Dice Media | Not Fit (Web Series) | S01E01 – ‘Nero The Hero’
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Dice Media | Not Fit (Web Series) | S01E01 – ‘Nero The Hero’

Hi, I’m Neerav Kapoor and these are my profiles. That’s just a little joke. Actually this is how we give our
introductions inside during auditions. Of course, that is after we are
“Fit” to audition for the part. If the casting director says “Not Fit” then that means no audition,
no introduction will have to try someplace else. Anyway, I am Neerav Kapoor but the really cool people
get to call me Nero. I’m an actor, trained actor
from Indian Film School. It’s been two years since
I moved to Mumbai so… I have been through
a quite a bit of fit and not fit… But mostly fit.
Obviously… Sir… – Sir… Sir… Not fit. Not fit. Not fit. Not fit. Fit. Yes! Yes, thank you!
Thank you! Yes! What’s the big deal! Why so jubilant?
Put spit on my face!! I definitely have a better personality than this guy. Ok! See you guys.. not! Nitesh. Akhil. Neerav. Sorry guys, only 3 people at a time. Yeah but, you called my name, Neerav. I am Neerav. But it says Neerav Kapoor. I am Neerav Kapoor. You are Neerav… Kapoor? Yeah… But it’s my hand-writing.
I’ll prove it to you. – Hey! Aha! Dude, they have gone inside. So I’ll take this queue-sheet. Hey! I came first.
Sit down. First you?
Man, I came first. Can you believe! I had to wait two hours
extra in line until Neerav Kapoor’s name
was called out again. That guy had just come in.
Stupid Neerav 2. That’s what they do in Mumbai.
Step ahead… Aren’t you coming to audition?
– You go ahead, I’ll come. These are all “Not Fit” people. I was fit. Give me the queue-sheet.
– Why? This is exactly what they do in Mumbai.
Get ahead stepping on other people. But I can never do that. You know why?
Because “A” I’m talented, I don’t need all this cheating. And “B”, I am a Kapoor.
We don’t do this kind of thing, get ahead in line using the
last name Kapoor. You can probably make out that
I’m not what people would call a… “Struggling Actor” or a “Struggler”. I hate that term. Why would you call somebody that.
It’s so degrading for an actor. Anyway, do you think a struggler
would be able to afford something like this? Obviously not. So I must be doing
pretty decently for myself. It belongs to my uncle.
He’s in the U.S. so… letting me stay here. Very nice of him. This morning, my cousin
Robin has arrived from Delhi. He too wants to be an actor so
he’s come to learn from the master. Mumbai rains are
absolutely unpredictable. I’ve been known to be a great mentor. Lots of people ask me,
how I stay so fit… And I always motivate them to lose
weight and stay fit and healthy. even when they start losing their
hair or their nails become brittle, as a result of my diet, I still manage to fix it for them. I call it the
Nero Carb Diet. Because of the…
Zero carb, Nero carb. It’s funny! Since today is your first day, I want you to observe me and get
a feel for how things function here. I don’t want you jumping in
cold turkey and getting frisked. Now I’ve come to know
through my network, which is pretty widespread by now, that there’s an ad audition happening
here for people of our age-group. Some days, it’s too crowded, but if we’re lucky,
there’s no crowd at all. Now, there’s a 70% chance
that I will “fit the bill” and they will let me audition. But there’s also an equal chance
that I might not. So there is a 70 percent chance
that you will fit the bill and a 70 percent chance
that you might not? Exactly.
– Oh! What? No, no! That’s not the point.
You’re not getting it. The point is, if I’m not fit, I should not be disappointed,
because it’s all part of the game. And even if I do get fit,
I don’t need to get overexcited because thousands will audition
and they’ve to like my audition, look, lots of variables. It took me 3 months before I got
my first break in Mumbai. Oh, yeah,
Crime & Criminals! We watched that episode.
What was your character’s name? Jail Inmate No. 3.
– Oh, I thought No. 2. Look, all I’m saying is that maybe,
you might take more time, so don’t let it frisk you.
– Yeah. It’s going to get hard
but you have to stay on top. Freudian Slip! Today is that lucky day. Sorry man. Not fit. Yeah. Didn’t I tell you… One second… one second. Would you like to audition?
You’ve got an interesting face. Yeah.
– Yeah? No he’s just…
Time pass. No… can I come in? Yeah, yeah, come inside
I’ll tell you what it is. Ok, I’ll come.
– I’ll see you. Hey, hey, hey!
Are you sure? I don’t want you getting frisked
jumping in cold turkey. I don’t even know what that means.
