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Devyne Questions London About Alexis | Ready to Love | Oprah Winfrey Network

DEVYNE: I like the
spread, so far. Do you hear me?
– You know what I mean? I like the spread, so far. Oh, yeah? Mm-hmm. I appreciate that. Can I help you with anything? You can open up some stuff.
[MUSIC PLAYING] It’s a little hard.
I need a little help. I’m straining.
Ugh-uh. Oh, yeah?
Whatever. – It’s just hard.
– Look at you. [RIP] Thank you. (WHINES)
You’re so strong. Wow. [LAUGHS]
[CRINKLING] Girl, stop. DEVYNE: [LAUGHS] What are
you looking for, London? Thing about it is,
I’ve done it all. About to be 42-years-old,
I need somebody solid. Whether you’re an alpha
male or alpha female, you all want to have
somebody that got your back. DEVYNE: Mm-hmm.
– Period. So that’s really
what I’m looking for. Loyalty. Respect. Equally yoked. All that good stuff. DEVYNE: I was like,
woo-hoo, a breakthrough– because typically our
interaction is just gazing at each
other and grinning, and telling jokes and laughing. And that was the first time
he really kind of got serious. I need something open this. LONDON: Mm-hmm. So are you saying
this to anyone else? [MUSIC PLAYING] Absolutely not. ‘Cause I heard that– [POP, POP, POP] –you had a little
thing for Alexis. Ohhh. [POP, POP, POP] Oh, oh, oh, oh. You hear me?
I– [POP]
–heard– [POP]
–you– [POP]
–had– [POP]
–a little thing for Alexis. [MUSIC PLAYING]

100 thoughts on “Devyne Questions London About Alexis | Ready to Love | Oprah Winfrey Network

  1. man all this damn cake on her face is killing me… the excess makeup is such a turn-off…. just wait until you have to wake up next to her real face and you won't find out until you done passed up all the women whose face looks pretty nice under the makeup

  2. She looks like the type that’ll pull up to your job if you don’t answer your phone on the third ring. 😂😂😂

  3. Hilarious a man who knows how to say all the right things to a woman whose heard it all. Looks like Dev is more intuitive than Alexis, straight hilarious.

  4. All the female on this show have horsehair and some to damn aggressive now some of the guy ate looking for one thing ONLY LIKE REALLY

  5. im gonna call it i reckon these 2 will get to the end .. i think he will choose her because alexis is not as desperate…i dont see the 2 of them lasting

  6. Even if she was messing around 🙃 Forget it,tried. She’s definitely crazy man. What did that meat ever do to her 🤷🏼‍♂️

  7. Lol, the show is funny to me. They're looking for real love but you have to get beyond the physical vibes they give. I thought when looking for love you don't flash your physical assets to catch. Just a wondering a

  8. @ Tommy and OWN….

    This season of folks get a thumbs down😞

    Show idea…Why dont you for the next season show…

    Put up 20 men and 20 woman on line…and let US…🤗

    THE …VIEWERS.!.pick ! out the 10 men and 10 Woman.. who will be on the NEXT Season.👍🏿👍🏿

    And why don't You have a Female! Counter Part to help the Woman get Threw…the dating Process👍🏿👍🏿

    Take Care😊

  9. Ahh! She already had forgot they on a game reality tv show everbody even her suppose to flirt catching some kind of feelings nobody know each other like that.

  10. But in the beginning she didbt want him, she said she knew him long time n she was even sending him to the girl who he went on the date with n now she want him

  11. It’s clear ms.devyne likes London more than he likes her. Why is she asking him about Alexis in an accusatory way?! He’s there to date. Duh! She showed her cards by becoming jealous.

  12. Let this be a note to single woman dating and trying to get with a man, never bring up another woman in conversation with the dude… Focus on you and him no one else!!!

  13. She wants to be chased, but he chasing Alexis… And that open shirt with the gold chain, bruhhhh 👀 . . So they both corny

  14. This season is so eye opening. They leveled the playing field but the women are still acting insecure and desperate while the men explore they're options.

  15. Devine needs to go find Chaka! I'm reading comments about she's not dark enough or she's to light to be crazy! You better sleep with one eye closed and one opened!!!!

  16. Be careful nah Sistah!(lol). Don't cut the Brotha with the knife 🔪. Ya"ll dating and not courting. There is a slight difference between dating and courting. As a single, you can date more than one individual, but you need to eventually downsize it to the one you are going to make your man/woman. However, when a man and woman are courting just each other, they usually have intentions of getting married 💍

  17. Stop worrying about the other girls and focus on making a connection. You can't make a man want you by interrogating him.

  18. Devyne's flirt game is too strong…she acting like she looking for a f*ck buddy.
    London is fairly clever and not gonna zone in on ONE lady too soon

  19. 🚩🚩🚩🚩 so we gonna pretend like her stabbing the meat isn’t a red flag especially since the person is dating lol

  20. This is a competition and everything woman and man for them selves. Instead of her showing him that she's the crazy jealous type she should have showed him a more sensual side of her. What sets you apart from the other women. IJS….

  21. Devyn….my sister NEVER EVER LET THE OTHER WOMAN THINK SHE GOT YOU WORRIED…once she KNOWS your bothered by her she's gonna use it to her ADVANTAGE ……..

  22. So it comes down to her and Alexis; a battle of the red bones!
    The knife thing was a cute lil joke, calm down people! "Good natured Patronizing"

  23. I love Devyne! She plays it cool while being transparent with her feelings. If he has interest in others, why is he moving around the questions, esp at this stage of the game?! Ugh Men!!!😂

  24. London is fat, fluffy and self absorbed. Over here calling women thot pockets when he looks like Gramps. Were it not for his lil bit of money, and the man shortage down there,he'd be Ready for the Glue Farm. Not Ready to Love.

  25. a lot of these guys on this show looks gay especially thje guy with the mohawk, Black women are so beautiful to bad we cant find a decent man

  26. the premise of this show is ridiculous — what sane man seeks a woman way past her prime for a serious relationship? females peak at around 23-25, not 40. men peak in their 40s and 50s.

  27. Lawd , this is great for me but pointless for them 😂😂😂😂 another season without real connections … y’all I just started my YT channel would love for y’all to check your girl out ❤️❤️❤️

  28. She can only get attention by physical means. She has absolutely no conversation…BORING and NEEDY, LOW ENERGY, shallow and vain. My mother calls her type ding bats.

  29. She's for real coming off as being insecure, she feels threatened by London's connection with Alexis. And it's too early on for her to be acting this way!

  30. She really messed it up and blew her cover by asking him about Alexis. Now he knows she see's Alexis as a threat and she's jealous.

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