1. If you feel an instinct that's been around for a long time be wary of fulfilling it with something that's been around for 10 years.
    Cal Newport

  2. I never had a smart phone, because i always was pretty skeptical about social media and all this stuff. All i need my phone for is doing calls (i hate to write sms…). But i spend a lot of time in front of my computer. a big lot. Much more hours a day then you was spending at your phone in the beginning of this video. After i read a book (i guess "offline" was the title, not sure anymore) i did 30 days without Internet and mobile phone. This was about 9 or 10 years ago. But since then my longest timeout was like one or two weeks a few times, when i had holidays.

    And yes, every time i took a timeout it felt very good. I get closer to myself and it's easier to enjoy all these small things in life.
    But when i get back home i slowly get back into my habits every time. Often more then before.
    Your channel is a real inspiration and i would like to thank you guys for your rich input!
    Right now, i try to convince a friend of mine to do like our own "project 30" because i don't really think i'm persistent enough to do it on my own.

    i really would like to join you guys one day at one of your adventures, but by the fact i don't have snap chat and i'm not planning to get it soon, i hope one day you gonna ask me something on a street i can say yes to 🙂
    keep your great work up. You guys are amazing. Thx!

  3. I have been living without social media from a year now.. A lot changed in my life, i read over 60 books, i changed my lifestyle, I learnt new things, started learning new languages, I got back to drawing, i started to wake up early and sleep early and i found that this actually suits my lifestyle decluttered a lot of unnecessary stuff in my house, came to the concept of minimalism where i started to live with less items. getting rid of social media is the best decision i have made in my life

  4. I actually deactivated all my social media apps today. Might get them back in a few months or so but we will see. I feel like everyone is just trying to brag about how cool they are but at the end of the day nobody really cares. I think true friends will just call or text if they want to talk! I kept youtube because I don't post videos, just watch so I don't really consider it social media. Will update later!

  5. After watching this, I truly realize that I have all the time that I need to fulfill all that's in my "To do list" or my "Dream list". I just didn't know how to manage my time effectively. But nowadays, it's hard not to use any social media apps because that is where we connect to people about school, work, other important stuff, and a lot more. I would really want to try this. I will for sure try this in the future. No, actually, I will do this in the future. Thank you for this video.

  6. This changed my life. I've been off of social media for 3 months now, I deleted my Snapchat, Instagram, and youtube. In this time my attention span has improved, I find it easier to talk to people, and I'm less stressed all the time. I used to not be able to read books or even focus on a single task at a time. I'd scroll through Instagram while watching Netflix at the same time, now I find my self reading for hours and staying more focused on tasks when I do them. I believe this is because I'm no longer being bombarded with notifications and checking my phone hundreds of times a day. I also find my self more engaged in conversations with people now that I don't open Instagram and start scrolling every time a conversation gets awkward, I was using my cell phone as a digital pacifier and it was unhealthy. The most important change is that I feel much happier now that I'm not wasting hours of my day and what will amount to years of my life maintaining useless social connections or browsing useless content. Thank you Yes Theory for changing my life and I strongly urge anyone who feels stuck or needs a change in life to try this out. It will change your life.

  7. Every time I want something to push me into being away from my phone I watch this vid. And I go 2 or 3 day without social media.

  8. The first thing i realized in just two days after "social media detox" is I don't need it for happiness because real joy can be created not virtually but in the real world with friends to bond with. Also, I tend to judge people who's on their phone scrolling up & down while talking to me, kind of insulting because it makes you feel that you're not there but they don't realize that to theirself because of social media and they need detoxing too. Did my social media detox 5 months ago for a month, after that did it again for 10 days 2 weeks ago, and now again I'm on my 11th day again and aiming for more longer than 30 days.

  9. Can I please give this like 10k thumbs up? Needed this to understand that I need to stop being on social media so much!

  10. Thank you so much for inspiring me to delete my Facebook account and be more productive with my time. I'm now 3 whole months Facebook free and it feels great, I never used Instagram or Twitter because neither sites ever appealed to me. It feels great not being distracted by social media. I just use Youtube now, but I only use it through my laptop as I was spending too much time on the app, so I deleted it off both my phone and my tablet.

  11. I am a proud member of flip phone gang! u guys should do a week where u switch ur "smart" phones out for flips

  12. Starting this tomorrow for the entire month of August. Thanks for the inspiration and brilliant idea! Peace.

  13. i have a problem with how your doing this. you didn't make one change you made several. So how do you know what exactly worked? you should have just quit social media and went on with your life for the next 30 days

  14. One of my new year's resolutions was to spend less time on my phone and I haven't even tried so today is the day, thanks for inspiring me to do this 🙂

  15. my phone literally wont let me delete the facebook app. I can disable it but it "may cause problems on other apps." any way around this?

  16. I have always put myself on restrictions when it comes to being on my phone too much. I can go weeks without Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. The only thing I have a problem staying off of – is youtube lol

  17. YouTube would be the hardest for ,e to delete. I’ve gone a couple weeks without social media before. But YouTube/games were harder for me than anything else.

  18. Ive actually been off instagram and snapchat for almost a year now and its taught me to take pictures for memories, not for others to see or like it. I still go on youtube and pinterest to pass time. But if i were to get social media back, id definitely use it very differently.

