2020 why would they miss out on holiday money you fuck to launch in February you’re a fucking
idiot and when I see what’s on site holy shit this guy Corey left a long-ass
super super jet for Jason fuck I like that super cat yeah folks were
really sloppy tonight just bear with this let’s go to area code two sevens
you’re grieving two-seven-zero you’re there hello hello terrible man how are you yeah I just
wanted to speak on the whole Evelyn Lozada thing lets them know the host
shows up you also should really be canceled because I mean hanging allow
you to watch it like in earlier seasons but after a while I just realized it was
just the same thing over and over again bitch is playing and drinks hoes calling
out other hoes being hoes even when they’re hos – but you know and I noticed
I was the video I watched the video the other day and it’s so like how how how
color is Evelyn is how all of my colors they always try to make the dark-skinned
girl on the show look crazy and why they just sit around and basically act like
you know mean girls and stuff you know but see me she needs to just say I old
ass down somewhere yeah here but fucking padna pussy like it take it easy on the
language they hang on a sec hang on what state do you call it from we come from
sir Kentucky okay so now you’re honestly gonna say that that you’re tired of
seeing hoes fight on TV yeah you know I kind of feel like it’s kind of played
out because it’s just the same thing over and over again like and it is
they’re not even really fighting over anything it’s just some silly as petty
sitting and college tips I damn near 52 they got grown kids it’s like why are
you still fighting them and you know that one such and such a new house about
Sammy Sammy ain’t real she fake is Evelyn honey the color is too ya know
going in on one of the other huh come on she’s right she’s right there
Ronnie’s right there and talk to him huh honey yeah he’s now real like she’s just
as bad as the rest of she be doing this man she always fighting outside you talk
about our fighting dudes she been fighting for 25 plus years still ain’t
grown up yeah she’s damn near 50 I heard doing Barney Chronicles and stuff stupid
that looks you guys crying like this acutely not uh I mean you know
and just doing all this silly ass stuff man you fifty like always trying to
fight all the time anyway bitch old as there you see she’s gonna be it going
through menopause in a little bit yeah right what the hell sir me personally I
love to see older broads you know brawling on TV I love it I haven’t
watched this show in a while but this is going to going to renew my interest in
it yeah you know I think you know nothing’s gonna like happen you know I
thought they’re trying to have petitions to get off the show and they’ve been
trying to a petition gambling off the shelf for years but you know you know
deep down those people that this is they they secretly love it they love the
bullshit I mean a BS you know like they did it’s just is just crazy man but uh
you know so how you say you’re from Kentucky how old are you sir hold are
you 29 years old man okay okay now you do know that one of the best gospel
singers ever wrote a song about Kentucky yes Kentucky rain you know that song not
what is it cold Kentucky rain Elvis Presley how dare you say eff Elvis
president don’t you ever as a classic no cold Kentucky rain oh that was my nigger
grown up I’m gonna fuck with nobody say Elvis Elvis for life hold on a second
Austin good evening sir he sends in a cash yet
he says shout out to freaky London yo where we going tonight Ronnie do you
know how freaky London is no I don’t have had the link in front of me freaky
London was from the Bronx and he was somewhere in the south
guys was that Alabama where was that freaky London got his shit rocked oh
they say free freaky London is the go what are you talking about if you type
whenever you get time freaky London I think it was a low no well he might be a
rapper now but he got his shit rocked by a white boy I straight up one-on-one and
and oh yeah and he got beat Arizona yeah Arizona and and he got beat halfway out
of his his hoodie or sweater doing that hold on a second it’s gonna be cool for
one for folks we’re celebrating Chloe for you there yeah sorry
hey what’s up man how you doing allowed to say her that Carter boy can you turn
that down the background sir please turn that down so we can hear you what I give
him a second nigga : if in the trap house it’s loud in the background are
you there sir hello yes okay you said cardi B what now I’ll say C no
cardi B two receipts are out hmm say word yes sir
check with Tasha Tasha okay my beautiful daughter we had dinner last year yeah
vocal tusky okay so offset has been caught again earth paying for the
Instagram strippers the party who allegedly allegedly come on come on come
on okay sorry but it’s out so how old are you sir and were you calling from Milwaukee Wisconsin I’m 27 okay so you
watch Tosha K any other female blogs yes yes sir and what they fuck the stars I
