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Are you crazy, dude? Do you realize the impact if Greece defaults? The loan amount is a whopping
323 BILLION DOLLARS! 323 billion! If Greece gets f****d the Eurozone gets f****d. And if the Eurozone gets f****d then the whole
economy is screwed. Get your facts right. Dude, calm down. It’s Greece. Not America. So? India’s foreign exchange reserve alone is
greater than 350 billion dollars. Then we’ll probably have money left over for
ice cream once we buy Greece out, right? Until 2000 the Indian cricket team only
played for a draw. The Pakistanis & Australians would keep thrashing
us in our own backyard. It was ‘Dada’ (Ganguly) who instilled a
play-to-win attitude in the team. Dhoni was served a winning team on a platter! Really? Who won us the T20 World Cup
in South Africa? Yeah, sure, it was Dhoni. The Champions Trophy in England? Dhoni. So what? And the World Cup in India? It was Dhoni, alright.
What’s your point? What the hell did ‘Dada’ achieve then? He taught us how to win! Dhoni is the best, man. By the way, what about Azhar? *chorus* He was just a dumbass! Don’t make a sound. Gimme your watch, wallet and
whatever else you have! Sir, that thief… Hi. Come, sit. What are you in here for? I was eating a beef burger on the street. Damn cop caught me. He says
I could be in for 5 years. What about you guys? I am a standup comic. I used the
‘F’ word twice in my show. One time I just tripped on a cable
and cussed absent-mindedly. Been waiting for my bail application
to go through for a week. I was directing a period film, where the
railway station was named ‘Bombay’ Central. The local political party took
offence and jailed me. I’ve been here for 5 days. 4 days for me. Actually, I’m an investment banker. These political rallies keep causing
traffic jams everyday. So I was frustrated and I tweeted
out against a politician. And I retweeted him. I’ve got a rape case registered against me. Some asshole even made a video
of me in the act. These cops caught me last night
and dragged me in. But nothing to worry about. My uncle is a local politician.
He’ll figure something out. Who’s turn is it? Prashant Kamble! Your bail has been approved. Have fun, guys. Hey, we hope you enjoyed the video. If you did, then let us know in the
comments below, and if you are tired with all these bans, and if you want to help us get out of jail, then please click the ‘Like’ button, subscribe to the channel, and yes, don’t forget to share it with
all your friends. Thank you!

100 thoughts on “Dice Media | Ban Ban

  1. A very true and a silent message for all of us…
    U guyz done a great job..
    Hey, Dice media and all of u, give me a one Chance to do a job with you all.. Gud Luck 🙂

  2. So you could only find a Marathi surname for the bad guy? What is the point you are trying to make? He could have been Prashant Khanna if you wanted to give him a surname. Was it necessary to give him an identity?

  3. Hi, Kindly remove your film from FB and promote this as a youtube link on Fb and everywhere. I will help you in doing that. I liked your work. Getting it live on Khurafaati. in, that is my website. Can contact me on [email protected]

  4. Very Unfortunate to see a Lower caste surname being used to depict a bad guy! Why should they use the Surname? Cannot it be Simple, vijay, vinod or any other first name than showing a particular community in low light. Is it Deliberately done? Interestingly no other characters name is mentioned…..Don;t understand what you were to trying to achieve through this video when you yourself are full of hatred.

  5. This video is nothing more than over exaggeration of a issue and subtle fear mongering.
    We all know that nothing like this can ever happen but still these so called liberals wants others to believe in it.

  6. Everyone talks about problems but no one talks about the solutions. Please make short films for solutions.
    I like the film but want positive movies.

  7. We are in a die hard need of a revolution.
    Revolution begins with making people to think for themselves.
    Good eye opener I must say, keep up the good work guys.

  8. Guys!! You guys nailed it.. message well delivered. But, kisi na kisi ko toh offended feel hoga. Yahi reh gaya hai iss desh mein! Anyway, waiting for more from you. All the best!

  9. Seriously…this is soon going to be the state of affairs in India. Hope I am not jailed or banned in India for liking this video….lol

  10. Nice Video Guys… Can I be a part of your team? I've some cool ideas for videos and was looking for a team since quite a long time.

  11. If I see such video I think that there is huge talent in India and some of it not affected by brain drain . Its refreshing to see these videos these days .

  12. Actually even I have a YouTube Channel, Cookie Way. 500+ subscribers. It will be great if you could check out a few of our videos.
    Good luck with your channel.

  13. Fantastic work guys. Kudos. Bring something new, other than abusive vulgar shit. This is meaningful. Expecting a lot from you.

  14. it hurts that how sarcastically accurate this video was… still loved it… you guys should have a lot … and by "a lot" I really mean like atleast 100 times the subscribers you already have… Best of luck Dice media 🙂

  15. its ok to fine on eating beef as its disturbs PEACE, ppls should know understand that their tongue can do massive disturbance by logical ppls of our great indian & now for that logical indian population BHARAT MATA KI JAI

  16. yes im tired of all these bans except beef one… my religion is hindu and i want beef to be banned!

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