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Hey guys, it’s Meghan Tonjes and you’re watching Frequently Asked Tonjes In the past I’ve used these to kind of talk about my pains about kind of Youtube and internet stuff and just things going on in the world that I have a very strong opinion about We’re gonna continue that. We’re also gonna start releasing these on Sundays We’re gonna go to church. Here. #ChurchofTonjes [laughs] Oh, god. So before I even start this video, let me say: I’m very appreciative of free online social media sites and platforms Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, all of these places that I love to go because I come from a past of, when I was younger and I wanted to share things that I was doing and be creative, I had to buy bandwidth and storage space and write and code my own websites And it sucked and it was expensive and it sucked. So, so thankful! I don’t complain often about little things But sometimes when things happen that aren’t so little, I have to say something Basically, Instagram — we gotta talk. So if any of you follow me on Instagram, you know that I post a variety of things including my puppy and food and pictures of my butt. I have no shame. I posted photos along my kind of weight loss and transformation of me in gym clothes in underwear, um, just photos of parts of my body that I’m like, I’m just super happy with and I’m super proud of and I’ve embraced kind of getting older I have pride for my curves, my still very fat body, I like a lot. So about a year ago I posted a photo of actually out by a friend’s pool, tanning And I was wearing a sports bra and underwear, completely covered. And the adsense on my Tumblr got taken off because [laughs] they said that I was posting pornographic material. Completely covered but fat. Therefore, pornographic. [laughs] Recently, I had a photo that was flagged and taken down on Instagram This is the photo. I’m sure I’ll get a million comments saying yay and a million comments saying ugh, why would you do that, I’m so disappointed I like my butt. So when Instagram removes a photo, you get an email saying basically your photo was taken down because it was flagged and it was deemed inappropriate Uh, in consideration with the community guidelines These community guidelines include posting photos that aren’t yours, harassing individuals or groups, sharing photos of illegal content, sharing photos of violence and photos that contain nudity and mature content Totally understandable, but Instagram, I’m gonna need you to define nudity and mature content for me Now nudity is defined as having no clothing, permitting or featuring full exposure of the body Now when someone is in their underwear or in a bathing suit, we don’t call that nudity If we did, every beach would be a nude beach Generally nudity involves your genitals being exposed which is not the case when you’re… completely covered [laughs] I might be getting ahead of you here. I’ll slow down a little bit. Now mature content is a little more vague in its definition because we live in a society where we call mature content things that we’re uncomfortable with. That’s why people have an issue with women breastfeeding in public because because we’re taught that breasts are inherently sexual That a body that is exposed is inherently sexual. And this relationship that we have with our bodies and sexuality is in part why things like rape culture exist Why you hear people say “Well she was dressed like a slut so she was kind of asking for it” We assume that if our reaction to a body is sexual, that the person who owns that body had the intention of creating those sexual feelings Let me tell you personally why I find it annoying that all of these photos are on your site and don’t get taken down, and this photo does I want you to think of how many big girls you see on the internet, on television, in magazines wearing bathing suits, lingerie, shorts, dresses, tight fitting clothing who aren’t openly mocked. Who aren’t torn apart as being “disgusting.” Who aren’t made to believe that when they wear the exact same clothing as people with thinner bodies in the same social situations that they are disgusting and should hide themselves And now you have the answer as to why a lot of girls who look like me and by a lot, I mean not very many post pictures of themselves showing their thighs or their stomach or parts that other women and other people show proudly and are never questioned on because that’s what we’re used to seeing and we’re comfortable with that You have the opportunity to be a platform where people can engage in a very body positive community can openly share their lives, including their bodies, in a very appropriate and positive way Falling all within your community guidelines. And I don’t give a f*ck about how comfortable people are seeing that Being uncomfortable is different from viewing nudity or pornography I would hope that it’s a goal of yours as a platform to make sure that close-minded, ignorant and hateful people don’t abuse your report feature, which is awful. I will say that there is an “I don’t like this photo” selection when you go to report a photo and when you click on that, Instagram basically takes you to a page and says get over it. Unfollow or block this person for posting a photo that you personally are uncomfortable with That’s pretty solid f*cking advice. Now I don’t blame Instagram for the fact that there are people in this world who just feel like because I’m uncomfortable with something, everyone should be uncomfortable with something But I do have to say, Instragram, you have no customer service It’s frustrating that there’s not an email, there’s not a phone number, there’s no button I can click to be like, I want to repeal this and I want to like actually have a human being look at this line this up with the community guidelines and either give me a yea or nay. Basically this lack of a real system means that anyone could send their friends over to any account flag a bunch of photos and have an account completely taken down for really no reason ’cause no one’s kind of overseeing this process That sucks as someone who uses this site and stores kind of their life on this site and is excited to promote this app, is that there’s really no safety. There’s no one watching out for the people using the actual app who are doing so in good faith and following your community guidelines. Like, Daddy Instagram either needs to come in and say, okay, anything that causes impure thoughts anything above the knee, any picture of a model, a fitspiration site, Playboy’s Instagram, anything where someone’s on a beach and not wearing a snowsuit These are all inappropriate and don’t go with our community guidelines And then take all of those photos down. Or they need to start protecting the people who use their sites Of all sizes, of all bodies. I don’t like double standards. I don’t like when a site doesn’t take direct action to define its own rules and to enforce those rules fairly. I don’t like it. And finally, Instagram, you say that you shouldn’t upload a video or photo if it’s something that you wouldn’t show a child, your boss or your parents And to that I say, hi Mom! I will literally send pictures of my butt that I put on the internet to my mom before – in a text message and get her approval before I put them online. Because not every mom body shames and if I had a child, I wouldn’t raise them to hate their body and to hate the bodies of others. And I wouldn’t work for someone who wants to body shame and thinks that I shouldn’t be allowed to be on the beach in a bikini. Or to wear underwear. Or to follow community guidelines Ohhh I’m sorry, did I make you uncomfortable with my body? It’s not an apology, I don’t really caaaaare though So what do you guys think? Do you think that this is a problem That this is something that Instagram should fix? And if so, how do you think they should fix the system? I think it’s pretty flawed. But I’m sure many of you disagree with me. I love you guys all very much. Every Sunday there will be Frequently Ask Tonjes where I will talk about important life stuff and tell you my unfortunate opinions about them Also somewhere in this video there’s a secret annotation to a…channel… …that I’m starting… It’s gonna be awesome, you know what I’m saying? It’s gonna be awesome That’s not the name of the channel but it’s gonna – it’s gonna – it’s gonna be awesome And there’s gonna be a lot more body positive stuff on there and maybe I’ll show you hair and…? makeup and clothes….Mmm Need more plus size bitches in the beauty world. Yeeaahhhh! Okay. I love you and I’ll see you all soon. Byyeee!

