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– Shut up. Mom asleep. Open the door.
JG: No, I can’t. I’m naked. Naked? JG: [INAUDIBLE] Ow, stupid. [MUSIC PLAYING] [CAR DRIVING] Come on, JG. I told you I wasn’t waiting. Stay calm today, JG. No fighting, nothing. Remember. Yeah. She can’t have
to come down here. All right. All right. [BIRDS FLYING] [MUSIC – PITBULL, “BORN N
RAISED”] (SINGING) Born and raised
in the county of Dade. Born and raised in
the county of Dade. Land of the haze,
the cocaine capital. We ain’t just getting you,
buddy, we Warren Sapp’n you. We coming hard like them
Cubans in the ’80s, dog. Go ahead, throw it in
the pot, I bet it’s raw. [SPEAKING SPANISH] Hey, don’t touch my clothes. (SINGING) Old Chevy heaven. Old school niggas preaching. Young in wilding–
– You stashing in there? (SINGING) –getting rich
off ki’s and violence. No.
(SINGING) Trick, he’s the mayor. Luke, he’s the king. I’m Mr. 305, put that
on the triple beam. [INAUDIBLE] Miss [INAUDIBLE].
You can check. I was just (SINGING) Holler at
them Haitians, let them know these lick’s on me. What’s up, Dade? You see me. You see me. Born and raised in
the county of Dade. You see them.
– Turn around. (SINGING) You see them. Born and raised in
the county of Dade. –beat your ass. Right? (SINGING) DJ Khaled. In the county of Dade. Born and raised. Born and raised in
the county of Dade. I got roll dogs doing
that 20 to life. You try me and I’m
gonna get 20 tonight. You think your bitch bad,
boy, I’ve got 20 alike. Not the car but they know
I be pushing the white. Dipping Chevy in
syrup, digital cash. No bank accounts,
my money in bags. Go do the physics,
because when I whip it, and I love to whip it,
that’s just another digit. This my city, and my city
you got to tote fire. Right?
We in there. (SINGING) Over town,
they’ll bust your head, because it won’t slide. Brown sub will wet your
ass like a Dunk Ryde. You’re dead wrong for thinking
them chicos won’t ride. Opa-Locka revolver
around that big 4-5. Them little Haitians will
take your ass for a boat ride. In Carol City, quick
Ville kids kill me. You ain’t see the
big old bus coming? Huh? Should have been had
your money ready. [COINS DROPPING IN SLOT] Uh, you got to
pay the full fare. I don’t know you
going to school. I’m going to school. BUS DRIVER: What school? Galvin Middle. Huh? Magnet. Huh. Ain’t you gonna be late? If you don’t drive off, yes.
magnet school kids kill me. Next time you get on my
bus with all that mouth, I’m gonna leave you behind
standing right there. You hear me?
Huh? Magnet. SKY: You all right? Rough morning. Don’t let holmes bother you. Fuck holmes. He mad because his
kid’s at regular school. [LAUGHS] You ain’t regular, are you? Yeah, magnet. Yeah, magnet, that’s good. Magnet means you made a choice. It is going to lead to prep. What, you trying to go to
the Hurston, young brain? Hey. There is nothing down
there– nothing at all. People need to see
your eyes, Dai. You cannot sink down, not today. Ain’t today your presentation? Yeah. Yeah, stay on top,
like a man of war. Keep your head up. Make sure you go first. When you stay ready,
you ain’t got to get. [BOOK DROPS] [MUSIC PLAYING] [PLAYGROUND NOISE] [MUSIC PLAYING] Man of war. What are you doing? [MUSIC PLAYING] Seren, get out now. Good morning, DJ. Good morning, Mrs. K. Hey! [CAR DOOR SLAMS] Have a great day, Ma. You too, baby. Better. [CAR DOOR SLAMS] Good luck today. [ENGINE STARTS] Hey, I see you, bro. Yeah, after slow math. Now, you a clown, brah. What? Everybody can’t be
full-time magnet like you. Genius. That boy, that boy is a genius. [INAUDIBLE] Uh, DJ, it’s too
early for all that. Get ready. Stay ready, you have to
get ready, Miss Cheryl. Get your ass to class, DJ. [BELL RINGS] [MUSIC PLAYING] DR. WOODS-TRAP: Did