get a fuck you yes sir fuck you also
fuck you all oh no I’m not like know who’s in the background who’s that
laughing I hear female back there who’s that laughing I don’t wanna argue Tamar you I’m wonderful her right oh thank you
man help hold you you definitely a start hold are you maybe I’m twenty seven is
oh that’s my cousin okay okay you tryin to come to Atlanta what’s going on with
you yes absolutely up home until I land up and I check out the toilet paraphilia
never mind Halle Berry I listen you you Holland me I’ll get you situated yeah
okay yeah one might be more funny to be a Magic City nevermind Tyler Perry Magic
City yes you need to be Oh only I thought we get I’m there I’m there I got
a job I’m saving up I’m gonna be there and I’m gonna come for you I’m telling
you okay okay can you holla at me via Instagram DM shoot me a picture I’m
Supes you’re working with okay okay thank you
what’d you think about the poor money situation that used to be my gosh yeah
well you know he had a hell of a run good man good man good man but listen
never mind him you holla at me via a DM Instagram Troy with an I Troy terrain
let’s talk about you come to Leno right okay boy Troy T ROI
Troy baby get it right come on oh okay thank you baby
alright okay come on Tuesday pimp stop playing goddamnit hold on a second
Ronnie mmm check on cash satisfy you what do you got we got Ronnie I just
watched the freaky London play we just oh my god she was talking so tough into
the camera like you know basically I’m from New York tell these niggas suck my
dick right old white boy suck his dick and then he walks up on the guy swinging
all wild and the guy just dodged it laid him down and just proceeded to you know
just thank him for for a good minute he was talking so tough into that camera back we love New York
fuck these niggas hey Maseca Ronnie we have a super chat a BL hey that’s the
homie have y’all finally killed net neutrality neutral neutrality pardon me
in the courts and Trump just slammed the EPA with his latest executive order but
fuck it let’s talk about hip-hop hos exactly
hey man thank you for the superjet let me make sure I have your banner ready
for the end of the broadcast okay have y’all get your banner right they want to
make sure that’s the right one okay got you a BL Lee’s oszi music got you okay
hey Ronnie anything else we need to mention about Basketball Wives reunion
what to be missing because I don’t haven’t watch this show in years but
this is a crazy crazy topic it’s trending do you think that
Evelyn’s gonna make an apology she did file a lawsuit against oh gee for
slander defamation apartment defamation and she tried to get a restraining order
and I think that was thrown out according to one of the earlier callers great so the request for saying order
has been denied now this lawsuit you know I don’t really see it going
anywhere because og is entitled to feel as though Evelyn is a racist so you know
she can make the argument that she’s not defaming Evelyn she’s calling her out
for what she is and these are the reasons why you know
so I don’t really see that lawsuit going anywhere it looks like a fail on
Evelyn’s part just you know you know sometimes people file lawsuits as a
matter of principle and I think that’s what this is but you know everyone
please you know whatever Evelyn is claiming that she lost some
sponsors or potential business you know and sometimes you can sue a person based
on well not hang on we don’t know sometimes you can sue a person based
upon lost potential earnings if you’re in discussions with the company and you
have not closed the deal and something happens in the median that company says
hey we’re gonna wait we’re gonna you know we’re gonna pump the brakes and
there was $80,000 deal on the table you know and you have electronic
transmissions to prove that you were in talks until this you know controversy
came about you you you can put that on the table I mean now whether a
magistrate judge will acknowledge that put me on earth at or not it’s another
story but that’s how it works right now it’s the right no no I I do understand
all of that but what I’m saying is that you know I just I don’t believe that
those offers were there you know I’m sure she still has her fashion over deal
whatever you know a little chitlin circuit endorsement deal she has on
where she puts on whatever else it just loves them on her Instagram you know
that’s one thing but it’s not like Nike is knocking on her door or Estee Lauder
or L’Oreal or mac cosmetics you know please you know like I said she this is
we’re talking about she’s triathlete Pucci come on sorry well nobody was
offering her anything hold on second it’s going to be a code 931 good evening
931 Evelyn Lozada time to cancel her what say you know Blair I’ll sit did
his girlfriend the background don’t get out no I mean come on now
yeah no bitters doing there just just snitchin you know Carter be probably had
no idea that this little dudes on it and even if she did this dude just blaming
for the damn Graham okay well I haven’t seen Tasha Cades video I