  19. Okay so we quit social media but we still have to stay in youtube becouse i need to watch these video's for less 1 hour a day 🙂

  20. I used facebook only 2-3 times in 10 months..it was actualy pretty nice, but so weird how i lost contact with my friends lol..

  21. 2 weeks ago I've watched this video and deleted all my social media accounts except YouTube because I can't stop watching yes theory 😊

  22. Definitely going to try this out, really seems like a great amazing idea in order to have some clarity in this hard world.

  23. I use my mobile to connect with family far away . Being a expat in another country is kind of important to connect . Then I read online and use social platform listening and watching positive influencers like YES THEORY

  24. I deleted Facebook&Messenger and Instagram apps on my phone, for 8 months and still counting. I felt better but it was a huge adjustment not just for me but also to my family and friends since we commonly use msgr to communicate. Now, i think they get used to it. They only send me sms(text) that concerns me. No unnecessary msgs. No bs. I'm planning to do this for a year but so far I'm loving the flow so might do it foreva 😆

    Can't delete YouTube and Twitter tho because informative entertainment and latest news and updates from the world, respectively. 🙈

  25. Seems counterproductive and slightly insulting when you run a social media app company and asked people to subscribe for YEARS

  26. Bro, I´ve been almost 2 years without any social media instead Wassap and YT, and I really can tell u that that sensation of freedom is something you really didn´t have at all instead you make that decision.
    Social media can be something gorgeous in order to share stuff, or whatever good thing you can use it for.
    However, it also makes your self esteem depend on likes and on what other people think. It also makes something that you won´t think it´s happening: Well, when you start sharing your privacy, it gets one point, that that word, "privacy", denatures, just for the fact of start sharing also what are you pooing.
    Just for ending, the fact is, if you wanna meet someone, meet her/him in person, face to face, you´ll meet that person, not the person he or she it´s exposing to the world in social media.

  27. I haven't had social media for 4YEARS. 4 YEARS. Yes i still kept YouTube but no ig no snapchat no fb no nothing. My professor tells me all the time how many people he sees (working as an aircraft mechanic) get a job that pays 45$/hr and end up getting fired bc they can't stay off their phone during their probationary period. My relationships are great, the ambition to study sky rocketed, my guitar playing sky rocketed, the depression i went through has decreased, my relationship with my father has gotten alot better. Overall the best 4 years. People i meet in college look at me like a WEIRDO bc i don't have social media. Im 21, deleted social media when i got in college. Best decision of my life.

  28. When he panicked about being on his phone 4 hours a day, I was like that's how much time I spend on just YouTube!! 🤣

  29. I haven't had social media for quite some time but still aren't able to do the things I passion to do because I am the definition of broke ass bitch. Lmao

  30. When u quit social media, u can actually see how many real friends u actually have. When I was on social media every body would always dm me and talk to me, but when I quit social media, nobody actually messaged me (they have my number). It’s sad but it’s the truth.

  31. I already didnt use any social media except WA (since i use this for my business) for more than 2 years. And i think its bring more positive to my life, i feel more free and have more time in my life.

  32. I really want to try this…but as a student in school, I use YouTube or social media to tutor myself or ask for help with friends. Is there anything I can do? I know I will be dragged deep into YouTube if I touch it.

  33. I am going to do this
    I’m going to start slow by limiting my screen time then I’ll eventually delete social media for 30 days !! Goodlord 😂 I’ll update you guys!

  34. I deleted Facebook 2 years ago as I felt that the toxicity in that platform was affecting my spiritual growth. It was the best thing I did that year as I suddenly had so much time on my hands. For the first few days, I honestly didn't know what to do with the time I had. I read more books, spent more time meeting up with friends and still had time to idle and reflect. I didn't delete Instagram as I work in PR and I use it for work (I had to manage a few client's instagram pages) and my photography and music. Taking public transport, i felt left out as everyone around me were glued to their phones, something I didn't realize until then. Fast forward a few months, I spent even less time in Instagram as I felt that I now enjoy being in the present with the things and people I'm surrounded with, be it people watching, catching up with friends or just stopping to look at the birds and flowers around me. Facebook friends who noticed my disappearance had to contact me via calls and Whatsapp and I always initiate a meetup to catch up instead of reading each others feeds.

    It doesn't have to be all your social media – just one you spent the most time in. You can see the big difference. And in my case, as time passes by, you spend even less time in other platforms because you'd feel that it's way better with physical human interactions than through a phone screen. More memories are made that way. Try it! 🙂

  35. I tried it and went 11 days. I would watch TONS of YouTube like literally all day but I didn't use very much of other social media. I work a lot of hours but I also have a lot of down time during work but that means that I couldn't do much outside of work. But I ended up exercising a bit more. I also read 3 really interesting books.

  36. It's not easy to end using social platforms since we are surrounded by people and friends who use it. Next thing I knew I was spending more time in social media after taking more than a year of hiatus.

  37. This is the best challenge of all time. Check wht it leads me too. This is the vid that sum it up. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEyrm5ysmHBpWiAHzqbVvbH5lbipRGclJ

  38. Being able to manage social media usage gives you more time to learn new things , learn about yourself and just enjoy life.

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