Dead Boy Returns From Afterlife to Tell His Mom About Heaven
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Dead Boy Returns From Afterlife to Tell His Mom About Heaven

I didn’t see what
he was yelling at. I didn’t see the
ambulance coming. But I remember him yelling. That was the last
thing I heard from him. NARRATOR: On a Sunday
morning, in 1997, Julie Kemp, her husband Andy, and
their eight-year-old son Landon were driving
home from church when an ambulance
returning to its station broadsided their car
in an intersection. Andy died instantly. Rescuers stabilized
Julie but did not realize there was a third
passenger in the car. They couldn’t see
his body because of the damage that was done to
the drivers side of the car. And Landon was sitting
behind his dad. And when they saw Landon’s
shoe, it took a deeper search for his body. When they pulled Landon out,
from the back of the car, he was not breathing. And they all started
working on him right away to bring him back. NARRATOR: Landon
was resuscitated and life flighted to
Carolina’s Medical Center. He died two more times that day. And both times he was
brought back to life. Doctors didn’t give Julie
much hope for his survival. They told me that if he
lived, which did not look good, but that if he lived, that he
would be like an eight-year-old baby. That he would not know how
to walk or talk or to eat. I was so desperate
that that was OK. I would take that
just to have him. He was all that I had. NARRATOR: At her
husband’s funeral, Julie remembers feeling
abandoned by God. I was very disappointed,
heartbroken. And while I’m sitting at the
funeral, I’m fussing at God. I don’t understand
why this happened. I don’t understand why he didn’t
send angels to protect us. But in the very next breath,
I’m praying as hard to him as I’ve ever prayed in my
life for Landon to live. NARRATOR: Landon had
suffered massive head trauma during the accident
and remained in a coma. He’s hooked up to all kinds
of machines to keep him alive. And there are no signs. There’s nothing good or bad. They see nothing happening. I kept praying that he
would open his eyes. NARRATOR: After two weeks in a
coma, Landon opened his eyes. To everyone’s amazement,
he had no brain damage. But in the midst
of her joy, Julie knew she had to tell
Landon about his father. He had scars on his face and
his head was just full of hurt. And I didn’t want
to hurt him anymore. So I asked Landon,
I said, Landon, do you know where
your dad is at? And he told me, yes. I know where he’s at. I saw him in heaven. NARRATOR: Landon is
now grown but still clearly remembers his amazing
experiences in heaven. I remember being able to
see my dad and his friend Olan Palmer, who had passed
away less than a month before he did, also in a car accident. And Olan’s son, Neal Palmer,
who had died on a four wheeler years before. Never one of us said
a word to each other but we were just
all standing there. He looked over to me
says, oh mom, by the way, I forgot to tell you I
saw your other two kids. And I just looked at him
because I wasn’t sure what he was talking about. But I had two miscarriages
before Landon was born. We had never shared
that with Landon. He did not now that we had
lost two children before him. I knew that they were my
siblings even though no one had ever told me about them. Just being in heaven, I
guess you know your own or you know who everyone is. NARRATOR: He says
each time he died he had a different
experience in heaven. During the third time,
he says he met Jesus and was given a mission. It was almost as if
like a preview of a movie to where you only get
to see certain bits and pieces of things. Jesus came to me and told me
that I have to go back to Earth and be a good Christian
and tell others about him. NARRATOR: Today, through
GriefShare, Landon and Julie use their story to help
others who are struggling with loss and in need of hope. I didn’t understand,
in 1997, you know, why God didn’t send an angel. But I know that there
were angels there and I know that
we were protected. And we are living out
what his plan is for us. Instead of staying
mad at him, I was able to use the story to
help others not to give up and to keep their faith
on their grief journey. I just want people to
realize that Jesus is real. There is a heaven. There are angels. And to follow his word
in the Bible and life does get better at the end. NARRATOR: In her book,
Faith Has its Reasons, Julie says God has
used their experience to bring others
closer to him and has brought new blessings to them. It is a huge
blessing that I get to watch my child tell
others about Jesus. He is always willing
to let others know that there is a heaven
because he has been there. I know I’m doing it for Jesus. I know that he is real. I know that angels are there. I know that there’s a heaven. I’m not doing it for
someone who I don’t know or I’ve never seen. I’ve seen Jesus. I know he’s there. He’s asked me to do this
and this is what I’m doing.