will definitely check it out because she comes what recedes so I don’t know if
there’s a you know or I should say I’m not the speed of seven on speed are you
there hello think he dropped out mm-hm let’s go to area code 704 good evening
seven or four-year they’re talking about uh vh1 the reunion Basketball Wives hey Howie sir are you doing are you
doing because that reality show me and my ex broke up no cuz I told her you are
what you watch no she flipped out went bananas and I
brought that on well how old you and how old is your ex
respectfully I’m 35 facially probably one year older than okay so she liked to
watch a little reality TV and get on that Rara shouldn’t you guys were
blowing some cushion you and I meet you you you you you’re more of a serious
type of guy you you wanted to hold hands yeah and what you know just yeah I’m not
holding hands I’m soon and I don’t watch you’re a debbie downer yeah no I don’t
you bring down the moon God you Paulo was done hmm no just that stuff gives me
a headache I don’t like I don’t you know boring
broad learner we’re trying to set the standard for
women in America okay okay so laughs I love you it knows I’m
cheese and the autumn shakes don’t look like this from here anyways how long
will you and your girl together so if you don’t mind me asking three years you
put her out as she left how’d you break up
I put around I didn’t know oh you okay she got you to fuck up at it
she said take your debbie downer ass so I can get a fun nig up in here to blow
some cushion blew my back out yeah but you know I just can I just I’m oh okay
you say you still supported you still buy your shit nothing so nice nice eh so
no songs on the bottom some money I’ll stay high if I see her I ain’t no shame
to extradite when I see her hands on her you go back and smash once in a while but she hasn’t let you so far she said
now I just take your debbie downer ass up out of here you’ve been reduced to
stalking Ronnie any questions for this man was Bostic Ronnie any questions for
this man to do we just uh let up into the Sun about that reality show
yes sir far as the og I don’t think there’s a color I don’t think the color
is quite colorism situation I just think it’s behavior they just st. John ain’t
filling the behavior and maybe her behaviors just too extreme
and you saw that extreme behavior even though they’ve been showing out
themselves so now she found something that matches her energy but even maybe
it’s even more stronger than how she can’t handle this she run around it
would still in the her but if you ask me it’s all colorism here in America what
we are the sadly we are the Bellator’s and colorism and racism around the globe
America yes me yeah country but only country refer to yourself as a color
anyway yeah other countries they say French English Australian and or Nigeria
whatever it this country you come here you refer you category as a crayon or
something some paint on the wall that’s crazy
thank you for calling me I become salut okay Ron you ever heard the term Debbie
Downer you’ve heard that yeah yeah people that just bring the energy down watching TV homeowners baby let’s what you could say I would say I went to the
store today and they say stores are overrated yeah you know great time at
the mall I be careful of those shoes in the malls all in second Ronnie Austin
sends in a super chat star if you own the footage of all those Vlad TV
interviews you did have you uploaded them or something
those were fucking classic yes sir the homie Vlad gave those – we signed a deal
for those years ago it’s it’s not time right now to just throw that stuff on
YouTube listen man I mean thank you for the donation first and foremost I’ve got
a shitload of stuff man I mean interviews with a whole lot of different
celebrities I’m in no rush to put that stuff on on YouTube I’ve got all these
star and buckwild shows from hot 97 power 105 100 point three to be Power
104.1 pulse 87 and I don’t want to just throw a bunch of shit up on YouTube and
then have people always always referring to something from my past I’m about the
now if that makes sense you know I’m always moving forward yeah Matt got all
that shit and it’s just I don’t want to just throw it up on YouTube I don’t
trust you – I really don’t you know I mean there’s other licensing deals that
I do from time to time with footage you know you’ve seen some of that stuff in
documentaries but I just don’t want to throw it up on YouTube I’m sorry I just
there’s other things that are more important to me right but thank you
again for your donation it’s gonna be a code six one seven cleaning six one
seven basketball wives you have to speed should we can so Evelyn Lazaro Lozada
formula Zahra six one seven are you there yes no maybe huh hey good evening
oh hi Sparky oh yeah me hi Sparky oh wait Danny I can hear you oh and I
like Ronnie I like her voice okay will you call from sugar drawers we come from
yes y’all yeah Oh Boston man okay what’s going what’s going to you tonight yeah
yeah that’s what wise is like oh yes my guilty pleasure a minute um oh no