no one take the time during the barbecue and
football with the family dog to think of old Woods-Trap? Where do you come from? Show of hands, please. How many did the assignment? Hah! Hoklum, hoklum, hoklum. STUDENTS: [LAUGHTER] From? Come on, people. I’m not making a fool
of myself for no reason. Next year you will thank Dr. WT. High-school classes won’t be
this precise, except of course, if you get him to Mast, or your
parents can afford Lourdes, or Hurston– maybe if you get into Hurston. Now, where’s it from? Was that really
from something, or were you just
making some noise? Two-points off, DJ. I don’t waste your time. Don’t waste mine, talking
about, is that real? Come on, boy, please. [LAUGHS] Earn them back. Where’s it from? Something native
or original American. DR. WOODS-TRAP: Nice. Jesse Atwood, were you ready? Hmm? He wasn’t ready. Marissa, north or south? Huh? Huh. If you can huh, you can STUDENTS: Here. Thank you. There were thousands
of languages amongst the indigenous people
of North and South America. Did old Woods-Trap
learn that in a course in some dusky college hall? Or did her ancestors wash around
the other side of the Andes and take up the war
against the Spanish, with the native people? How did I get here? What is your story? Will there be one? Um. [CLEARS THROAT] I prepared um– Shh. SEREN: –more like. DR. WOODS-TRAP: More
like, or prepared? Don’t waste our time, Seren. No, I begin my study on music. And you can sing, so
you thought it an easy A? Admitting that music can
at times come easy to me, I use that as my start, which
led me to the Galvin family– the family that started
the school back in, um, [CLEARS THROAT] back
in 1939, as the only all black school in the area. There weren’t any other
places for them to learn, so they came here. My dad– my stepdad, Ray, he’s
a great nephew of the farm family, the Galvins. Anyway, what made the school
so popular wasn’t the teaching. I mean, most of
the people around were day laborers and farmhands
in the strawberry and melon patches. But the school had a
choir, that would sing. So, OK, hold on. [FEEDBACK] Oh, sorry, sorry. [FEEDBACK] [MUSIC PLAYING] You all right, DJ? [MUSIC PLAYING] (SINGING) Be my woman,
girl, I’ll Be your man. SEREN: That’s just an example
of the types of songs they sung. They were wordsmiths. And when the laborers
and the farmers would hear it all around
while they were working, they would come and sign
their kids up for classes. So the topic is how these songs
that build railroads, plowed fields, and constructed
schools even– how their call and response
became our music of today. (SINGING) [INAUDIBLE] [CLAPS] (SINGING) Be my woman,
girl, I’ll be your man. Be my woman girl,
I’ll be your man. STUDENTS: [APPLAUSE] And that’s why my– how our music– the legacy
of our people’s music– black peoples’ legacy. That’s who I am,
where I come from– both joy and pain,
work and free. And I just want to teach it
to you all, so you could– so you can know some
of how I got here, and where I come from. DR. WOODS-TRAP: Well done. Let’s have it. If music be the food of life Play on. DR. WOODS-TRAP: Amen. Someone takes his
education seriously. Can you all come closer? SEREN: (SINGING) Stick
to the promise and I’ll. So I’m going to say
that part, and then you all say, (SINGING) be your man. You too, Dr. [LAUGHS] OK. SEREN: (SINGING) Stick
to the promise and I’ll. STUDENTS: (SINGING) Be your man. SEREN: (SINGING) Stick
to the promise and I’ll. STUDENTS: [APPLAUSE] Ray teaching you
something new at night, huh? [MUSIC PLAYING] [GRUNTS] DR. WOODS-TRAP: Hey! Hey.
Hey. Hey. Hey. Principal’s office, gentlemen. [MUSIC PLAYING] [CLOCK TICKING] If you two can’t
resolve this, I’m going to have to suspend you both. Seren out. David in school suspension. And that will live