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  2. God is 💯% Real!!! Very much agreed. He loves each of us. He wants us to follow in His Will for our lives cause He knows what’s in our paths. All we have to do is listen to that gentle whisper inside of us as we pray we must stop and listen and wait for His reply. He does reply we just don’t listen very well. I pray to be lead by His Spirit and Not by my fleshly desires. I want nothing more that to honor my Father in the ways I live my life. He is All I’ve ever been searching for. I felt this emptiness all of my life and tried to fill that emptiness with so much other stuff, but when I finally fell to my knees He came to live in my heart and His love filled the emptiness I always felt. I learned that He placed that emptiness in All of His children so that one day when they came to Him and started living for Him, that His love would fill that very spot. I’m a witness to that to be very true. For me there’s no turning back to my old lifestyle, cause I found all that I will ever need, my ABBA Father, Jesus, whom I love and adore with every part of my being. One day soon, I’ll…we’ll get to see our loved ones in Heaven again. That will be so awesome, but I told Jesus, before I see my family that I miss so much, that I want a very long hug from Him to thank Him for all of His Goodness that He’s bestowed onto me and my family in this lifetime. I’ve wanted to hug Him since the time I was young, I think He’ll help that wish and hope to come true. And one day, my daughter, mother, and I will get to see my two miscarried babies for the first time. I think I have a son and a daughter waiting on me. I’m a tad bit afraid for this life to be over, not used to change, but once the change happens and life as we know it is over, I’m sure I’ll adapt. Especially, if it’s in a place with no more sorrow, illness, tears, oppression, depression, sadness or pain is. Who wouldn’t want to live In Happiness for ALL Eternity with the one who gave us life. Sometimes, when I’m at home, I say within myself, that I want to go home. But only when God says it’s time.

    Thank you for sharing such a sad but wonderful story with us. ❤️ May God bless each of you in All of your good endeavors. ✨

  3. Beyond belief.Just wonderful.All should read this.Maybe change on them will come.See scarson the boy!.

  4. this story brought tears to my eyes. i believe and its Gods grace and power in prayers that havr gotten me through on multiple occasions… maybe not aleays in the way i would want or look for but in his wy and what was best for me in any given moment

  5. What a beautiful life changing testimony!!
    I’m glad you’re still with us Landon!
    It’s amazing that you are able to share the Lord with people so boldly.
    Keep on going, brother!
    The only thing we can take to heaven with us are people!!

  6. I to am an angel with a mission. Living short life on earth.
    Today in west usa
    Heaven is real. I lived with god in heaven

  7. okay, please help me with this! if people die and go to Heaven or Hell then why is Jesus coming back because they have already been judged! this makes no sense too me and i know they mean well but we dont go to Heaven until Jesus comes back and resurrect the dead and the the books are open and people are judged out of those books! Is the a hoax or what and lastly, Jesus said no one has gone up to heaven except he who came down from heaven, search the scriptures people!

  8. If you are a true Christian and follow the Jesus teaching not church teaching. You will go to heaven

  9. where is your proof? I respect your beliefs, but its too hard to believe now science has proven most things

  10. We are living within a dream within a dream of endless possibities. Everything we can image already exists. Heaven is just another vivid dream within our consciousness. Our consciousness is projecting at this particular reality at this time and after death, your consciousness moves on into another reality dream state.

    Lynn love channel. 😘

  11. This is a nice story, but the bible tells us plainly "No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has conceived of the things that God has prepared for those that love Him" As heart warming as it may be, no person has ever seen heaven and returned to tell of it. Thats simply the truth of Gods word.

  12. Our Father God… The creator of all things, what a love he has for us all… Such a beautiful testimony of you and your sons faith.. Thank you for sharing..

  13. the truth is most people go to purgatory on their way to eventual heaven the second most eternal damnation in hell and the fewest straight to heaven.


  15. If there is A debate in gods existence
    I have only just one simple question not too many! where did the first human came from?