I feel like yeah I feel like Evelyn yeah she might be time for her to go she was
acting real ratchet yeah grabbing her cross-channel a stuff
when I saw that you know you know I was like I still getting out of control now
right in arm the arm the others to the football chick that’s her name again I
know you tell me take your time oh jeez I’m an OG oh yeah
oh yeah oh gee yeah I feel like we’re at a point I was watching the reunion today
here’s a point I don’t really agree with the race thing because I don’t know how
uncle black people be crazy to each other to each other but that’s like that
was kind of angry you said that but I feel her point where they’re ganging up
against this kind of like back in high school like when I was in high school at
the type of shit that chicks will do okay they gang up on one chick because
the chicks start standing up for themselves in this ol it’s all like when
you take one person off the circle and you put another person in you do this
shit in high school where the dynamics dr. chein oh that’s how old you surf in
a Miami asking okay yeah type of tape you use when you say yeah okay well it
depended for a little now should we cancel Evelyn Lozada sir let’s get right
to the fucking yeah nuts and bolts of the question yes okay Ronnie any
questions for the call he’s calling it from Boston the green town you I’m
following your Instagram Ronnie I picked out your Instagram okay oh thank you yes so you don’t like girls stop it you
don’t like girls let’s not play that game oh why doesn’t mean you like girls
are cute doesn’t go do you put electrical tape on your nipples keep it
real all right thank you sir thank you
fouling me tulta money he’s right okay because first you said yeah you’re cute
your voice doesn’t match how you looked which would mean them sound ugly I
should be a cartoon no no you have you got a voice like you can beat like your
voice can be a car to let the girl that played The Simpsons the daughter she had
that voice but when I when you hear he doesn’t look like our voice lady I used
to play The Simpsons argument like you know it know it’s good thing I’m saying
you can capitalize sure what size Manolo Blahniks do you wear let’s keep it real sir you know Manolo Blahnik so let’s
come on now play the game what size you wear six-inch heels or eight anyway you’re a black man transitioning thank
you so much have a great night thank you sir I’m a black man
Oh yo speaking of black man holy shit what’s going on in the world what’s
going on with this somebody sent me something on Instagram is it called
naked cuts whoo what are you Nick is doing now on social media Ronnie up to
speed on that naked cuts was doing the most out here is that in Atlanta yeah
uh-huh oh my god Atlanta GA the home of for Kyrie oh fuck
I know what’s going on the live chat making cuts see you t ZZ or SS I’m not
sure oh they know hello I’m looking at the
correct spelling yeah Bella print spelling Lord Jesus and also I think one
of the city girls is home from my Jail yeah
hey you sugar welcome home what’s one is that is that JT yeah yeah he’s in the
house okay welcome home baby yeah okay hang on a second one I’m silly tonight
let’s go to area code three three seven good evening three three seven is it
time to cancel Evelyn Lozada from vh1 Basketball Wives
well I am over her bit over her but I am calling to speak on the Samuel little
guy that I see you hide the title yeah yes this is your eye is he the worst
United States serial killer what say you yes and this is the same absolutely one
of the females I am from Louisiana a small town in
Louisiana and one of the females the case went unsolved for 20 years
and we just found out she was a neighbor of mine and when I was coming up and
also she dated my eldest my oldest brother and he went missing and for 20
years it’s a 20 years for us to realize you know find out what actually happened
and yes this guy he would drew her picture and then all of that yes so I do
know a little bit about that case because like I said here in Louisiana
she touched us pretty bad this was a pretty bad situation so that connects to
home that particular story about him confessing yes it connect at home and
when you see the picture that he drew it would throw your mind because even down
to the red hair that she wore the last time we saw her yes
so that could not that I thought it in your title but I was going to call
anyway just to have my spirit soldered dance with your spirit tonight you know
I adore you so I have you born yes I love being a board as well but when it
comes to Evelyn I actually met Evelyn in real time
yes I met Evelyn in Miami at a club called live and I’m just gonna stated
some of the things that oh gee wonder turns that oh gee we
called her was colorist right and I do recall that particular night I think the
girl Claudia Jordan was there as well and I remember that particular night she
had a problem with a couple of females getting in where she was Evelyn
any kind of female who were brown sugar sugar baby you know Brown for the girls