on your records. I called him out. Pardon? I antagonized Seren. You wanted him to hit you? No, ma’am. Well, what happened? What did you say? I called him– I called him a white boy. I called him a wannabe nigga. PRINCIPAL FALLOW: Is that true? Seren, go and wait
for me outside. Don’t go or speak to anyone. Wow. Why would you use that language? Dr. Woods says you– Woods-Trap. Excuse me? Do you know we can have you
removed from this school? You decided to fight during
your only gifted class– the reason you’re
in a magnet school. I didn’t hit him. PRINCIPAL FALLOW: You provoked. I told him the truth. You called him a racial slur. I’m black. He wants to be. That ain’t racist. Dr. Woods Trap says you are
interested in Hurston Prep. Is that right? I asked you a question. Yes, ma’am If they saw the word
altercation on your school records– whether you
punched or provoked, if they saw it, they wouldn’t
even look at your application. Do you understand? Yes, ma’am. Now get your mom on the phone. I can’t. PRINCIPAL FALLOW: Why not? The phone’s off. PRINCIPAL FALLOW: She doesn’t
have a phone, or even a cell? How long? Since Elias came back home. You don’t have lights? They’re back on now. When– wait. David, did you have
breakfast this morning? [MUSIC PLAYING] [BELL RINGS] [HALLWAY NOISE] [WRITING SOUND] Seren, your parents. [WRITING NOISE] I cannot believe you two. Wait till your stepdaddy
hears about this. DR. WOODS-TRAP: David–
it’s a gifted class. Everyone else in the class
does not look like him. And it’s happened
before, where I have caught him making
comments about light skin this, [INAUDIBLE] that.
– That’s my point. Please– It seems like In all of David’s
other classes– the ones that aren’t gifted– he’s surrounded by
people who look like him. But in my class it’s different. He’s the only one. Seren is black. The only one who
looks like him. Well, surely you don’t
want me to diagram colorism just now, Principal. He looks around and it cues
him that he’s the only one. And he tries to excel. He tries to be the best. He tries to prove that
he deserves to be there. And I think this time it
just got the better of him. I’d like him to
see the counselor. OK. But– thank you. You’re not the mother. He needs his mother to sign
off for him to do that. I didn’t say– OK. I have real concerns here. He just told me they didn’t
have lights in the home and the phone is out of service. And I’m not sure
he’s even eating. I think we need to
see if the student is acting out because of home. He told you this? Mm-hmm. I’ll talk to Dr. Green. But I need his
mother’s signature, or it’s in-school suspension. [MUSIC PLAYING] [YAWN] [MUSIC PLAYING] (SINGING) [INAUDIBLE] Hey yo, I was a tomb in the
belly of the shadow of death. Joker on the right
hand, coward on my left. Doing the dance with the
devil in the pale moonlight, hoping everything
will be all right. Everything will be all right. Trouble come easy, trouble come
sweet, trouble catch your ass laying in the bed next week. Trouble take everything
you own, and make you pay. [BOOM] [BUS PULLING AWAY] Get your black ass on now. [CAT MEOWS] SKY: Man of war. [BIRDS CHIRPING] How long, boy? We can’t speak? After– afternoon. Vespers. Woods-Trap taught you all that? What’s vespers? Blessed by the name. Shit. Come on, G. Let me know more. Vespers comes
from Latin vispers. SKY: All love, meaning? Mean. SKY: Meaning, evening song. Look, why didn’t
you let me finish? You wasn’t ready. You come up in here letting
that cat distract you. Pussy will get you stuck. [LAUGHS] What happened? I’m tired. Weary, look like. How’d it go with the assignment? I’m trying to go home. Oh, yeah? This home? Sky, you know what I meant. Temporary. Watch your words. About to feel young, sir. And this line, it ain’t
