Daewon Song Is the Best Skateboarder on Instagram: Reda for the World
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Daewon Song Is the Best Skateboarder on Instagram: Reda for the World

100 thoughts on “Daewon Song Is the Best Skateboarder on Instagram: Reda for the World

  1. How in the hell does he skate when it's front truck only has one bushing? How is that possible? All I can say is wow!

  2. people hating on giovanni reda? what the fuck. hes a legend. a fucking icon shut the fuck up complaining

  3. another level another level another level another level another level. Homey can film and has the right idea, but holy shit get a thesaurus Daewon pushes himself to improve skateboarding it would be worth it to have a videographer who is willing to push his verbal communication skills to enhance the experience for those watching the video. Maybe hire Del tha Funkee Homosapien to help DESCRIBE what is being done.

  4. FlipNasty!!!! Damn I’ve been following your technique since world Industries !#rolemodel. You and Rodney both flip in flip out , combo tricks .

  5. This guy looks really cool but the only thing I didn't like is it looks like he's not having fun and skateboarding is ALL about having fun with friends

  6. There is no "best skateboarder" on anywhere. Daewon is awesome, but when anyone rides anyone can be the best skateboarder at that moment. This is a solo sport and it isn't about being the best, it's about enjoying the ride.
    Props to Daewon for continuing to shred.

  7. Man, reda has been breaking balls since you guys were in kindergarten doing spelling bees. He's been behind the lens from the 90s through the Good ol 2000's and up to now doing more video stuff. Go break out some old transworlds, watch Chomp on this and for you under 20 noobs, watch some Original Berrics. C'mon Yo!

  8. "best skater on instagram" yeah you guys have clearly never seen almost round 2 or 3 or cheese and crackers :/ also 0:15 WoOoOoOw

  9. Cool. All i need to do is remove a bushing and replace with 2 washers and i'll become awesome*

    *dies attempting an olly

  10. Funny that, I have just had chat with daewon as I just bought his new deck, Head In the clouds deck I spoke to him over Instagram if you don't believe me I can give you my ig and we'll dm.

  11. He needs to do more tournaments or x games. I still have Grind Session and it has Daewon Song. Gotta meet these people one day.

  12. He must have hit his head a lot in the 23 years of his pro skating.. dude bliked like 163 times in 1 minute while getting interviewed in the car

  13. I can see how Reda would annoy some people. But I think he's awesome and hilarious. Keep doing you Reda !!

  14. sorry but not even close he is one creative skater
    but man insta is on another level they knock him out of the water in terms of competition

  15. He stays relevant because hes the only one who can hang with Mullen or at least give him a run for his money. My favorite skater is Shane oniell and yes he is a tech god but dae won is creative on top of massive skill there will probably never be a skater like him he is a god

  16. I love Deawons skateboarding but you can't say he is the BEST on Instagram. There are so many pros on Instagram and they all are good in different directions.

  17. If you guys think Daewon song is the best skater on instagram wait til you discover Matt Tomasello. Go check it out and come back to upvote this comment if that shit blows your mind. Thank me later.

  18. I still remember some old ass sk8 vid with Daewon and Daniel Castillo wearin' huge ass pants and I was like "ohhhh yea!" That was like 1995 it was like a BLIND or ELEMENT video glad they're still at it.

  19. Those who can't do teach. Those who can't do or teach wear Supreme shirts and make Instagram posts.

  20. I remember back when deawon used to wear the jerseys and the big baggies.. hahaha skinny jean take over

  21. there is no "best" in skateboarding especially on insta. You would think vice would know that shit. Yes he is God of manuals but this title is whack

  22. Daewon Song = Innovator of the highest caliber for decades of the sport. Thanks for the great footage/interview. Daewon, thank you for your skating!!

  23. The title of this video is so inaccurate. The best Skateboarder on Instagram. WTF. He is one of the top 2 in the world. Dae or Mullen. Pick one. Both bad ass. He has been tearing shit up since like 94. That I can remember. He is on a God level. Skating was never ready for Dae. Not even till this day.

  24. I watch this and honestly I think "who gives a fuck about this dumb ass shit". I fail to see how skateboarding is at all impressive. I simply to do not get you people. While I build real things you all are impressed that someone rolled down an incline and hopped up and down on a fucking piece of would with wheels. I simply do not get the hype and never will. There's nothing impressive here to me. Sure I can't do this but nor do I give a flying fuck to.

  25. Everybody hates VICE propaganda they're just a parasite like the country that funds them trying to reach tentacles into everything we know who you are and what you're doing…

  26. that hand thing Reda did while saying "cmon im pro" is a shot at all the filmers ive seen do that. waving your hand in front of the camera

  27. The good legendary skateboarding ninja Daewon Song. Don't get sickness. Get skateness. Assalamu alaikum 🙂

  28. I met Daewon and Mikey Taylor at the Matix tour in Chicago and got both their autographs on a shirt i think in 2003 maybe 2004. in 2005 my house caught on fire and the shirt burned. Insurance credited me $50 for the shirt $25 each signature. I got ripped off.

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