DACIA Media NAV Evolution auf Renault Farbschema umstellen
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DACIA Media NAV Evolution auf Renault Farbschema umstellen

Hello and wellcome on my channel my name ist Mr.T 4.0 we talk about the media nav evolution from DACIA today i show you to change the color desgin from dacia to renault the change is very easy so everybody can do it at first we have to take a empty usb stick (formated to FAT32) then open the explore click on the usb stick after that right click on new, new text file rename the text file to mcmtest_activate_4nng.ini then save the file ready!! back to the car, turn on ignition, put in the usb stick I have already changed the color desgin but I’ll show you how to change it now of course he says no data available at first settings system version you have to touch 5 points on the display I recorded the sequence again in slow motion so that you can see all the points exactly you have to touch exactly it may not work right away, that’s not bad, just repeat it now we are in test mode you must type in the first code “2383” then press OK after that clear all gaps now typ in the second code “3748” press ok now you are in test mode press “MICOM TEST” the big window open on the top you can find the description “COL” here you can change the color desgin. “MO” belongs to DACIA Design and “MI” belongs to the RENAULT Design DONE turn off the navi. next time you turn the navi on and it reboot the new color design is shown I hope you liked my video, if so please leave a thumbs up there and even better an additional ABO. See you soon on this channel BYE!!!

16 thoughts on “DACIA Media NAV Evolution auf Renault Farbschema umstellen

  1. Great video. I have Dacia duster 2018 UK. Do you know how to add or update to the latest media nav with android and apple air play? Thanks

  2. Hi

    I've done my format but I can not follow up on my complete process showing a white screen. Do you have any solution to this problem

  3. Habe bei mir auch genauso probiert klappt aber nicht. ist es egal welche software version drauf ist ?? habe eine andere als bei dir!

  4. hi. everything works fine till i try to click those 5 spots. i click them exactly but nothing shows up. can you please help me?

  5. Habe die Version 10 am Media Nav, bei mir ging es nur mit Datei Titel: mcmtest_activate.ini und mit anderen Passwörtern. Kommt wohl immer auf die Version drauf an.

  6. Some things to point out here in order to work. At mark 0:59 when he clicks OK the txt file changes to a configuration file. In order to do this i have used Total Commander. Iv'd created a file inside a random folder and named it like in the video. It will not work if the file is created on root folder of the usb stick or on the desktop, the file will still be a txt file.
    On those 5 spots that have to be clicked in order to enable test mode, number 4 is a bit higher than showed in the video. Once inside test mode if you do not see that "MICOM TEST" option then the config file is not correct.

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