here to protect you. It’s to protect them
from these projects. Sky. Ready to walk past here? I mean, if you stay ready,
you ain’t got to get– Ready. Right, I get it. How’d it go? I didn’t go. What? I told you to go first. I know. Look, I got to go. What happened at
the schoolhouse? You supposed to try
to impress Dr. WT. She could make you
a prep-school man. No.
SKY: No? No. You know. Dave. [KIDS PLAYING] Step back. Aw, Day, JG was just about
to get a little [INAUDIBLE] Why you stopping shit, Dai? This your [INAUDIBLE] Shinobi?
Where yours? You looking out for yours? Watch your mouth, [INAUDIBLE]. No, no, no, don’t
tell him nothing. Keep talking shit. I struck your ass, nigga. DAVID: What? Yo, you heard me. RAYNAN: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. He did, my nigga. But he can’t understand what
the fuck you saying, bro. All right, you all. Show’s over, you all. Disperse. Get the hell on. Say brother, Dai. We had a situation here. Think you can help me? We need to look
out for the night. Backs without eyes. But we asked Willie
Derrick here if he’d do it. He’s more than happy to. And in fact, little nigga
decided to run his mouth all over elementary,
that he was lookout for the [INAUDIBLE] tonight. No, no, Raynan, that’s
not how it happened. JG was the one snitching. I’ll drop your ass again. Keep putting my name snitch. Oh god. I’m saying, who told then? I told your broke ass
that you’re nothing but a [INAUDIBLE] Running
shop is in my blood. And this nigga right
here is my blood. He’s going to be a boss. He goes around to a [INAUDIBLE] You got to love
that fire, man. Said you was about to
be king of this, Dai. No, disrespect,
Raynan, but my brother misspoke That was about nothing. Nah. Since Willie Derrick here
just got dusted in front the whole damn [INAUDIBLE],,
we going to need somebody else to be watch boy for us tonight. You understand? Man. Go play. You see what I’m
dealing with, Dai? We need somebody
to take his place. As you well know,
the pay is pretty good for late hours work,
if JG want to come through. Nah, he busy. – Doing what?
– Being nine. I hear you. Hey, hey, I hear you. I’m only asking as
a temporary thing, while I’m setting up shop– until we could
find someone else. I got you. I’ll do it. The fuck you on? You can’t. Not with faggot ass Mx
Elijah watching you all. Nigga, what I say? It’s only for the
night, though, man. JG not in this. Well done, brother Dai. Well done. [MUSIC PLAYING] I asked you to go home,
man– straight home. Man, Willie Derrick
was talking shit. Jonathan, what if I was late? What if [INAUDIBLE]? Or even the police had come
around and caught you dusting? Then what? Man, Raynan’s got
your back, though. Nigger, Raynan ain’t
with nobody, man. He may talk like he
running shit for Sky, but don’t believe it, JG. Hey, you gotta learn to
look people in their eyes when they talk. Stop listening to their mouth
and look in your eyes, man. [SIGHS] Don’t say nothing about tonight. GLORIA: Well, hey, hey. Hey, Momma. Hey, baby J. Why
you look like that? Ah, he was diving
with Willie Derrick when I walked up on him. Wash up, JG. Was he fighting? It was me fighting. What? Who? Me and Seren, we got into it. The principal say she called. You lying? No, ma’am. GLORIA: You lying to me. I don’t lie to you, ma’am. Hmm, you just don’t
tell me everything. The principal’s watching me. Watching. What does that mean? [SIGHS] She say
you got to sign this. JG: Ma, I got soap in my eyes. It’s washing dirt. That’s why it hurt, baby. Just use the water. This says you need
to see the counselor. David. What’d she say? Why you got to
see the counselor? She’s worried I’m not
getting everything I need. At home. I’m clean. I don’t lie to you. I know that. Things been better, right? DAVID: Why you home? I got a shift switch,
