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Devyne’s Friends Put London in the Hot Seat | Ready to Love | Oprah Winfrey Network

So how are you doing?
How’s this going for you? Are you ready for love?
– Absolutely. I wouldn’t be here otherwise.
– What was your longest– What was your longest– Yes, girl. BOTH: What was your
longest relationship? On and off for
about eight years. Who messed it up? Nobody. You know, I played football
for a couple of years, and I think that I went
through a period of time where it was kind
of a down slope. And I can admit it
now, but, you know, sometimes you go
through a depression where you transition
back into the real world. Yeah. And a relationship just was
not nothing that was important. You got a little
something on your lip there. Oh. It might be chocolate. Oh, it might be. So, what you
think about Devyne? What don’t I
think about Devyne? OK. Well, we just want to hear
about three or four things. So let’s go ahead
and get started. Personality, by far. OK. Yeah, because I’m
silly and goofy. And, indeed, she is
very silly and goofy. Yeah, big time. She’s just, you know,
just good people. When it comes to work,
she’s about her business, which is huge with me. You’ve got to be more
than just beauty. You’ve got to have
some between them ears when you dealing with me. But you’re seeing
somebody else. Huh? He said, huh? There’s another. I was a little bit
nervous, because Linda’s response can either go the
right way or it can go south. I had no idea which way
this was going to go, and I was just rubbing my
palms, waiting for answers. What does she have
that Devyne doesn’t have? That’s hard to kind of
put that into a category. You create different
connections with people through this kind of journey. I mean, there’s
just not one person. Right. Could you see yourself
being with my girl? I wouldn’t be sitting
here if I couldn’t. Could you see yourself being
with the other young lady that you’re entertaining? It’s a possibility. So if you had to choose
today, who would it be? I can’t answer that question. You answered it on
your birthday, though. No I didn’t. At my house, you did. No I didn’t. Yes, you did. If they say, OK, London,
pick one person you want to ride off in the sunset with. Who is not going to be? – Of course it would be you.
– OK. I mean, why would
you even question that? You asked me that
question when I was sitting on the couch, and I said–
– Yes. I can’t make that– OK, so she did
ask the question. Yes, she asked the question. Before you just said
she didn’t ask that. No, she asked it. I mean, it got me nervous, man. Give me a little something. They put me on the hot seat. We’re just asking
basic questions. That’s something
that I was not prepared for today to fully discuss. I will say this. If I was asked that question,
I would know where I would go. But, I mean, the fact
that you don’t know makes me feel that I need
to re-evaluate some things. I kind of put my eggs all
in one basket with London, but if he isn’t ready
to nail down a decision and make it clear that he’s
really interested in me, then OK. I’m going to go to the left and
see what’s going on over there.

58 thoughts on “Devyne’s Friends Put London in the Hot Seat | Ready to Love | Oprah Winfrey Network

  1. Honestly I'm not really with the friend question who you're trying to date. It's one thing to introduce them to your friend and just let the moment present itself not with 99 questions. Because they are not dating him and there so many levels and layers to people that you may not even never know about so with their reservation and judgment probably need to change The Narrative of that section.

  2. Honestly I think London is a player Suge Knight look alike. Because if you pay attention to him talking he got caught up in a lie twice in less than 5 minutes of the conversation. I feel like he tells women what they want to hear.

  3. I was surprised that London opened up about his depression. He was pouring out his heart, which he has never done with her and she immediately shut down his conversation. Women need to listen more and talk less. Red flags reveal themselves when people speak.

  4. Londooooooooooooooooon….however,she has roooooooo much make up….and that turns me off…but ok she doesn't care ,she doen't know me so….

  5. Devyne should eliminate herself and stop wasting her time with London. He is a 40+ fuckboy and is not looking to commit to her or Alexis. I see nothing wrong with Devyne questioning him about where she stands with him. The show is about finding love after all, so the assumption is that these grown folks are serious about love and are prepares to have hard convos about the future. Too many black women passively go through relationships with a man assuming he’s all in and commuted without ever asking him about what his intentions truly are with her. Next thing you know 6 years and 2 kids later, he’s telling her they were never really together and he feels no obligation to her. Devyne is over 40, she simply does not want to waste her time if London is more interested in Alexis. She has the right to know where she stands so she can make an informed decision about London. I see nothing wrong with that. I’m 32 and have no interest in wasting my time either!

  6. Hey @OWN! you have deaf viewers that really enjoy your videos. Could you please start putting subtitles up as an option for your clips??

