100 thoughts on “Dancer | FFXIV Shadowbringers Media Tour

  1. I’m confused I saw your channel in my recommendation for so long and I thought you must have at least 2m subs. You’re video is of quality and so underrated

  2. Oh my goddddddd looks really good so far there are a few party moves that could have more solo benefits maybe Jump Sprint Walking actions could contain enhancing effects and dances or like using dash under the effects of Sprint to refresh a karate lattent magic, summon a new rift or teleport that consumes mp. To my knowledge TP should be reintroduced for enemies and a damage asthethic instead of being lost completely, the same goes for Eorse / Eorzean tongue for enemies to use in chat, shouts, and verbose,players could toggle in options, ffx2had albedi language our Eorzean goes unnuserd. Yeah but players can use combat abilities when there are not eemues nearby, give those more purpose or soft traits, town uses? 🐌

  3. Auto attacks and defensive animations and stance need to adjustments after using skill chains and weapon skill or the dancer will take critical hits and faceshoots, enemies with high hp and defense notice these things in predicting their next attacking patterns would do well to add shorter range do autoattacks and additional blocking and dodging animations and stances into the dancers repertoire

  4. man this expansion is going to soo goood. dancers are going to be running around everywhere….. excluding me.. Nin, Dark, Sam only please.

  5. Not as great of a class comparing it to 11. Still missing the idea of what dancers idea job to apply a drain to the creature which allows every one get a low heal but as a great back up for healers. Good job square for fucking up a great job class.

  6. I'm confused. Are the Dances always a set order you just are going to learn quickly through muscle memory? It seems like it would be random. If it's not, they should change it! It would be so fun if it was Simon Says mini-game where each Technical Step reveals a random set of Four Dances. Even the same Dance more than once per TS. I feel like everything else is pointing to this idea. But I can't discern that to be the case from this beta. In fact, it may just not be a thing in the beta.

  7. I am a Korean user. I look forward to dancing very, very much! Thank you for the video. I'm always watching it well.💕

  8. thats honestly the class I am the most excited about even if im someone who adores tanking and it looks actually more badass that expected (animation wise)

  9. Okay, Square, now you just need to put Bartz's Dancer Job costume and Yuna's Songstress outfit to make FF XIV the BEST FF EVER

  10. Love how the easiest to understand coverage on the Dancer came from here. Now I will wait patiently for “Basically Dancer”.

  11. After seeing all the jobs..my main is still blm..but dancer is looking like a good side job ..with drk and astro filling tank and healer roles for me. 🙂

  12. Hey Larry was wondering if you could give a hud guide cause I see you have mounts above your chat box In other vids also what’s your keyboard mapping?

  13. hold up… so if the entire class' dps rotation is done via skill having a % chance to allow the use of the next skill in the chain, that means you could literally just make a macro to try and activate every dps skill it has in reverse order, so it just uses the highest skill in the rotation as priority…. so dps can be done by literally just spamming 1 button? that's hilarious.

  14. What job would you guys recommend to a new player to Ff14?, I like the look of the Dragoon but it kinda looks complicated.

  15. How the hell is everyone making their UI so damn small. I have a big ass screen and the stupid buttons still take up too much space, and I have them downsized to the lowest setting..

  16. The raid/party utility is fantastic, moves look flashy and fun, but what is it with Yoshi-P repeating mistakes after fixing them elsewhere? They did it with RDM's back flip. Which came out literally when they removed damage from Dragoon back flip. Now they repeat MCH flowchart proc hell.

  17. I'm really loving Dancer. can't wait to get it to lvl 80. Though I'm sticking with Summoner as my main.

  18. I'm a completely new player, I had my eye on Machinist, because I love anything event remotely steampunk, and that was as close to that I could find in this game. But this video made me kinda want to try out Dancer as well. Thanks for the video, it was interesting.

  19. This is by far the best explanation of Dancer I've come across, thank you: this seems a lot more fun now.

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