so I could come bring you some food before the next. This for tonight. This for after school
tomorrow, if I’m not here. So what, you not staying? Take that money on the
counter to Mx Elijah. Please don’t lose your mind. You ain’t the only one
had a hard day, David. And you coming in here
telling me you fighting. You like me. Oh god, you so like me. But you ain’t grown enough
to stop social services from marching in here and
dragging you and Jonathan– if they– I got one more before they– there are people looking
to tell the office we ain’t doing right. Remember the summer? How they were
coming to the house? How the police wanted
to talk to you? Remember? Yes, ma’am. I look around and I’m
believing you tucking your brother in at night. And you running these
streets with dope boys, talking about Sky watching over. DAVID: Because he was. David! I wasn’t here then, and
I’m, I’m, I’m here now. I’m here now. If it was up to me, we
wouldn’t even be here. It’s not good for any of us. DAVID: Old people, old
places, old things. GLORIA: That’s right. Not good for nothing. You all mine– all mine. Going to keep working these
extra shifts at the truck stop spot, and then we gone. Maybe we move closer
to that high school you keep talking
about– that Hurston. I gotta go, and you gotta go. Just hold on, OK? Just hold on. Take this money to
DOG BLUES”] (SINGING) Ever since Miss Susie
Johnson lost her jockey Lee Why you beating on
the door that way, huh? Hey, Mx Elijah. (SINGING) You can hear moaning. Hey, David. My mom asked me to bring
you this, for watching us. I asked Gloria not to do that. Did you tell her? She said she got to
give you something. What’s ailing you? I’m good. I seen good. You are not him. [LAUGHS] Come out
the doorway, dear. Don’t dwell, sir. It’s rude. Keep that. What’s the matter with you? I’m getting a slip of paper,
to write the number down. I need you to play. The last time I sent
you to play the number, you forgot, and
had to come back. Remember? Yeah, I just moved
because I didn’t want to randomly see you. Respect is simple. Your mother sent me money to
thank me for watching you all, just like you will watch
the block for your homies tonight, right? Oh, surprise. [KIDS PLAYING] [MUSIC PLAYING] (SINGING) What you doing, bitch? Getting up on me and shit. Ooh, there go Terrance, man. Ooh. I bet he had a big Who is that talking
nasty like that? Gina, go on away from here. I’m not supposed
to be seeing you. And yet? OK, well, I’m walking. I can do that. What happened at
the schoolhouse? I ain’t used to have
to ply this out of you. Hey, I ain’t gonna be
walking all over the Ville chasing this story, Dai. You know why he’s scared
to not talk legit. I’ll do it. All right. OK. [POLICE SIREN] [POLICE RADIO NOISE] [MUSIC PLAYING] (SINGING) [INAUDIBLE] shit. [INAUDIBLE] bitch. But you be running your lip. Run up a check, bitch. Now that you see [INAUDIBLE]
you gonna respect it. Got your [INAUDIBLE] look
at me and [INAUDIBLE] [WIND BLOWING] RAYNAN: Hey, big dog. [INAUDIBLE] for Shinobi. We good? [SIGHS] RAYNAN: Uh huh,
caught you slipping. You need to be more
quiet [INAUDIBLE] out of Jenna’s window. Yeah? Wow. It’s right under
Elijah’s, fool. RAYNAN: Mx Elijah
[INAUDIBLE] I just saw him. Nothing to be ashamed of. [CRICKETS CHIRPING] Got you something. Mm. [LAUGHS] Um, I’m good, man. I’m [INAUDIBLE] not even hungry. I’ll keep reaching out, man What? I’ll keep reaching out,
trying to connect with you, yo. I mean, we– me and you
have been through a lot. [INAUDIBLE] a lot, me to you. [LAUGHS] I’m bad, B. I’m an
only child, you know that? As far as I know,
I was his only. I get jealous. I always wanted a little
brother like you got, somebody to have to keep safe. Can’t force it, though. Might not be for us, Dai. I might have to
