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DEAN – instagram

I know tomorrow is coming But I can’t let go of my phone Sleep just isn’t coming to me, yeah So I’m on Instagram, Instagram again So many hotshots here Some are on vacation I didn’t press like Cuz it feels like I’m the only one like this Inside Instagram, Instagram It’s a problem In the whole world It’s the same love song But it doesn’t touch me In my night There are too many thoughts It’s complicated Changing it up so often I don’t wanna do this This damn information age There is definitely a problem These days, knowing more Makes you more miserable As time goes by It gets harder Am I the only one? Don’t wanna go clubbing Don’t wanna watch a movie
What else is there to do? I just end up in my neighborhood There’s a hole in my heart Nothing can fill it up, yeah I’m sinking right now Inside a square ocean It’s a problem In the whole world It’s the same love song But it doesn’t touch me In my night There are too many thoughts All night
Just wasting time like this Inside Instagram Lonely lonely so lonely Are things always this hard? No way no way, in this feed People are living in a different world from me I’m useless Posting these pictures But no one knows My hidden feelings behind them I’m wandering again Inside Instagram Yeah so how are you these days? I’m still the same, can’t sleep Your short hair looked so pretty But I didn’t press like Cuz it just seems a bit funny All night
Just wasting time like this Inside your Instagram

100 thoughts on “DEAN – instagram

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  2. I'm here after watching I.M.'s cover of Instagram… damn… This song is so meaningful… I'm in love with this song now…

  3. 미친.. 이런 감성적인 노래 오랜만에 들어보네요… 좋은 가수분 하나 알고 갑니다ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  4. This isn't my normal kind of jam, but I like this one A LOT. It makes me feel all kinds of indie film protagonist– awkward, insignificant, but hopeful. Thank you for these feels.

  5. may i have everyone attention please…this just came in, hip hop is alive and well..i repeat, hip hop is alive and well…your welcome

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  7. Sound good💞💞💞💞💞💞💞😘😚💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞😍😍😍😍😍😍

  8. Teacher: ok, y’all! Bring instruments for the lesson tomorrow!

    next day

    Everyone else: brought an instrument

    DEAN: brought skateboard


    Everyone else:

    DEAN: what

  9. Hi, if you’re new here, just letting you know that you’re on the path to discovering flawless music by (an) artist(s) who work(s) day and night to deliver soothing music 🙂 have a nice day/night

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  11. Social media helps us escape from reality and fill all the flaws you've got in that empty room in your heart, that room is sometimes filled with love, but most of the time it fills with a fantasy that crumbles your heart even more.

  12. "In my night there are too many thoughts.."
    I think a lot of people could relate to this line but lets take our thoughts on step at a time!

  13. only us real ones love this shit. America is great again with this one.

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  14. Just dropped an English rewrite cover of this amazing song!!
    Hope you like it! We wanted to bring more Western countries to Korean pop culture with our twist on the lyrics.

  15. I came here. Was about to watch the video, but read to some of the comments. Sounded really empty and sad, I knew I was gonna cry from this song. My mom and her friend was next to me, not today satan I ain’t gonna cry right now.

  16. Lick a shot for the gangsta niggas n predicate felons that know that doin they time is better than tellin…DONT TELL DOG! – Styles P?
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  17. wow..i like
    that singer is no.1
    wow..놔뫈 그뤈가요우?
    very very nice 저 노뢔 취저야
    이거 맞나?….
    하…나 영어

  18. У меня одной такое чувство, будто эту песню по моим мыслям и чувствам написали? Аж грустно немного после прослушивания стало. Цените Дина, пожалуйста. Он действительно очень талантлив♥


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  20. "you look so pretty with that short hair, but i didn't press like cuz 'it seems a bit funny'"

    ow, it's a lil bit hurt my feeling dean cus it's my hairstyle right now, i should cry

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