  16. This Lady's voice is soothing and inspiring..
    Glory and honor to God for everything works out together for our good in Christ Jesus

  17. Oh it’s real. I see them. I see my family who has passed and many more. I never did until a year an half ago.

  18. Because they had just returned from church all the crap about god and jesus was fresh in his mind. That explains why after he came round he had a story to tell about religion/death/afterlife. It's just his imagination crossed over with what he either thinks or wants to happen after death.

  19. Wow, I cried so much. I lost 4 babies due to stress and lies and confusion. This gives me hope and to know I have 4 more children in heaven makes me cry even more. I wonder if any of them look like me. I can't wait to meet them. God is so good and merciful. I love you Father and Jesus 🙏❤️ thank you for everything and thank you for being so loving and caring and mostly for just being completely awesome ❤️

  20. I know Jesus is real but I just have a hard time believing people who write books to make money off of thier near death story…….somebody tell the truth

  21. Another beautiful story & I believe..but why does everyone has to sell books! These stories are to be given away for free, not for profit! Praise Almighty God, praise Jesus!….🙏

  22. I'm an athesist, and the dumbest thing I ever tried was doing a search for "relative believes in end times" to get help in dealing with religious nuts and freaks, but humans suck so bad that garbage like this appears instead.

  23. I don't believe in god but after watching this i just wanted to cry because i'm so wrong about it 😓 i have wasted half of time not believing to our God. I don't believe in God before cause i always questioned him why did he took my dad too early? Did he done something? Did he wanted me to suffer from depressions? And now i realized that everything happens for a reason. 🙂 even though i haven't spent much time with my father i'm hoping that maybe someday when i'm in heaven. i could tell him everything that should have been said before. ❤

    God Bless everyone. ❤

  24. A few years ago I had a dream I saw Jesus coming down a river in a boat.I was on a the bank of the river.He turned and smiled The most beautiful smile I have ever saw.I woke up.With the most joyous feeling of happiness knowing I saw my sweet Jesus.I love him so.Knowing I will be in the arms of Jesus one day gives my heart so much joy.

  25. No one goes to heaven without being judged first…how can you skip judgement??? Plus heaven will be here on earth as the new kingdom…yeah he was dreaming

  26. Just seen this, a beautiful story touched with saddness, I believe Jesus Christ IS ALIVE, Thank you for sharing, God Bless.

  27. Yes heaven and hell is real .I thank God for letting me see and know it everyday.well I haven't seen it personally but my mom once visited hell while struggling through cancer 4th stage and God did heal her from cancer .And so from that moment on God choose our family to run a healing centre.And In the healing centre many young girls go trance and visited heaven and hell and talk with God and angels for what is needed for the healing centre and what is required for this healing centre specially for the sicks. everyday did they go trance.I am very fortunate to have experience this😊 .

  28. Losing a loved is the hardest part of life everyone here knows the feeling. Follow Jesus pick up your cross and tell of him. I can't wait to go to heaven my wife and I miscarried 2 years ago.

  29. Jesus is AWESOME!!!
    Confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus. Believe in your heart that God has raised him from the dead and you will be saved!
    (Romans 10:9)

  30. God is real. I almost lost my mum multiple times and each time when we thought she would die, God once again let her live. But I am going through tough times now as she is in coma now under tracheotomy fighting pneumonia and doctor said her heart is weak due to her blood pressure. Mum has terminal lung cancer and diabetes at the same time, I do hope God will continue to create miracles for her recovery to tell her testimony with us just like how Landon does to glorify and spread God's words to others!

  31. I did not bealiev in god untill i saw this video OMG god is a blessing im sorry and will you forgive me of my sins jesus

  32. I cried when he told his mom he seen his two siblings in Heaven ❤️ such an amazing story! Jesus is awesome 👏

  33. What a Testimony!!! Tears streaming down my cheeks.
    Praise YHWH, All Thanks be to Yahushua H'Mashiach.
    Hope resides in the Holy Spirit, our helper Yahushua promised He'd leave for us…HIS CHILDREN.
    All Praise and Glory to The Almighty, Our Father.
    My heart is so swollen it feels like it will burst from HIS Agape Love.
    I Love This Feeling of Complete Security, I KNOW where my soul will reside for eternity. I know because I surrendered it to HIM wholly on March 23, 2015.

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