find somebody else. [CAT MEOWS] Holy shit. Did you see that? [INAUDIBLE] Little
buddy, he’s a gangster– stole your sausage, Dai. That cat mean
more to you and me. I’m gonna see where he go. Pussy will get you stuck. [MUSIC PLAYING] I’ll keep reaching out, man. I’ll keep reaching out. Get back to work, G. [MUSIC PLAYING] [DOG BARKS] [MUSIC PLAYING] DR. WOODS-TRAP: Where
do you come from? DAVID: Where I’m from. I’m from the Ville. I come from the hood. The gutter. DR. WOODS-TRAP:
What is your story? I come from people
who know hard work. Oh, that’s funny to you. I know you all
see me as a clown, but [INAUDIBLE] grandfather. My grandfather. My grandaddy had to run out of
Alabama for smashing white dude in the head with a bottle. For spitting on him. You see, he ain’t
play [INAUDIBLE] Neither do I. Stupid. I come from growers. [THUNDER] [MUSIC – MOSES SUMNEY, “DOOMED”] (SINGING) Hollow one with
invereted tongue, from whence does fulfilment come? When I expel from this mortal
shell will I die for living numb? DAVID (VOICEOVER):
I come from dirt. (SINGING) Am I vital? If my heart is idle? DAVID (VOICEOVER):
I come from water. (SINGING) Am I doomed? DAVID (VOICEOVER): I
come from laughter. (SINGING) I feel you, but nobody
else, though you’re someone I can’t see. Yet you say nothing
of the stoic suffering that stirs lukewarm in me. If lovelessness is godlessness DAVID (VOICEOVER):
I come from runners. (SINGING) Will you
cast me to the wayside? Well, I feel the peeling
of half-painted ceilings. Reveal the covering
of a blank sky. [GUN SHOT] Down. Cut it down. Cut it down [POLICE SIREN] [INAUDIBLE] Let him go Nigga, who? [POLICE SIREN] Go [INAUDIBLE] [POLICE SIREN] [HEAVY BREATHING] All clear. Go on, you all. Get gone. Yo, yo.
We good? We good? Bro, who the
fuck got our back? Who the fuck was on watch? [HEAVY BREATHING] Damn. [HEAVY BREATHING] SKY: [HUMMING] Miss me? Come see. No longer throne of a
goddess to whom we pray. “Full Moon,” by Robert Hayden. I read that when I was your age. I asked you to look
that up for me. You find it? So what you doing in there? Hiding out? I keep messing up. Yeah, well, I would say they
give you an eraser for that, but. Raynan be all right. No, he won’t. No, he won’t. Look, you supposed to
be focused on school. I am. Oh, yeah? How’d that Dr. WT assignment go? Had my speech prepared. We didn’t do it then. Seren got up first? He’s trying to impress
you all the while. He was pissing me off. Then what’d you do? Hmm? Got into it. I said– What’d you say? You still ain’t ready
to talk about it? Look, I know you feel bad. [SCOFFS] You saw red. You thought somebody
close to you was trying to stand in your way. That’s the world, G.
Sometimes you got to hit him– I didn’t hit him. There you go. I made him hit me. That’s better. Good plan. No, no, they got me seeing
the school psychologist. Well, play that shit. Get her to see that you
one of the good ones. Get her to see that
you’re exceptional. But, Seren. Look, you ain’t got time, man. You ain’t got time to be
nobody else’s cheerleader. Decide who team
you on right now. Go look at that Hurston booklet. You see two black faces or one? I know. I was where you at. I had to make a choice. You see how that turned out. You all right. You better. You better. Make the hard choice. You still thinking about
it, what you said to him. You think you went too far? First body’s the hardest, Dai. [MUSIC PLAYING] Some I love who are dead
were watchers of the moon. It shines tonight
upon their graves. Man, you found it. Damn. Say it to me again. I always love that piece. Some I love who are dead
were watchers of the moon. [MUSIC PLAYING] DAVID: Ma? [SIGHS] Be dressed