  7. He has a temper those eyes say it all.🤨 Definitely does not like being in the hot seat. Her friends focused on the wrong thing asking about Alexis. This is not a solid connection Devyn needs to come harder then focusing on Alexis.

  8. There is a process and individually you should expect answers like this. Both sides have the opportunity to have a selection as well. 💁🏽‍♂️

  9. As gorgeous as she is, Devyne is a little too focused on London who doesn't seem all that committed. She really should have been more like Alexis and gave herself options until the men made their intentions very crystal clear and exclusive.

  10. Dyvne friend resembles Tamar Braxton 🤣
    However, I don’t trust London’s connection, he’s very playeristic like my goodness bye she need to find someone older.

  11. He must be better looking in person, cause I just don't see what the attraction is… His personality is blah, and screams "I'll waste your time"

  12. As we get down to the final couples the trashness in London coming out. He likes to play the game. He’s not ready to commit to anyone.

  13. London is a player and he's willing to play it with Devyne because she's thirsting over him and I know he sense it from inches away. That dude is not looking to settle down anytime soon and at that age whatever a man is ? That's what he is and can't nobody do anything to change him unless he wants to change along with God's help. London is just there to hav e fun, play a game, and try to see if he can get a hype off of fooling with two women and see a cat fight about who wants him more. Even if he would walk out the show with someone ? I can guarantee it wouldn't last a week. I don't see anyone of the guys seriously wanting to commit besides Cari. Everyone other man ? games, games, games

  14. I don’t watch, but from this clip and the way he answers those questions, tells he is full of crap. Every answer, Why wouldn’t I, What’s not to, I wouldn’t be, Short nothing answers, so he doesn’t have to use his brain , to articulate something more deeper..I would hate having a conversation with him.

  15. Devyn hunny "BIG SUGE" is a PLAAAAAAAAAYA and not trying to settle down with you or nobody else 🙄🙄🙄🙄.

  16. This man knows he truly wants Alexis. And the fact that Devyne has to KEEP questioning him about it should signal to her, "He's not that into me." STOP PURSUING THIS MAN DEVYNE

  17. Dyvine asked him the same question so many time's he eventually gave in and told her what she wanted to hear. Also i feel Dyvine is trying too Hard and not giving him room to chase. Smh shes doing all the chasing and she gives off desperate Vibes and she also puts too much pressure on him to commit. Like Dam! Yall still on the talking Phase. Get to know more of who he is, his values, his character and stuff… She's wants a commitment from a man she barely even know. Girl take it easy and slow down

  18. London sat up there and lied. He did tell Devyne that he would choose her out of all the woman. It's clear he just told her what she wanted to hear. London is feeling Alexis more. Devyne needs to move on.

  19. Last week I was singing this mans praises . This week I’m not sure. On another note that chick looks so much like Tamar

  20. “On and off for 8 years” girl run!!!!! Anybody who can waste 8 years of their life AND someone’s life is a red flag! It shows extreme indecisiveness.

  21. “On and off for 8 years” girl run!!!!! Anybody who can waste 8 years of their life AND someone’s life is a red flag! It shows extreme indecisiveness.

  22. I wish this show would require real commitment and teach better communication. I don't what a dating show like this with black people. We are desperate to be seen…..we are loving, thoughtful people and very ambitious…. Season 3 needs to be revamped…. I dont want to see a fake dating show…. get some dating experts and relationship coaches asap for reason 3

  23. Gorgeous ladies! Thanks for supporting us. Don’t miss any of our IG Lives for insiders and cast interactions. IG: iammslexo

  24. London is so full of ish…big Ole' bear looking self! I don't see what's the big deal about him. Just lying straight through his teeth…all I here is that "Charlie Brown" speak…"womp, womp wa womp womp womp!"

  25. I feel like London is here just to be crowned the winner of this show. I hope I'm wrong but the way i see it…i mean he can't even remember what he said to her on his bday 🙆

  26. I'm still stuck on his outfit. She put in all this effort to look the best shes ever looked on this show and he looks like he's having beer with his homie.

  27. London does not like Devyne she wants to sleep with Devyne. She fits a type. He gave a generic response about how he feels and he lied. Girl leave him

  28. London is a lost for cause, looking for a friend's with benefits… Devyne wants to be the center of validation, Love Thy Self, London is a major liar, straddling both sides of the fence… #redflags

  29. Devyne was all puffing out her chest & bragging how London told her it was her over Alexis & now he’s denying he even said it 🤣

  30. Women are crazy af.. why come on a dating show where you're supposed to get to know different people than get upset that the men on the show are "getting to know different people". Lame as hell

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