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  1. "Because we are taught that breasts are inherently sexual" well because they are. We aren't taught that, we are just sexually attracted to breasts. Men and women get off to breasts making them a sexual thing. If it's okay to show your breasts, it's okay for men to walk around with their penises out, even around younger women. Your statement it flawed.

  2. let me tell u what.. fat girls will never have the same rights as the the thin or we can say normal bitches and i guess just guessing that u actually like that fat body of yours and that's why u did this video because they removed something people shouldn't see for they own shut up and stop making videos..u aint Adel ☻ @Meghan Tonjes 

  3. God xD I love you Meghan ASDFGHJKLL you make me feel so much better about myself, your confidence is contagious and I'm glad you exist

  4. I love this. Your ass is great girl! Have no shame, the shame is for all these people who have the audacity to criticize a beautiful woman because nothing is more beautiful than feeling confident in your own skin.

  5. I will come to this church every Sunday Miss Tonjes, you speak so well and with so much truth and I am with everything you have preached. Thank you!

  6. Seriously..There's more important things going on the world other than insignificant things like people's pet peeves with a social media website for removing their butt pics..WTF. A whole 8 minute video about this crap? Go donate some money or time to charity or something. Also, for those people who are self conscious about their fat body image, just become vegans and start doing mild weight training..Trust me, all your excess fat will melt away fast and you'll no longer have image issues. Stop supporting the abusive and murderous meat and dairy industry. They generate billions of dollars a year off of gullible meat lovers who eventually get fat and have self image issues from all that hormonal animal meat and dairy they eat and drink.

  7. This reminds me of that ANTP episode where the photographer had problem working with a relatively curvaceous model because he said some poses came out to "pornographic" with her. God forbid we take photos of women, this show here is about models!

  8. Tell them how it is because if skinny girls can have picture or their why can't curb girls can't have those picture as well they are so discriminating people like us lol

  9. You are entirely contradictory in this video. How can you honestly claim that you yourself had not sexualised the photo of your butt first. You said yourself it's because you like your butt, you find it attractive and, as you'll understand, attraction is inherently linked to sexuality. You seem to make no distinction between breast feeding, wearing a bikini on a beach, and posting a real close up of your ass. There is one.

  10. It is definitely a problem on Instagram. I can totally agree with what is said in this video. As a body positive person, I think that Instagram needs to take action. I love you and this video is pure gold.

  11. If you don't like them, STOP USING INSTAGRAM! Jesus Christ.

    No one is forcing you to use it. It's a fact that most people don't like to see fat people. MOST PEOPLE DO NOT FIND FAT PEOPLE ATTRACTIVE. It's not rocket science. If this bothers you, stop fucking posting those pictures! Why do you need to post them? You need some kind of validation for your insecurities? Because that's what it looks like. If you're that comfortable with your body, you don't need to post things like that. I don't. Why? Because I rather not have people look at parts meant for my girlfriend. Then again, I also have respect for myself.

    If I don't like something, I leave. I don't bitch and whine about it. I don't get pissed and bitch that people NEED to accept me because I think I'm attractive. No one NEEDS to accept you. No one needs to like you. At the end of the day, no one gives a shit but you. All your "followers" and fans DON'T CARE. They say they do online to make themselves look good. Once they are offline, you think they think about your pictures constantly and think how amazing they are? NO.

    Seriously, this self absorbed, entitled attitude people have nowadays is ridiculous. Maybe I should have told you off on your hilarious video of "fat people myths", giving the obese more excuses to be the way they are. Done.