when I get back. [BIRDS CHIRPING] Come on, JG. Come on. [MUSIC – AZEALIA BANKS, “SODA”] (SINGING) I try to hide
behind tire eyes, I sigh. I’m tired of trying
to try not to cry. And I say soda, soda. Tye dye o’er I roll the dye. I coast, I dose, I [INAUDIBLE] A smile a guise, I’m trying to
hide behind tired eyes, I sigh. I might survive the
nighttime, I might die. I say soda, soda. I [INAUDIBLE] I pose
for the poster, yeah. Icy cola coca, Sprite
I love the most-a. I ride roller coasters. Sorry, Miss James, I’m late. The bus didn’t come today. I had to take the metro. TJ. Yes, ma’am, I know. The bus stop is
1562 Redland Road. Hold on. He’s arrived. I’m sorry I’m late. You forget something? Ma’am? Oh, the form. I promised I gave it to my mom. Oh, you surprised me. Ma’am? I spoke with your
mother this morning. She called me. She wanted to make sure you
were telling her everything. You could have easily not told
her– her phone not working. You could have not, but you did. That’s integrity, David. Integrity, it means something. You understand? Yes, ma’am. I’m not going to action
the in-school suspension, but I want you to see Dr. Bree. He’s going to talk to you, and
get an understanding of how you’re doing here at Galvin. Just a couple of sessions. He’s not in today,
but next week. OK? What about Seren? Get your late pass. Get to class. [MUSIC PLAYING] Integrity. Yo, SK. [KNOCKS] You taking a deuce, eh? What? You want something? [THUNDER] SKY: You got past me today. I ain’t get a chance
to talk to you. I ain’t supposed to see you. SKY: [LAUGHS] Yeah,
it’s cool, little man. I’ll go. I ain’t supposed to
be seeing you at all. You ain’t here. You kept talking about, I got to
do what I got to do [INAUDIBLE] Make a choice now. [THUNDER] What do I do now, huh? SKY: Yo, you need
to calm down, Dai. I’m ready. All right, Dai. You need to go on and sit down. Yo, fuck you, that
dude is my friend. He told me that shit because
he didn’t have no one. Just like I ain’t got no one. He told me that shit about
Ray because he was scared. Hey! SKY: That ain’t your
fucking problem. You got your own
shit to deal with. That’s my boy Ray laying his
hands on him is my problem. His stepdaddy touching
on him at night. [THUNDER] [INAUDIBLE] beating
him down like that is my fucking problem too. You don’t– you ain’t supposed
to abandon your boy when they– and I did that. I did that. I got mad because he
was doing better than me and whispered that shit to him. Ray teaching you something
new at night, huh? I told him that shit
like he wasn’t nothing– saying that shit in front
of the class [INAUDIBLE] like it wasn’t nothing. Knowing– knowing it
was gonna hurt him. Knowing it’s fucked up. And because of you. You’re in my head telling
me to make a hard choice, and to choose now,
but you ain’t here. Just a stupid ass fucked up
nobody that got ran up on. They shot your ass, remember? You dead. I know. Look, I got to go. Don’t ever talk to me again. I’m not supposed
to be seeing you. DAVID: You’re dead, Sky. Some I love who are dead,
who are watchers of the moon. I can’t even see you. Ugh. It shines tonight Ahh. Upon their grave. You dead. They shot you dead. Remember? Go. Go. Go! [MUSIC PLAYING] First body’s the hardest, Dai. [MUSIC PLAYING] DAVID (VOICEOVER): All of us
get here in many different ways. Sometimes we get treated like a
nobody, or get called nothing. I’m not nothing. Do you talk to your friends
about this side of you? Do they know about
your home life– how you would take
care of your brother? That would be hard, having
to split yourself like that. [MUSIC PLAYING] I can handle it. Make no mistake, Dai. This life is a choice. Some choose this life
and get lost in it. MISS ELIJAH: You can’t
save everyone, Dai. DAVID (VOICEOVER): You keep
trying to track it down– that moment that
everything changed.