So I am jumping! Ok, I’ll see you. Fine. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you. Hey, you are still here? I told you, you are not fit. No I am waiting for someone
actually. Well then can you wait outside, there is
not enough room for actors here. Yeah? Did you see that? He just tore his pants
while he was trying to… And it seemed like he was flirting with me. Good job, man. Yeah.
– Thank you. – Really good. Hey, Boss!! I told you, you are not fit, man. What? Am I not saying it right? Oh, no. He’s my brother. He’s a good actor.
I’ll introduce you. Nero! No. I’m good here. No, I want you to introduce
yourself to Akash. Please make it quick man. He’s just coming. Hi. Akash.
– Nero. Why are you wearing hot pants? I had another audition for a comedy.
This is what they required. But you weren’t carrying this.
You didn’t even have a bag. So! How was the audition?
– Oh he’s a great actor, man! Seriously he’s a really good actor
yeah. Quite a lucky day! Oh, Nice!
He’s learned it all from me! Good boy. Nice. Nice. Very good!
– Anyway, I’ll go. Lots of work. Ok, man. Thank you very much.
See you in the evening. Yeah, yeah.
Where are we going? No. Just… a few of my friends
are making a film so I thought it would be nice for him to,
you know, come and network. Yeah. I won’t be able to come anyway. I’ve another audition.
It’s a comedy. This is what they required, so…
– That’s sad, yaar. Not in the mood to drink either. See you.
– Thanks man. Thank you. Thank you very much.
– Good work, man. Bye. Yeah, bye. Audition…
Audition was good huh? What is wrong with you? Arre! This is for comedy audition. Comedy is fine but
why are your legs so skinny? Today is a very auspicious day. Robin got that ad – the audition
that I helped him for. I told you I’m a great mentor. But even more auspicious is the
fact that I got that other ad for which I had to wait 2 extra hours
because of Neerav 2’s cheating. But it was worth it. So they’ve called me today
to the production house, for costume measurements. Smell Dung Media. I know. For new people this kind of
a name will be a little strange. But I am very used to it by now. Let me tell you. These ad guys are total wackos. They have weird ideas,
very creative, with weird hair. It’s all very exciting! Has some actor come? What happened, bro? What happened?
– Amitabh Bachchan is coming. Amitabh Bachchan is coming? Amitabh Bachchan is coming! Yes! Me and Amitabh Bachchan
have crossed paths. Do you know this
Smell Dung Media? I am doing an ad there actually. Do you know this address? Please read it out.
– Smell Dung Media… One minute. Just stop here.
Let me find out. Damn it! This is the same guy. We were just here. He has brought us back
to the same place. Yes. Yes. That’s what I am saying.
Smell Dung Media. I have been roaming
around in Bandra for an hour now. I can’t find this place. Oh! So I’ve to come to the
production office. Ok. Ok. Just stop here. Could’ve just walked from home. 500 bucks for the cab!
But I’m not going to let it frisk me. Good struggling day story for when I appear on
“Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai”-type shows. Ah! I’ve reached. Number looks correct but the name… May I help you? I’m Neerav Kapoor…
I’m here for the measurements. Neerav Kapoor? But we have finalized this actor. Dude. But how did that happen? In the queue-sheet this guy’s number is
there and in the audition tape… it’s somebody else in that order. But then who is this guy? Do you even remember
seeing his audition? Alright, so it wasn’t exactly
an “auspicious” day. But Nero never walks out
of an experience, defeated. I once heard a speaker at a
multi-level marketing seminar. And he said something
that really inspired me and I live by it till today. If your life is free of failures
you aren’t taking enough risk. It’s a little difficult to understand
that quote, but… once you get it, it’s really deep. Basically what it means is, umm.. Imagine yourself at an airport,
or entering a mall. Some random security guy comes
and shakes you down. Frisks you. Leaves you feeling
humiliated and small. But it is up to you
to take it in or not. If you let it affect you,
if you take in that frisk, you feel like a failure. But if you don’t,
you are a success. And therein lies
the secret of my success. I do not take in a frisk.
Not a single one. Hence my life is free of failures. If your life is free of failures, you are not taking in
a frisk. Hi, we are Dice.
We hope you enjoyed this video. If you did, please like it and
please share it with all your friends so that they can all benefit from
the knowledge contained in it. Also, Nero is casting for an ad
in the next episode and he’s specifically looking
for non-actors like us. So if you’d like to be part of the ad,
leave him a comment below. Yeah, and in case it’s already
too late and the auditions are over then please subscribe
to this channel so that you can stay informed
for future updates. Stay well. And follow the Nero Carb diet. No, you follow the Nero Crab diet.
No, you follow the Nero Crab diet. Look at me and look at you!
You follow it.

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