  12. Meghan you are gorgeous. Also smart, interesting, and funny. Keep loving your awesome self, and eff the haters.

  13. Ah body positive. Also known as:

    "I'm too lazy to lose weight, so I'll make everyone accept my fat."

    And we wonder why the world is going down the drain.

  14. I want sooo bad to become one of those sexy bitches in the beauty section on Youtube. I have recently gone through some huge life changes and I am sort of rediscovering myself and that is something I want to share #FAT #Bodypositive #meghantonjes

  15. Its funny that you did this video in May of 2014 and all the issues you described about Instagram, especially their lack of customer support, are STILL an issue.

  16. I cant believe these comments saying 'if you dont like it then stay off social media.' riiiiiiight, so because she's fat she can't use social media because you don't like it when she stands up for herself and lots of others? and to the people who are criticising people for saying she would be under a rock if she didnt go on social media, stop being such a fucking hipster trying to preach that you dont need social media to live your lives and that youre 'already dead' if you depend on it, its the modern world. its how you find out about things, get your word out there, meet new people these days! accept it! and she should not have to remove herself from something she enjoys so these ridiculous people dont have something to talk about. Plus shes sticking up for so many groups of people, just by using her example of overweight bodies. so should all of these people just leave social media? breastfeeding mums, recovering anorexics, overweight people, people with disfigurements etc. is social media just for perfect people that people wouldnt go after? no.

  17. You feminists dont like being objectified, always hating men for looking at women's bodies but you post pics like that. Well ta da! Instagram did you a favor. now no evil man will look at your body. You women are confusing '' ew stop looking at me you pervert!'' then> *goes off to post semi nude pics online for the whole world to see''

  18. they should fix it and go respost the picture if ur butt. i love butt pics and shit if ppl dont like it then they shouldnt look. haters needs to fuck off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

  19. Whom ever flagged your Instagram photo was just jealous that you are more comfortable in your skin then they are.

  20. yyyyyaaassssss guuurrrrllll …… sorry i got excited. I agree i think one rule for all or no rule at all. Its not just instagram that does this similar issues happen on facebook and its a pain that people report things they dont like and instagram or facebook then have to review and once they do this it gets removed. Its …. i cant think of a better non offensive word but stupid

  21. Thank you for this post. Well said, excellently expressed, with common sense and dignity. Totally digging your vibe.

  22. Funny about instagram… search penis and you will see a long collection… and they are not seen as sexual nor pornography

  23. you should have the fame that other Meghan has. Her music is poop. Whenever she''s trending, i get all excited until I see it's "trainor" instead of you. Then I'm hit with the crushing disappointment.

    Also: Your butt is great and people are trash.

  24. i know im late but YESS, yesssss!
    I'm 5"7 and weigh 75kg 165 pounds, which isn't 'thin' but I can still take photos in ways that makes me look more instagram model-y, whenever I post underwear or a bikini I get the most likes and 0 problems, then my friends who weigh a bit more have their accounts suspended for nudity, which is just them in their underwear or at the pool and it makes me SO MAD. But I don't really know what to do or how I can help when it is not my account.

  25. I opened up instagram right in front of my parents to see that one of my recent followed pages straight up had a picture of like 10 DICKS. I proceeded to report the image but didn't block them to see if instagram would actually take the photo down, a week later it said "your report has been updated" but the picture was still there 😑😑😑

  26. Im glad you asked what we thought of your video tard rant. Two things , one you just proved to the world that walruses are sexy and two , you proved that the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree. Thanks for keeping it positive

  27. Meghan…..thank you for your message. I'm glad that your proud of your body, and there's nothing wrong with your body and it is beautiful. …We need to all be like that. We are not all size 0 and most of us are size 14 and above. so again Meghan thank you for your positive message.

  28. I just adore you!!!!!

    My boyfriend constantly tells me he loves my body….but I was raised to hate my body, and made to feel that I should be ashamed of what it looks like.

    It has taken me YEARS to begin to love and accept what I look like. I am so thankful for people like you who are so confident and positive.

    Today I love me even more!!!

    Thank you!

  29. OMFG I totally agree with the people in these comments…you need to get over it. They took it down ok. You showed your butt. Some people probably women because no one objectifies or hates women more than well…women. Blame the women who thought that wasn't appropriate. I doubt any man is saying damn she got a Fat ass let me flag this. No. get over it.

  30. If you are ok with your fat body, then why do you go to the gym and seem to be so proud of your weight loss?

  31. If you want to share your ass with the world so much, post them on porn hub instead. Not instagram. No one wants to see that on Instagram.

  32. I was underweight for a long time and photos of me in a miniskirt, not even underwear got taken down on insta and tumblr, so…should i assume that only thin girls are porn now?

  33. Hey love I wanted to comment that your beautiful attitude and self acceptance inspires me. That's all. You've made a difference in my life. A real difference.

  34. In another video you say about fasuits that they make you uncomfortable, therefor they should never be used. Yet people being uncomfortable seeing your butt are wrong and stupid. "I don't like double standarts". ~ L O G I C ~

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