are you talking about the VIP section what are we talking about here yes well
absolutely it was a birthday party for a certain person at Club Mills and I
was a tag-along and kind of mind if I tag along you know
so now did you actually hear Evelyn say I don’t want these you know troublesome
black bitches coming up in here or that was the perception I should say this for
sure actually I remember she accused one of
the females the brown girls he accused her of literally throwing something at
her with her back turn but he bet she had her back turned
she said the seat belt through something that did and she had the wrong females
she really did and I remember this particular scene um Claudia Jordan I
think her name is was trying to say that it wasn’t that for me female but
Evelyn’s words I don’t want to think backwards it was so long ago but Evelyn
words were no that’s what they do she said they just don’t like me and I’m
like we don’t like you you know there’s a lot of people in that’s like evidence
they see because I think they were raised that way a lot of females you
know I fall between the spectrum because I’m Cree you know I’m Creole so we go
from every oh wait a minute so so you say you you hold up you are crown crown
make sure you get the pronunciation like it is where you know Creole is what I
like to say I keep it that way but I’m here to tell you that you the the
spectrum of that in our home you know my grandmother my grandmother kids range
from the color of Michelle Obama all the way to Jennifer Lopez same mother say
your father but now hang on a second stay with me I mean no disrespect I mean
no disrespect but now you yourself you yourself you don’t really have any like
you know really dark-skinned friends you have dark skin associates but not really
friends friends you okay all right we all do but I’m
we all do I had I had an uncle named uncle bluejack he was dark as hell but
but in terms of like you know friends you have dark skin friends I was told
I’m from that 337 of Pi which is Southwest Louisiana aren’t you okay with
this little you know from New Orleans’s 200 miles who knew all this to be back
but I am here to tell you even you know I consider I mean I’m not a light like
skinny mouth but at the end of the day I feel like I said if you look in my
family from my mother it’s like five shades lighter than me okay you know I’m
gonna ask you a personal question respectfully questions go ahead
respectfully honey yes what type of tape you use when you tuck your penis I’m
doing too much important in my way Ronny any questions right any questions
for the caller pardon me sir listen we’re being silly tonight we’re talking
about the biggest story in urban media I’m having a cocktail I’m so glad you
called okay can I be honest can I be very
honest with you I’ll be honest okay okay I’m a spoiled kid from the suburbs of
New Jersey and I need to grow the fuck up that’s it it’s that simple my parents gave me too much I need to
just stop the dumb shit and marry a big book of bad bitch my spirits advance
with you tonight with you over let me tell you Ronnie why do you think he said
that I think it feels like buzz him and was like you know what cannot be darling
darling I’m just joking with you how old you seriously how do you what’s good can
we get you can I guess okay I would say I say you’re 47 are you
single by any chance are you single any plans to come to Atlanta the next three
months when I come a dog if you find the time if you find the time can you shoot
me an email maybe we can have a cup of coffee I was I was joking and you know that’s
what we that’s what when we talk I think we like to say hon honey
but anyway writing let me just I like I like you I like your voice runny you see
my son holistic well let me just say that I am NOT no I’m not in my 50s I
found that that must be a good thing I’m gonna tell
you this so I thought I pulled in before and you were you looks just a bit more
time than you are tonight we’re talking about Basketball Wives tonight but
Melissa I gotta take more I’m gonna take more calls than me if you find the time
send a picture let’s let’s talk again I thank you for supporting the show you
could find me on Instagram yeah what’swhat’s your instagram address
so Ronnie can pull it up and she’ll Simulink in a long time but I think it I
think it is Chevy it’s with the sea h-e-b dy Chevy ve LLG Chevy ve l le yes
Chevy but this world see vele you know I haven’t posted in a long time but okay I
think when you have pictures of yourself on there right yeah yeah myself in my
doors yeah thank you darling take care all right bye-bye
your folks probably I know what am i doing
we’ll stay here talking about this silly ass basketball I’m shit the fucking
Union show hey so Ronnie is part one on tonight and then when is part two of the
reunion show you know so tonight was part one and I believe part two is next
week let me get the date for next week I was looking up miss Chevy though did you
fuck did you find her Instagram page I’m wondering if she knows where her correct
