Dice Media | Honest Valentine’s Day
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Dice Media | Honest Valentine’s Day

How much you are making me spend. You are spending so much with the hope
of getting laid tonight. C’mon! Bow-tie and all! My favourite slacker. You are again leaving early? Sir, unlike you, some people actually have a life. Today is Valentine’s day so I have to go for a
romantic dinner with my girl friend. You have fun with your excel sheets no! Go home,
have two rotis with dal, watch porn and happily sleep alone. Later…I have got a client’s ass to kiss. Bye. Dude may I take your Enfield which you bought
from your parent’s money. Of course dude! Finally some girl would
sit on my bike. Keep your focus on the road
and not on hitting the brake. Once again revealing clothes. Sometimes you can wear salwaar-kameez. Papa I need my boyfriend’s full attention today. At least today he should not be talking about his ex. Like he did on new years eve, diwali, holi, his birthday,
my birthday, independence day and even yesterday. Wish me luck! Okay baba, good luck! And… Don’t forget to take your scarf.
Otherwise you will find it difficult to hide the love bites. Papa, don’t worry about it. I’ll hide
them using my hair. I knew it. Alright, enjoy your Valentine’s
and good luck once again. See you. Prick, today also you came late. Now wait and
see how memorable I make this dinner for you. Such an expensive place and
you are pissed off. I’ll just say sorry to make you feel better
and maybe you will have some pity on me. Wow! an expensive sparkling
water from no where. It goes well with your fake image. You dog, try and be a little considerate with my wallet.
Anyway, I will take my revenge when I am tipping you. And I will piss in his food. Ma’am can I suggest you some
exotic looking, expensive dishes. I have done my homework. Okay, I would like to have – One second ma’am, let me show off a bit. I would like to have exotic, expensive cocktail
number one, this unnecessary appetiser number seven. This never ending platter. Expensive looking French dish number four. And this unpronounceable greek item. Ma’am…one can’t looking at you
that you eat so much. I eat less but order more. Sir, you must have pissed in your pants. Now will you order something or
will you take bites from ma’am buffet. You guys have increased the prices right? I literally had to beg my friend to give me
20% discount coupon and check this out… Well what do I say? For dumb fucks like yourself.
We have increased the prices by 25%. And we came out with 20% discount coupons. So that we can fuck around with dumb fucks like you. Wow, these guys turned out to be smarter than even us. Because of people like you, we need to be smarter. You must have heard the motto of our restuarant –
High end shop, average food. Fuck off. I’ll just go to the bathroom and check
how much money I have and where is the exit. I got something for you… Without thinking much, I bought this wallet for you but
I expect you to be a little more original than me. What an irony right? You spend my money
and then end up giving me a wallet. I know right! Alright, now give me your cliched
gifts and disappoint me but I’ll act all excited. Yes. Awww…you forgot the milk bottle. There is one more…wait…wait…wait… Flowers…that will wilt and die in two days. Wait…there is one more. What is this? I read an article today on ‘eleven things
to do on a Valentine’s dinner date’. It was written there, that one should give chocolates
after dinner because they act as an aphro… Aphrodisiac
– Aphrodisiac. Jackpot time. OK, now I will say a few romantic lines
that I read from a Whatsapp forward message. Sometimes…when the nights are dark – Just get to the point. Thank God! even I was getting so
bored saying that shit. Let’s just cut to the place and
head to my place. I hope I still have a chance. After those gifts? You have got to be
kidding me. Please man, no seriously, please…
please, please, please, please – OK, OK, OK..
– Please, please, please, please… Taxi! Good stuff sir! You are one of
those guys who makes everyone wonder… How the hell did this guy
manage to get this girl? Ya-ya…you dick! Adjust your mirror
and casually check her out. Now it’s fine… Sir, please start right away…
At least, today I’ll get to see some live action. The thing is I will be driving the entire night.
By the time I go home, my wife would have slept off. Please start… Sorry man, besides having performance anxiety,
I have social anxiety also. This is it. Just stop here. Happy Valentine’s day sir. Please give some tip. After all,
today you will be having sex. You are a pervert and a married man. You must have
had so much sex. Have you tipped anyone? How can I tip… Congrats man…
– Thanks man. And you are looking banging hot today.
What the fuck are you doing with this guy. Dude…leave fast. I still have a chance. And to ruin your Valentine’s day ,
he forgot your bike at the restaurant. Thanks dude…
– Oh what are your plans? Nothing. I must have messaged 50 girls
since morning but got no response. Now I will go to some shady bar,
order a quarter and getting totally drunk. By the way, you prick,
I hope you don’t last for more than two minutes. At least brush… Even your mouth smells
like cheese. If I tell you then even
I’ll have to get up. – Fuck it
– Fuck it.

100 thoughts on “Dice Media | Honest Valentine’s Day

  1. Sala aise kon baap khudki larki ko aise bolta hai…..Haam hote toh hamari gaar maar ke raakh deta….love bite toh dur ki baat

  2. 1:36 😌wht she said bhainchod ?😂

    Wow hospitality of Waiter is so oxm 😂

    Every restaurant need that type of Waiter 😂🤘

    5:27 Car se zyaada ab log auto me jaate hai 😂

  3. I wish is video ke liye main laughing emoticon waala reaction de sakta instead of liking it…..😂😂

  4. God.only if the subtitles were good,I would have loved it yaar.i dunno Hindi but I love your content nigga.plz sync the subs.

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  6. One of the amazing video I saw on Honesty Concept. I think you guys are looking enjoying more while shooting it

  7. Lmao dad said to take scarf so tha she can hide love bite! Aisa kon dad hota hai bc 😂😂😂😂

  8. This total Concept is so yuck!a father and daughter talking about nasty things.bf and gf are talking about sex!all fake relationship

  9. Bc aesa konsa baap hai jo love bite chupane ki tips deta hai
    Mera baap hta na to sala love bite to dur belt bite zroor dr deta puri body par

  10. Educated , high society , modern log ese karte hain…. middle class low class logon ko sarm hai aj bhi… ese baap ka bas chale to apni beti ko condom bhi dede sath mein…

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