89 thoughts on “David’s Sky | David Makes Man | Oprah Winfrey Network


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  2. Wooah I exhale mother of a young black male. I think I was holding my breath through the whole program. Wow. Wow.

  3. We’re beyond happy that you enjoyed tonight’s episode of David Makes Man. The next episode airs on OWN this Wednesday at 10/9c. Don’t miss it!

  4. This show is good but confusing. Whatever is supposed to be captured is a little weird. It's not clear what's happening. I hope this show will give more details in future episodes. I know folks want their work to be different but.🤔🤔I would like to enjoy it without being irritated.

  5. This was such a good episode especially the ending. Please turn down the background music tho cause I couldn’t hear the actors at times

  6. Hi Oprah Winfrey I subscribed your channel but I got important news for you. I added you for my project as Honey Best from Frozone from the Incredibles franchise along with J.B. Smoove

  7. Watching with my boys. But I find the cinematic snapshots between scenes to be very weird and confusing. My kids and I keep questioning everything. Some parts are hard to hear and it seems like a lot going on and poor acting. The story line seems like it would be impactful but all the added stuff makes it hard to follow.

  8. Im a criminal justice major. Its easy to stereotype a black man for being one thing or another, but social services have to put all that aside to understand not everybody has the same chance we do and they deserve it.

  9. How refreshing to watch quality show, reflecting real life situtuations, struggles and experiences. Inspiring, enjoyable,stir emotions, moving, and promotes critical thinking. 5☆☆☆☆☆

  10. Full Moon by Robert Hayden

    No longer throne of a goddess to whom we pray,
    no longer the bubble house of childhood's
    tumbling Mother Goose man,

    The emphatic moon ascends–
    the brilliant challenger of rocket experts,
    the white hope of communications men.

    Some I love who are dead
    were watchers of the moon and knew its lore;
    planted seeds, trimmed their hair,

    Pierced their ears for gold hoop earrings
    as it waxed or waned.
    It shines tonight upon their graves.

    And burned in the garden of Gethsemane,
    its light made holy by the dazzling tears
    with which it mingled.

    And spread its radiance on the exile's path
    of Him who was The Glorious One,
    its light made holy by His holiness.

    Already a mooted goal and tomorrow perhaps
    an arms base, a livid sector,
    the full moon dominates the dark.

  11. This show is really good it displays the mental turmoil that David is having to get over past trauma and balance his daily life of taking care of his brother, be a good son,be a good friend,etc…

  12. This was my second time watching and now I get it all. I think I may enjoy this series. OWN, thanks for posting on YouTube.

  13. All those who didn’t understand this show and it was above your head no need to watch the next episode…. even my 16 year old knew what this was about sheesh!

  14. Splendid. Thank you so much for allowing us to watch such poetic series over the YouTube platform. Love from England x

  15. Givez me MOONLIGHT vibes….ijs a lil over the top and melodramatic hoping I can grasp the true intention or meaning of the series!!

  16. I cried so much.. the relatability, the cast, the acting, the writing… this show omg I cant not wait to see this show out!! Award winning for sure!!!!!!

  17. BEYOND EXCELLENT FIRST EPISODE. Deep, Believable, and EXCEPTIONAL SERIES. I officially have a new series to look forward to now! Thanks for sharing!!!

  18. My favorite three scenes front this episode is when David and Seren we’re speaking through scribbles on the wall, where David was talking about where he came from, and where David just broke down while talking with Sky. Each are so dope to look at and enjoy!! This show is my new favorite! 🥰

  19. This show right here? Wow ! I am a lost for words…Oprah says it best “ This show is like poetry on TV” Amazing! Can’t wait to see more. 👌🏾

    It’s captivating, and it hits on so many points in the black community mental and physical, amazing.

  20. 🖤🔥🖤🔥🖤🔥🖤🔥🖤🔥🖤🔥🖤🔥🖤🔥🖤🔥🖤🔥🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

  21. saw the commercials for this, but this came up in my recommendations, now Im hooked will be tuned in every week on own.

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