Instagram is cuz that’s not that’s not it
for the spelling that she provided us that’s not pulling anything up
Chevy’s o zo e she spelled it Chevy can you send me an
email please the hater one night yes all I see are
cute care for them Casa de Marvel give you your old alone
them up fucking drill on the spell your view screen okay are you you from
Atlanta born and raised okay sorry no manual real a tiara okay
what what the hell is going on with a naked cuts or is it naked cuts or nude
cuts the hell is going down here man I have no I have no clue working you know
people like yourself you don’t mean I’ll be learning what’s going on out here and
you know I try to keep my head on straight man another we can have a whole
conversation on how out Lana’s going south no pun intended
I mean you know I mean so you got two Hispanic stations down here if I’m not
mistaken is there one or two the Hispanic station okay okay Wow but yeah
you know I mean I’m a serious note though I mean I realized that you know
I’d always knew this but you know for Ricans in Dominican and all those you
know Latino people from the Caribbean and Central America they don’t really
they don’t live here they live you know I mean up north they lived in Northeast
okay you know I mean uh blank that’s another issue but long story short man I
I was goofing off before but I don’t build him shows nothing I don’t watch um
got you if it was up to me they would have you know it would have been off the
air you know I mean so what are you thoughts on Samuel Lunars little sir is
he the worst us serial killer Samuel little some of that stuff you know I
mean I’m more like I found out about going to another suburb where I’m like
you know absolutely been whispering about that we’re talking about silly
stuff tonight so when I talk Matt no politics and religion silly stuff but
thank you thank you sir you already know yes sir okay all right now power Dixon area code eight five eight green are you
there eight five eight hello if I be good evening either testing testing one
two three no yes maybe so to area code eight three
two who’s this hey baby what’s wrong with you
nothing less I wanted to chime in on is it time to cancel Evelyn what do you
think I actually really do think it is I kind of just think that she’s just kind
of playing this little race card and to be honest if she’s claiming that she’s
part black why is she calling another black person a monkey like I’m trying to
understand isn’t that a racial slur isn’t that
something that black people get offended by I don’t know really others I’m trying
to understand Evelyn really oh gee I feel like oh jeez oh
yeah earlier you were mentioning what races
she’s my Deering apparently she was raised in LA okay but you know she’s
like a nigerian american so i just kind of feel like those girls were ganging up
on her and evelyn felt some type of way when oh she claimed if you smash Chad
you know I’m fine and you know everything’s been Evelyn they’re coming
out you got receipts because what she wanted
to do was expose her and she printed out all these text messages because Chad
texted her and said oh yeah I wasn’t trying to talk to her but you know you
on you know and then OG pulled up receipts from 2011 prior to Evelyn’s
marriage yeah yes and that’s what Evelyn at that moment that’s when you thought
Evelyn her whole demeanor change as soon as she figured of oh you were talking to
him I was gonna marry him the next year is like all that she started going below
the belt saying all the type of things talking about she’s dirty
I don’t want to be around her all cyber crazy saying I’m just wired what so you
really have to speed on this you know on stairs I actually didn’t watch it
because my cousin without my house like literally this weekend and we are really
went over there fo and how why I’m sitting here watch somebody but hang on
a second are you african-american are you Hispanic what what are you because a
lot of people now are up in arms about you know Evelyn but truthfully I mean
she was doing this ratchet shit years ago and it was all good so to be I am
Caribbean you know but I was born and raised here okay new thing you know
so the main point about it is I just didn’t like this like she’s been acting
like this I feel like they allowed it whenever it was convenient for them but
now that she said that is hiddenness the headlines and stuff I feel like they’re
gonna try to come out with some damage control like she’s been doing
oh I’m asshole I seen it but whenever the asshole I seen the face was going on
like a last year or two you never climbed in drag you know you
always felt disrespected they’re claiming the black identity why do you
want to climb in now will you feel the heat while she’s under attack no I mean
like going to Cle I like the fact that oh jeez you know bringing that heat to
her because you know for years she was known as the bully yeah exactly I want
honestly no I know that is gonna sound like the rest- but honestly I wanted to
see her and uh oh gee you know catch a fade you know you can’t be solitaires and not
expect somebody right right you know streets want that you know
Reed’s want that no how will you throw Miami asking how do you oh I’m actually
25 oh sweet Jesus I gotta go fight start talking crazy but thank you for a listen
to the show thank you so much thank you okay you slowed my dumbass down shit
Ronnie we doing some research or what whoa what do we leave off that yeah so
part two is gonna come on next week on Wednesday okay okay and I mean I want to
see if she’s gonna for the part to come from that room wherever she was
recording you know they had the camera on her because like the caller said I
kind of want to see if they’re gonna get to you know blows or what’s gonna happen
probably not be because they have so much security there but I don’t dislike
Evelyn I’m not trying to see her bag gets stopped and you know I’m too old to
be saying all parents all her I don’t want to do that but I’m just asking the
question because it’s a different climate now and clearly what she was
doing you know years ago was acceptable it was all good but now you have people
saying oh she’s raised this yada yada yeah even though race is a social
construct you know and you know she’s putting up a little emojis at the Puerto
Rican flag you know I don’t know I can’t sit here and say let’s get her out of
here I can’t say that I would be I would really be slipping if I said that you
know but I’m just asking a question Thank You Corey for your super chat he
said yo Starr I hate that bitch nigga Jason fucking uninformed ass Wow okay
Jason’s neck okay let me go to super chat okay
penis tuck with the tape duck let’s get it boss nigga hey Ronnie hey girl
chuckle chuckle cha fuck electrical tape get electrical nipple clamps and bite
down on an Ethernet cable help me okay oh I got the information about the naked
cuts okay I don’t need that okay but but you can give out the website or
something what is it okay so gentlemen if you would like to get a nude cut you
can go to Twitter this is the twitter handle hollywood it’s spelled each o ll
i wud on twitter and you will be able you’ll get directed to the location
where you can get a nude cut okay if it’s pornographic let’s not promote that
you know just somebody sent me some shit on fucking instagram i said whoa whoa
whoa where we going you know just extra shit going on also a BL sends in a super
chat he says respect to black Ronnie the hate room trolls sitting naked in $40.00
staples staples office chairs start staring at each other shots of her banner talking greasy okay
thank you a view okay I run I think we’re done here tonight it’s getting
late I gotta handle some other business and then get some rest
thank you for bouncing with me tonight Ronnie anything else you want to mention
a promoter or suggest or anything no I wanted to one other point I wanted to
make was that towards the end of part one there was a clip where Shawnee is
sitting down with mark Lamont Hill separately just him and her
and she’s saying that you know I want to have a discussion about colorism so it
looks like they’re going to keep this a trending topic all the way through to
the second part of their reunion as they should as they should it’s the internet
is fucking lit right now let yeah yeah Thank You Ronnie have a good night I
have a great night thank you okay thank you all right white girl Ronnie on the
check-in she’s really white guys she’s the picture that we put up that’s not
really her I’m I’m snitching hold on a second give me a second we shut down
this phone system give me a second we’re done with the calls tonight guys thank
you so much for your patience I know we were a little sloppy tonight I just I
couldn’t sit here and talk about Basketball Wives for two hours I don’t
watch the show like that anymore I have in the past let me just say that I’ve
enjoyed the ratchet shit you know just beyond ratchet and and and again we live
in a different day in time so I like the fact that these YouTube bloggers that I
did mention earlier and maybe I should mention them again put some respect on
their names they were informing me on you know what’s going on with regard to
this topic Shirelles world Erica de niro TV jamika Andrews you two can be great a
king of reads check him out while he Evie he went in on Jason Lee and I don’t
know Jason Lee so I’m not trying to come at his neck but you know I just I
thought that king of reads really just the way he broke it down with regards to
you know if you don’t really know the world of colorism or understand it or if
you don’t live it don’t don’t poke your nose in that’s what he was saying king
of reads all so Mary Jane TV creation great content
hang on a second who else did I forget to mention here okay I’m doing too much
anyway hey thank you for your time tonight let
me get Ronnie’s banner and let’s get AVL’s banner up first okay he supports
the machine thank you sir you are appreciated with your donations and I
will see you guys at some point tomorrow take care of be safe and good night you

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  7. Rashida Strober has some very deep seated hatred for ls bw. It is downright dangerous. Now she's with a ls dusty oops excuse me man. God help them if they produce a ls girl. Child gonna be all messed up in the mind.

  8. I despise that damn show!! None of them are basketball WIVES!! They’re either divorced or just a bitter baby mama!! Hell Evelyn was never even married to a basketball player she was just fucking them 🤦🏾‍♀️The show needs to be called: “The hoes the basketball players used to fuck” respectfully 🤷🏾‍♀️🤣



  11. from 1:15:26 – 1:16:16 This nigga Star singing “Kentucky Rain” by Elvis and hung up on the damn caller cause he said fuck Elvis😂😂 I hollered!! Fuck you star🤣🤣🤣🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾 I love this damn show🤷🏾‍♀️😂

  12. I live in Atlanta there are Dominicans and Puerto Rican’s here that guy prolly think they Mexicans! Smhh that’s how most people categorize them! Lol

  13. Please tell Rashida Strober that her last name is extremely popular up here in Northern Canada. So many super pale Scottish with that last name.

    Respectfully 🇨🇦

  14. The so called black activist woman is like most women….a living, breathing, walking and talking CONTRADICTION.

  15. And you still beleive ochocinco wasn't provoked by this Evelyn chick before he assaulted her? Everytime my shawty watches that b ball wives bullshit all I see is her flipping out and wanting to fight bitches. Im pretty sure she put hands on chad when she found that condom…

  16. "85…85…we need you on set for a head-butt…" …lol🤔😀😏🏈🏈🏈🏈 where's Chad when u need him…😂

  17. Samuel Little lmaoo…the guy is a bum ..
    The FEDS will run with this cuz it fits the shit about Black people that been out..

  18. Samuel Little this will be on TV SOON, OR MOVIES!
    Samuel Little (born June 7, 1940) is an American serial killer who was convicted of the murders of three women in California between 1987 and 1989 and one woman in Texas in 1994. He claims to have killed as many as 93 people, and investigators have linked him to over 60 murders. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has confirmed his involvement in at least 50 murders, which makes Little the most prolific serial killer in United States history; he allegedly murdered women across 19 states over a quarter of a century ending around 2005.[

  19. Why is skin color and issue among black Americans and black Latinos the mainstream don’t give a fuck about any of y’all

  20. She talking all that shit but got a light skin n*%%# news flash chick your daughter or son will b lighter then her

  21. Only the dark skinned women in the system deserves Evelyn’s donations? She sounds as crazy as my psych patients 🙄

  22. Yeah you can go ahead and cancel that a basketball like it rained one on but a fake shit working at the watches that they were there

  23. europeans don't tell you by color but you gets treated like a color! lol. not that big difference. americans forget that the whites from there were from europe! dumb.

  24. Rasheda was right about everything she said haters and people in denial and dont want her to speak the truth and want her to shut up. Those the people she talking about lol .SMH theyre the problems.

  25. The first caller has some real hate going on…Sis I haven't done shit to you ! Lay the F off of light skin smh yall keep dividing us in the black race! Trust when l get pulled over, they see my black ass as BLACK,nothing else. I was even sat on the curb on some remedial shit during a traffic stop. So stop the buffoonery!

  26. Hello Star. Don't know if you read the comments on your posts, but I wanted to know if you got my email (sent 10/1 at 4:31PM)…about 'the new clip'? Continued success!

  27. Evelyn definitely has crossed the line period 💯💯💯 she is Bluntly racist and colourist ! I am sick of the black women who cap for Evelyn 🤦🏽‍♀️

  28. Yep I like me some light skin Evelyn. She's easy on the eyes an don't have a thousand yards of weave with a nasty braids nest beneath.

  29. Jesus Christ just because youre dark skinneded and someone says something your don't like doesn't mean they are a colorist

  30. Yooooooo i was in college when that freaky london shit happened studying for a midterm and Star did like 3 shows in a row about Freaky London ohaahahahaahahahah. That first show, Star was wearing a Red STL Cardinals fitted and that shit was one the best ones ever

  31. im light skin but i hate all blacks! you nasty down low/gay blacks make me sick!! why dont you nasty blacks build something the EYES CAN SEE??????

  32. Man this chick Rasheeda lost me dawg. 1st she talkin bout all this darkskin power shit but then you got a lightskin nigga?? Wtf smh foh

  33. Ronnie Ebony, just turned THIRTY-FIVE, belated ‘Appy Birthday 🎂 🎁
    ‘Ave a drink 🥃 on me…..

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